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  1. Swimsailor

    Mike Plant - Project Coyote the Movie

    I just watched it. $9.95 on iTunes. Excellent documentary. There was so much I didn't, especially the larger than life persona of Mike Plant. Such a great show.
  2. Swimsailor

    "fu ws" (from the front page)

    It's probably time to kill the Laser. The Melges looks cool.
  3. Swimsailor

    Sailors Powerboat

    Catalina Yachts just purchased True North.
  4. Swimsailor

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Plane and simple, this is a commercial, professional sports venture. That's not a good or bad thing, just a fact. People keep trying to wedge the AC into this kind venture and the debate whether or not the AC is meant for that continues. I'll watch SailGP if it happens and I hope it isn't just another World Sailing League flop.
  5. Swimsailor


    And then he lied under oath. When someone is accused of something and then lie to congress, is that justified in your opinion? Bart O'Kavenaugh showed his true colors and he failed.
  6. Swimsailor

    Old Sails

    I still use some original sails on my 1984 Capri 25. The #2, #3 and spinnaker are 7/10. I use the original main and light #1 for cruising. The original heavy #1 is used as a patio cover in my backyard. The #3 is getting new luff tape this week though. For racing, I do have a new main, AP #1 and VMG kite from Ballard Sails, and the boat goes like it has afterburners with those sails up.
  7. Swimsailor

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    I wonder, do you have any idea what an a-hole you look like? Attitudes like this is why sailing is dead. Who gives a fuck? I wear one sometimes and we win. I use Croakies too, well Chums, but I'd hate to lose my $200 sunnies.
  8. Swimsailor

    Beneteau dropped the First line?

    The "new" First line was just announced. (or at least I just noticed) They have re-branded the Seascape line, which they recently purchased. I hope they get some traction with Beneteau marketing and dealer support. The 27 is damn expensive but the 24 looks like it could be a hit. I see a steady stream of $100k wake boats and $70k trucks on the ramp at our lake. Money doesn't seem to be the issue around here. Sailing is simply too complicated for most to want to bother. But I digress... Beneteau have revamped their website. And speaking of powerboats, their lineup of small cruisers is pretty damn impressive!
  9. Swimsailor

    what is it?

    SA with the scoop!
  10. Swimsailor

    Front Page - scotw

    She didn't make the choice to have her crotch blasted all over the internet. That was Scooter's choice.
  11. Swimsailor

    Thoughts on old molds and new boats

    Good points! I only take issue with one... there is a very critical part that I cannon access on my Capri 25 without major surgery. There's a block of wood that is rotted out under the compression post and under the floor liner. Everything else I could access during my refit last year except that one critical piece of wood.
  12. Swimsailor

    what is it?

    Plenty of info over on the J/99 thread. Lots of options on this boat. How many rudders is one of them.
  13. Swimsailor

    What's your boat beer?

    Wow. Someone has no chill. I bet you're blast to race with. :/
  14. Swimsailor

    GPS Watch

    I bought a referbed Quatix this season. It's handy but as others have said way too small for actual GPS usage...waypoints, etc. It's nice to have a quick look at speed and other stats but beyond that it's too complicated and too small. I only paid $70 though. I wouldn't pay the $400 for a new one however.
  15. Swimsailor

    What's your boat beer?

    801 or Rainer... Low point so we can drink all day.