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  1. McMaster Out

    I don't get it. Who's ass did this squeak out of? There must be a million people with more and better and MORE RECENT foreign policy experience. Finding one that is willing to work for President Trump probably thins the herd a bit....... He's a Repugnican whore.... attention whore too. No principles whatever except that he hates all them dang furriners. -DSK
  2. Craigslist Finds

    That's a Skylark! Pretty cool boat, actually. It's a sort of pseudo-catamaran with scow-like features and a huge cat rig. One of the few boats of that type which moves well in light air, they sail pretty well all-around as I recall. FB- Doug
  3. Just Another High School Shooting

    Really? I bet you'd be a lot quicker to take up arms against "enemies of the Constitution" if the usual Repugnican talking heads started blathering about doing it to DemocRats, than if a sitting Republican President ditched about half the Constitution and spoke openly of suspending elections. Just another brand of hype-partisan ratfuck, made more appealing to the juvenile mind by playing with fancy toys that go BANG. -DSK
  4. Next up - Mueller?

    How did I know your response would be content free. Your response is content-free. Meanwhile you apparently have no answer to my post (#182) stating the case about Mueller, Sessions, guilty pleas, and the near-certainty on Russian collusion -DSK
  5. Next up - Mueller?

    One cannot "bow out" of having lied to Congress. And he said "There aren't ANY" speaking of contacts with the Russians. Pretty clear. And while you would expect an incoming team of diplomats to begin speaking with their corresponding diplomats in other countries, you would NOT expect military/intel/security types to be. Or political consultants. And one would not expect (nor accept IMHO) attempting to set up secret (from other branches of the US gov't) channels to continue such communications. In short, I don't think there was a lot of collusion nor that it accomplished much. However it is quite clear that the Russians worked hard and spent a LOT of money to get President Trump elected. It is also quite clear that Trump's team attempted to work at colluding with them, being incompetent is not the same as 'not guilty.' -DSK
  6. Next up - Mueller?

    I thought you said there wasn't any? And if they were being questioned about their dealings with Russia, and lied about it (as I stated earlier), then that would suggest to the reasonable mind that they were guilty of some misdeed in this area. Perhaps trying to arrange some kind of collusion? And since they've both said that Sessions was actively working with them, does that mean he's guilty too..... certainly he was very indignant about being suspected and insisted many times in many different wordings that there was no such dealing...... but maybe since he's only guilty of lying to Congress and not the FBI, the "R" Congress is not having any. -DSK
  7. Relative Sailboat Builders Quality

    40 years is an unrealistic working life for any boat . A 40 year old boat will require very very much work to bring back to specification plastic boats....particularly cored boats , age rapidly when exposed to freezing temp you should look at boats no older than 20 years...and hire a good surveyor in places like Maine it is common to store boats inside, undercover , for the winter months. this will extend the working life . Good place to look By the time a boat is 40 years old, the care and upgrades are a much bigger factor than original build quality. I also disagree slightly about core.... if no water has been leaking into the core, it should be fine for however long fiberglass lasts. Fiberglass has a structural lifespan that may be almost infinite, with the limits of stress which other materials are also subject too. If it's not beat too hard, in other words, it should last a really really long time. How well it is is built originally -does- affect how much beating it can take without degrading from stress, so you've got something there. I happen to like Ericsons too, as being "above average" in attention to detail; but a lot of builders have gone thru good years and bad years. Morgan did a pretty good job, the older Soverels, Jeanneau, Gulfstar (as long as you're not looking for a fast boat), and C&C. All will have their quirks and all will be limited by materials available at the time.... rig hardware and electrical materials are HUGELY better now than back then. FB- Doug
  8. Next up - Mueller?

    Mueller knew what was not true so there's a good chance he knows what is true. ??? They lied about going to the store for popcorn & beer? -DSK
  9. Craigslist - Not mocking

    You're buying the trailer and the paint job. You can get SC-27s for free many places, there are two at my sailing club. FB- Doug
  10. irresponsible gun owners?

    I haven't said anything about a "preferred method" other than starting by enforcing existing gun laws. You may not "believe in" collective punishment for the misbehavior of the few, but it happens all the time. Ever heard the old joke about a traveling ministers asks a country bumkin if he believes in infant baptism? "B'leeve in it, hell, I seen it done!" -DSK
  11. irresponsible gun owners?

    If a .22 is in fact a deadly weapon, then quibbling about whether it's a "weapon of war" or an "assault rifle" (stupid term IMHO) is kind of pointless jerking around. You've got some kind of "BAN MY 22" brain tapeworm, Tom. Sorry I can't help you with that. First, you have to realize the problem and want to solve it. In this case, two problems. -DSK
  12. irresponsible gun owners?

    I never did understand why you think .22s are harmless, but for the record I am not in favor of "banning" anything. I am in favor of making it more difficult for crazy and/or murderous people to get gunz. I am in favor of people who own firearms to take responsibility for their safe and proper use. Are you in favor of making it easier, or less responsibility? -DSK
  13. Next up - Mueller?

    No? Hmm, seems to me that every last one of the people who pled guilty have something do with lying about their dealings with Russians....... Is this just spin or is it outright lying? I thought there was NO EVIDENCE of Russian collusion anyway.... are you now saying that yes there's evidence but none of them are actually guilty of it? As explained earlier, the reason why people cop a plea is that they are very likely to be convicted of worse crimes than wha t they plead guilty to. Either way, good thing for you it's perfectly legal to not tell the truth on the Internet............ -DSK
  14. Trump Junior’s wife files for divorce

    Ya never know. I wondered if Bill lost all that weight because Hillary kicked him in the nuts so hard, so often, that he just stopped eating..... tummy always feels full..... -DSK