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  1. Which factors do make us attend a race event?

    On shore activities after the day's racing. Appreciation of visiting boats by host club. Well run races. Good venue both on water and on shore .... and of course when a good friend is running event you enter to support the friend
  2. protest them for flying non declared inventory. let the rc and protest committee sort it out. Will make life better down the road this is not really any different than a boat whith largest declared headsail at 110% flying a 155 genoa during a race
  3. Modified Dip Pole?

    On a dip pole the outboard end is not supposed to cross above the pulpit. Inboard end up and outboard end down near deck level. You should be able to easily convert your pin stop car to block and line. Usually is a way to lock the pin in open position. Mike
  4. J-27 vs J-80

    The J80 is 12 years newer. if the same price should be a good deal. The J27 often has had problems with wet decks and occasionally wet hull. Not sure what coring material a 2001 J80 has in deck but think it is not balsa. These issues may make the J80 a better boat but you need to check both out carefully. I have a friend with a J80. Big cockpit. We owned a J27 for 7 years (Nut Case / Lickity Split / Reckless Disregard and now Line Drive). It has a huge cockpit as well but has coamings so is a more relaxing cockpit when at dock or just day sailing. More interior as well (it has an interior but is cramped). We overnighted aboard the J27 many times. Bunks are comfortable and have slept 4 at times and often 3 aboard. Not really possible with the J80. I think the J80 is probably simpler to race with a crew of 3 but on the J27 we often raced with 3, 4 or 5. In anything but light wind 5 was necessary. Loved the 27. The J80 seems fun as well. You will love either boat Mike Formerly Nut Case 1987 J27 #151
  5. J27 vs Evelyn 32

    We had a J27 for 7 years and loved it. Now have a Frers 33. Everything is MUCH MORE expensive with the 33 and I would expect no different with a 32 footer. The Evelyn is a Masthead rig vs the J27 a fractional rig. J27 headsails will be FAR cheaper as a result. With a 32 foot Masthead rig you will probably want at least three headsails vs only 2 for the J27. A 155 genoa on the J27 runs under $3000 CAD vs on a 32 or 33 ft boat at least $5000 CAD and probably more. The other thing I would consider is that the 32 is likely better for distance and offshore conditions than the 27. Our 27 was a great boat but a wet ride. Not sure about the Evelyn. Typical J27 crew is 5 or 6. Good luck. They both seem to be great boats
  6. Handicappers try their best in an impossible situation. Anyone who complains should just fuck off and go one design. and then hope that once they buy their OD boat others buy the same design ...
  7. J80 project boat

    can you post the link to the 16K boat? I cannot find it on YW
  8. J80 project boat

    no. a friend is looking. I will likely race on it frequently though
  9. J80 project boat

    Looking for an inexpensive J80 to refurbish. Preferably on East Coast. Wet deck core type problems, that sort of thing. Preferably dry hull. Any leads?
  10. I sail til end of October, get ready for Christmas and then ski season. The weekend after skiing is done I am working on the boat. Haul late and launch early is my plan ...
  11. Running backstays and singlehanding?

    Most of the beneteau First 35 from 81 - 84 that I see pictures of have baby stay and not check stay. you should investigate that as an option to see if boat was originally equipped in that manner. If so is a lot simpler for single handing
  12. Who is using ToT PHRF?

    TOD makes no sense at all when courses need to be shortened or wind strength changes noticably
  13. My Wife HATES my Olson 30

    A J29 that is nicely cleaned up on the inside has plenty of room. Good light air performance and in your PHRF stated range Good luck finding a frers 30. very few around and none for sale that I could find I second the Laser 28
  14. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I would sail around the world in a SJ24. Of course I would have it lashed down in the hold of a very large freighter ....
  15. Bowsprit/Asymm Retrofit for Kirby 25?

    Aerocomp I am interested to know how you plan to make the keel mod to a retractable bulb keel. Post details if you have this worked out. My thoughts are that the new keel would cost more than your boat and the engineering to have it installed and working would be extensive. Remember also that the keel sump is a known weak spot in the K25 so you would have to do a lot of work in that area as well ... OTOH am I correct to think there was some sarcasm in your post?