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  1. sshow bob

    What's in your arsenal??

    Ruger 10/22 CS. With good ammo it does this at 100 and 300 yards respectively.
  2. sshow bob

    Movies that messed you up as a kid

    On the beach. Fucked me up for years. That and TheDay After.
  3. sshow bob


    Well, that's pretty much proof of the Matrix, if nothing else.
  4. sshow bob

    Jack lines

    Thanks, BJ (and Evans!).
  5. sshow bob

    Jack lines

    For those interested: Originally Posted by Delancey Hi Evans, For our purposes the jacklines are for a delivery and will not likely be permanently rigged. I am at a bit of a loss to imagine the type of webbing cover/ single braid core splice you allude to except where the cover isn't actually spliced, but maybe hand sewn over the top of the loop? It is essentially just like a 'core to core' splice, where the loop is covered but the cover is (usually) not buried (it is sewn/whipped down). To make it happen with webbing . . . . #1 you pull the tail out of a small hole in the webbing about 2" from the end of the webbing, #2 you pull a loop of the cord out of another small hole in the webbing where you want the base of the final loop, #3 you bury the end of the cord into the loop you have pulled out, #4 you pull the loop of cord back into the webbing. This pulls the two pieces of webbing together, forming the end loop you wanted. #5 you sew the webbing together for about 3" (2" after the splice/join and 1" before) Maybe our needs would be met with exposed loops and the webbing covering the remainder, sewn in place as I suggested? Or maybe the simplest approach of extending the webbing the full length of the core and knotting would work? The webbing around the loop is for UV and wear protection. If the jackline is not going to see months of UV/use then you can simply have the dyneema loops extend out the ends of the webbing and be uncovered. Because the loops are 'double strength' they can in fact loose a lot of strength without effecting the system strength. But if they are going to see a lot of UV or wear then covering them is just good practice and not that difficult. Your feedback is always appreciated. Thanks! I will be losing my internet this afternoon. Not sure when I will get a connection back. Source
  6. sshow bob

    Jack lines

    I agree - it was really valuable.
  7. sshow bob

    Jack lines

    There was a thread somewhere in which someone (Evans, I think) talked about making spliced eyes in the dyneema line with webbing cover. Does anyone remember where that was? My google-foo is weak today.
  8. sshow bob


    Exactly what I see. Will also likely pass. Those 2 stroke outboard though...
  9. sshow bob


    Why would anyone get on any of them at this point?
  10. sshow bob


    Could someone explain Alibaba to me? I stumbled onto something I was looking for available from Ab. Passed on it because I didn't need 100 pieces. But there are things with single piece order mins. Is that real?
  11. sshow bob


    Getting inundated with ads for cruises. Tons of comments from people expressing their excitement for their upcoming vacations. I'm assuming they're bots.
  12. sshow bob

    Can rating authority authorize powered winches?

    Thanks LR. I agree and recognize that the choices you present are the choices. I am not out to cast people away from racing. I agree that that is a risk, and not one I approach lightly. I going to chew on it all before acting, or not acting. The self policing issue rankles me because, as you say, it ought not fall to another competitor to police a boat. I am serving as bar disciplinary counsel these days. You have have helped me reflect carefully on how my current bent towards ethics policing and prosecution may inform my feelings and approach here. That is a useful check. Thank you.
  13. sshow bob

    Can rating authority authorize powered winches?

    Agreed. Powered winches are most certainly an advantage, or they'd not use them.
  14. sshow bob

    Can rating authority authorize powered winches?

    Deprive as used here suggests to me the wrongful taking of something to which they are entitled. Asking someone to not use something expressly barred by the rules is not deprivation, it is asking someone to not cheat. The sense that they are entitled to use a tool that is expressly barred by the rules they choose to play under, and that asking about it is the distasteful act strikes me as inverted. That said, and again: my goal is to see Rule 52 amended by the SIs to allow their conduct, and the conduct in which I would like to engage on occasion, not to disqualify them.