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  1. Show your boat sailing thread

    Sailing home Monday near Small Point, Phippsburg, Maine.
  2. My newest project

    I think most of us would tell you that one of the reasons we appreciate your involvement here is the complete lack of bullshit. That WAG at the price is less than I'd have guessed. Art costs.
  3. My newest project

    Its remarkable how a relatively small change can convey such a change in the overall aesthetic. Bob, asking to ask: are you willing to say what a build might cost? Big dreams should be dreamt big! SSB
  4. Newport - Bermuda 2018

    I'd hope I'd find something more interesting to say were that the case!
  5. Newport - Bermuda 2018

    Super early, I know, but I'm looking for a ride. I'm willing to invest time to help prep the boat, and to help defray costs. PM me, please, if you have a berth, or know someone who does.
  6. Show your boat sailing thread

    Ingalina on her way to a class win in the Monhegan Race this weekend.
  7. My newest project

    Dumb questions from someone who hasn't read the whole thread: I've really been enjoying this thread since I picked up on it, but I haven't managed to roll through all 108 pages to find answers to some questions. Anyone willing to answer these: It looks like the two engine plan got scrapped. Is that right? Were there systems modifications that addressed the redundancy requirement? I may be reading the accommodation plan wrong (almost certainly, actually) but I see the quarter and pilot berths, but no large berth. Is there v-berth forward of the head? I see a ladder down into a storage area. There are references to Mr. Lucky's intended use in some later posts, but I can't find the posts that address them. Anyone willing to summarize? For what looks like a bug out boat(s), there is a lot of reliance on electronics that wouldn't survive an EMP. What's the thinking there? (I'm not sure an EMP is a threat we'll really face, or that if it is that it wouldn't be the smallest part of the problem in the end, but this looks like a survivalist's project, so I'd expect it to work in a post electronic world.) SSB
  8. I'm not yelling

    There is an option in between standing at the wheel barking commands, and allowing your crew to get hurt and break your boat. Lead, don't direct. Be ready to assist, not demand. Put someone you trust on the helm, and float if you need to help rookie crew.
  9. I'm not yelling

    Thank you for today's motto...
  10. I'm not yelling

    How does this keep coming up? If you alienate your crew you are going to need to learn to singlehand. You can instruct and direct without being perceived as an asshole.
  11. I'm not yelling

    I assume the inside concentric wheel is a trim tab control, but where is that tab? Rudder trailing edge?
  12. Homemade Sail cover: sailrite kit

    Please keep us updated on this project. I'm contemplating the same, and would appreciate seeing how it goes.
  13. Lorax, Gaylen on Roundabout became our friend and marina-neighbor earlier this year. He was appalled to learn that our zodiac is named Sparkle Pony as well. Where do you want to race to, guys? I'll find us a friendly club up at this end.
  14. Boat launch anarchy

    What is the total proposed weight of the boat and trailer? Which transmission does the car have? I found launching a much lighter boat with the VW Golf I once had was trickier than anticipated. Tongue weight got goofy when the car broke over the sloped part of the ramp onto flat ground, killing traction.