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  1. stayoutofthemiddle

    Chicago Area III

    Tee'd you up for that one buddy. Who's the sour Detroit expert? I thought I knew most of the SA regulars in person but don't know this class act...
  2. stayoutofthemiddle

    Chicago Area III

    I hear I should be at CCYC this Wed. Kinda sailed out after NAs so I wasn't going to come up.
  3. stayoutofthemiddle

    Thoughts on old molds and new boats

    T10 ---------------> LS10
  4. stayoutofthemiddle

    Chicago Area III

    I saw that... It sounds like he had a fuel leak / fumes in the engine room and perhaps wasn't running his blower. I run my blower every time the engine is running. Some people think it is just on startup but it should be on all the time to ventilate the engine room.
  5. stayoutofthemiddle

    Forum Hacked?!

    Disregard... Problems with my machine imaging.
  6. stayoutofthemiddle

    Forum Hacked?!

    Looks that way below...
  7. Good lord. Those are serious conditions! It's pretty impressive it's self righting. How is that done? Weighted deep v keel?
  8. stayoutofthemiddle

    Fazisi Front Page

    I had to fact check myself! Apparently they did make a carrier variant. From Wikipedia... F-15N Sea Eagle The F-15N was a carrier-capable variant proposed in the early 1970s to the U.S. Navy as an alternative to the heavier and, at the time, considered as "riskier" technology program, the Grumman F-14 Tomcat. It did not have a long range radar or the long range missiles used by the F-14. The F-15N-PHX was another proposed naval version capable of carrying the AIM-54 Phoenix missile, but with an enhanced version of the AN/APG-63 radar on the F-15A. These featured folding wingtips, reinforced landing gear and a stronger tailhook for shipboard operation
  9. stayoutofthemiddle

    Fazisi Front Page

    F15's aren't carrier aircraft.... F14 & 18s are.
  10. I was reading a bit about your car/boat on your site. What is the underlying construction? Is it a hull or pontoon? From the photos it looks like you've had it out in big swells. Are you ever concerned about rolling it over with the enclosed cockpit? Especially with the recent Duck Boat accident...
  11. stayoutofthemiddle

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Nothing is real on this thread anymore! The Rimas story dried up months ago but the self amusing lives on!
  12. stayoutofthemiddle

    Sailors Powerboat

    I looked at those before I picked up my Tiara. Reverse transom wastes a lot of room. That's what killed it for me...
  13. stayoutofthemiddle

    Sailors Powerboat

    Mine’s a Tiara. I get zero insults from the race crew when we sit on her after a regatta and cocktail.
  14. stayoutofthemiddle

    Chicago Mac Race - Jon Santarelli

    Jon was a great guy. I didn't know his as well as others here but I can't forget his positive attitude and smile.
  15. stayoutofthemiddle

    Kiwi's AC tri foiler ???

    It gives you more opportunity to recover. If your ride height is lower then the hull can hit the water sooner. Larger operating window if you are higher off the water.