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  1. We dont see the rails break on old Lasers here in Australia either, pretty damn hot here most of the time. I've had them bow and warp, never break
  2. JMP

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    If it matters, the Class did have to change the class association logo as a result of the LP garbage, but LP did cave around boats/part supplies when the class went to vote on allowing new manufactures etc. Kind of opposite to what happened with the ILCA
  3. Yeah, the 9 rig is almost the same price as an ICLA7 here in Australia, $28.90AUD difference when both have battens supplied
  4. why would you quote the 9m Aero sail instead of the 7m which is closer in dimension to the Laser Full rig and $752? Like I originally stated, it's still cheaper here to buy the comparable aero sail, the Carbon Mast sections are cheaper too if that matters FWIW, it's WAY cheaper to buy a Laser MKII sail in Europe or the US compared to Australia
  5. From Westcoast there's a $38 difference between them for the sail and batten set
  6. I wouldn't mind intensity making Aero "practice" sails for a similar price to their Laser sails, I'd use one of those in club racing for sure... I am glad the genuine RS North sail price has remained flat in Australia over the last 5 years so it's still cheaper than the MKII Laser sail
  7. wouldn't surprise me to see intensity come in as a class approved sail supplier
  8. And? Prices have not gone up at all here, it's in fact cheaper to buy a PSA boat in the UK than it is to buy one in Australia so they're taking a hit there for sure compared to "local" sales
  9. With all these hidden fees which are higher than they ever were, PSA's doing a pretty good job to absorb them as there has been no increase in price on the PSA boats in Australia
  10. I could have sworn that TLC had a US person on their list previously, doesn't look to have much of a WW focus currently
  11. JMP

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Cool interview with Tom and Tom talking about Lasers/Olympics etc. Quite interesting where they're talking about dealing with different boats and how the sailing style had to be adapted
  12. The PSA boats are still the same price in Australia as they were a couple of years ago, it's 100 pounds cheaper to buy a PSA boat in the UK than it is to buy one in Australia, and it's about 260 USD more to buy one in the USA. Doesn't look like they're taking advantage of things at all... In other news, the price of the Aero went up by $1000 AUD in Australia, so it's no longer the same price as a new Laser here
  13. It doesn't I guess if people were really interested they could always email Santiago, how awesome is it to have some fresh blood in the class!
  14. "the bailer grommet is now sealed to reduce the prospect of leaking."
  15. I thought the bailers still had a screw, but the hull has a section in it now so the screw doesn't go straight through into nothing, haven't seen one in person yet