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  1. Max Rockatansky

    Anchor Geekdom

    IIRC, Panope uses 3:1. That is why I asked about the scope change. I did not mean to start a controversy about scope standards, sorry...
  2. Max Rockatansky

    Anchor Geekdom

    I have a Manson, which has never had trouble in the sandy mud of the northern Gulf. but... I use far more scope. IMO, short scope is 5:1. I would be curious to see if the Rocna held if you used more scope. Maybe try that before cutting holes in it?
  3. I think it’s just worn away. The easiest thing is to prep and paint.
  4. Max Rockatansky

    That's a trailer sailer!

    My 20-kt shitbox. Good times.
  5. Max Rockatansky

    The BLUES

  6. Max Rockatansky

    Sealing footstrap holes

  7. Max Rockatansky

    Inflatable fender anarchy

    Aere, there are other brands. Go forth and Google
  8. Max Rockatansky

    12:35 minutes you won't get back

    They usually enter atmosphere at some point?
  9. Max Rockatansky

    Old Cordage

    Des Pawson’s books have good instructions
  10. Max Rockatansky


    Imagine the contact tracing if Kevin Bacon gets COVID...
  11. Max Rockatansky

    Building A Sail Pack

    Call Jean at Sailmaker’s Supply and see if you can’t get RIRI zippers. Absolutely the best. Keep the zips lubed, that helps a lot. You can replace a metal slide with a plastic slide except on coil zip, which I wouldn’t use in any case. There may be plastic slides available for coil, been awhile since I looked
  12. Max Rockatansky

    Building A Sail Pack

    To mate the bag with the mast, have a look at the Mack Pack. It’s D-shaped bits, effectively. The liner usually is just at the fwd end to reduce chafe on the bag (luff rope, battens). Chafe is the Achilles’ heel of Sunbrella Madame designed our bag’s whole bottom of Phifertex for ventilation and drainage
  13. Max Rockatansky

    Sailpack + Dutchman Anarchy

    You want one or the other, but not both. I have a Mack style lazy bag. Cat, sail is fully battened. What happens is similar to that mentioned above, only the sail leech end wants to drape, not the luff. I am always experimenting, and am trying different jack angles and tensions to try to rectify the ‘drape.’ I do think if I had battens on the bag, I might have less trouble, but I don’t want the weight esp aloft, plus if I race, I take the bag completely down
  14. Max Rockatansky

    boomless mainsail reefing

    My modified F27 had a clever halyard lock system. Mast (and lock) was Marström, sail was boomless Smyth. see vid, sailing reefed:
  15. Max Rockatansky

    Ideas for outhaul strop

    Webbing doesn’t move along the boom as smoothly as passes of line, especially if that line is Dux or something similarly low friction.