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  1. Actually I kind of like this one These kids nowadays don't know how easy they've got it, back in the day we had to slog thru mud all the time. -DSK
  2. You mean, like this? -DSK
  3. Hah! I already saw a photo of that statue, I think it's in the Kama Sutra Good one though -DSK
  4. Not sure what it is, but that pic has the look of an old Polaroid. Those cars would be worth a hell of a lot more than that boat, today FB- Doug
  5. That's a great name but I bet they don't ship it this far. Anyway I just popped a Fat Tire in your honor I've never cared for IPAs either but try to keep a few on hand for friends. What beer goes good with ice cream? FB- Doug
  6. I said "I think" not "I know." I may be a smart ass but generally try to be more smart and less ass. Can you point to some statement I've made in favor of gun-grabbing, or are just being spiteful? -DSK
  7. Excellent. Thanks, Brass FB- Doug
  8. Kids generally do respond better to sailing with other kids; OTOH this may be a different kind of case. I can certainly see going sailing as a sort of quality time. The problem is 1- she is likely to be bored and 2- she is likely on the threshold of that age where being in the presence of a parent ins unspeakably uncool. Go to a sailing class together? Cure for boredom, takes away the aspect of "dad in charge" making it uncool. Join a club that's got a good youth program and welcomes parents as volunteers? Unfortunately there is not one of those on every corner, but it's worth looking at. I see buying a boat as not the best option right now. FB- Doug
  9. [shrug] OK then. The red line, right next to the topping lift, pulls up the gate to the lions pen. And get me another beer, wudja? FB- Doug
  10. Another way to look at it: they're already being punished. If we show mercy, some may turn out OK. And we can always run them off later. To R_33, ignore the boring jibber jabber on the side. Unless you're actually a spy for those Wooden Boat Forum guys. FB- Doug
  11. And no talk about WHAT KIND OF BOAT ??? FB- Doug
  12. Huh? "Rosenberg" is a fine old Irish name........... -DSK
  13. That's a good one. The NC at museum brought a Rodin exhibit years ago; there were a bunch of works there that were magnificent. -DSK
  14. I thought making fun of Brent -WAS- the topic?? FB- Doug
  15. Who? Has some meanie been stomping on tender little feelings over in WBF? Hmm, I thought having a wooden boat would one tough... FB- Doug