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  1. Jim Clark's fire sale continues

    Oh I'm sure someone will tell the tale
  2. Jim Clark's fire sale continues

    Please do tell what the Athena shower story is ???????
  3. Norseman 447 vs pearson 422

    The Pearson is a nice boat. I sailed one in the BVI. It lives well and sails ok. Build quality is better than agricultural but not yacht quality. Lot's of liners and prefinished joinery. I certainly wouldn't kick or cry of that was my only choice. The 447 is an entirely different league. Very stoutly built and sails beautifully. Age alone shouldn't disqualify a boat but all things considered an old 447 is like an old Benz. It's might need a little work but it's still very solid. The Pearson wouldn't be as likely to be as enduring and might require more work and money to restore.
  4. Cold molded boats, how have they held up?

    I was on a 30 year old cold molded sailboat a year ago that was built by Vic Carpenter that was as sound as new. Find a good surveyor and don't be concerned
  5. 42 valiant keel

    We measured the draft of my 42 at the factory when it was built. With full tanks it was 6'2"
  6. RIP Doug Peterson

    I never met him but I've sailed many miles on his designs. Very sorry to learn about his demise.
  7. 1985 Nicholson 35' project...worth the trouble?

    Primarily what i referred to was the problems with the hydraulic transmissions in the early boats. I agree that they were very solid structurally. The designer Ray Wall was a most capable man and knew how to draw a good looking boat
  8. 1985 Nicholson 35' project...worth the trouble?

    I don’t think the 35 was a great boat to start with. If memory serves it and the 31 which was also a beast of a boat weren’t even built by C&N. The 35 is under rigged. It took a lot of breeze to move it and I think you’ll find the boat was more about marketing than excellence. I believe you can find better choices in that genre of sailboats..
  9. Good for you... the Westsail is a cool old boat. I would join the Westsail groups and make sure that the problem areas that showed up on the 32's have either been repaired on your boat or have a plan to fix them. Congrats you'll have a lot of fun with the boat. They are built well and should give you many years of fun and adventure
  10. Have a look at a Tartan 4000. They are beautifully built and sail very well. I think It may be at the top of or even above your declared budget but they are certainly with a look
  11. Stolen Designs

    I think that's because C & C designed the Baltic. They did a few designs for them early on
  12. Norseman 447 or Passport 47....

    A beautiful 447 just sold here in Detroit. What a great boat !
  13. I bought a Hinckley SW 50 that was Henry Hinckley's own boat. It had a lot of use and was in need of a big refit. I told Hinckley that I was willing to spend 150k and they gave me a clear idea of what that would buy. They did a great job. I can certainly recommend their work. Expensive but work every penny
  14. Gozzard 41RC

    Gozzard builds a very nice and extremely well built boat. I have seen many of them in my adventures in the Caribbean. Owners speak well of their durability and toughness. It's good to see that the company is continuing to move forward after Ted's demise. He was a great guy and one of the truly great Canadian boatbuilders. I worked with him on a few projects and he was always great to work with so long as you did it his way exactly. He had his own way of doing things and he knew what worked.
  15. Gunboat - Chapter 12 "A New Hope"

    Good luck on this new phase for Gunboat. It may be that Gunboat 1.0 was just out too far from the tips of their skis. I hope Gunboat 2.0 is able to make great success out of the first generation