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  1. Jones wins.... what now?:

    If there -were- the Democrat equivalent of Donald Trump (using office for profit, not just utterly ignorant of US gov't and the Constitution but contemptuous of it, openly praising a hostile foreign power, and more), I would be as disgusted by them and their Democrat supporters as I am of President Trump and his Republican supporters. Al Sharpton the equivalent of Trump? In what universe? Louis Farrakan? Malcolm X was almost the equivalent of Trump in terms of his racism, although he backed way off as he gained experience..... but in terms of his personal ethics, his profiteering..... no, not even. And Malcolm X had read a heck of a lot of law by the time he started his post-jail career. And why does an anti-Trump need to be black? Know anything about Huey Long? -DSK
  2. Tax “Reform”

    Normally I'd say "That sounds great, I'm in" and figure out what I can send. But I just never acquired a taste for pretzels or bagels. How about barbecue? Or hush puppies? BTW a lot of residential communities prohibit business in the home(s). So it's not just dadgum gubbermint oppression, your next door neighbor might object to a bagel truck waking him up every morning. Just like you wouldn't want your neighbor to open a profitable little business in his back yard burying medical waste. And of course, in some cases it -IS- overreaching gov't officials protecting businesses that have paid into the racket. Remember that next time you go to a restaurant and don't get salmonella -DSK
  3. Crossbow fl 2017

    S'OK I was kidding. Doug Lord is a PITA that won't go away, but I have never ignored anybody here. It's Anarchy after all. One character weakness of mine is that I occasionally enjoy needling the stupids (hey that's what the Internet was invented for, right?) but I have kept clear of Doug Lord threads. There's just no point. But I wanted to steer 'sail611' away from the abyss if I could. I hope this is not characterized as "shitting all over somebody's original ideas" but if Doug Lord comes up with the goods to show that he's not just full of horse feathers, then I will be glad to apologize and recommend his genius-ness to everybody. -DSK
  4. Crossbow fl 2017

    Ha! I've been ignored in better threads than THIS one!! -DSK
  5. Tax “Reform”

    Capital investment is low, yes; however access to capital is not. Interest rates are also floating at or near historic lows, so anybody who needs lotsa lotsa money for business could get it at low cost. Furthermore, many big corporations have warehouses of cash sitting in foreign countries (oddly enough, some of those countries have higher tax rates, but the companies didn't earn or spend it in those countries so they pay nothing), so the AVAILABILITY of capital has never been higher. It's a false flag. When you see explanations for economic policy that begin "Obama hates business" you know that it's rational and logical, right? It's about pure unadulterated greed, the nasty fuck-your-partner kind. The people holding the cookie jar want to keep all the cookies, and they've paid off the Republican Congress to let them. The people who baked the cookies get robbed. Again. How long will it take for them to decide to not bake any more? "Some say" yes the people who have taken bribes are full of how much it will benefit the average guy (who already has two jobs, but is seeing his wages beaten down and his taxes raised). Will you -ever- figure out when you're being conned? Or are you willing to let Trump and the Republican Party continue to shit all over you and your family, in the hopes that some of it will splatter some nearby goddam libby-rull? -DSK
  6. Trump Judicial Picks Dropping Like Flies

    All but one of those were NOMINEEs, kicked out in the vetting process. Sounds to me like Obama exerted some effort to keep unsuitable people from taking office in the first place. Isn't that how it's SUPPOSED to work?!? You righties really do strain hard to make the Kenyan One look bad. I suppose it's a form of exercise. -DSK
  7. Tax “Reform”

    I thought unemployment was at historic lows? Bigly? -DSK
  8. Crossbow fl 2017

    OK then Let's see something documenting how your model Melges 24 with the sliding ballast is faster than another stock M-24 model. You never did answer the simple question I asked months ago about how a foil generates lift. Is it because you don't know? Yep, Sailing Anarchy, the place where a person who has never sailed a foiling craft insults a world champion Moth sailor, and quite literally tells him he doesn't understand how foils work. -DSK
  9. I Could Not Have Said It Better

    THIS COULD BE THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is where you need fatigue to set in. You also might consider that women are not a monolithic bloc who will only vote one way. "Pussy fatigue" ?!?!! Really? I can't believe I just read that, from either of you two. Considering that you all are part of the "I hate queers" brigade, this is really funny Do you get bored with tits, too? -DSK
  10. The genius of the F35 is showing

    A Ridgeline can operate in the rain, but only on level pavement. There are some tech reports indicating that it's also vulnerable to bird strikes. -DSK
  11. Crossbow fl 2017

    Well, I very very rarely comment on any Doug Lord threads and probably should not get into this one, but................. Doug Lord likes to paint himself as teh persecuted genius, but he doesn't understand the basic physics of sailing and none of his ideas have ever worked in the real world and generally don't work all that well in the model world. If he's claiming that the America's Cup cats are using his technology, he's completely full of baloney. For example, the ballasted slider idea..... not new, it was done at least as far back as the 1840s and probably further. Unlike the IC class or Skate classes, Doug's models have never shown that they are faster than their conventionally-ballasted sisters. This would be very very basic in proving the worth of a concept, and with models, it would be very inexpensive. Yet he's reacted violently to the suggestions. And this is on par with the rest of his bullshit, check out his alternate whining and bullying in the "RC Multihulls" thread. You seem like a nice guy. Don't get sucked in by Doug Lord's self-aggrandizing bloviation. -DSK
  12. How many Trumpists will end up in clink over Russia?

    Trump knows who Hank was? U are too kind, perhaps, kind sir? With three wives, he's halfway to Henry VIII so he must at least be Henry IV -DSK
  13. "There is no such thing as 'Sound Science'"

    Ah so, sorry. I thought the whole point of this thread was that you're such a blindingly smart mo'fo -and- people who attack science are generally charlatans on several levels. I agree with at least one of these two points, apologies if I did not make that clear earlier. the Utah cold fusion furor was really interesting; and it's also a good example of scientists confusing the measurement for the science. A lot of people with good reputations went donw the rat hole of not measuring the right things but insisting "we measured blah-blah-blah and the results were consistent with theory blah-blah..." OK great but where's the fuckin' helium? A good scientist should be willing to measure anything, and should also not get sucked into statistical quibbles. As Kurt Vonnegut once said (thru the fictional character of a scientist who invented room-temperature ice) "A scientist who cannot explain his experiemnts to a six-year-old is a charlatan." -DSK
  14. "There is no such thing as 'Sound Science'"

    Do you have an example of these scientists and their inability to grasp your "basic principle" in bold up there? The basic principle is similar to what you started out saying and then got lost & muddled somewhere in the weeds. First of all, science is not a thing, science is a process. There is no final, permanent, 100% always-true absolute answer. I would say that you make a good example yourself, what with Newton's Laws are wrong blah blah blah. As for mistaking the measurement for the science, the specific examples I have are dated, cold fusion is one that came out when I was in school. -DSK
  15. Jones wins.... what now?:

    They could blame it on the Russians. Maybe that will convince a lot of Repubs to cross over..... "The Russians are helping us now, and we cheat better, too!" -DSK