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  1. No other active boat but we did have a viper 640 at 99 and 2 J70s at 117 a few years ago
  2. For south texas there are 4 boat with 3 being actively sailed for the Melges 24. The PHRF is 90.
  3. No problem...that would be an expensive tack line 😉
  4. We have an email we use to track the line lengths for the boat. The spin sheets and spin halyard are not even that long.
  5. 92' wtf. Ours is 36' 5/16" (15' of tapper) from aps. When we replace it next time we are going to add 3-4 ft so we can attach the tail to the main traveler.
  6. If you want one design in Corpus Christi it is the J105 (3 active) or Melges 24 (4 active). Both of those boats are out of your requirements list. The M24 less so especially if you are considering a viper. Also if you are planning on racing PHRF the sweet spot is 85-121. Better to be in contact with the rest of the fleet. J22 or J24 would also not be a bad choice since there are active fleets in Texas.
  7. I have never sailed the M20 but it was my understanding the the rig tuning was a lot more technical than the M24. The M24 is not any more technical than a M20. In under 12 you can easily get away sailing 3 up in PHRF and it is still manageable up to 15 or 16 but the boat is better with 4-5 people. We do really well in Corpus phrf and we have more wind and chop than Galveston. Don't let anyone tell you some bullshit about gut busting hiking on the M24, in phrf you can get away with just leg out hiking with the crew against the life line especially if you sail above class weight (not hard to do with 5 people). I would just expand my crew list. If not I would look at the viper 640. It is useful to sail one design because there is a lot of tuning and boat handling knowledge already out there.
  8. I would look at look at the vx one, viper 640, or Melges 24. There will be some one design fleet starts for those boat around Texas. I'm personally biased to the Melges 24. There are 4 in Corpus Christi, 5 or 6 active in Dallas, a fleet in New Orleans, and should be 1 or 2 by you. Since you posted on the sports boat forum I will assume the Jboats are not what you are looking for but there are good J24 and j22 fleets in Texas.