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  1. Steam Flyer


    You mean, like blocking the merger of two media corporations because they compete with a business owned by powerful politicians? And on the other side, a HOLE bunch that have their heads up their asses and think everything smells rosy -DSK
  2. Steam Flyer

    Jim Acosta...out

    Shucks, I can give you one off the top of my head, I was there when it happened. Fox News covered a Dec 7th speech by Obama, in which they claim he apologized to Japan for winning WW2 and said that the war was fought because of lack of diversity. They showed pictures of him giving this speech, while their announcers told you what he said. OTOH if you listened to his actual speech, you heard nothing of the kind. Total fabrication. Just one item on a long long list. Of course, Fox News never once hinted that anything might be amiss with Obama's birth certificate, either. -DSK
  3. Steam Flyer

    Jim Acosta...out

    So, you are okay with CNN making up shit? Because you damned well are for Fox News doing it. And, the President. Or, are you admitting to your own hypocrisy? Hard to object to only one side doing it with doing just that. He's OK with false equivalence and living in a fantasy world where the hateful shit he hears from Rush/Hannity/InfoWars can be taken as having truthiness. When was the last time Fox News apologized for insulting somebody, retracted a "news" article that turned out to be false, or fired a "journalist" for just making shit oup out of thin air? This is the difference between journalism, news, and the shrieking reich-wing hate-spew media. They insist all news is fake so they get to pick what they like. What they like is blatant fiction. Other serious news media try..... most of them try pretty hard..... to present factually accurate information to the public. THey expend effort and make sacrifice to do so..... they are not perfect, but rather few human beings are. But hey...... if you -enjoy- the shrieking reich-wing hate-spew, there's no reason to ever listen to anything else. Nowadays you can totally live in a fantasy world of your own choosing. Until the next Republican-induced crash, that is............ -DSK
  4. Steam Flyer

    Sessions is toast - what next?

    Did Holder express the desire to prevent any investigation of possible misdeeds by Obama, or to help cover up any crimes? That is what Trump specifically wants, an AG that will place him above the law. -DSK
  5. Steam Flyer

    Jim Acosta...out

    Of course, the fact that Fox News just makes shit up has nothing to do with that........ -DSK
  6. Steam Flyer


    Why not? They'll do it any way. I was actually thinking about combining two great things in one: the Bullet Point Bible. It's quick, it's scientific, it's the Word of God! Now you can cling to both at once! My Catholic granny would LOL -DSK
  7. Steam Flyer


    who Trying for an intellectual image is unbecoming to you.  Well, he thinks bullet points are science. -DSK
  8. Steam Flyer


    To you, fear is everything, isn't it? -DSK
  9. Steam Flyer

    Sessions is toast - what next?

    So they could cruise the bars together, grabbing women by the pussy? -DSK
  10. Steam Flyer


    You gotta label everybody as one or the other? Such a simple world you live in -DSK
  11. Steam Flyer

    As The Nation Honors Veterans Day, Trump Doesn't

    No need. You already understand that, if Fox News is also reporting it the way they have, there is no way to justify his actions. Trump discontinued a ritual of respect that has been going for over sixty years. The conservatives with even a shred of self-respect left are simply avoiding the issue so they don't have to take a position. The ones without any integrity are still jumping in to defend him. Which is saying something cos even Fox has decided that they have some standards on the matter. It's not that big a deal President Trump has already shown such a lack of respect that his actions (or lack of same) yesterday are tiddlywinks. Fox only mentions it because it gives them a chance to say something bad about Hillary and Obama. -DSK
  12. Steam Flyer

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    Didn't you get the memo? A "tyrannical gov't" is one where a non-Republican black person or a woman is elected President. I dunno if having Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker is fully tyrannical, but it's getting close. -DSK
  13. Steam Flyer


    Can you put that in bullet points? It would look so much smarter -DSK
  14. Steam Flyer

    Migrant Caravan

    Fix what, exactly? Like you say, there are laws and by and large, they are followed. no “caravan” in Mexico changes that. Common sense is very rare. Trying to talk sense with the righties who insist that they and only they have some kind of answer about "border security" is like talking to a man with DTs. You can't convince him that he really doesn't have a problem with spiders crawling on him, LOOK! dammit he can see them and feel them!! The problem is that our politics have been hijacked by hysteria. And the rightie media feeding this hysteria is always coming up with more -DSK
  15. Steam Flyer

    Sessions is toast - what next?

    Thank you for answering the question -DSK