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    Farymann Charging

    Thanks Ryley. I just took delivery of this item and it looks promising. The connection symbols match and physical dimensions are identical. One thing I was unable to get from the Mfg. was the amp rating of the unit but hopefully that should not be a problem. I intend to install it today and see how it works.
  2. RAB

    Farymann Charging

    Ptjure and Monsters I have tried a Ducati and Triumph dealer with no luck but did not consider Harley. I'll give that a try.
  3. RAB

    Farymann Charging

    Thanks to all who have taken the time to respond. Phtt - I saw the regulator on e bay but unfortunately it was sold and they did not any additional. I would have tried it. Electronics is not my strong suit and if I can't come up with a replacement I'll have to explore other options. 2airishuman - Adding the resister and switch may be a good option if I can't find a workable regulator. Again, thank you for your replies.
  4. RAB

    Farymann Charging

    Moonduster - thanks for the manual reference. Apparently it should be putting out 14.2 - 14.5 volts.. The search will continue for a new regulator. In the mean time I will continue as is and monitor the battery.
  5. RAB

    Farymann Charging

    I have a single cyl. Farymann diesel in my boat. In lieu of having a conventional alternator and regulator it has a "flywheel dynamo" with a voltage regulator.While motoring the other day at cruising rpm I checked the voltage and it read 15.9 to 16.1 volts. I should note that I had never checked the voltage after running about an hour at this rpm. The voltage at idle it was reading around 13.6 volts. My electrical system is very basic with one battery. Since 16 volts seems a bit high I have done the following: Checked voltage with multimeter and verified the voltage at the battery was 16 volts. Battery and cables are not at all warm to touch. Checked electrolyte levels and were found to be OK Cheeked electrolyte specific gravity and all cells were OK. I have been searching for a new voltage regulator to install and see if that solves the problem but have been unsuccessful locating one. The existing regulator has the following info: ZEM 343542 8504 12V 18A Any help with diagnosing the problem or locating a new regulator would be appreciated.