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  1. lasal


  2. lasal

    When do you just fucking Give Up ?

    I would fix it. I've fixed a half dozen broken carbon fiber bike frames. This after working with a former Specialized Bicycles engineer who fixed their broken prototype frames. There's a process. And of course the repair would be beefier than the original, and yeah, the tuned mast flex may or may not become an issue. I broke my first carbon windsurfing mast, breaking masts really sucks. It really does.
  3. Yep, and the hip eliminates the issue of siding the gable end. My last house was a cross gable hip, so to speak. Stronger than hell, we put an eighteen square concrete tile roof on that I think weighed 36 thousand pounds. Got engineer's approval with a glance and a signature basically.
  4. lasal

    Carbon cutter No. 2

    Cool, another beauty launched. It is kinda surreal to see the same amazing bespoke yacht launched again! But you're used to it. Most Tayanas looked bespoke to me when new.
  5. That's funny. You know, similar to your trimaran story where the designer shaped the cross beams with a foil creating downforce, the roof pitch on a house can make a big difference in lift. The common 4/12 pitch can make a pretty good wing and pull the roof off. Steeper pitches like 8/12 can create a preferred stabilizing turbulence. but the now famous Mexico Beach concrete beach shack looked like it had a 4 or maybe 6/12 roof, but that place was built to extraordinary specs.
  6. lasal


    Yep, you are definitely unethical. I downvoted a handful of your trolls, which were pathetic. Plus your friend Sharks with Lasers (hi Ishmael) is also at this unethical nonsense. It's stalking, and just as unethical as your copiously vindictive downvoting. You are one dodgy unethical crank and Sharks is obviously a tweaker, whoever the sock is.
  7. lasal


    There's no list. You're totally nuts. And, entirely unethical. Glad I could provide this service. And, I got another look at this post, which was quite good. Thanks for the downvote on it.
  8. lasal


    Funny TwoLegged. I downvote posts that add nothing and appear to me to be mere trolling or just plain stupid. You downvote out of retribution and make plans with others for payback. Your ethics are plain dodgy. Eleven downvotes in two minutes, that's impressive. Knock yourself out.
  9. lasal


    Thanks, random. This year, after your list was made, the Copper River was concerning too. And, right now there is a massive debate about the Lower Snake and whether to remove dams. The consensus appears to be heading toward removal. Loosing hydroelectricity plants is a real bummer, however.
  10. lasal

    Migrant Caravan

    It's breathtakingly simple minded to buy into that shit, but they do. Pretending that people are out for a little stroll across the length of Mexico with their young families in tow for any reason other than true desperation is shameless. How we treat the weakest among us will be remembered.
  11. lasal


    Now I'm hungry for good seafood! GB Fish and Chips for lunch it is. I didn't realize flounder came in in huge numbers too. I need to spend some time in Mobile. Thanks for the sight of endless shrimp, my peeling muscle memory is literally making it hard to type, I want to peel and eat.
  12. lasal


    The guy in your video, Rasper, just called a heron a crane. I'm out. I'll be back when the crab is ready.
  13. lasal


    There isn't any. And the tortured claim that there is is laughable. That's at a hatchery in a bay in a remote part of Prince William Sound, yes redundant, it's all remote. A tiny number of cruisers. Here's another video of the same spot.
  14. lasal


    This year it was tame. I went through twice and only about five or six boats out there each time. The red tide was still kicking on the northwest side of Cayo Costa. And, no, I didn't catch any tarpon, but I did have luck with the snook.
  15. lasal

    Migrant Caravan

    I've been saying this for a really long time now. So for a really long time you haven't bothered to read about all the political protests going on in Honduras.–2018_Honduran_protests