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  1. JMP

    Composite Radial Lower

    Clive gave a bit of a run down on the composite lower radial section at a masters regatta in Queensland last year, starts at about the 1hr 12min mark here:
  2. while I was annoyed at the price of the carbon lower, after I looked at how many radial lower sections I've purchased in recent years after bending them permanently I think the carbon section is well worthwhile. Will be cheaper in the long run for anyone that races a radial in decent wind
  3. JMP

    rs aero

    Like Tiller, I've had my Aero for almost 5 years now, it was one of the first into Australia. I did have a couple of the gudgeon screws start to back out a couple of years into ownership but they haven't come loose after tightening. I did also manage to somehow bend the gooseneck pin (cast stainless looking thing) and had that replaced. I do a lot of mileage towing my boat on the highway between regatta's and the bow where it sits on the blue poly block also went soft and started to delaminate where it sits on the block. That was probably partly my fault for strapping it down too hard with it slightly too far forward on the dolly along with having the trailer sprung too stiffly for the garbage roads it gets towed on The dolly V-block isn't shaped to the blow, it's just a generic item and not all that soft. I do have plans to mold a replacement that will bolt in place of the v-block to support the bow up under the gunwale. There have been some isolated reports of people snapping the tiller off the rudder headstock where it goes cast alloy to carbon tube, mostly due to people landing on top of the tiller and leveraging it down, then the cast alloy spigot the carbon tube goes over snapped. That has been revised also and RS looked after the folks it happened to
  4. looks like they didn't learn much from the Sunfish saga, only now in a worse position as ILCA did basically the same thing but had other builders they could fall back on. At least they're going with Laser League instead of the International Laser Class Organization this time around
  5. North are gearing up to be able to sell class legal sails direct to the public, and people are free to buy sails through whatever vendor has class legal sails in stock anyway...
  6. JMP

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    I thought LP Checked out of the US 10 years ago?
  7. we'll have to wait and see, the Norths are cheaper in the US but in Aus all three are priced identically:
  8. Interesting snippit from the minutes of the most recent Australian Laser Class Association AGM, : I wonder if North will price-fix to stay the same as the existing Hyde and Pryde sails, or will they be a bit more aggressive and gain some market share The pessimist in me suspects there will be some sort of clause in the agreement allowing them to go direct saying they can't undercut the other's One can only hope, the pryde "club" sails are pretty cheap:
  9. probably more to that equation, given builders supply the class legal sails also, someone in the sail supply chain is making pretty good margins. Sail sales would far outstrip boat sales per yet
  10. Especially given the "Club" boats come with their really cheap "Training" sails
  11. Potentially another revocation of class association recognition coming? It's not like that would be new to the Italians :p
  12. Was it Qindao Zou Inter Marine that LP were working with to setup building from China that fell through at the trademark negotiation stage? If so, they'd have a pretty good headstart given they'd already been through the process of building the test boats etc to prove they could build to the manual. I can't be bothered going back through the threads to look up who LP was setting up with in China Edit: I do recall now, they were working with Far East
  13. probably less variance than with the alloy spars, weighing and selecting between the light and heavy extrusions to get the best bend characteristics for your weight
  14. we were snapping top sections in the early 90's, when to "supervang" you'd cleat the mainsheet, then kick the sheet between the ratchet and boom while heaving on the vang. It's just a normal thing with alloy spars that they work harden and eventually snap, especially when you have that weak rivet point in the collar. It's way easier to release the vang at the top mark now compared to the old days
  15. let alone having the alloy section snap and create an additional window in your nice new $1K AUD sail