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  1. quickrelease

    Racing 2020? Who Are We Kidding?

    nice ride, but I prefer all carbon double hander for the 2020 season, as there will be no sailboat racing in the NYC and western long island sound for a long time
  2. quickrelease

    NYYC Manhattan campus

    you can get in the first wednesday eveing of each month, if you are wearing a coat and have a YRALIS tie. Even Italians and Jews. just say'in.
  3. quickrelease

    j105 sparcraft mast issues

    ok, so i can't measure - the fitting jiggles around like crazy despite factory rivets and dealer rivets. I did not realize there was such a big nuance to rivets and riveting in the first place. That backing plate on a CF mast - it looks like you have to make a hole the size of a shark bite to place the sheave, that doesn't seem that structurally sound either. Is there a trick to getting a backing plate inside a mast, without tearing a hole in it? Please share the secret.
  4. quickrelease

    j105 sparcraft mast issues

    yes, a backing plate or thru bolts, or a proper halyard sheave would be ideal, but what is the next best choice? Set it up with metric screws and tap some holes in the mast, drop in some locktight and hope for the best? As far as the feeler gauge goes, i was only off by a factor of 10, which is not bad for government work. And I feel sorry for that Rasputin guy who is fixated on penis size - maybe if we multiply by 10 he can finally have a 10 inch dick.
  5. quickrelease

    j105 sparcraft mast issues

    I have a four year old Sparcraft replacement mast on my 105. The spinnaker halyard has a masthead sheave and then travels down the forward face of the mast to a "halyard retainer" which sets the halyard at the its class legal height. This fitting is riveted on the mast, and it was re-revitted by the J boat dealer this past summer, with bigger and stronger rivets, and the POS thing still is wiggling and has 1/4 inch of play - see the picture and video. I hope it doesn't pull out in 25 knots of breeze. Sparcraft has been less than helpful and I see that they have a one year product warranty. What to do? Anybody else have this problem? retainer2.MOV
  6. quickrelease

    Manhasset Fall Series

    Clowns? Pathetic? Worse sailors around? There are some guys new to sailboat racing in the class, but that's not what the j105 class is. Why dont you j29er's stop jerking each other off and come race against the against the top of the j105 class, you wouldn't last a second. Remember, some of the better local sailmakers, past and present, have gotten beaten up in fleet 6 racing. And take a look at the NA results this month, Dennis Connor took third, beaten by two local amateur crews. You guys should put up or shut up. Hop on a 105 and show us what you got, otherwise STFU.
  7. quickrelease

    espo is a dick

    Pitman has dropped a few pounds, but he's aged quite a bit. this trophy looks bigger?