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  1. sshow bob

    What's in your arsenal??

    I'm ok with that.
  2. sshow bob

    What's in your arsenal??

    Yep - no guns with alcohol on board. The same would be true if I smoked marijuana. I don't even handle guns if I have anything to drink.
  3. Surgery was Monday and went well. They left an anesthetic bulb dripping, so it didn't really start hurting until yesterday. I seem to be past the peak. Thanks for asking. Rehab starts in five weeks. I have been noodling on the guitar to wake my fingers back up and will take a run improving those skills. I am also working on my ASL skills. Somewhat less sexy than a foreign language, but the language I wish I had .most often.
  4. sshow bob


    I feel for you. Test pending. Good luck..
  5. sshow bob


  6. sshow bob


    Nope. So, I will get it tomorrow. I have no reason to think I'm hot. Its just dumb that testing isn't more broadly available.
  7. Thanks - it will heal, and I am going to try to stay busy. I do have the sea time, and I have a job that prevents me from using marijuana (or other drugs), even if I wanted to do so. I was once able to pass the practice tests, so with some studying I think I could get back there. I am mostly leery of the enhanced standard of care that could come with a license. It would be affirming to feel like I accomplished the cert during this period, though. To the music recommendations - the guitar is next to me and I am working on that as part of the sanity plan. Language folks - what would you learn? I understand the romance languages well enough to hobble through already.
  8. sshow bob


    Have to get tested before surgery. Still wrong that is what it takes to get tested.
  9. sshow bob

    What's in your arsenal??

    $358 for a case of 100, so $1,611 per minute. I suppose you'd handled them for less.
  10. sshow bob


    She is. And Evo. And others for others. Funny family we have here.
  11. Can't I have until week three? Played keys since I was four - I have the modes and scale down. I really just need to learn to understand the fret board like I understand the keyboard. Its a lot easier when its linear, though you have more complicate set of notes on the keyboard. I think the guitar will be part of it. Made it to 45, but it certainly makes me feel middle aged.
  12. Stupid doesn't come close. Standing on the deck of our little center console while launching. Pushed off on the post the winch is mounted on to slide it into the water. Pop! Loud enough for the people on the dock to wince and make sympathetic noises. Didn't even kick that hard, but my foot was at a bad angle
  13. Sunday I blew up my right Achilles tendon. Today was the consult and the MRI. The likely outcome will be surgery Monday. Then, five weeks of sitting with my leg raised. What would you learn to do? I could work on learning to play more than open chords on the guitar, or maybe study for and pass the USCG test. I'd love to get certified in something weird, maybe. I am going to go nuts without something to learn. Ideas?
  14. sshow bob

    The rise of the KAREN

    Depends on how it can be done. Private litigation would exceed your 10k estimate easily. But getting the codes officer on it might be nearly free
  15. sshow bob

    The rise of the KAREN

    Lots of great advice here, but be careful about general applicability. Here in Maine if you knowingly let someone build over your line, you might well find yourself barred from asserting a claim. You could even lose enough land around the encroachment to permit the encroacher to access and service the structure. Especially true if the use is otherwise conforming and there is therefore no public interest involved. YMMV. I am not your lawyer, etc.