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    Hey Racists, Suck On This

    Why would you say that? You didn't learn any, did you? Useful skills, I mean.......... -DSK
  2. I have a very strong disgust for segregationists of either party. However when the NC legislature was controlled by the Democratic Party in recent times (post Nixon, let's say), they actually were rather progressive on civil rights. The current Republican super-majority is enacting all sorts of segregationist policies as well as chopping public education at every opportunity. Whose heart am I supposed to be judging here? Good. I was worried that I would sound like wunna them-there elitist snobs. Of course, anybody that is so-o smart they realize that the Republican agenda is really going to be good for them is either a multi-millionaire or very highly resistant to facts & logic already. It's kind of a surprise that some sailors are this fucked up in the head, but it's a great big world with room for many types of people. -DSK
  3. Steam Flyer

    Hey Racists, Suck On This We've had this discussion and like so many other topics, you just don't accept reality. Where is the liberal version of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity? Where is the mass liberal network like Fox, which blatantly falsifies it's "news" to support liberal politicias? There aren't any. "Yabbut 7% blah blah" is just lame because you think facts are actually biased you and your pals -DSK
  4. Steam Flyer

    Hey Racists, Suck On This

    Hard to say. The far right totally dominates the media nowadays, to the point where we hear more about pizza parlor pedophiles than about what Democratic Party office holders (the few remaining) have to say and what they're doing. I hear a little about our Democrat governor in this state, when he does something like wears coveralls and goes to help shovel hurricane debris. But what we -hear- about him on the news is that like all Democrats, he's a loony socialist tree-hugger faggot, and very little of even that because TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP!!!!!!! Seems to be a likeable guy (Gov. Roy Moore not President Trump) so I'm voting for him again. We'll see. -DSK
  5. I think sailing one of those around with an outboard on the back should be punished by flogging FB- Doug
  6. Steam Flyer

    Hey Racists, Suck On This

    Don't hold your breath I expect something like "if you like your gun, you can keep your gun" except none of them are clever enough to think of it -DSK
  7. The Hadron was designed by a guy whose boats have won a lot in the semi-open Brit classes like Merlin-Rocket and Cherub, so it has a good pedigree if nothing else. I've never seen on in person but love the pics. It's like a homebuilders VX EVO. One of the things I like about the Ranger 20 is the multifunction spaces. It's a comfy boat to sail, and handles well, and while it isn't a speedster it will at least not be embarrassingly slow like a bunch of other mini-cruisers. I've only daysailed one a couple of times on a lake, but we cruised in company with one back when we had a trailerable mini-cruiser. And it's cool looking (matter of personal taste) The Bluenose 24 is a sculpture. It's beautiful. It's fun but wet to sail and it's a much smaller boat than the 24' length suggests. And did I mention that they're beautiful? FB- Doug
  8. A'course not. I reckon you already figgert out who's the smart ones 'round here...... the Team R! cheerleaders clearly are the intellectual giants in the room! Pizza parlor pedophiles! BENGHAZI !!!!!!! Politics is the fine art of getting along with others. To have good neighbors, you must first BE a good neighbor. The current mob of Republicans not only disbelief this, they vigorously and aggressively insist that FUCK THE GODDAM NEIGHBORS!!!! will result in a neighborhood they want to live in. That's not politics. -DSK
  9. Steam Flyer

    Hey Racists, Suck On This

    Here's the problem...... political discourse in the USA is not about politics. It's about who's a loser. You are, no -you- are, your momma, etc etc. From what I see, the majority of Americans of both parties have ow gotten sucked into hating each other to the point where it doesn't matter what policies their chosen leaders intend to follow. I heard a College Republican this morning on the radio explaining why she supported President Trump even though she is very worried about the environment and about public health issues (she described herself as a pre-med student). None of Trump's policies induce her to vote for "the other" because she just plain hates them. "I just could never bring myself to vote for the other party." No way José. The whole purpose of democracy is to give the citizens a chance to choose what direction their gov't is leading them. Give up that choice, democracy goes away. I hate to be a cynic but I really am beginning to think that America is all done. -DSK
  10. Steam Flyer

    Frankenstein Speedball 14

    One way to get a rough idea would be to see what a similar kit from Sail-Rite will cost. BTW they sell completed sails too. But some of the cut-rate lofts will make you sails slightly cheaper than you can get a Sail-Rite kit. A local sailmaker will probably charge a bit more but you have the option of getting something closer to what you want, if you have some ideas of your own. I've been sailing a long time and used standard pattern sails from the winners' sailmaker loft in one-design racing for years, and have acquired some ideas along the way. A heavier, denser-weave cloth for example, to give the sails greater longevity. I've used these guys and gotten very good results at a price competitive with the Sail-Rite quote; which no local saimaker could touch. Yes I like to support local business and generally do so, but in this case the difference would have been a worse product at notably higher cost, so I only feel a little guilty FB- Doug
  11. The Hartelys are cool little boats..... look a little boxy but they sail well (if built as designed) and have enough room to be practical. I've seen a few even here in the hinterlands. My pic of the Craigslist boats presented here would be either the Hadron..... pretty boat and seems like it would be a lot of fun, at about 1/5 the cost of building one myself.......... or the Ranger 20 which is a neat little camper-cruiser. They sail pretty well too. Not gonna drag it up a beach, or row it around though. FB- Doug
  12. Steam Flyer

    Letting go of tiller, cookies ensue.

    Important as it will help you to manage headstay tension/sag but not as important as on fractionned rig as it won't help you to shape the mainsail. Agree It's pretty important, right after the sheets, in terms of adjusting the sail shape. The backstay does do more on a frac rig, but it can still open the leach on the main with a masthead, and provide some flattening curve to the mast depending on the stay/shroud configuration. IIRC the Merit 22 has single (pair) in-line spreaders FB- Doug
  13. How dare they! Those people showing up and wanting to actually vote!! Next, they'll want their votes to count or something Bloody peasants.............. -DSK
  14. Really? My state has a Republican super-majority in the legislature and highly partisanized Republican state bureaucracy...... and I'm being "sold out" by Democrats in office? Do tell. -DSK
  15. Steam Flyer

    So who's running things anyway?

    Great stuff. Keep posting, please. Yes, this is really fascinating. Evolving towards a hive-mind.......... or it could just be something in the water, like maybe lead -DSK
  16. Uh huh And is there any other gov't agency that works at protecting the border? Maybe more than one? Think! I know it's difficult, but you'll be surprised how your life could change for the better if you actually think Actually, they don't Democrats are not minions. That's part of what is totally fucked about the Republican Party. You're a minion, a peon (pronounced "pee-on" guess why). You believe what Republican propagandists tell you to believe. You only have the future they will let you have. I am a US citizen and I bow to no man. Nor will I. -DSK
  17. Steam Flyer

    This Could Get Big And Nasty For Donald Trump

    I'm a bit sceptical that the Saudi King has any lucid moments these days, but it's of little matter. He's not going to straighten this situation out. You're right that the Saudi gov't is an absolute autocracy. -BUT- they have strong cultural traditions of respect for the individual, and of smart leaders seeking concensus especially on important decisions. If you look into Arab history, you can find a lot of leaders who built their way up to being impressively powerful and then lost it all in a few ill-judged moments due to being rude or inconsiderate of underlings. Balance that against the fact that if the King or Crown Prince (or any one of a number of powerful princes) can say "cut that guy's head off" and whacko-smacko there's another carpet ruined. It's easily possible that a coalition of other princes..... half-brothers, cousins, etc etc...... are quietly deciding that MbS is being an asshole and needs to have skids put under him. He can have all the gov't strings in his own hands personally, but one morning they could all just stop listening to him. It's very risky to be the first one, though. -DSK
  18. No, how about paying attention. He said Democrats want to eliminate border security, then equated that with a few Democrat candidates calling for getting rid of ICE. In other words, you're helping make my point. Thanks -DSK
  19. What is the democrat proposal to replace ICE then? I see enough of their candidates in favor of it's elimination. As soon as that is challenged they waffle down to "in it's present form". OK, what is the proposed replacement? Hey stupid, ICE is not in charge of border security. They're the special Federal cops that roam up to a 100 miles from the border, collaring people who look like they might be in the country illegally. A real conservative would be outraged by this, not going nyaa-nyaa-nyaa about Democrats wanting to change it -DSK
  20. Steam Flyer

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    They look more like inspection ports to me. So he can keep track of how fast it's rotting. Correct. You can judge the progress of the rot by when they fall off FB- Doug
  21. Money -is- his principle. You'd think he'd be better at making it, and maybe hanging onto some amount of it, but that would presume some degree of intelligence and ability. He's a pinhead and a fuckup........ one with absolutely no moral scruples at all if he stands to profit. Perfect front man for today's Republican Party. -DSK
  22. Steam Flyer

    Just a little FP...

    Hey, you know sailing those g@&&m Twelves was a lot of hard f*%%n work! FB- Doug
  23. Steam Flyer

    F22-$150 Mil Edsel??

    Chinese chips in their avionics -DSK
  24. Steam Flyer

    This Could Get Big And Nasty For Donald Trump

    There may be a situation going in inside the palace. King Salman may not have known, he's mostly turned affairs over to Crown Prince most accounts. The old royals weren't this fucking stupid. They were nasty fucks but anything but morons. These clowns offed the guy at their own consulate while his wife was waiting outside for them to come out! Moe, Larry, and Curly could have done a better job. Recent reports indicate that this group were organized by the prince. The reports of "rogue element" are not specific of which Salman said it. The Prince (Machiavelli pun)? It's a very stupid lie. Well...he is apparently a very stupid guy so..that's plausible. The King? Another matter, and also plausible. From the old man's perspective it may well be that he views his own son as having gone rogue. I would. The kid seems to have gathered a group of thugs and deployed them without asking for council. I don't think it likely the old man was dumb enough to have gone along with this, no way. Khashoggi flat wasn't worth a shitstorm. Not even close. The Prince is only 33. Let's see if the old man makes him A Prince again, IF he still can. Things could be very dicey in there. The penalty for murder is death by beheading. The traditional way that an Arab high chief would rule is by consensus. Looks to me like Crown Prince MbS is not a consensus kinda guy. So there's two reasons why President Trump would go along with him. Trump admires people who deliberately fuck over others, can't get much more autocratic and malevolent than to have your personal enemies dismembered. The problem is that it's gone public, not that it happened. It's not an issue of rights, in Trump's view, it's a problem of publicity. Hard to say what's going on, on the inside of Saudi Arabia. At this point, the Royal Family is ubiquitous and holds almost all ruling posts. I'd be that either the majority of them, or the key ones, agree with MbS going the way he has. They've had a lot of problems and are facing a very uncertain future in the post-oil world. A brutal power grab is one of the things they all understand, and can agree with. -DSK