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  1. Steam Flyer

    Bidens Laptop

    He should have hidden it better from the lizard people. You know how sneaky they are - DSK
  2. Well? You complain about efforts to stop vote suppression, but you apparently think vote suppression is fine. You complain about Democrat/liberal efforts on the Supreme Court, but you think McConnells fucking over the appointment process is fine. You say you don't like Nazis but you hate AntiFa more. Etc etc etc How do I have panties twisted? I'm simply refuting that the SC made the wrong call. They absolutely made the correct call, as did the Appeals court before them. See? I'm not the only one that's noticed. I'm only trying to help, this is meant to be constructive criticism. - DSK
  3. Steam Flyer

    Hypothermia is a helluva closing argument

    Note to Mom- Come home now, your dinners getting cold Ha Ha! I lied, you aren't getting dinner. And YOU'RE the one that's getting cold! Just trying to teach you a lesson! - DSK
  4. Steam Flyer

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    She could be you but she's definitely not me - DSK
  5. Steam Flyer

    Hypothermia is a helluva closing argument

    New Braska? Maybe we can send Omaha back to the shit hole country it came from Kenya? Nambia? - DSK
  6. Steam Flyer

    GOP Senators Vote to Pack the Courts

    Amazing how "facts" are now a "gotcha game" Are you a sucker, or a loser? - DSK
  7. Steam Flyer

    Hypothermia is a helluva closing argument

    Food Cart operators can do better than that bunch. My neighbor's kitten can plan ahead better than the Trump Administration Although when I caught it jumping from the 2nd story porch, it blamed dogs - DSK
  8. Steam Flyer

    The Kushner tapes

    I'd be ok with that. The strangest country I've ever read about. I have Navy buddies who LOVED the P.I. Of course it's changed very considerably since those days. The typhoons are a bitch, but we have hurricanes here and they give warning. Pick the right place and make arrangements for stocking up, I bet El Boracho has a system worked out. PI has a dictator now but they don't pretend differently and from what I read in the news, he seems to keep the trains running on time. Unlike the Orange Fuckhead F├╝hrer the USA is likely to get stuck with. - DSK
  9. Steam Flyer

    Hypothermia is a helluva closing argument

    So a few people died of hypothermia. Fuck them, they were weaklings anyway! - DSK
  10. Steam Flyer

    Hypothermia is a helluva closing argument

    Of course. People shouldn't expect a free ride. Goddam takers! - DSK
  11. Steam Flyer

    Bidens Laptop

    Murdoch's whole media operation has traded on lies, slander, insulting fiction, intended to peddle outrage to right-wingers. I don't think they set out to deliberately foment hatred and violence but that has been the easily predictable result. The laptop? Another piece of fiction, apparently. An expansion of the same story they were trying to peddle last year. - DSK
  12. Because in many states, if it's IN THE MAIL ie postmarked Nov 3 or before, it is valid and should be counted. That depends on the states. Election rules vary from states to state. Yes, they ALL do. Gee, go figure. And it's not "the left" fucking with the date, unless you consider President Trump screeching that ballot counting must stop at X hour on Election Day, "the left." - DSK
  13. Steam Flyer

    Just Jared

    I think it's time for him to be introduced to his new cell mate. Hopefully named either Stone or Flynn - DSK
  14. I wasn't alluding to mail in ballots specifically, but that there's this bunch of dirty fkg right-wing kuntz who are trying everything they can to steal this circus out from under the nose of their political opponents. it's driven partly by some wack sociopath mutherfucker who wears a wig and makeup and who is trying to stay in office so he doesn't face prosecution for being a pos. heartless corporate lap dogs and whores WHO LITERALLY NEED TO CHEAT, and do, to politically survive because their interests aren't those of the world and planet. if were up to me, those assholes would be buried, simply for the greater good. I'm only attempting to cast their roach asses in the light for the sake of the careful scrutinization that's needed here. two 'sides', one side is fkg shit. you know all this, but it seems to run off your shortsighted ass. Burning Karen thinks that Trumpublican rat-fuckery is OK, it's just part of the game. But he does NOT support Trump, dammit! You goddam faggot libby-rulls better not try enforcing actual fair laws, that's fucking CHEATING!! It's SO-O unfair!! - DSK
  15. Steam Flyer

    Bidens Laptop

    Disappear them? Like in China? I believe you. I don't think anybody should be "disappeared" but OTOH there is a big difference between freedom of speech and inciting treason & riots. People who shout "FIRE!!" in a crowded theater should face serious consequences. - DSK