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  1. Bucket List

    Jeez Rob, This sounds like more than a few little problems Tony
  2. Gitana 17 on Foils

    DoUgIe O Foily King, please quote the names of these "top foiler designers" and what did they say exactly.
  3. Definitely Mt Pirongia in the background
  4. I do believe I read on boatdesign.net that dOuGiE was commisioned by a group to do some work in this direction
  5. Check out this page https://www.boatdesign.net/gallery/users/doug-lord.31218/?page=2 I reckon dOuGiE was full of smoke when he thought this up. But who knows a keel in the centre to stop it tipping over
  6. Veal Heel?

    See you're all dumb as pigshit as far as His Lordship is concerned. I told you DoUgiE would be here and put you right. Come on DouGiE we want more red type and some RED printed caps. You know you really want too.
  7. Veal Heel?

    You're all WRONG, When dOuGiE LoRd gets here he'll put you all right. He's an expert at Veal Heal. DoUgIe - come on down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. The winning foils

    G'day Guy's I have a question - Why do these boats sail so bow down? Bas
  9. Removing old sail numbers?

    Turpintine as the first poster suggests. Soak a rag and lay on top of the stickyback numbers. Once you can peel them off just use turps on a rag and soak again. you can use a putty type knife to scrape the glue off
  10. Trimaran Foiling Systems

    So the same shit goes on and on and on. Is there no end to this neverending regurgitated crap? For Christ sakes Dougie get some new material/photos. I come here to read about new and interesting stuff about foils, not what heppened to the pond toy 2 or 3 years ago. Please be a good man and move on.
  11. G'day Honestjohn, I'm on the Gold Coast in the middle of Woods Strike 16 build. Modded and stretched to 5.6 metres. Am looking at a Mike Waters W17 wingmast build. Hope to meet up at next years Heaven Can Wait regatta. Yeah I agree the S22 is a very cool boat and for somebdy is the US a good buy when taking the exchange rate into account. Those bow foils are interesting I would have thought they might encourage an endo once the bows started to dig in. Bas
  12. Maybe this would do the trick. Doesn't self right though. I thought that was the reason we sail multis - we love the sour taste in our mouths when we scare the shit out of ourselves. http://www.s-boat.com.au/
  13. Trimaran Foiling Systems

    Doug, Your 15 foot foiler will never happen - you spend so much time on these forums you'll never get out of the house. And if you're basing your new boat on the "Fire Arrow's" hops and jumps its not a very definitive reason to move on to the next model is it? Seriously, wouldn't you need to have had the "Fire Arrow" sailing all over the shop in all wind strengths before moving on? Bas
  14. crash test dummy

    Now that looks fairly interesting. It does look vaguely familiar though.
  15. what is it?

    Guy's please cease any further discussion on the subject otherwise he who shall not be named will launch into another tirade and you (or me) will be told YoUr'E WrONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!