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  1. caption contest

    Was there a winner?
  2. caption contest

    The threat of divorce had curtailed the amount of time Bob could spend on his "project".
  3. caption contest

    Bruce had an innovative place to hide his weed from the Committee.
  4. caption contest

    Dalts looked at his design team's latest attempt at a foiling mono-hull and threw his toys out of the pram.
  5. AC36 Protocol - Ask Dalts

    Is the: "move it to Italy" a club to beat NZ's local and central govt to provide significant funding?
  6. AC36 Protocol - Ask Dalts

    How much does your time racing around the planet shape your thinking on the protocol. When you knew it would probably be a mono hull, did you encourage Tuke and Burling to get helm time on big boats and do the Volvo?
  7. Ask Grant. The Clean-up innerview

    Do you regret the pineapple bet?
  8. Live Racing Thread

    Looks like JS has one more AC race before he draws a line under his career. "You haven't won the race, if in winning the race you have lost the respect of your competitors." I think JS lost the respect of his competitors a long time ago.
  9. Oracle Team USA

    Totally fake. If they had any value the wouldn't let a pair of numpties carry them around on view. If the boats are sailed properly they never touch the water so no point making last minute changes to a hull. This all tells me JS is shit scared.
  10. Team NZ

    I think the press conferences would work better if SA posters emailed 2 or 3 questions. I wonder ed can set this up?
  11. Team NZ

    But sprint cyclists are a more. Pro cyclists focus more on endurance
  12. Practice videos

    Style and grace doesn't necessarily win races. Ask Franz Klammer.
  13. Jeez, some of you are hard to please! There has always been behind the scenes nonsense in the AC, that won't change. If you didn't find the racing last time totally compelling then I'm not sure what would please you. To date we have relied on our man in Bermuda and his hand cam (top man)... once we get all the bells and whistles and real racing I think it will be pretty extraordinary.
  14. yachtsman of the year

    When I get shot I want the gunman to be this close.
  15. What a great story, soon to be a movie! Congrats to Hancock for pointing to the armchair sailors. Truly great adventures sometimes mean that you don't always subscribe to everyone's concept of safety and sometimes you don't come back. If we wind the clock back, some of the boats and some of the skippers shouldn't have started the Sunday Times race in 1968, but that didn't stop us celebrating the race. Year by year we need more certificates, more licenses and we face more scrutiny and pressure to meet the norm. I really hope they make it and inspire more to follow in their footsteps. "One day as tiger is better than a 1000 as a sheep". Paraphrased from Alison Hargreaves who died on K2.