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  1. gbkersey

    Shroud diamond wire removal???

    Dave. Looks like it is epoxied in.... If you are replacing the spreaders do to an unforeseen circumstance, I'd just replace the diamond wires too. Throw it all away and start over....
  2. gbkersey

    SBS - Sailing Booster System

    No, you end up with a 3.5 kt sb
  3. gbkersey

    Repacking a MOB MOM 8A (switlik)

    These guys can help you.... And they have the CO2 canisters and such. Nice folks.
  4. gbkersey

    Cobham Sailor Fleet One antenna mounting options

    Split a heater hose to wrap the rail to increase the OD?
  5. gbkersey

    New Android Sailing App : SailFreeGPS

    Nice app with a nice interface. We're currently using openCPN on Android and the interface for openCPN is a bit rough. Sure would be nice to be able to have nautical maps like you can get in openCPN. Thanks!!!
  6. gbkersey

    Fast singlehander for 60 yo's for messsin' about

    sin pregunta - A-cat
  7. gbkersey

    OpenWind - solar powered wireless anemometer

    Thanks Alex. I have a Raymarine fluxgate magnetometer for the boat, guess I need to get another for the mast. My goal is to eventually build an open source data acquisition, storage, and display system using non-proprietary sensors... Fortunately, we have a bunch of mult-hull sailing engineers at Austin Yacht Club and I believe that as a group, we possess all of the skills required to do this.
  8. gbkersey

    In-mast halyards on rotating rigs

    Our rotating mast uses standard sheave boxes and we have no issues with chafe due to rotation. The forestay and shrouds connect to the hound via a single shackle, just like a beach cat. The jib and spinnaker halyards are tapered but we have dynema chafe sleeve on the part that is in the sheave box when the sails are up.
  9. gbkersey

    OpenWind - solar powered wireless anemometer

    Exactly the way I want to go. I've made my living using and improving open source software for the past 20 years . I want a system that is not proprietary so that I can make it work the way that I want it to work.... Thanks for that.
  10. gbkersey

    OpenWind - solar powered wireless anemometer

    Please expand on that or link to a thread that does. I'm looking for a decent mast rotation compensated anemometer and I'm having trouble finding a decent one for a reasonable price. What do you suggest?
  11. gbkersey

    Corsair / Farrier 31 /9 variations

    We sail a Corsair 31-1D - which is a lighter racing version with a minimal interior and porta potti. 42.5' rotating mast, 6.5' dagger board and high aspect rudder... We have no rudder cavitation problems at all with this rudder as long as the sails are trimmed properly, however, the high aspect rudder does not work very well at slow speeds. Rudder and daggerboard are shown on this page: C/F rudders & Dagger boards Rudder is like: F-9, F-31 Deep Kickup Rudder (but may be a bit higher aspect ratio). Dagger board is Corsair F31 1D Daggerboard (sticks out of the deck about 2 feet when up), requires different mast raising gear. We dry sail this boat most weekends and it is dead easy to launch and retrieve. So, I wouldn't worry about the size of the boat for launching and retrieving. Boat and trailer together weigh just shy of 6,000 lbs, so you can tow with a 1/2 truck or suburban, but I 3/4 ton truck is much more comfortable (truck weighs about 1500 lbs more than the boat and trailer. The boat is very fast and manageable by two experienced people on a large body of water, but in the lake we sail in, it really requires 4 people, since we are tacking / jibing about every two to three minutes. She is really a handful on the lake and the crew is normally whipped after two races.... Not the best cruising boat, but it is really fast
  12. gbkersey

    Hanstaiger X1

    Ewww - that thing looks like it ought to have a grand piano on it.... Probably wouldn't even notice the weight, that is if it will actually sail at all.
  13. gbkersey

    Charleston SC Engine and Boat Surveyor?

    Yes, I went to high school with him and played soccer with him for 3 years. He is a man of integrity and has lots of survey experience. He was called in when Texas A&M's race boats keel broke off during a race to Mexico and several folks died. He is well respected, skilled and very easy to work with.
  14. gbkersey

    Silly daggerboard question

    I beg to differ. Our F31 sails at least the same apparent wind angles as a 4ktsb... But at 15kts upwind, our apparent wind is much further forward. Anyway, we still get there first. It isn't about the shortest route... It's about the fastest route.
  15. gbkersey

    Charleston SC Engine and Boat Surveyor?

    Lloyd Griffin is your man....