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    Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    Nothing special about this boat Radio Controlled boats havine been using the full length chine and similar bow shapes for years
  2. basildog


    I'm interested to see what Gary Baigent is likely to end up with, with his twin walled mainsail for his current foiling trimaran. Whatever happened to Grant Firth? You dont hear much these days. I thought Alcatraz was years ahead of its time. Jim Youngs Rocket 31 was, I think a better alternative to solving wide beam/narrow waterline. His "Extreme" was something altogether out of this world. Jeez to much Shiraz - time for bed
  3. basildog

    Favorite Era

    I reckon '95 era was the best .Team NZ sailed their two boats to different venues around NZ to do demo races. I remember when they bought their boats to the Bay of Islands New Zealand and did a series of windward leeward races. There was zero crowd control and we followed them to the top mark. They turned downwind and holy jesus christ the old detroit deisel was strugglling to get out of the way Man they were so cool thundering downwind. Them were the days of real match racing boats. None of this banging the corners shit thats likely to continue into the next session. Baz.
  4. basildog


    I can remember when Alcatraz was launched. There were numerous "Wednesday Night Racers' on the goat the time. I reckon it was about the time of Jim Youngs "Young 88" - Murray Ross - "Ross 930" Greg Elliots "Gorilla Biscuits" and Albert Sedlmeyer had designed a scow - I'm not sure if any were built but that is what I dreamed about. Does anybody know if any were built. I always thought Albert was on the fringe of design. But them again all of the names mentioned apart from Jim Young were at the start of their designing careers. Great to see where they've all ended up in the yacht world. Bas.
  5. Where's Douguie Lord to stuff up a perfectly good load of reasonably qualified opinions? Come on Dougie we need you to expound to us your views on why this will/wont work with your neverending load of unquantified opinion of 30 years of research of bullshit foiling in toy boats.
  6. basildog

    Wanted Missing VOR Skipper

    Jeez some people need to get over themsleves. As a dinky die Aussie import (Immigrant/Citizen) I see that as nothing more than a group of people having a bit of fun. Those who think they are so policitally correct STFU. Australian yachties have never and will never be anything other than bogans having a good time.
  7. basildog

    Bucket List

    Jeez Rob, This sounds like more than a few little problems Tony
  8. basildog

    Gitana 17 on Foils

    DoUgIe O Foily King, please quote the names of these "top foiler designers" and what did they say exactly.
  9. Definitely Mt Pirongia in the background
  10. I do believe I read on that dOuGiE was commisioned by a group to do some work in this direction
  11. Check out this page I reckon dOuGiE was full of smoke when he thought this up. But who knows a keel in the centre to stop it tipping over
  12. basildog

    Veal Heel?

    See you're all dumb as pigshit as far as His Lordship is concerned. I told you DoUgiE would be here and put you right. Come on DouGiE we want more red type and some RED printed caps. You know you really want too.
  13. basildog

    Veal Heel?

    You're all WRONG, When dOuGiE LoRd gets here he'll put you all right. He's an expert at Veal Heal. DoUgIe - come on down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. basildog

    The winning foils

    G'day Guy's I have a question - Why do these boats sail so bow down? Bas
  15. basildog

    Removing old sail numbers?

    Turpintine as the first poster suggests. Soak a rag and lay on top of the stickyback numbers. Once you can peel them off just use turps on a rag and soak again. you can use a putty type knife to scrape the glue off