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  1. Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    For what its worth, the software issue I reported above (as experienced by a friend) was on a T purchased this spring, and occurred this summer, so I'm not convinced that all the bugs are worked out.
  2. Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    Anecdotal evidence around here is they're not ready. One friend had a software glitch this summer that required the outboard to be returned to Torqeedo for reflashing. Could not be done locally. He discovered a number of similar reports. Annoying if you live somewhere you can borrow a spare from someone to use to get out to your boat; a real issue if you're off cruising. YMMV. Do not taunt happy fun ball. Etc.
  3. Hard vs soft dinghy

    For what its worth, I got to check out a PT11 here in Maine recently, and want one badly. I hope to build one this winter. Well built iteration of a clearly high quality design. Best blades by far I've ever seen on a dinghy. Haven't seen one with a venturi bailer. I would like to add one to mine, I think.
  4. Hard vs soft dinghy

    Will, my only pudgy gripe was the blades. They were not foils. Are they still flat cuts?
  5. Hard vs soft dinghy

    Dave put a lot of time into researching the plastic for the Pudgy, and it was as UV stable as he could get, otherwise it wouldn't be useful as a raft because he couldn't trust it. It was very expensive material at the time.
  6. Hard vs soft dinghy

    Personally, I think the electrical system adds unnecessary complication. I prefer battery powered LED nav lights if they're wanted. One thing I thought was interesting was Dave's approach to the inspection ports. He hated the threaded version and invested in the creation of cam-lock versions for the Pudgy. Are they still spec'd with those?
  7. Hard vs soft dinghy

    The designer of the Pudgy had his mooring just next to mine for years. We were boat friends. He came over one day and started talking about wanting a life raft since he was sailing with his wife and very young daughter, but they sailed a Marshall cat, and didn't have a lot of room. He started designing his perfect tender - one that would tow well from his small boat, and shelter his family if it came to it. As the design evolved, he decided that everything needed to stow aboard, and made it happen. One day I saw him and he invited me to check out the prototype. It was glass over foam, and heavy, but worked a treat. That winter I got to work with him to evolve the design and make it manufacturable. I designed the electrical system, and installed the first units. That winter we got the first boats out of the mold, and took two the the Miami boat show. People were intrigued, and skeptical, but ultimately sold on the utility. I could (then, 20 pounds lighter) stand on the rail as I got in and out of the boat without dumping it. I don't own one because I've been a planing inflatable kind of guy, but I am thrilled every time I see one, which is more frequent every day. I still have my business cards from the Miami show. I've never gotten to participate in seeing a product brought from inspiration to market before. It was pretty great.
  8. Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    For those have haven't heard the sad news, Butch Minson died earlier this week. The funeral service will be held 10 a.m. Saturday, November 4, 2017, at the Hampden-Gilpatrick Chapel of Brookings-Smith, 45 Western Avenue, Hampden, ME. Everyone is welcomed to attend. The Gulf of Maine is poorer for his loss.
  9. Robinhood Marine / Storm Preparation

    Jon, we are definitely lucky. Not every yard here is as CL describes, but many are. I hadn't heard that boat were sunk in Falmouth, but not surprised. Its not a great harbor, and once a boat gets loose it goes slaloming around in there. At least most boats were out of the water before the storm. At least one boat owned by a yard manager in Falmouth rode out the storm in Freeport. That tells you something about the harbor.
  10. Robinhood Marine / Storm Preparation

    Wess, everything went well for the yard, and for Ingalina. Lots of damage up and down the coast, and inland. At the moment more then 2/3 of Maine households still don't have power restored.
  11. Robinhood Marine / Storm Preparation

    Yep! They will be remembered.
  12. The section of the coast of Maine we live on is under a hurricane force storm warning for tonight, and into tomorrow. Our boat is still in the water, so we went down to Robinhood Marine tonight to double up our lines, and strike the dodger and bimini. We were surprised and pleased to discover that the yard had doubled our lines, and hung all our (many) fenders. Then the crew ran a number of additional lines to other hard points, including our winches, and added chafe protection because those lines weren’t running through fairleads. The boat is properly stood off her finger by lines from her outside cleats to the main dock, and she’s as good to go as she can possibly be. Every boat still on the dock received similar attention. That so much of what gets shared about yards on-line consists of complaints made me eager to share the attention and care provided at Robinhood. We’ve been happy customers since we bought Ingalina last year. The yard is attentive and unbelievably reasonably priced. I have no affiliation other than happy customer, but wanted to spread the good word. I’ll sleep a lot better tonight for their efforts. SSB
  13. Show your boat sailing thread

    Sailing home Monday near Small Point, Phippsburg, Maine.
  14. My newest project

    I think most of us would tell you that one of the reasons we appreciate your involvement here is the complete lack of bullshit. That WAG at the price is less than I'd have guessed. Art costs.
  15. My newest project

    Its remarkable how a relatively small change can convey such a change in the overall aesthetic. Bob, asking to ask: are you willing to say what a build might cost? Big dreams should be dreamt big! SSB