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  1. jwhj30

    J92S sort

    Two in New Orleans LA #30 and #31
  2. jwhj30

    J/27 vs. Tartan Pride 270 vs. Impulse 26

    I race against some well sailed J27's and they are very hard to beat in PHRF, but when you look at the specs in the original post, I like the potential of the Tartan 270. More sail area, same displacement, more ballast, deeper keel. But, I have first hand evidence of the success of J27's.
  3. jwhj30

    Favourite Boat pic?

    J92S Pier Pressure #30 Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans LA
  4. jwhj30


    Can't speak for Jambalaya, but; the first four boats listed (M24/M20/SB3/J80), are fun, fast sailing boats with no real interior to speak of for storing people or stuff. The 105 has comparable space below decks and is just as elegant (sarcasm), the 92 has a higher SA/Disp ratio and will respond to proper sail trim faster. The 109 has a real interior, sails well but is heavy; again the SA/Disp ratio is less and the 92 will again reward proper sail trim accordingly. IMO, the 92 or 92s is a boat that has space below for people or things, and is responsive and fun to sail, ie ALL AROUND. Only my opinion, different boats for different applications, for my application the 92S fits the bill. s
  5. jwhj30


    I own a 92S in New Orleans LA. The head was a selling point for us, three years in, we have not let anyone use it yet. :-) Last year we were boat of the year in our Wed nite series, 5 - 5 race series consisting of 50+ boats. This year we are in a great position to repeat as boat of the year. We havn't been able to get the same results in true WL racing .........yet.