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    Michael Cohen sentenced to three years in prison

    You lie Well, duh -DSK
  2. Steam Flyer

    Michael Cohen sentenced to three years in prison

    Sadly it's not bullshit. Hillary associates who lied to investigators and got immunity. Trump associates who lied to investigators and got jail. That's what you should find irritating. Amazing the way you just fucking lie, lie, lie, about everything. Then you get all smarmy and self-righteous and Jeff Sessions-y about it. Exactly what "Hillary associates" lied to investigators and then got immunity? I strongly suspect they bargained for immunity first, then told the truth. Of course, professionalism and non-partisanism look like libby-rull "Deep State" conspiracy if what you really want is a totalitarian fascist state led by your butt-buddies, and you firmly believe that all dialectic must serve that cause. Of course, you could be right, and it's just that Hillary and her associates are MUCH much better negotiators, and got a much better deal, than Donnie Two-Scoop's crew of merry misfits. If you actually thought about it, one might think so, yes. But when one reacts automatically with a pro-Trumpism, no matter how absurdly false, this isn't even on the table -DSK
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    Does this happen often in your neighborhood?

    LB - we don't have a "gun problem" - we have a violence problem. I'll admit that the ready availability of firearms is an exacerbating factor, but, the problem at its root is people who've decided that their feelings are more important than someone else's life. FIFY I think you two are basically saying almost the same thing, just approaching it from different directions -DSK
  4. Steam Flyer

    Sullivan & Klein on religion and politics

    Disagree. Crop science is a far better method of raising food than praying for rain. Microbiology is a much much better basis for brewing beer than "grandpa did it like this." The huge amount of experience and math and advanced materials going into designing and building sailboats results in far far better boats than spitting on your hands and charging into some trees with an axe. The "belief" part comes in when you gotta have faith that the other people working in fields based on science actually know their science. The results are kind of a tell-tale though. I thought the only reason for arguing on any basis was entertainment. If I want to change somebody's mind, or at least make them think, that's "persuasion." -DSK
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    I'm going to take issue with this - and suggest that you must be very much outta touch to suggest this. The real problem is that the public schools have been tasked with much more than "curriculum delivery" and haven't been staffed and funded for the additional responsibilities that have been foisted upon them. A contributing factor is that public schools, in their de-facto role as provider of many social services, have to expend time/resources taking care of basic needs for a portion of their student body that in the case of private school students, are being met at home. (emphasis mine) + + + and more + BDB doesn't seem to know much about public schools, I'd suggest that he take his own advice and look at how public schools spend money. The local high school, at which I volunteer with the Jr ROTC program, has a whole building devoted to special needs kids. That's gotta be costly, and if there is any charter school or private school that bears the same burden, I've never heard of it. Public schools aren't just educating kids, they're housing, feeding, clothing, and socializing them too..... and most parent proclaim how they DON'T want their kids "indoctrinated" in school, far too many (perhaps most) don't seem to be willing to take any time or make any effort to do it themselves. I don't agree with making our schools perform all these tasks; but that's where we are and if we don't start with the facts then we will never be able to forge any improvement -DSK
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    Richard Painter says Trump needs to resign

    Kinda feel he's gone into the shitter in the past 2 months. Hell- he didn't even comment on Cohen's sentencing- not during a executive order signing or twitter. While I do NOT follow him on twitter, it looks like his tweets per day rate is down. I only know about his tweets from the news and seeing them here. But it does seem like he's been on a downward trend, his public performances are fewer and loonier (although his inauguration speech really set the bar for public bizarro ranting). -DSK
  7. Steam Flyer

    Richard Painter says Trump needs to resign

    And it's been that way for about a year and a half. -DSK
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    No, that is called "paying for the benefit of living in a society with a population that can support a socio-economic system and a level of technology above that of a village of prehistoric goat herders." You can always move, there are plenty of villages full of illiterate unwashed cavemen. OTOH if you want indoor plumbing, you need to call a plumber once in a while -DSK
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    They have nothing else to eat in Iceland, poor souls I've found "savory" in USA foodie-speak to mean "tastes like dirt with a little salt" but I'm not sure about that spelling. Marmite? Is that a sauce made out of marmots.... kind of like squirrels in a blender? -DSK
  10. Steam Flyer

    Richard Painter says Trump needs to resign

    But won't happen, Trump is incapable of admitting defeat and certainly not on something this important to his self-image. The only way he leaves is if his 'health' makes it impossible for him to carry on. Bone spurs won't do it this time but he needs something to blame. Agree He'll just say he's tired of winning. But the real key here is whether the Republican Senate turns on him. As long as Senator McConnell is propping him up, he truly -IS- bulletproof..... just not novichuk-proof. Once McConnell tells him that he's become a liability and his credit line is closed, he's out. Although he might just be egotistical/unhinged enough to try and find some generals to proclaim him "President For Eternity" but after what happened to Flynn and Kelley that might be a very small field. He might resign and then announce he's running in 2020. He's got a lot of made-in-China GO TRUMP! merch to unload to the MAGA-ettes -DSK
  11. Steam Flyer

    Show your boat not sailing

    Looks like a mini-Express 37. Like!! FB- Doug
  12. Steam Flyer

    Life aboard a sub-20' Sailboat

    I dunno if there's really a hard cut-off point, but you're certainly correct that the cost of keeping a boat does not go up/down in a linear proportion to size. A lot would depend on where you keep it. Are marina slips sized to 30 ft LOA and no smaller (this, or even 35 ft, is becoming common here on the East Coats)? Then yeah, you're not saving a penny on slip rent by going smaller. Complexity also plays a part. Boats with fancy rigs and lots of systems definitely cost more in both maintenance time and money...... they are also a lot more comfortable. I can't imagine living in the south without air conditioning (although I did it myself for decades, that was far back in the past); and this time of year you'd certainly want heat. 2nd hand gear and sails are a mixed bag. Takes a lot of time to shop (although it's a good hobby), and most of the time when I'm looking, all I can find is thoroughly used-up stuff at ~75% (and up) the price of new. FB- Doug
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    It's called "being an authoritarian..... who can't do math" -DSK
  14. Steam Flyer

    New D hats being tossed in the ring

    After the Trump shitshow maybe they will settle for honest and competent? I've seen/heard more about how "Democrats want vengeance" being said by rightie news/talking heads than I have by actual Democrats. Count up the number of Democrats candidate this past fall who put impeaching President Trump on their campaign platform.... a few but but very far from all, I think around a quarter or less. -DSK
  15. Steam Flyer

    Pelosi makes clear, politics matters, America doesn't

    You're trying to make a rational decision out of an emotional decision. Both main parties have long been in bed with big corporations; working to put the best interests of the boardroom above the interest of everyday citizens. On -some- issues, the Democrats have at least tried to apply "greatest good for the greatest number" logic, which has earned them the utter scorn of Republicans. Pussies! The Republican Party is now a totally corporatist, authoritarian party. However, every day people who identify as Republicans -want- a strong authority figure in their lives. Emotionally, their picture of the universe is a Daddy Warbucks lording over them...... paying them starvation wage, fucking their wives, sending their sons to war, yeah well shit happens....... but a strong manly father figure they know will also punish those they hate. Even if they themselves suffer, that's just the price of order in the universe. It's "the way things ought to be," in their view. This also explains why they are convinced that Democrats -also- want some kind of authority figure to punish their enemies, that Democrats are monolithically united in a desire to punish Republicans. President Trump is an abject failure in almost everything but it does not matter to Republicans. That's why he has >80% approval among Republicans. It's not that they necessarily think he's doing a good job, it's that he's Republican!, he brags about how rich he is, he grabs women by the pussy, he punishes brown people, and most importantly: he is acting like a strong authority figure (even if he gets laughed at). For example, only a strong authority figure would scream at Democrats on TV. The fact that he's losing his shit and screaming gibberish and acting like a toddler is not important. He's screaming at those bad Democrats! Look at them cringe! He's the Big Daddy! -DSK
  16. Steam Flyer

    Migrant Caravan

    Focus on the positives and say nice things. Dog is more honest and has more integrity than the President of the United States. In 20 years or so, that statement will sound like an endorsement...for those willing to conceal context. Speaking of outdated memes..... the saying should be something like "if it's DNA assay is consistent with ducks to the 0.00001%ile, then I call it a motherfuckin' duck" You're right about being honest while concealing context. But enough about little ol' me, let's get back to talkin' Dog -DSK
  17. Steam Flyer

    "Hell Yeah!"

    "Some members did" oh yeah, a lot (pardon the pun). Shucks I listed a half dozen off the top of my head without really trying to remember. Helms is an easy one for me because I happened to be present about a dozen times when he was giving speeches and I think once or twice he might not have ranted about how we have to keep the n&&&&&&s in their place etc etc but racism was always one of his platform planks. Then you said "the Republican party did not morph into the racist segregationist party" which is at least partially true; back when it was the party of businessmen who liked Ike, Jim Crow was a good way to keep wages down but they didn't make a lot of noise about. Sort of a gentlemen's agreement. They certainly welcomed the Southern racists when the big switch began -DSK
  18. Steam Flyer

    Coach boat cut up ceremony

    My dad learned the hard way that burning fiberglass boats is frowned upon. Of course he lit his just off the highway, full of trash...'cause that's just the kind of classy man he was. Fire Department used it as a training exercise and put it out half burned. I laughed my ass off when I got the phone call from him ranting and raving. I would pass on burning it, especially if you can't get a proper fire hot enough with enough ventilation. I was going to suggest some kind of ceremony involving rum.... but then you can't get the kids as involved..... burning fiberglass ditto, don't want the little darlings exposed to toxic fumes..... OTOH rum burns pretty hot, maybe both ideas together.... FB- Doug
  19. Steam Flyer

    "Hell Yeah!"

    I showed you a mirror And I have a lot of stuff I want to do today, in the real world; but that's not the same "fucking off" so...... no, sorry -DSK
  20. Steam Flyer

    "Hell Yeah!"

    "But now the unsubstantiated cries of guilt are coming from the other side and they are no less repugnant than "lock her up"... Dog Good! You told the truth for once Congratulations. -DSK
  21. Steam Flyer

    Kushner should resign

    The fairminded will recognize that there's a difference between fact and fact that is so obvious and so thoroughly corroborated that it can be proven in court. The fairminded will recognize that there's a difference between a prosecutor (which Mueller is authorized to proceed) and an investigator The non-partisan-shill will recognize that when there is a lot of evidence indicating innocence, a prosecutor's investigator will save his own time & effort by producing a much shorter report saying "we won't be able to nail this one, best drop it." -DSK
  22. he's still touring Really? I haven't seen any publicity..... haven't looked for it either, truth be told...... so now I have something to look forward to -DSK
  23. Steam Flyer

    Kushner should resign

    Mueller's report will a collection and cataloguing of facts indicative of guilt, headed by the ones that will be provable beyond shadow of doubt in court. If there are preponderance of facts indicating innocence, then the individual specified will not be a target of a Mueller indictment. Simple, nyet? -DSK
  24. Steam Flyer

    "Hell Yeah!"

    So, who were all the dixiecrats who stayed Democrat? I would consider any politician who made segregation a keystone of his policies as a dixiecrat regardless of whether they formally joined that doomed party. A lot of Democrats who switched (like Phil Gramm) were not really segregationists (although Phil blew the dog whistle several times in his campaigns). Jesse Helms was blatantly racist and used to scream about goddam niggers long long after it became uncool even among KKK'ers. Trying to deny pretty obvious and well known history is just going to make you look like a d-d-dumbass. You'd be far better to try lying about something else Now then, on to other unfinished business In Political Anarchy....GO So, where is this cite? Just another lie? You're trying for Bottomless Pinnoccio Award? -DSK
  25. Steam Flyer

    Drip Drip Drip

    This country is suffering a severe shortage of leadership, and a big part of the problem is what we culturally recognize as "leadership" -DSK