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  1. Great day out there today.
  2. Launched in 1930. Last owned by sailing anarchy sometimes friend and sometimes nemesis Tom Perkins. Info:
  3. I won't be racing with the classics, but I will be race committed for Camden Cup this weekend. This is our committee boat...
  4. sshow bob

    Dave's perfect sailboat

    Man, that's hot.
  5. sshow bob

    Camden, ME / Adult Supervision this weekend

    We sail a white Sabre 34-2 named Ingalina, likely towing a North Atlantic Inflatables rib. White canvas. Old sails. We will be on 9, and/or any other frequency we are warned to monitor. (and 16 and 13, but probably not the best choice for hailing) Base camp will be a Wayfarer mooring in the Camden outer harbor. Red and green hammock in the fore triangle at anchor or mooring, most of the time. That boat is gorgeous - don't judge us too harshly!
  6. sshow bob

    Seven Years Out

    I was in Portsmouth a few weeks ago and saw Shadowfax on the hard and was thinking about your adventures. Thank you for having them and for sharing them with us all. Keeps this working stiff going when the adventures are elusive.
  7. sshow bob

    What have you lost overboard?

    Stress, anxiety, a bad relationship, unrealistic expectations.
  8. Selma and I were slated to do r/c for the Camden Classics at the end of this week, until family showed up. Now I will be in Camden from Wed or Thursday through Sunday, largely without adult supervision. If anyone is around and wants a drink hit me up. I will be moored in the harbor, and thirsty.
  9. Selma and I might be able to join you for some. We will be cruising Pen Bay for the next few weeks.
  10. sshow bob

    Maine / Seguin Island Light is out

    That's pretty cool - any idea of time line?
  11. Someone may already have noted this but in case not: we discovered last weekend that the Seguin Island Light is out of service. I understand the cable was damaged. USCG will be installing a solar array, but it has not happened yet.
  12. sshow bob

    Antifouling For Aluminum RIB

    Thanks, Zonk.
  13. sshow bob

    Antifouling For Aluminum RIB

    We pick up our new aluminum RIB this week, thanks to help on another thread. What's the best choice for antifouling paint? A quick search did not yield the result.
  14. Pulling out of Marblehead with my best friend and wife on our new to us boat, setting the sails on a port reach and averaging 7 knots all the way to Portland without touching a sheet. Best day with the best company.