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  1. You'd really ask such a fucking stupid data question in public? You are indeed a complete moron. Jump the data forward two weeks to compare Now let me ask you again... what do you imagine you see in this graph? If there is a consistent, statistically significant decrease in deaths, it does not show here. At least, it doesn't show to eyes that aren't full of Trumpbullshit. If it shows anything, it shows deaths going back up after 3d week of June. Some times you seem too smart to fall for this malarkey, unlike Dog and BB and some of the other Trumpalos. This is not one of those times - DSK
  2. Steam Flyer

    59 years ago today

    Well, for starters, we've had people in this august forum say that black people should not be allowed to go to college, and that black people should expect the police to treat them like criminals because so many of them are. We've had people (well, I assume they are people) say that black people should not protest police brutality because more of them shoot each other than the police shoot. We've had people claim that black people all vote Democratic so they will get more Welfare. We've had people claim that black people are not as rich, on average, as white people because they are lazy and do not appreciate or understand capitalism. etc etc etc - DSK
  3. Steam Flyer

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    I've asked before, is English your first language. Control of your weaken country? To say nothing of "you should be working about China....." ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!! - DSK
  4. Yes, there's an very strong trend for Trumpalos to post wishful thinking and total bullshit because they can't face facts. If they could face facts, they wouldn't love Trump the way they do. What trend do you imagine you see in the above graph? - DSK
  5. Steam Flyer

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    Says who? Right wing fairy-tale news, the guys who promised you a flying sparkle pony? Or is it just a fucking bald-faced lie? - DSK
  6. Steam Flyer

    Your first Presidential Vote?

    I know a lot more about Australian military and maritime history than politics. But I'm open to learning. - DSK
  7. It would make more sense to compare the rolling average of today's deaths to the rolling average of new cases two weeks ago. Covid doesn't kill people in less than 24 hours. - DSK
  8. Did not know that, good for them. I dunno if it's because they finally recognized reality, started listening to the medical science advice, or if enough participating businesses cancelled. Here in NC, 22 deaths today. Slight rise. We're in the red but not as bad as some other states, all the rural counties are being hit pretty hard and the "I refuse to wear a mask because FREEDOM" voices are slowly quieting down. I'd like to think that's because common sense is taking over but it is more likely due to fear. Our Lt Governor, running for election to replace our Democratic Governor, is still saying the virus is bullshit and we need to get business back on track. - DSK
  9. "Much better" in what regard? We have 4% of the worlds population and 25% of the world's Covid deaths. That right there tells you that we are NOT doing better. But it's an extremely unpleasant fact and I sympathize with your need for a bullshit bandage for those hurt feelings. - DSK
  10. I wonder if those are part of the plans that he changed. Looks like a beauty though, nicely proportioned hull. Varnished seats are hot as a stove burner to sit on, around here, but up in the far north I guess it's OK. I wish they had some sailing pics, he seemed happy with the boat. FB- Doug
  11. "Fauci has been wrong at every turn" ??? Seriously WTF, no he's pretty much nailed it. Going full Jonestown? When are you going to start taking the hydroxy preemptively, or are you already? Death rates are not really going down, the best that can be said is that they're not rising as steeply as new cases. But hey, shout your YAYTRUMP!! nonsense and get it out of your system. Preferably with a fucking mask on Fauci did predict millions of deaths -IF- it just runs it's course, which is pretty close to what is happening now and it is far far FAR from over. Right now, we have 130K+ deaths and less than 2% of the population has had it. Do the math, dude. - DSK
  12. Steam Flyer

    Supreme Court rules unanimously on Electoral College

    This entire essay is based solely on the independence of the EC. ... ... Sorry, but this essay by a FF goes directly against Kagan's assertion that there is no history to support the independence of the elector. Again, if they are no independent, why even have the EC at all? Maybe because "essays by a Founding Father" have exactly zero force of law? Gee, have you ever heard that before, somewhere? FWIW this is not a decision I am fond of either. Right now, the electors are chosen by the most partisan elements of our toxic party-vs-party system. But please remember, any gov't action which is not directed by nor specifically allowed in the Constitution is covered by the 10th Amendment. So, they're probably right. - DSK
  13. It would be easy to list his actions which can be best explained as taking Putin's orders to harm the USA as much as possible. I generally don't like "deliberate malice aforethought" as a go-to explanation, but if it were just random stupidity, he'd get something right once in a while. - DSK
  14. Steam Flyer

    Here come the Florida deaths

    Sorry to hear this, sincerely hope she does OK and recovers fully & quickly - DSK
  15. Steam Flyer

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    I think it is too early to really tell on the mortality rates. Lots of variables, and the reporting workflow is different for tests and deaths. Not to be overly suspicious of the reported data, but test results are binary and harder to monkey with, while deaths could be listed as strokes and pneumonia rather than the virus which caused the stroke or pneumonia, which would mean it could take a year or more to fully understand the mortality rate as it exists today. In any case, you are 100% correct that as long as the cases keep going up at this pace, it is just a matter of time before we see thousands of deaths each day rather than the hundreds we see now. Numbers of deaths are not declining, that would really be good news if true. What's worse, if the hospitals do start overflowing, then what happened in Italy and worse in NYC will happen again in most cities of the USA. It takes some really determined-to-be-stupid mo'fos to makes this happen. Take a look at the Vichy French in the years 1948~1955 or so. In the first two years after the war, their neighbors killed thousands of Nazi collaborators. Afterward they had a very heavy cloud hanging over them. A lot of them went to Viet Nam which is why that country had such an unhappy time in that period. - DSK