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  1. Foxy

    US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    The team racing should be in Opti's. If you ever had a chance to see the teams race championship at Lauderdale Yacht club each October you would easily see why. Very exciting races, in provided boats, for four boat teams right in front of the club house. There are up to 160 nine minute races in a day with a knock out series on Sunday. People line the docks cheering for their teams. At times, there are even a play by play announcers broadcasting from the top of a tuna tower of a boat on the docks. This is a great event for sailors and it would be very media and spectator friendly.
  2. Two words if you don't want it wet. Dry Bag.
  3. Foxy

    What goes wrong with opti sails?

    Reminds me of the time Luke Lawrence forgot his sail at a Laser Regatta. I loaned him my old beater sail and he went out and won every race in the regatta with it.
  4. Foxy

    I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    We moved back to Florida from that area 16 years ago and will never go back to live.
  5. Foxy

    Jeanneau Fun 24 - Anyone with experience?

    Jeanau sent one boat from France, all the GRP tooling with parts in it, and several sets of wood parts to make patterns from. We had a factory boat for a short time that several of us sailed in some of the Tampa area races. I remember one windy overnight race to Anclote Key and back where we planed non-stop for over an hour. There was no place on that boat that wasn't wet. I think an asymmetric would add a lot to the boat and fairing the keel would help. Personally I would rather have an SR 21.
  6. Foxy

    Aft mainsheet

    There is another factor and that is balance, particularly with a cat rig. As you let the sheet out, the center of effort moves aft when the front of the sail luffs. Lifting the board moves the center of lateral plane aft, particularly with a centerboard VS a dagger board. But even with a daggerboard, the boat has reduced weather helm. A good heavy air trick in multihulls is to raise the board in the leeward hull and leave the windward board down.
  7. Foxy

    Seascape D2 aka 14

    Not very heavy for a double hander. A windmill for example is 50# heavier and a Snipe is even heavier than that. The stopper is still no class association or critical mass of boats. Until it has that, it is just another Orphan to be.
  8. There has to be some tolerance in the build and the weights you single out are within +/- 1%. Not exactly sloppy work. In classes that are not weighed, (Catalina 22's come to mind) there is a distinct advantage in assembling a boat that is several hundred pounds lighter than others. In a boat that is weighed for regattas and needs to have corrector weights, in places that are not usually ideal for weight distribution, why would that be an advantage? Its mostly mind games for people with lots of money to burn through.
  9. Foxy

    First Memory in life

    I remember grandma carving roast beef. She used to have one of those long round sharpeners that you pull along the blade really fast. Then she used to carve the roast into very thin slices and of course would stop every so often and give me a slice off the outside.
  10. Foxy

    Key West things to do?

    Seriously, the last time we were there we took a tour of Truman's little White house. At the waterfront area, there is a boat that does trips out to Ft. Jefferson in the Dry Tortuga's. There are also several Schooner's that offer sailing tours. Kermit's Key Lime Pie shop is not to be missed and the Tropical Forest and Botanical Gardens on Stock Island are good. You can get about anywhere on a bicycle, but there are multi-day passes for the buses and you can get around quite easily. At night, just hit Duval Street and you will see much more than you want to see.
  11. Foxy

    Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Fifteen years ago, there were over 30 Sunfish in our local fleet. Today there are only two who show up regularly and another two or three that come out sporadically. If you look at the Florida regattas on Regatta Networks, you can easily determine that there are only about 15 Florida boats that are attending regattas outside of their own local clubs. The supply chain has been seriously damaged and the builder and class organization are throwing rocks at each other. The Aero hasn't quite reached critical mass to where I can easily find a local fleet to sail with. That, more than the $8k boat price is the sticking point. However, I have the same sticking point with buying a new Sunfish these days. And yes, there are 30 year old Sunfish that can be bought cheap. But try to find one of those $100 used plastic daggerboards. $365 from APS, $535 for an new sail and if you click on the order tab, it ships in "3 weeks or more". Both ISCA and LP have serious problems that can only be solved when they kiss and make up!
  12. Foxy

    Don't impede the regatta (rowers)

    It looks more to me like the Captain lost his license because he operated in an unsafe manner and broke the rules of the road. In general, everyone has the right to navigate their vessel anywhere as long as they comply with the rules of the road, and no one has the right to restrict access to others without a permit to do so. Most people do not seem to realize you need to apply to the CG for a permit for all racing activities, even weekly club races. You can submit one application for all events held during the year. If the CG determines that your race does not pose a hazard to navigation, then you get a letter back saying that you do not need a permit as long as you follow the plan presented in the application. I have never received a permit that allowed disruption of commercial operations although I am aware of some events that are allowed to redirect boats around the race area. I find that if the situation is explained to people, and they are asked nicely to avoid the race area, most of them will happily stay out of the way. When someone starts yelling at them, people generally do not react well.
  13. Foxy

    Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Laser Performance does not have an exclusive right to the word Sunfish. "Sunfish" is trademarked for a variety of uses including golf club covers, glassware and even submarines. I don't know how that would work in conjunction with branding a line of different products. Vellum LTD appears to own the trademark in connection with sailboats and for organizing regattas. I assume that Vellum LTD is owned by FR and licences the trademarks to LP. Note the wording of the ISCA trademark and the filing date. It is also interesting to note that the "Sunfish" trademark for boat parts is DEAD. Could some entity filed to take it over? . The list below shows that
  14. For multi-class events, I have started using picture frames with prints of the regatta artwork that we also use on the back of our shirts. I found metallic labels that can be printed on a color printer. The labels go on the mat, inside the frame, under the glass. The cost for the frames is about $7/ea on sale at Michael's and the printing adds another $2/ea or so. If someone has taken photo's of boats at the regatta, the winners can swap out the photos. This works really well when you need a lot of awards and you are not sure of which classes will actually sail. The unused frames are easily recycled into awards for another event or more places in one of the larger classes. I also like to use other things besides plaques. For example at one regatta, the awards were coffee table books with printed metallic labels on the cover. Also look to some of your local crafters and artists for unique items. Some will be happy to make up ceramic plates, pottery, or framed prints for your event.
  15. Foxy

    California Boating Card

    While each state may vary somewhat, most require a course approved by the National Association or State Boating Law Administrators. (NASBLA) While I am past the age where Florida requires me to take the course, I took it because: 1) The Florida Card is good in any state and as a sailing judge, I operate power boats at many venues. 2) US Sailing requires the NASBLA certification before you can take any of the instructor courses. 3) It never hurts to learn something new or refresh your knowledge of requirements. I often volunteer at a community sailing program. Before they let anyone operate one of their support boats one must have a NASBLA card, attend one of their classes on safety boat operation, and demonstrate that you know how to operate the boat and perform rescues. They also require a CPR and First Aid certification. I think its a good thing to make sure that people operating boats around kids know what they are doing.