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  1. E-nav on the cheap

    Our backup is Garmin BlueChart on the pad and phone. But Navionics on the Rayforshit sucks so badly the eThings are become our main nav tools
  2. Jumentos/Ragged Islands, Bahamas

    Bridhb havent seen that many on the whole but where they are they seem to be somewhat clustered. Was pleased to not see many in the Jumentos/Raggeds but (oddly) saw lots at Lee Stocking
  3. Need Chartplotter Recommendation

    I’d think about Garmin. Have Ray with Navionics charts (came with the boat), and am mostly using the Garmin Bluecharts on my eThings bc the fuckin Raymashit is virtually useless. And Raymashit doesn’t have good support...
  4. Jumentos/Ragged Islands, Bahamas

    The She, who hunts and eats them, cuts all except the caudal (tail); easy enough. But not all the fins are venomous. Here’s a link about prep https://lionfish.co/cleaning-and-preparing-lionfish-to-eat/
  5. Jumentos/Ragged Islands, Bahamas

    Lionfish are really delicious. With gloves on, take a kitchen shear and trim off the fins at the body/carcass. Then scale and gut (if small) or filet (if large). Prefer it either as sushi, or ceviche in citrus or a nuoc cham sauce.
  6. Solar Systems

    Jack, that’s fine if you like to crank an engine every day, but my solar is topping off my LFP, daily, while at anchor. And the high discharge tolerance of LFP means that even if it’s cloudy I still don’t have to crank an engine unless quite some time has passed. I doubled my aH capacity in the same physical space at half the weight. And even if you don’t care about weight, space is limited.
  7. Taping rigging to prevent snags on cotter pins

    Shit, y’all are fancy. I use decent quality duct tape and it lasts about a year. Half width to just cover the ring or pin yet allow air and water to get to the fitting to reduce corrosive action
  8. Solar Systems

    I am actively cruising with LFP charged by solar and am not finding that to be the case. The Ocean Planet/Schwab site has good info. Maine Sail’s Compass Marine site has good info. This also good: https://www.emarineinc.com/ Search also here at SA for prior discussions of same: do the search via Google rather than internally
  9. Bucket vs RV Toilet vs Toilet w/holding Tank

    TS Pass is much the worse for wear (hurricanes?)...
  10. Our racers don't drink enough

    We have a PHRF system. That stands for “Po-boy’s Handicap” etc. Races are around govt marks, staggered starts. If we can get three good legs (reach, run, beat; therefore not favoring) then after the race the boats in the back get new ratings. The fastest guy is the one around which all ratings move. As the season (and ratings) progresses, everybody finishes together and all have a chance at the prizes. Which are bottles of booze from the YC bar, augmented by promotional swag. The series winners get something engraved at the end. There is one (yearly) perpetual trophy. Cheap, inclusive, easy, fun.
  11. Black Widow

    Anything you add to any bottom paint may well compromise, at least to some degree, its effectiveness.
  12. Bucket vs RV Toilet vs Toilet w/holding Tank

    C-Head ‘composting’ toilet. My wife likes it. In fact, it was she who removed the old holding tank and its plumbing. Going to the C-Head allowed us to close off two thru-hulls, too. Am aboard full time and after three years plus, still like the C-head
  13. 3M VHB tape or Dow 795 to afix acrylic windows?

    I’ve rebedded, without fasteners, four ‘lights’ and two big salon windows with 795. Have also used 795 to rebed two hatches. Nothing leaks. I’m aboard full time, and was in the Everglades for IRMA so I think that’s probably a good test
  14. State registration display boards?

    In that case, coreplast (like in yard signage) is about as light and easy as you could find to just tack something up