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  1. Oh joy---140mph go-fast boat from Mercedes

    Puttin’ the ‘douche’ in ‘douchecanoe’ damned things are endemic in s. Floriduh and one almost killed us. Going thru the narrow marks at Featherbed Banks. Hear the POS coming. Wife pulls over to the starboard side, as close to the mark as she dares. Plenty of room on our port side to pass. But oh no, the douche takes us on our starboard... spray hitting us, passed by inches. Literally. free country, my ass. Some things should have restrictions.
  2. Best stanchion fairleads for continuous furler?

    I just have the one long line whether I have crew. Not that much in it IMO. I don’t leave the rig up so that’s my reason for my choices, so no, I wouldn’t coil the line. My sprit retracts as well. You really should never need a winch. if you turn down and blanket the sail with the main it should furl. Boat is 1992 Catana 40S If you can rig the sheet leads inboard, a screacher will point in light airs (up to about 8kt).
  3. Switlik CORD vs Lifesling

    I’m interested to see responses also. On the face, the CORD looks a bit better mousetrap with the exception of its more frequent maintenance schedule
  4. Snubbed

  5. Best stanchion fairleads for continuous furler?

    sounds like a virtually identical setup to what I have. Except my Catana is a bit older... I am well pleased with my Facnor double leads http://www.facnor.com/uk/products/accessories_leads/ I also have this to cleat the furling line https://www.mauriprosailing.com/us/product/SEL40500140R.html
  6. Safing the Wind Generator with the LiFePO4s

    BJ Actually it would rather simplify things to just shunt the windgen to a water heater (as a load dump). That was my initial thought upon reading your OP, although I think what you have suggested will work.
  7. Snubbed

    That’s ‘cause they work, and people don’t get rid of them...
  8. Snubbed

    +1 Manson Supreme primary, Al Spade secondary, Fortress tertiary. As for Bruce, I received $15K in damage from a boat (not) anchored with one. Not a fan.
  9. Snubbed

    For racing we had 8-brait line and a couple feet of chain for the Fortress. The 8-brait is strong for its diameter (light), it stows well and has nice stretch. The bit of chain will help lay the pick. You might find this interesting, whether you agree http://alain.fraysse.free.fr/sail/rode/rode.htm
  10. "How to Get Arrested during Carnival"

    And a cute gal flirting with the nice NOPD officer can get LOTS of very nice beads and coconuts gently handed down from the floats...
  11. E-nav on the cheap

    C120 plotter came with the boat. Backups are iPad and iPhone both with Garmin BlueChart. (And paper.) As it happens we are beginning to use the iDevices more, because at least in the Bahamas the Garmin charts are far better than the Navionics
  12. OK, I sort of get it, now

    That’s a big freezer, BJP. Wow. I have three Engels: two drop-ins and a cooler. One drop in is freezer, one fridge, and the cooler for drinks and leftovers. It helps the energy budget to keep drinks which gets opened frequently outside of longer term storage. Given the price of food in da ilons, yeah the freezer pays for itself quickly. And I am damn glad for the watermaker. Gtown has free water which is exceptionally rare. But you have to schlep it in the dink. Water is generally about .50/gal on average. And it would greatly increase the suck factor to have to parse water in the tropics. When young and in small boats I might have lived without these things. I dunno, though. Full time is different than coastal dinking about; cannot be overstated. IMO the LFP, solar, watermaker, and reefers have been excellent additions I’ve not regretted for a moment. And my wife is a boat weight Nazi and she found 40 lbs to rid off the boat when I wanted to add the big panel so I’m guessing she agrees. Bear in mind that all that time you spend rowing, or carrying water jugs, or sleeping badly ‘cause you’re sticky, or going without food, or paying a lot for whatever, is cutting divots into your fun factor. And more so, your TIME.
  13. OK, I sort of get it, now

    In Georgetown Exuma you would have to trek 12 miles for that block ice, if they have it...
  14. Fire Weather Again!

    That’s not an empty beach. THIS is an empty beach. With conch for the picking up.
  15. Inexpensive Top Down Furler Conversion

    While I appreciate your initiative, this sounds so painful that I’d rather take two jobs and make the money to purchase the equipment. The trial and error alone in determining the ‘correct’ antitorque line would be worth the price. never mind the short life of the bike hub in salt water, and it’s bearings loaded in the wrong direction. Messy when it fails. Torn sail?