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  1. basildog

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    If they use that ad here in Aus it will be targeting a non existent audience. I don't believe we have that many people of colour here.
  2. G'day Mate,

    Did your boat used to be named California Kiwi?

    Tony Fannin

    Gold Coast


    1. Sudden5869


      Hi Tony

      I understand the boat has always been named Oliver Sudden.  Original owner was a guy called Russell Green, now Legal Counsel to Emirates Team NZ.  

      It was the first of the Young 10/34s.  Believe it was the the plug for the what was the Young 99,.  The Young 99s were all glass boats made by Roger Land, slightly different Keel and Rudder by Richard Karn.    

      Not sure if Oliver Sudden left Auckland much during it's 35 years.  Has spent most of it's time in Westhaven/RNZYS, now based in Half Moon Bay / BBYC.  



    2. basildog


      The reason for asking is that there used to be a 99 or a 1034 in the Bay of Islands in the early mid 90's owned by a Californian bloke.  Spent loads of miles on Honeywell Y11 plug and another Y11 The Chairman both were based in Kerikeri Cruising Club.

      Keep up the good work


  3. basildog

    opinions on mainsail trim

    Two good things already suggested and won't cost a thing; Remove the foot from the boom track and install a luff cunningham.
  4. basildog

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I agree that chop looks a lot like it's tide driven
  5. basildog

    Fire Arrow Foil System Wins Big!

    Stop all the shit about looking forward to getting it built. It's never gunna happen Dougie. I suggest not in your lifetime.
  6. basildog


    Who really gives a fuck about gluing in the windscreen. Come on Bottman, step back and just give us info about about significent stuff.
  7. basildog


    I'm not sure why I check out this thread from time to time, but I do out of morbide curiosity and in my view it's fairly bloody close to our old mate Dougie Lord. Going on and on about the same shit , around and around. So Bottman look at Dougie and see yourself as a very close relation.
  8. basildog

    Fire Arrow Foil System Wins Big!

    Is there anybody left on the planet who hasn't seen Dougy's garden ornament photos? Over the past 10 or so years it must have been posted thousands of times. Doug please stop repeating the same endless things over and over.
  9. Re; Cost, I've heard from a very reliable source (close mate of T.G.) that $2.5 million is the money.
  10. basildog


    Do you know why shopping trolleys were invented? - so women could learn to walk on their hind legs
  11. basildog

    Milat's dead..not nearly soon enough

    A backpacking couple disappeared in the Coromandel area of New Zealand's North Island at the same time Ivan Milat was visiting the country.
  12. basildog

    Older fast Aus multies

    Bottman, What everyone is trying to explain to you is explained here. You need a Certificate of Survey if you intend to use the vessel for monetary gain.
  13. basildog


    Well said d'ranger, but for one small thing. What about our children's, children? If we do sweet fuck all then who is going to do it?
  14. basildog

    what is it?

    What happened to Silver Bullet?
  15. basildog

    what is it?

    Transom add - on for something