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  1. sshow bob

    Daysail in Bermuda

    Well, if you devise the signal, I'll buy the drink.
  2. sshow bob

    Daysail in Bermuda

  3. sshow bob

    Daysail in Bermuda

    Good morning. I am hoping that someone can turn me on to a day charter or similar in Berumda for this coming week. Selma and I will be there for the week we thought we had between the finish of the Bermuda race and the delivery home (before my ride withdrew with rig damage.) It would be nice to go for a sail.
  4. sshow bob

    Want a Bermuda ride?

  5. sshow bob

    Suggestions for a Maine/RI Hurricane Hole

    Second on Robinhood.
  6. sshow bob

    Want a Bermuda ride?

    Thanks for the bump! We have our guy now. I appreciate the pms
  7. sshow bob

    Want a Bermuda ride?

    We lost a crew member and would like to get back to a full compliment. The numbers mean the person needs a first aid cert. If you are that person please PM me.
  8. sshow bob

    Catalina 25 rigging question

    On my C25 I had a CDI FF4 with the integral halyard you describe. I used the masthead halyard on the winch side to hoist and tension the mainsail. I ran the Genoa up with the tack loose then used a casacding loop system to tension the jib.
  9. sshow bob

    Snowflakes and sailing

    A good friens and I tease each other with: five minutes later its not a retort...
  10. sshow bob

    Snowflakes and sailing

    Why is it so offensive to some that I would accept the right of another to act how he will, and to exercise my right to remove myself from thay person's presence?
  11. sshow bob

    Snowflakes and sailing

    Okay, thank you for your perspective.
  12. sshow bob

    Snowflakes and sailing

    I perceive a difference between attempting to lead and influence by example, and attempting to force someone to behave differently. I accept that you may not. I am open to being educated, but not to being controlled. Similarly I may try to educate, but not to control. I don't even suggest that my approach is the only approach, or even the best approach. I say only what my approach is, and that it works for me. I offer my observation that I have been a happier person since adopting it. I wish each person an approach that works for that person.
  13. sshow bob

    Snowflakes and sailing

    Agreed, thank you. Have a great weekend.
  14. sshow bob

    Snowflakes and sailing

    I was unclear; I'm sorry about that. I have no interest in controlling what anyone else says. I'll just walk away and not reengage. Its telling that your response to my post - which included absolutely nothing from which you could infer that I intended to control anything other than myself and my own environment - was graphically violent. I don't think violence is called for because I don't want to have certain conversations that I find unpleasant.
  15. sshow bob

    Snowflakes and sailing

    Okay! I appreciate knowing where I stand with you. Be well!