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  1. Hard vs soft dinghy

    I am conveniently married to a girl who was a seamstress in a canvas house so I am biased in my opinion that dinghy covers (chaps) are the go. That said, the chaps are not only good against UV. They protect the boat from abrasion and puncture and are more comfortable to sit on. (Edit: they shade from heat too) And on those evenings you find yourself stumbling to the dinghy dock, you’re more likely to recognize your unique cover amongst all the grey stock inflatables.
  2. Hard vs soft dinghy

    I have not been clear. I had a first-gen Taka; it had a solid transom. I expect there aren’t enough around to find the older models. I saw a newer Taka (open transom) at a dinghy dock but didn’t get to speak to its owner. The Taka has the air floor over a membrane floor so water gets sequestered between/under the air floor. My definition of ‘dry’ was in reference to the fact that the Taka didn’t ship water from over the bows. Which is funny, in that everyone who saw the Taka asked if it was wet, and it wasn’t. The RIB? Now, that fucker is a wet boat; ships over the bows and the bilge is open. Grrr.
  3. Hard vs soft dinghy

    There were some folks cruising, had a blog ‘Catching Rays’ had a Dux Hammerhead. Theirs was custom: lighter and smaller than the stock offering. They liked the boat. I have Dux envy myself but they are heavy and expensive. So I bought a TAKACAT Lite which I had for four years. I bitterly miss that boat. It was the 1st gen with closed transom. Although PVC, we had built a set of covers for it which likely kept it alive as long as it did. The Taka was everything I want from a dink. Light, stable, dry, weight carrying, and would plane with the 8hp and us two. Unfortunately the Taka began to fail; the transom rotted (my fault, I should have watched the drain plug area) but worse, the hulls began to separate from the structure. In that I needed a q&d replacement I bought a Walker Bay foam core fiber RIB which is light and stable but it is like taking a shower in anything but flat calm and the 8 barely planes with just me. Does the job but I wish I could have replaced the Takacat with another
  4. Hard vs soft dinghy

    Apologies for the hijack but I am through with entitlement: I find that boat bums have made it difficult and expensive to cruise and are a bane to honest cruising. After what I’m seeing, I don’t blame the dirt dwellers one bit for clamping down. Thanks for fucking it up for the rest of us. Wally Moran, who is an advocate for anchoring rights, had this to say. The description reflects my experience/observations: "Well, I haven't started a good fight in ages - this looks to be the time. Here's my take on this issue. There are a lot of people who get on boats and live like bums, their boats an unholy mess and not in the least seaworthy, drink and party and act the fool with their carefree 'island lifestyle', who anchor irresponsibly and piss off the dirt dwellers. That's fine, UNTIL your behaviour has an impact on my ability to enjoy this lifestyle. And in the past few years, it's been having an impact. I've spent countless hours fighting for anchoring rights, rights endangered by these bums. Nearly all of you in Boot Harbor - I'm talking 99%+ - are decent responsible people enjoying the amazing life we share. I'm not talking to you. But as noted in this thread and elsewhere, there are a few people who could care less about their boats, which are an end to a means - a cheap place to live, often without working, in a beautiful place. Those aren't boaters, not in my mind. They are the ones who didn't properly prep their boats, who left up sails, who weren't responsible to the boating community and who endangered others. Some of them wrecked some of your boats, although we can never know for sure. I found a safe marina for my boat during the 'cane, along with a lot of others. In fact, I had it planned out months before. Lots of you in BKH put a lot of time and effort into protecting your boats, only to have them destroyed by the irresponsibility of the people I'm talking about. There are a lot of folks who live this lifestyle without a dollar in their wallet. They usually have the crap boats too. Thus, when the stuff hits the fan, they can't take proper steps to protect their boat, and they end up endangering you. I hate to say it, but it's time these people either shape up, or ship out. And if they don't ship out - we, as a community need to evict them. Sorry to say, but in my mind, that's about where it's at. We need a conversation, as a boating community, about what is and is not acceptable, and to what standards we feel we, AS A COMMNUNITY, ought to be held to. Ok, those are some of my thoughts. Please, don't shoot the messenger here, you know I'm on your side, but let's see if we can find some answers out of this catastrophe."
  5. Listen to a bear die

    I listened but all I heard was ‘click click ‘
  6. What is this half circle cut out on my anchor locker lid?

    ...or, if you have a line rode...
  7. another big celebrity accused

    Lintball ain’t stupid, but his fans sure are...
  8. G. Zeus. So you ‘asked a question ‘ to drive clicks to your site. How novel.
  9. charles manson-dts

    Not soon enough http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/20/us/charles-manson-dead/index.html
  10. Community Reputation Points

    Oyé, oyé reality: we are all assholes, and shit like rating systems just doesn’t work. BJ, aren’t you a mod? Please turn it off. SA is one of the few fora in which one can get good advice because of its honesty. Unfortunately, SA has begun to drift into another morph of CF, and having a rating system is yet another symptom of SA’s decline. Nobody with ever half a brain needs ratings to figure out who is worth reading; honest replies to spurious posts tell the tale. That is how Anarchy works in its purest form. Morons (for the most part) fear to enter here, and that is a good thing. CF is a good place for ‘em.
  11. Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    There’s some folks here have just returned for the winter with I assume the same torqueedo pushing a Portland pudgy; it’s been a year since I saw them last
  12. Low Friction Ring Anarchy

    Not sure how to quantify it. (Of course it depends on the load.) These are good for the topping lift that we don’t adjust often. They are also on the reefing lines that are winched in. I tried one on the main halyard but it was too much friction; my main is 1:1. At the time I built these, they hadn’t come out yet with the nifty sheave things (above pictured) which allow the rings to turn...
  13. Replacing snaps in canvas... Is the fancy tool worth it?

    Are YOU fuckin’ kidding ME?!? Sailmaker’s Supply sells THE SAME TAIWANESE CLONE MACHINE AS SRITE. Just not with the zag. Nobody has a new zag clone in the US. This is because S’rite sued all the other folks selling their zag clone. Nice guys. And for the record, Sailmaker’s Supply carries it all; it is also a working canvas fabrication house. i believe in promoting local biz whenever possible. SS are sailors too.
  14. Simple 2 burner gimbaled stoves

    That virtually invisible pale blue -OH flame. That you don’t see until other things have caught afire. That’s scary. Never mind the fact that the OP didn’t ask about -OH stoves, he asked about propane. BTW I kept the canisters in the pit, in an under-seat cubby...
  15. Low Friction Ring Anarchy

    FWIW here's some of the things Ive done with lo-friction rings https://www.flickr.com/photos/tamishel/albums/72157662661412578