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  1. The main issue is the mast step. You can see the long channel in the fwd bulkhead that the mast rides in.... when the centerboard is up, such as on the trailer, the C'board blocks this channel so you have to lever the mast vertical and drop it down into the step. Not as much of a PITA as a Lightning, for example, and you can put a hinged step at the deck with a support, so there's a work-around. Or you can buy a newer one ... they ain't expensive FB- Doug
  2. Correct. The brown shoes get really PO'd when you remind them that they are at sea, not at some air base far inland. Last time I was on a carrier (couple decades ago now, I should say) they had recently added a McDonald's drive-thru to try and help keep up the illusion. All kidding aside (it's true about the McDonalds) it's impossible to imagine putting a jet down on a pitching rolling deck. FB- Doug
  3. Methinks it's a Flying Scot? Pre 1979 Buccaneer Nice boat, looks really well kept up and updated a bit too. I like the double purchase jib sheets, might try that with mine. FB- Doug
  4. Yep. Ho and Giap were murderous, but I dunno if they were psychopaths. Moderate sociopaths? They succeeded very well in a complex and difficult environment; truly crazy people usually can't keep their shit together. Maybe they were not so much "crazy" as simply totally indifferent to the moral code that the rest of us follow. Personally, I disagree mildly with your ratio but not with the premise... it's primarily about the US involvement which entailed a lot of buffoonery, and there is a lot more material available. I was surprised at how many pics and films they had of Uncle Ho, he was pretty secretive for most of his life; and whenever he was on camera they usually did not have flattering stuff to say. -DSK
  5. +1 well said I've liked sailing a few multis, but not all. Last few decades I have tried to cultivate the attitude that there is something to like about sailing every boat. But some of them you have to work at it. Others make it clear! FB- Doug
  6. Well, it ain't all good.... apparently the gov't of Viet Nam is is pissed off because they portray Uncle Ho and his pals in a less favorable light than they should. They did talk about about how Giap was completely indifferent to casualties, how the Viet Minh fought ruthlessly against other nationalist/liberationist groups, and how "Uncle Ho" carefully crafted his image and tried to play up racist feelings against round-eyes. They didn't devote a lot of time to it though. However I didn't see much positive about NV / Viet Minh except where they helped us in WW2. No it's just resting -DSK
  7. I think this form very handy. Covers a multitude.... wait, maybe it's a plenitude... whatever... of sins
  8. Wait, what? Bannon is selling baby parts now? I'm not the least surprised. Probably has a range of options on spicing and sauce -DSK
  9. The only appropriate reply to this: Nyahh, nyahh, monohulls are WINNING! Suck it you multi sailors!!! bwa ha ha ha FB- Doug
  10. Yep. And the pipe coupling on the "rudder post" is a sure winner, too. I wonder if he used real galvanized pipe and considered himself superior for not using PEX Makes you wonder what happened to the two that weren't this good. If I had chartered a boat in the Keys and showed up to find something like this, hilarity would have ensued. Have these people never seen an actual real-live boat? -DSK
  11. Well, they are good for shouting slogans about how terrible Obama is.... oh wait, he's gone.... and that's pretty much the limit of their ability. What did you expect? My grandfather used to say "Couldn't pour piss out of his own shoes" which I guess was a double insult, you have to be pretty dumb to fill up your shoes with piss in the first place. -DSK
  12. Well, our aircraft carriers haven't set themselves on fire lately, which seems to be about all the Russians accomplished with theirs -DSK
  13. State militias were a thorn in the side of the US military since the Revolution. Pretty much the only saving grace was the men tended to not want to blubber in fear and run away in front of their home-town buddies. They also chose officers who would let them goof off, and did not take training seriously. This is one reason why Grant and Sherman rose to prominence so quickly, they could motivate men to take training seriously and produced units that would actually fight. Familiar with the Battle (hah!) of Bladensburg? This is where the British defeated the Americans defending Washington DC leading to it's burning. Composed largely of militia commanded by the governor's nephew, this affray is commonly called the Bladensburg Races, guess why. Agree about the Southerners in the Mexican War... ironically one of the high cards we had against Mexico was mobile artillery, which the South entirely lacked. -DSK
  14. ??? Nobody is trying to HIDE anything. The question is, will you and Ches_Guy and Dog and your elk all demand that other people bow down to statues YOU want to honor, but your fellow citizens see as oppressors and traitors and war criminals? -DSK
  15. I bet that fucker could really do some donuts on a gravel parking lot FB- Doug