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  1. gbkersey

    Whoopee Sling shrouds...

    FWIW, my lashings are connected to 4:1 blocks that are connected to a padeye just in front of the aka... The line from the 4:1 comes into the cockpit just ahead of the aka and through a rope clutch. I pair of rachet blocks are mounted under the center of the traveler so that the lines can be put on a winch if necessary (not normally).... When we want to tighten the shrouds, we just reach down and pull the line. It is actually a mast canting system, but on our lake with tacks every couple of minutes, we never cant. But it sure is nice and we don't have to retie the lashings every time we fold / unfold the boat. Probably overkill for ya, but there are other ways.
  2. gbkersey

    F28R Rudder eye bolt repair - or improvement?

    Phil's make a cassette rudder for F27/28
  3. gbkersey


    Wonder why he never hailed... Both failed to maintain a proper lookout.
  4. gbkersey

    Harken Traveler Issues

    Just dropping the traveler isn't enough to bear away in high winds. Don't ask me how I know.
  5. gbkersey

    Mast Climber

    Only $1500. The guy in the demo is connecting to the halyards using snap shackles... I think a bowline would be much safer....
  6. gbkersey

    F28R Rudder eye bolt repair - or improvement?

    Good idea on the fiberglass rod. I use a 3/8" nylon threaded rod as a bolt though the rudder. The eyebolt that was on yours is not standard. At least I haven't seen one on any of the four F28Rs or the two F31s at our club.
  7. gbkersey

    Ethanol and outboard carbs

    Nothing works better than 100 Low Lead in my Nissan 9.8. But one gallon of gas from the local convenience store requires removing and cleaning the carb.
  8. gbkersey

    Marina Karen

    powerboaters.... what do you expect?
  9. gbkersey

    what was it?

    Energy Observer is a former race boat that has been reconditioned: Built in Canada in 1983 by naval architect Nigel Irens, under the supervision of sailor Mike Birch, the maxi-multihull marked the evolution of its successors.[5] Baptised Formule TAG, it was the first racing sailboat to break the symbolic 500 miles limit in 24 hours in 1984
  10. gbkersey

    Surveyor in Hampton, VA area

    Not only that, but Lloyd is a stand up guy. I've known him since about 1976 and I can't think of anyone I would recommend more....
  11. gbkersey

    Struggling with low speed manouvering and docking

    Think about putting at least one of the dagger boards down a bit. My Corsair 31 is almost impossible to maneuver under motor without at leas some dagger board down.
  12. gbkersey

    Shroud diamond wire removal???

    Dave. Looks like it is epoxied in.... If you are replacing the spreaders do to an unforeseen circumstance, I'd just replace the diamond wires too. Throw it all away and start over....
  13. gbkersey

    SBS - Sailing Booster System

    No, you end up with a 3.5 kt sb
  14. gbkersey

    Repacking a MOB MOM 8A (switlik)

    These guys can help you.... And they have the CO2 canisters and such. Nice folks.
  15. gbkersey

    Cobham Sailor Fleet One antenna mounting options

    Split a heater hose to wrap the rail to increase the OD?