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  1. Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    There’s some folks here have just returned for the winter with I assume the same torqueedo pushing a Portland pudgy; it’s been a year since I saw them last
  2. Low Friction Ring Anarchy

    Not sure how to quantify it. (Of course it depends on the load.) These are good for the topping lift that we don’t adjust often. They are also on the reefing lines that are winched in. I tried one on the main halyard but it was too much friction; my main is 1:1. At the time I built these, they hadn’t come out yet with the nifty sheave things (above pictured) which allow the rings to turn...
  3. Replacing snaps in canvas... Is the fancy tool worth it?

    Are YOU fuckin’ kidding ME?!? Sailmaker’s Supply sells THE SAME TAIWANESE CLONE MACHINE AS SRITE. Just not with the zag. Nobody has a new zag clone in the US. This is because S’rite sued all the other folks selling their zag clone. Nice guys. And for the record, Sailmaker’s Supply carries it all; it is also a working canvas fabrication house. i believe in promoting local biz whenever possible. SS are sailors too.
  4. Simple 2 burner gimbaled stoves

    That virtually invisible pale blue -OH flame. That you don’t see until other things have caught afire. That’s scary. Never mind the fact that the OP didn’t ask about -OH stoves, he asked about propane. BTW I kept the canisters in the pit, in an under-seat cubby...
  5. Low Friction Ring Anarchy

    FWIW here's some of the things Ive done with lo-friction rings https://www.flickr.com/photos/tamishel/albums/72157662661412578
  6. Soft Jib Hanks

    I liked my dogbone hanks but the buckles look interesting. I expect the buckle rigs weigh more, webbing is heavy compared to dyneema
  7. Simple 2 burner gimbaled stoves

    Alcohol stoves are scary imo look up ‘camping stove.’ I had a 2-hob Coleman in my trimaran which was (except the gimbal) exactly what the op described
  8. Hard vs soft dinghy

    Why have an unstable dink? How can you possibly guarantee ‘benign?’ f. Ex. I was at the Dinner Key mooring field. Went in to see the sights in flat calm. PM t-storms set in and with the fetch, 15 kt winds built a 3’ chop for me to travel back to the boat. The better part of a mile from dock to boat in that, too. Dinghy gotta meet whatever comes and do the job.
  9. Hard vs soft dinghy

    90 lb is NOT lightweight. FFS I have a WB inflatable that weights 72lb. (The 270) Sigh.
  10. Grumpy old man Pet Peeve #69

    Unless it’s used as an adjective, ‘every day’ is. Two. Fuckin’. Words. Clanging halyards means the boat’s operator is either a novice or a hack. Your Honda portable generator isn’t as quiet as you think it is. So at least have the decency to run the fuckin’ thing in the middle of the day. Not at sunset or all evening. K? ‘Community reputation’ is NOT anarchic.
  11. House batteries

    Aeropress is indeed a great invention. As for kettle, I use one of these, boiling only enough water to fill the cup. I get at least 2-3 weeks (more usually) out of my 4-lb propane tank. That’s coffee in am and afternoon masala chai in addition to other cooking. This kettle boils in less than a minute:
  12. Sheet bag design

    You can stick the Command straps most anywhere. Just give a wipe to the substrate with acetone or alcohol
  13. Dye for Dyneema Chafe Sleeve???

    Yale maxijacket
  14. Community Reputation Points