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  1. Max Rockatansky

    halyards reccs?

    Never, ever had anything like that happen. One of the reasons I like the line. The vectran i thought would be good, twists up like you described. Marlow does that shit too. I flake (fake?), not coil, line, FWIW
  2. Max Rockatansky

    halyards reccs?

    I’ve been using Samson Warpspeed in two different boats, ergo for years, and have been pleased. Both WS I and II.
  3. Max Rockatansky

    Marina Laundry

    Well I’m gonna roll with the thread drift
  4. Max Rockatansky

    Aluminum "zincs"?

    Here’s some light reading:
  5. Max Rockatansky

    Recommend snorkeling spots near marathon

    What you are is an expert at passive-aggressive. My compliments. We should mutually ignore. See ya
  6. Max Rockatansky

    Recommend snorkeling spots near marathon

    I did not refer to a GW as a requiem shark, if you would care to reread my post. Carcharodon is, though, archetypical.
  7. Max Rockatansky

    Recommend snorkeling spots near marathon

    “Requiem sharks are sharks of the family Carcharhinidae in the orderCarcharhiniformes,”
  8. Max Rockatansky

    Is Ellon Muske attenssion hoarre?

    Is he? “Born in Pretoria, South Africa, Musk taught himself computer programming at the age of 12. He moved to Canada when he was 17 to attend Queen's University. He transferred to the University of Pennsylvania two years later,”
  9. Max Rockatansky

    Soft hanks over furler luff foil?

    I don’t believe the foil would be hurt. That said, you’d have to make sure the hanks would run up smoothly over the joints in the foil sections, and make sure that none of the hanks land between said sections once the sail is hoisted.
  10. Max Rockatansky

    Interior Plywood Repair options

    It looks like the veneer let go. If that’s all, just glue on some replacement veneer. You may have to tint stain to match. If the substrate under the veneer isn’t any good, then replace entire.
  11. Max Rockatansky

    Recommend snorkeling spots near marathon

    Bull? They’re just smaller, brown great whites (both are carcharinids) Here’s a close encounter a guy we met had:
  12. Max Rockatansky

    Is Ellon Muske attenssion hoarre?

    Egomaniac, ha. Look to the POTUS for that to shame the devil. Nevertheless, Elon is getting shit done that needs doing and for that I commend him
  13. Max Rockatansky

    Tasmanian devil chews through metal

    Hell even squirrels can chew metal, so can rats.
  14. Max Rockatansky

    Finished upgraded solar system

    FWIW, I monitor my system with a VictronConnect. Has a dongle and I can view from the phone. Immediate feedback on trends
  15. Max Rockatansky

    Titanium Snap Shackle Pin??

    Try McMaster-Carr