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  1. Mexico ...

    This is why deporting them is doing them a favour. God bless President Trump, caring so deeply about Mexicans ... Great troll btw. A little early to be patting yourself on the back, ain't it? -DSK
  2. Thank you John McCain

    or peasants? (fowl pun intended) For the record few knew how ignorant either were until they started speaking. Put the blame on the vetting crew who know that the average GOP voter likes someone white and attractive. The end. Not quite the end, but close. The "average GOP voter" is a bit of a phantom, but I think they do all have something in common.... a belief in authoritarianism, a belief that material success is some kind of sign of superiority (spiritual or moral or something), and increasingly a "team first" spirit which must be evidenced by expressing loathing for Democrats. The same way Cowboys fans hate the Redskins, only more loathsome. If you don't join in the hate-hate-hate you can't be on the team. And that means you become the target of hate-hate-hate. I think that's part of why they don't blink when a Trumpette turns so viciously on a fellow Republican. This is a sort of emotional undercurrent that seems (to me) to be the common element in even the most intellectual Republicans. It explains why ~80% of them support Trump even though deep down they know he is a failure and a blight on the country. For all the jokes about Palin and Quaile, neither of them had the kind of complete and total un-American ethics that Trump expounds. It's not a question of brains, nor of competence, it's a question of who's cheerfully getting in bed with Nazis. And who would be totally enthusiastic about blatantly stripping the Constitution. As for Trump's insulting war widows, well, that's not anything new for Republicans although it's pretty low even for them. -DSK
  3. Thank you John McCain

    McCain says mean things about New York's Smartest Man, so he must be attacked. I don't understand what the fuck is wrong with people, that they are so enthusiastic about their irrational hatreds. This does make it easier to understand why they are eager to jump in bed with the KKK and Nazis It is certainly a persons free choice to hold any political views, but other than the lowest kind of contempt for the country, those who serve, and for matter, ones' own self, what the fuck is in the head of a person who would post trash like this? I would have preferred McCain to Bush/Cheney in 2000 but it didn't come down to that choice. His picking Palin was partly due to desperation and and partly due t bad advice; and largely due to the totally weird vibe that was just then growing in the Republican Party. But this is just a childish spite of decency itself. I don't get it. I don't want to get it. -DSK
  4. Shooting fish in a barrel.

    Bullshit. Careful, those righties are vicious when they're backed into a corner defending their delusions. RD, here's a little trick from a few years back. Take your phone number. Now mentally take off the area code, and substitute an area code for Canada. Call whoever this turns out to be, and talk with them briefly about what they think about their health care, including catastrophic coverage. Odds are very high that you'll talk to somebody who is 1- rather polite and 2- is willing to tell you what they -don't- like about Canada's system. Of course, they'll probably also think you're an idiot but don't take that personally, they think all American's are stupid. And you'll have the facts instead of Limbaugh/Hannity bloviating about Canadian health care. -DSK
  5. He knew what he signed up for

    But the main point is that Democrats lie about Trump. And it's wrong to politicize his words to a grieving widow. The fact that he's a boorish inconsiderate asshole doesn't matter, we all knew that long before. In fact, trying to "prove" that he is such, is beating a thoroughly dead horse at this point. -DSK
  6. Thank you John McCain

    Since carrying Trump's water isn't enough for you, do you wanna lick Trump's hemorrhoids? Melania has grown tired of doing it so there's space at the table for you -DSK
  7. He knew what he signed up for

    There's so much truth in what you say and yet at the same time, I don't think we can gloss over Donald Trump's insensitive way of dealing with delicate matters. Donald Trump likely didn't write anything prior to the call, and if he did, I can't imagine anyone approving what he said before he jumped on a phone. Should the Congresswoman have politicized the call? Probably not, but she was in a car with the family when the call from the President came over the cars Bluetooth system. There aren't guarantees to privacy when you answer your phone in a public place. Of course, none of this would have happened if Donald Trump hadn't politicized this in the first place by accusing other presidents and specifically, President Obama of having failed to make calls to cover his own failure of doing so. This is a difficult situation. I agree that politicizing the tragedy and sorrow of any family's loss is bad. And it's unecessary. The Republicans already know what a boor and a liar etc etc Trump is. They don't care. Hillary was worse. And Obama etc etc. It's kind of like when you're visiting a neighbors house and their dog shits on the rug. You don't grab their dog and rub it's nose in it, unless they've specifically asked for help training their dog. And you don't loudly comment to your wife, "See, I told you these retards shouldn't have a dog in the first place." The disconnect here is that the Republicans have brought their dog into a house belonging to all of us, and they think it's funny when he shits on the rug. It's their revenge for having to suffer under the Kenyan. -DSK
  8. Sidestay tension, why does it matter?

    Yes definitely do it that way. Because old wives tales... especially ones promulgated by inept old wives with no comprehension of any of the issues.... is the best path towards good results. 1- the mast head must be centered. How do you propose to do this by the "just snug to leeward in a blow" method? 2- What is the tension on the rig while you do the "just snug to leeward in a blow" method? Hopefully you're not exceeding any limits, guess it depends on your vessel's righting moment and on what you consider "a blow." 3- what is the static load on the rig at rest, after you've completed the "just snug to leeward in a blow" method? Hopefully you're not distorting your hull and/or deck with unmeasured stresses. 4- Hopefully you have visually checked the mast to keep it straight athwartship, after all the comments above about keeping it in column. A lot of hopefulness in this method. I hope it works out for you. FB- Doug
  9. Shooting fish in a barrel.

    You need to frame your obervations and comments differently. You should say," in countries I have lived that have double or more the tax rate and the governments there have choosen how your health care dollars are spent, childrens health care cost is not an issue." You could have also said," people iin the USA demand better faster health care in the world and that is expensive, USA has aboit three times per capita the number of MRIs * then the next country." *50% more tham the next country but trailimg japan 8 Wait, I thought your boy Trump just said we were the highest taxed nation in the world? Well, there you go Sooner or later, the Konservative Republicanz stub their toes on their inconsistent world view. Not just a little eccentric, like your aunt with all those cats... their beliefs are just totally incompatible with observable fact, and with their other stated beliefs too. You just saw it right here. Deflection, you just can not get over the election results. LOOK! A squirrel !!! -DSK
  10. A history of the 2nd Amendment

    Here too. And chainsaws. However, that doesn't change the facts. Within certain boundaries, you can expect insurance companies to understand what they're insuring. Can you expect guns to fall into that category? I am quite sure that boats and cars do not. -DSK
  11. Coolboats to admire

    Like it. Nice intuitive rule! FB- Doug
  12. That will buff right out

    Yes but your boss didn't do the work himself. A French guy bought for peanuts a wrecked first 30 with a big hole in one side repaired it in his spare time and went on to cross the Atlantic with his wife for his honeymoon. Few people can pull out one like this, it is a lot of hard work but some can. I agree it can be done. But only at a disproportionate cost in time. And we all know what time is...... If you want a boat, spending the time shopping carefully for a good deal will be the best way to get a good deal. And that's a time investment, too. You gotta pay to play, one way or the other. FB- Doug
  13. He knew what he signed up for

    How am I defensive? I'm congratulating you. You have proven that the real issue is what horrible liars those goddam libby-rull Democrats are. WINNING !!! Oh wait are you getting tired of WINNING !!!!!!! ? -DSK
  14. He knew what he signed up for

    He has proof that he really did donate all the money he promised to all those charities, including Wounded Warriors. Really and truly he does have proof. He'll release it any day now -DSK
  15. He knew what he signed up for

    Feeling a bit defensive? If some DemocRAT has slightly exaggerated Trump's unfeeling and boorish statements, then that's WINNING! Those goddam commie punk faggot Democrats are the real problem here! Just like NFL players are a bigger threat to America than Nazis. You made your own bed, I hope you're finding it nice and comfy. -DSK