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  1. more than 5,000 hours on my 4 cylinder Lehman Ford diesel on my Hinckley SW 50 when I sold it. Factory advised that it was time to replace it but it was still chugging along just fine.
  2. jhiller

    Eight Bells Mark Lindsay

    Mark had an interesting career. He cut a wide swath through life and was well regarded for his skill and his attitude.
  3. jhiller

    Who killed MR. CLEAN?

    Alan is alive, well and thriving. I was with him this week and we are scheming and working together
  4. jhiller

    Why the Rustler 36?

    It's like a car race limited to 1920 Bentleys . Silly but still charming in a historic way. I think if pressed to do a race like that I'd choose an old Swan 44 or even a Valiant 40 but neither would be allowed.
  5. jhiller

    Jim Clark's fire sale continues

    Oh I'm sure someone will tell the tale
  6. jhiller

    Jim Clark's fire sale continues

    Please do tell what the Athena shower story is ???????
  7. jhiller

    Norseman 447 vs pearson 422

    The Pearson is a nice boat. I sailed one in the BVI. It lives well and sails ok. Build quality is better than agricultural but not yacht quality. Lot's of liners and prefinished joinery. I certainly wouldn't kick or cry of that was my only choice. The 447 is an entirely different league. Very stoutly built and sails beautifully. Age alone shouldn't disqualify a boat but all things considered an old 447 is like an old Benz. It's might need a little work but it's still very solid. The Pearson wouldn't be as likely to be as enduring and might require more work and money to restore.
  8. jhiller

    Cold molded boats, how have they held up?

    I was on a 30 year old cold molded sailboat a year ago that was built by Vic Carpenter that was as sound as new. Find a good surveyor and don't be concerned
  9. jhiller

    42 valiant keel

    We measured the draft of my 42 at the factory when it was built. With full tanks it was 6'2"
  10. jhiller

    RIP Doug Peterson

    I never met him but I've sailed many miles on his designs. Very sorry to learn about his demise.
  11. jhiller

    Paul Whiting designs

    Always was impressive how many of the most innovative sailing designs come from Down Under. Like most other stuff they go their own way and lead the way
  12. jhiller

    CATARI comes along at Pacific Seacraft

    Owner and factory have gone radio silent. It's going to make an interesting story someday
  13. jhiller

    Cheeki Rafiki MAIB report published

    Bob Do remember how thick the centerline laminate was on my Valiant 50 ? You could build 4 good boats from it... When i look at the keel/hull connections and the supporting structures in the hull of some new boats I wonder how anyone can class them as category A with a straight face.
  14. jhiller

    Spyglass catalog

    An intersting link about Neale http://thescuttlefish.com/tag/hermit-of-suwarrow/
  15. jhiller

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    It’s good to have friends !