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  1. gbkersey

    Facnor Furler issues

    User error....
  2. gbkersey

    Tramp Fabric

    Free boats are always the most expensive
  3. gbkersey

    tohatsu 6

    Disassemble the carburetor and clean the idle jets. Then use nothing but ethanol free fuel.. I use avgas in my Nissan/Tohatsue 9.8 and rarely have a problem.
  4. And FWIW, I have beach launched my Corsair 31 not a few times....
  5. There are boat ramps at Texas City Dike.
  6. gbkersey

    Quick and easy RRS 2021 synopsis?

    The document shows the changes highlighted. Doesn't take long to read the changes. Most pages didn't change. Guess you could extract all the annotations into a document of a few pages if you were so inclined.
  7. gbkersey

    Quick and easy RRS 2021 synopsis?

    How about this? From the preface: This document is designedto help you learn and understand the changesthat have been made in The Racing Rules of Sailingfor 2021-2024.[26383].pdf
  8. Chris White designs some great boats... Lots of cat sailing at Texas City Dike and you can drive right down to the water. Should not be an issue to launch off the beach. Nice wind, flat water....
  9. gbkersey

    Sailing. Corsair F-31 to China

    Thanks to Fred for posting this... I feel like I'm lying naked on the operating table and all my friends are walking by.... Anyway, we were sailing too hot trying to make the point. I could have headed down a bit, but instead of forcing it, I should have jibed back and taken down the spinnaker to make the point. When we stuffed the leeward ama, the boat jacked up and almost stopped. When that happened, the apparent wind increased from about 10kts to 25+kts. The main is what ended up pushing us over, that's why we were so down in the stern when we went over. The mainsheet and traveler were blown. The end of the boom was in the water and the main would not go out further. Pictures in sequence along with righting video and more pics can be found here:
  10. gbkersey

    Sailing. Corsair F-31 to China

    Recovered. Good as new.
  11. gbkersey

    Sailing. Corsair F-31 to China

    Don't do this: If you don't know how to do this: Actually, now that I think of it. Never do that.
  12. gbkersey

    Can you buy an old/new sailboat without an MSO?

    Polyethylene as in roto-molded. Like a Hobie Getaway...
  13. gbkersey

    Freeing up a stuck engine

    If you tried to fix it yourself first $400/Hr.
  14. gbkersey

    New Speed Sensor Options

    Well I guess it is time for me to get an oscilloscope on mine to see it is in fact working and the Hull transmitter is the problem.