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  1. The last quoted figure for the button was $14US right?
  2. I'm hoping the Yes vote gets up, so someone like Intensity could come along and provide class legal sails They could charge triple their "practise" sail price and it would still be a significant saving over the current bunch. Even North's own practise sails are massively cheaper than the class legal sails
  3. builders aren't required for FRAND, all that is needed for FRAND is a pathway for any interested parties to be able to become builders/suppliers if they wish, which is what the existing commercial parties have to sort out
  4. JMP

    Bitching and Whining About Laser Shit

    how does a different decal on the side make them non lasers? Did the Maclaren decals on the side of the LP boats at the NZ youths in 2016 make them non Lasers given LP aren't allowed to sell boats in that region??
  5. JMP

    Bitching and Whining About Laser Shit

    What is non-class legal about the PSA boats in Kingston? The rules don't state they have to have a Laser decal on the side. Or are you referring to the LP boats that were brought in as being non-class legal... Were the LP boats used at the NZ youths non-class legal because that was PSA's region?
  6. how to carbon masts go with prolonged UV exposure? Having some way to secure the boats to the ground is a good thing, have seen a few clubs where boats have blown out of the enclosure during storms
  7. JMP

    fake lasers?

    In Australia the RS Aero 7 is $13,395 AUD with Alloy trolley, Top Cover, Foil Cover and overdeck control lines. To buy a similarly spec'd Laser with Carbon top section, Carbon Tiller, Deck cover, foil bag and alloy trolley you'll be stung $13,330 AUD. $65 AUD difference for a 40 year newer boat with the modern technology packed in
  8. JMP

    fake lasers?

    To add salt to @Pung boy's wounds, I believe the NZ Aero distributor doesn't include the trolley, top cover & foil covers in that price where the Australian distributor does, so there's an even bigger price gap to the point it's potentially cheaper to buy a boat in Aus and send it across the pond, although I'm not sure which places are actually pricing them at 17K:
  9. JMP

    fake lasers?

    in the scenario where the no vote gets up and the laser is dropped from the Olympics, there's no need for the FRAND concern and LP is still not an approved builder. I'm wondering what it will take for them to become approved and able to purchase plaques again. I'd expect another vote of some sort is required?
  10. The photo was originally posted to Instagram by sailcoach, then deleted not too long after. Before it was deleted JPK shared it on his Optimist etc youth Facebook page, then shared a screenshot of it on their page which was subsequently shared on the "Sailors Voice" page where all the commenting etc from Eric and others including Andy took place.
  11. JMP

    fake lasers?

    What's the current process for a new Laser builder to be approved? It needs the existing builders to approve and another vote of some sort right? Given the current situation, I personally don't see it being an easy path for LP to become an approved builder again under the current rules in a non FRAND world
  12. LP tried to hold them over a barrel with $2K charter fees after supplying "Free" boats to the youth event in Poland, would have been awesome if PSA shipped their boats over with a variety of decals such as Torch, Gamma, Weekender, Kirby, Bruce etc. Missed opportunity there Maybe PSA should have kicked up a stink at the LP boats being used at the NZ youth event after WS changed the dates around so it conflicted with the Melbourne events
  13. JMP

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Anyone have any insight on the likelihood of LP being reinstated as builder when the "No" vote gets up? I'd think it would be much easier for them to become an approved builder again with the FRAND system
  14. Video from the Japan meeting has been posted. Would have been nice to seen Jean-Luc man up and take responsibility for his actions: