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  1. Yep. Odd stuff, the guy is fairly successful but really doesn't get out much beyond the circle of Hollywood sycophants and alt-right illiterati. Doesn't travel, doesn't get involved in any kind of civic projects, no hobbies... and yet he thinks he's smart enough to completely re-invent the wheel, the steam engine, electricity, and the telephone... probably sharks with frikkin' laser beams too... A couple of his partners were on the show, explaining how smart he is: "He reads deep books" followed up with a long list of philosophy explained for the layperson, not even a serious Cliff Notes type book. "He knows a lot of history" followed up with the historical fiction movies he likes to watch. Not impressive. For any President other than Trump, and without having sucked up to some deep-pockets Republican donors, he would be a fringe whacko. I could be wrong, he could be really really smart. We'll see. Results so far have not been positive. -DSK
  2. Hmm, maybe that's why so many white people are pissed off about removing them. So, you're saying that we don't know what the intentions of the people who put up the Confederate statues intended in the first place? Nor do I agree that removing the symbolism does nothing. It removes the symbol, thus removing the lesson (you spoke of "learned behavior" in post 177). You are contradicting yourself several times over here. Frankly, as I've said earlier, I think there is a heck of lot more that is honorable in the South and it's history than the Confederacy. To the South's credit, a part of the story that is not often told is that the hard-core nigger-haters and the aristocrats had a tough time getting the South to secede and start the war. It was voted down in most Southern states including Virginia. Meanwhile Robert E. Lee would certainly be disgusted with his racist hagiography. He did not own a single slave, felt it was wrong, and was extremely reluctant to accept a Confederate commission. -DSK
  3. Good write-up... thanks for the info At this price I am kinda tempted! FB- Doug
  4. It's all about the politics of feelings. As a Trump supporter, you should understand that better than most. Zackly. And do statues, monuments, convey anything about attitudes, or do they teach any behavior? Confederate idols teach us something. They teach black people something. What do you suppose a black person learns from the fact that his city or county or state spends a large amount of -his- tax money on memorializing & idolizing a person who fought to keep his gr'grandfathers as slaves? Perhaps something along the lines of "you better not make waves, boy"? The problem, from the point of view of many whites, is that it seems to be having the opposite effect lately. -DSK
  5. I'm glad I live a long ways from you. When you say things like "My position" and "reality" you are seriously courting a lightning strike -DSK
  6. West System is great stuff. I have taken to using MAS or System3 epoxies as they are just as good and 10~15% cheaper. Still using the West System fillers which do all sorts of amazing things. For the cracks, you can start by squeegeeing resin into the crack to hold & seal it; then when you decide to really do a good job (over the winter hen you can't sail anyway) you can grind out the crack, peel off the gelcoat for an inch or two all around, lay in the right filler plus a little surface cloth to bring back some strength, and refinish any way you like. There are so many good ways to do this that I'd seriously recommend just puttering around and learning how you like to approach these things and just how perfect a result will satisfy you. The bottom is not a big problem unless you are trying to win races in light air. You need a decent motor, and moneywise I'd put a priority on the sails before the bottom (although the bottom is cheaper). If you're going to put on a racing bottom then you need to peel, fill & longboard, template the foils, etc etc; then put on the barrier coat. Yep the quest for perfection can take a big chunk out of both your budget and your life! That Ericson is a seriously nice little boat, though. You done good! FB- Doug
  7. Most of them won't EVER learn. There was no logical reason for them to vote Trump and no occurence or fact will change their minds. You watch: President Trump's support will never (never ever) drop below 25% and probably won't drop below 30%. Most of his supporters love the fact that he pisses off liberals, and other than that, they don't have a clue what is happening. If they notice anything going worse in their lives, they blame liberals & minorities. If they get fucked over by the gummint, then they just hate the gummint more than they already do... and they -know- Trump hates the gummint too! The new budget plan is a sad, grammar-school level, joke. -DSK
  8. +100 Totally agree. Well, before that we had 8 years of Republican foreign policy, some of which worked out OK and some which... well, let's just say it worked out not so well. I don't think many Republicans appreciate the irony of Boehner/Ryan/McConnel declaring how their interfering with Obama's attempts to clean up the Bush/Cheney messes were "weak on terrorism". Now, we seem to be returning the pre-Buch/Cheney doctrine that the Republicans never met a militaristic dictator they didn't like. And nowadays we don't have the excuse that they help us fight Communism. -DSK
  9. +1 PB Time is your greatest asset and you seem to be getting a pretty decent rate of return. -DSK
  10. Wow. Fighting the helm is only going to drive the bow underwater in that photo. Rail meat won't be very effective at that heel angle either. What happened just after that photo was taken? Ease sheets. Actually, it doesn't look like that much fuss around the rudder to me. The stern wave is peaking just forward of the rudder post, I'd bet the boat is not moving as fast as it looks... and making plenty of leeway... but there's no big suction area above the rudder blade or big swirl off the trailing edge. FB- Doug
  11. +3 on epoxy. For one thing it's a lot easier to mix and you're less likely to end up with a brittle or foamy mass with no strength. Priorities- do you want to fix the boat up to be perfect, or do you want to sail? You don't need a Loos gage, you need a new stay. Replace all the standing rigging? Yeah that would be ideal but unless you are going to really cram the boat thru some hard conditions (which I would recommend against, to anyone with a new-to-them boat), you don't need it. Barrier coat? I'm not sure I'd ever worry about that on a 1970s boat unless I was going to do long-term cruising in the tropics, and had extra cash jingling in the pockets. Front of keel / centerboard looks pretty good. There may be an old guy at Dwyer that knows exactly what you need. Call 'em and ask, if you end up talking to somebody who just wants to sell you something quick then don't bite. FB- Doug
  12. And Trump's hair is from Tlielax? -DSK
  13. And it's got... orange! ORANGE is the new FAST! But seriously, has anybody sailed one of these? It doesn't look all that good to me, but I'm curious FB- Doug
  14. Follow the non-Fox news much? There have been a bunch of cases in a bunch of states. It pretty closely parallels the "voter fraud" issue. Republicans who have been able to work "the system" of election boards have either passed laws and/or closed polling places that prevent minorities & other likely Democratic constituencies from voting. It was a fairly big factor in Wisconsin, for example. And here in North Carolina, the segregationist Republicans in the State House have been slapped down by the conservative-leaning US Supreme Court over specifically targeting black voters, twice. Against the conservative agenda? You can go point by point if you like. Making abortion illegal (like in the good old days)? Giving the wealthiest 2% massive tax breaks? Freeing up those pesky gov't regulations that prevent businesses from dumping poison in the air and water? Making the oil & coal business more profitable? Freeing up those pesky gov't regulations that force businesses to give a fig about their employees safety? I could go on, but you've probably gotten the message by now, if you're going to at all. -DSK
  15. It's worse than you think. From the "Craigslist Finds" thread you can see, most of the dinghies offered for sale in the US (outside of one-design class circles) are junk. Overgrown by weeds in the backyard, half the fittings missing, sails & line shot, trailer at best will be a motorboat trailer. If the OP wants to SAIL he will need to buy a one-design boat, the question is can he find one that isn't too far away or too expensive, as well as fitting his physical criteria? I'd suggest the Buccaneer 18 but it's all too likely he would end up with a junker. They made somewhere approaching ten thousand of these boats (and they are good ones) but only a couple thousand are currently in sailing condition (and those are mostly being actively raced). FB- Doug