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  1. Dave, I got one of these.... https://www.braven.com/brv-x-rugged-waterproof-bluetooth-speaker.html 12 hour play time is enough for us and I don't want the weight of permanently mounted speakers on the boat.....
  2. Mezaire - I think you are using the wrong part. We use EquipLite's High-Load Snatch Block for our 2:1 halyard on our Corsair 31-1D. Here's a picture: Looks lik you are using a non-swiveling connector. The snatchblock does not come off of the halyard.
  3. Thanks Max
  4. Could you send a picture or line drawing of your covers?
  5. Thanks! I'm going to try the constrictor. If we have problems at 1:1, I'll change to 2:1. If we like it, the spin halyard will be next. I'll be calling Rod or Alvaro Favela at Vela Sailing Supply in a few. We really like Vela Sailing Supply and order from them even though we have to pay sales tax...
  6. Looks like they are rebranded Optimum Time watches... But the Ronstan / Optimum Time prices are pretty much the same in the US.
  7. I used to use ICOMs but the tiny charging contacts on the hand held radios corroded and broke off. The Standard Horizon HX280S hand held (non DSC) that we have been using for the past few years works great and the battery seems to last forever. I'll bring it home from the boat to charge it maybe once a month. We also got a Standard Horizon HX870 hand held (DSC capable) for a recent offshore race. The radio works fine but the but the battery life is terrible. I'd say < 24hours turned on. So for everyday use we rely on the HX280S and we use the HX870 on offshore races where DSC is required.
  8. We're having the same problem with our Spinlock XTS clutch for our tack line on our Corsair 31-1D. We are using the 6-10mm cam with 8mm Endura Braid and all of a sudden the tack line is slipping like the clutch wasn't even there. It looks as if the teeth have been polished smooth by use. So, there is a ceramic cam/ base upgrade for the Spinlock XTS which costs $136. However the Ronstan CT308P001 constrictor clutch costs $147 (put it in a cart to see the actual price). I checked the line drawings for the Spinlock XTS Clutch and the Ronstan Constrictor Clutch and the mounting hole spacing is the same The increase in length of the clutch from 6" to 25" will not be a problem. Starboard Deck Layout So, I'm thinking that I'm going to try the constrictor clutch but I have a couple of questions: How well do the constrictor socks hold up in sunlight? Are replacement socks available? How much harder is it to thread the line through the sock when rigging than treading through the Spinlock XTS? The tack line lives in the cabin when we aren't sailing. Thanks!
  9. I found a nice looking 12V 40Ah unit from Valence Technology here in Austin... Data Sheet: https://www.valence.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/U1-12RT-Data-Sheet-Aug-2015.pdf Cost is $795 and lead time is published as 6-8 weeks but I'm guessing they'd be faster than that... Valence Store: http://www.valencetechstore.com/u112rt.html
  10. I found these. A bit smaller than you may be looking for but this is what we are looking for for our Corsair 31... Manufacturer Model AH MSRP BatteryTender BTL14A240C 14 149.95 BatteryTender BTL24A360C 24 229.95 BatteryTender BTL35A480C 35 299.95 Shorai LFX14A4-BS12 14 159.95 Shorai LFX21A6-BS12 21 229.95 Shorai LFX24A3-BS12 24 249.95 Shorai LFX27A3-BS12 27 275.95 Shorai LFX36A3-BS12 36 329.95