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  1. Smyth Wingsail via Jim Brown

    Love to see some pictures of the Formula 40 setup. Does Fast Forward Composites have a website? I haven't found one.
  2. Live Racing Thread

    The bigger question now is; What will Team NZL do with the AX now? I know much has been said and agreements made, but will they honor those or go in a different direction? While San Francisco was a surprisingly great event and venue, I haven't liked the Bermuda series that much except that Team NZL won the Cup.
  3. How Does Buying a UFO Foiler Work???

    I have car topped my Tornado, A-Cat and Laser without any issue. I can't see how this boat would be an issue.
  4. 2016 A-Class North Americans in September

    Just glad to see Lars on the boat racing again. Great results for someone who has been absent from the national scene for a couple of years. Like to see what he does if he is sailing fully in the class again.
  5. A Class Rule 8 needs to stay.

    I did read the Ashby comments. He is an accomplished and world class sailor. I really don't have a dog in this fight since I sail a Boyer MKIV that I have no intention of converting to a foiler. I lake sail and have no fleet to join if I wanted to. Right now I don't think I could physically handle the challenges that foiling adds to the boat. What I do see is that both sides of this argument are doing their best to pressure the other side into capitulating. Personally, I would like to see rule 8 remain until it is shown that removing rule 8 leads to better and easier to sail boats than the ones developed under rule 8. I would like to see evidence that removing rule 8 will not obsolete the entire fleet of A cats worldwide. I just do not see that those who propose the removal of rule 8 are at that point today. Just a few thoughts from a non racing A-Cat sailor.
  6. Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Why don't you break down the meaning of this? Who has won here? Is there more to come? And how does Kirby fair from this?
  7. NEW CHS X19 - 19' Trimaran Build (trikala)

    You could also look at a Tornado rig.
  8. DC Designs

  9. Artemis?

    Is that a Dart ? Upside down it could be either a Dart or a Tornado!
  10. Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Aren't you guys special!!!
  11. Hi Tornado,

    could you be so kind to e-mail me a copy of "The Cogito Project" (Marine Technology 10-2000) that you were referring to in a post about the C-Class cat? mailto: andrea.campiglio@alice.it

  12. Hi Tornado,

    Send me an email and I'll send you the set of pictures I took. The ones I posted on SA were reduced to work on the site.



  13. Dude, could you please pass me the article you were referring to (Cogito Project article from Marine technology published in 10-2000) in the c-class cat championship forum? Thanks a million! Please send it to clauss0@utas.edu.au

  14. Might you be so kind as to forward a pdf copy of the "Cogito Project article from Marine technology published in 10-2000" you mentioned in a post about the C-Class extravaganza? If so, please send to mailto:ian@inside-overlap.com. Thanks!

  15. Tom I messed up my back and have Steno-sis, but use a wrap brace and sail the Catamarans cruising, as well as the Laser XD for racing, and the 8.1Rig Laser for doubles out of Rye Harbor. If you want to get out for races on Wednesday nights go to PSA's web sight and see about it.