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  1. PBJ Why are you replacing the copper coat? My understanding is that it lasts for many years, like 20? my understanding is also that should for some reason you want to replace said CC, it must be completely removed, and given that it's epoxy, this is not a small undertaking
  2. FYI I asked one of the divers in Boot Key Harbor (Marathon FL) what he thought is effective. The fouling rates at BKH are phenomenal. His reply: Micron 66 and Trinidad Pro FB: it is a sad truth that the same people who claim to love the sea have no qualms about going offshore to have TBT paint applied. Bahamas is happy to have the work. The moral bankruptcy of these people astounds me
  3. Update: the two boats which headed SSW/Mexico are ok
  4. I have a cat, draft is 3' and tilting it under a bridge ain't gonna work the boats were all out of boot Key harbor, the ones I know. One went west (Ended up in Marq. ), two went north and west (CG rescues) two were heading for Mexico (haven't heard) the winds overhead had to be in the 130 range, we guess we had 100 gusts at water level, so I'd bet FtM had at least 100
  5. Looking at the chart, I don't think I can get very far up the caloosahatchee? My stick is 61' off the water and I see a 55' bridge at coral IIRC. Amirite? BTW gentle readers, I know of five boats which tried to outrun the storm. Two had to be rescued by the CG, one got stuck at the Marquesas, and two haven't been heard from AFAIK. I am becoming more convinced that one cannot outrun a hurricane.
  6. Hell the bugs are at LSR year round. I'd expect that more a bother than any chill, ha ha KW wasn't even on the radar. The other hole I think is ok is near The Jewfish Creek bridge on the north side. Trees are sorta tall and Largo at its widest there. Given the initial forecast, we figured we'd be on the 'good' side and further from the eye at LS than at Largo. As it happened, LS turned out to be the best possible choice IMO. Maybe if I knew holes at FtM or thereabouts but I knew those 60+ foot tall mangroves at LS had to be pretty safe. And the area like a sponge so almost no surge, and that after the eye had passed and the wind went west. Mama Everglades sure protected us
  7. We rode it out in the Little Shark River along with some other boats and boy is that a good hurricane hole. FYI
  8. Re Contender MAXX in 2016 Randy Smyth designed a set of MAXX jib and main for my modified F27 tri. I was pleased with the soft-hand laminate for my race/cruise use of the boat. The sails performed well for me
  9. Madame wrote up my experience: http://epoxyworks.com/index.php/harken-furler-repair/
  10. Done it a couple times. Our tastes are plebeian, YMMV we enjoy flying in to STT and spending a night there either on the front or back end of the trip. We take the ferry which is kinda fun and the Petite Pump Room in the terminal has good food. Get yer first taste of ilon food there. We also enjoyed the Galleon House and Point Pleasant to stay on STT. We have chartered with TMM and with Conch. Both gave good service. TMM is first tier (new boats) Conch is second tier. In our experience the TMM boat had more mechanical issues than the Conch boat did but we were happy with both companies. Be advised: locals are on ilon time, and it can be more expedient to solve problems yourself than waste time waiting for service. If you want to spend a night on Tortola we like the Fort Burt hotel with its individual swimming pools overlooking Road Harbour. Close to town, just walk everywhere. The Pub at the bottom of the hill beneath Ft Burt has good food. We also loved the Roti Palace downtown but we hear the little old lady running it has passed. The Bath and Turtle on Virgin Gorda has awesome curry goat if you see a little old lady selling baked goods on a corner or by the roadside, stock up. You will slap your Mama for not cooking like that. Last we were there, there was a stand on the trail to the Bubbly Pool --bring more money and fewer clothes. --provisioning can be hired, but you may have to wait on delivery. We had a better experience going ourselves. --http://bvipirate.com/ is a site run by a fella from TX who has a place on Anegada. Good navigation and plenty other tips
  11. Yes Virginia, there is a yellow Butch T: http://www.pepperlover.com/pepper-seeds/heal-leve/world-hottest/yellow-butch-t-pl-detail btw there is a Facebook group https://m.facebook.com/groups/49178807839
  12. MC One of our good friends is a serious chilehead and has developed the 'Bonda Mahala' cross. Via him I've been introduced to Mr Taylor. I'm fairly certain that the Butch T is red. What that yellow may be is a '7-Pot Yellow,' so called bc it will spice 7 pots of food. I'll have to ask my friend about your pod. Your Reaper pods look right. All your pods are nice looking, regardless. The superhots are difficult to clean from surfaces. Suggest you dedicate a special board to them. Milk products are best for ingestion relief, and all you can do for your kids poor eyes is rinse with saline. My wife was making a chatni with some Butch T Trinidad Scorpions and I choked on the fumes from all the way across the house.
  13. Get some decent paint, sand, and paint the stripe. Prob be ok even if your skills are lacking. Or you can get some vinyl and cover the stripe with that, ergo another stripe, as it were.
  14. Boat on fire? Y'all need a lesson in multiple lens refraction...