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  1. I got my FE31 GRP edition this summer (=non carbon..+200 kgs). Focusing on short handed races (solo and double). Love it! Downwind and on a reach - fast and easy to handle. Easy to sail up to its rating there. Upwind little more of a trick. Not there yet but improving every time on the water. I have a tendancy to sail it like my old boat - high and slow...when Maarten Voogd (the designer) is constantly reminding me to aim low and go fast. 7 knots is the target upwind (7,4 fully crew) tacking through 85 degrees true angles (measured on the plotter track). I started at 6,2. Now I am easily doing 6,5 with peaks at 6,7-6,8. Not there yet...very sensitive on the traveller and the jib trim...Fun as hell
  2. Thx all for your replies! Cant find "offset functionality" in the raymarine manual though...
  3. I am about to install my raymarine depth transducer on my boat with a T-shaped keel with lead bulb. How far ahead of the led bulb tip do I need to go to avoid getting "keel depth" instead of actual depth in my display?
  4. Thx! Found some cool Melges 24/32 clips on Youtube doing this type of gybe so I have no excuses!
  5. Its a Fareast 31R. Bowsprit approx 2,4 m in front of forestay.
  6. No not trying to keep the pole short. It is what it is. I just bought myself a new sport boat (been sailing a heavy classic boat from late 80:s so Im new to the game). Read the book "Asymetric Sailing" and got inspired by the book to try the "blow through jibe" instead of the one I have seen on the race course by other sport boats i.e. the "pull through jibe". The book says the pole needs to be long enough but it doesnt say how long compared to the foot leech length...hence my question.
  7. Hi sport boat experts! Is there a rule of thumb on pole length needed vs gennaker foot leech length to be able to pull off successful blow through jibes?
  8. Thx! Yes it still has the wings, carbon spri pole, carbon rudder and carbon keel strut. Hull in GRP, aluminium mast, stainless pull and push pit, stainless. guaranteed not to be more than 300 kgs heavier than the carbon version. Hmm..sounds bad with the 28 R. Will for sure inspect it when it arrives (late March according to place). Thx for heads up!
  9. Indeed as Speng guessed...I finally decided to go for the FarEast 31 R GRP edition. Time will tell if this was a good or bad choice
  10. Thx all for excellent input! Boat is now ordered Delivery end of march! Next topic; if u would have a brand new boat ... what instruments would you put in? I am thinking: Autopilot: Autopilot RAYMARINE Evolution EV-100 tiller Wind and speed instruments: Raymarine Wireless Instruments for Racing GPS: Garmin 720? VHF: ? AIS: ?
  11. Thx all! FarEast is doing a glass fiber version of the 31 R. Very heavy keel (1,2 tons). draft 2,1 m. Not so wide in the transom as many other 30 footers). Big enough for offshore races outside Stockholm. Havent received the final price yet...but at the moment the strongest candidate among all tips received. Thx again!
  12. The FE 31 R got a 1,2 ton lead bulb. Heaviest in the fleet above. Is that enough to get it to perform without the "rail meat"?
  13. Hi sailing gurus! I want a 30 foot (-ish) sport boat for single- and double handed racing purposes. What would you recommend and why? MUMM 30 MELGES 32 FARR 280 C&C 30 MC31 FE28 FE31R Other​? Would be great to be able to do some cat 3 racing as well. Righting moment probably critical to get it to work shorthanded? /Superfly ​