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  1. My newest project

    Great story, Bob. I agree that the planking lines are cool, funny, and stupid, and in the end I like them, but I am curious about how those lines are molded into the hull, or carved out of it. How did that work? Thanks.
  2. My newest project

    Sweet, I hope you guys get enough pressure to be fully powered up and can find the rudder stall spot. I'm headed to Naples FL to check a building that got slammed by Irma. Hoping to get out on the water one day this weekend or next week.
  3. My newest project

    Awesome cleavage, Bob. That is hot. And the tell-tales don't lie, sails look great. I don't recall, is there a symmetrical kite too, or is that a whisker pole? Glad you're getting perfect weather. I recommend you guys sail up to Sucia and test the beer fridge and the acoustics of the interior for a night.
  4. My newest project

    Hey Bob, when is the dodger being installed on #1? Just wondering, I'm thinking it's about time to sail her down to Santa Barbara for the winter.
  5. My newest project

    This boat looks great from every angle, but this is my favorite so far. (that shot of the bow at the dock) Rasper's 3D rendering is a great reminder of just how far back in the boat the fo'c'sle is, and how big it is. I wouldn't say you're loading the ends with gear at all, in fact you're placing the heavy gear in an ideal spot that you can access easily, unlike an aft lazerette where gear gets shoved back to the stern and you have to crawl in to get it.
  6. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    It would also be cool if there were a nice beach-style Tuff Shed on the deck to keep various fenders, flippers, sun faded life jackets, broken paddles, leaf blowers, etc. That stuff clogs up the lockers and is better kept in a shed.
  7. My newest project

    Good to hear that #1 is trimmed out and ready to sail. It's always fun to test how a boat rounds up. I think it's going to balance nicely, the nice big window between the semi full keel and rudder gave the owner what he wanted (full keel with attached rudder), and gave him what's going to be a great handling boat too. Bonus.
  8. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I could see those being adapted for use as mini gill-netters. I guess there's plenty of stability and freeboard to haul a net in over the side. Plus the slab topsides probably provide good leverage against a loaded gill-net when hauling it back in, picking fish. And, cool to hear about your experience on one, Tucky. Speaking of Whalers, I don't think you could call this Evinrude craft a trihull. It's more of a wildly blunt V-hull. The pounding must be something. I would sum it up as mis-formed following disfunction.
  9. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I admire the maxed out cockpit. I couldn't drive by without snapping a shot for the society.
  10. My newest project

    Took one of my kids to diner last night, and we both had the fish and chips - Friday special. Probably a haddock in a nice light tempura batter, not bad. But the chips were epic. A masher style, but thin like Brit chips with some skin still on and not greasy at all. I got the kiddo hooked on malted vinegar too. Wow, Proa, your personal website is tight. Ninja all the way. AlR must love it. You are a black belt digital genius. Hi yahh!
  11. My newest project

    Nice equilibrium Proa. One of your personalities is a pissed-off douche bag and another is an ironic smart-ass. It's a lot easier to level a boat than it is to fix that shit. Good luck.
  12. My newest project

    Proa, your greatly diminished respect for Bob is greatly diminishing your critical thinking skills. Bob did not say simply "adding weight forward", he said adding the intended gear that is not yet on the boat, and putting that gear in the right place. I will give you that trying to point out an ad hominem argument with girly name calling does have a demented kind of logic to it. I bet there's at least on thing you like about these new cutters, you spend a lot of time here.
  13. My newest project

    Congrats Bob! It's been great to follow this design and build and I'm looking forward to seeing #1 dialed-in and sailing under full canvas.
  14. My newest project

    Beautiful. Kitted out, out in the sunlight she really draws in your eye. There's going to be lots of lingering as people walk by her on the dock.
  15. It's a worthy puzzle! I'm looking forward to seeing your solution. My preference is to avoid centerboards, but your coastline has centerboard written all over it.