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  1. Why does Trump have a Chinese bank account?
  2. I’ve read several stories from several different outlets. It sounds like you’re complaining the MSM isn’t accusing Biden of wrongdoing.
  3. As long as Trump has to explain his Chinese bank account, his kids trading on his name and office as POTUS, his weird handsy relationship with Ivanka, Ivanka’s licenses in China... Oh, and where are those tax returns? I’m not sure what you want the MSM to report. The FBI has the emails. If there was something illegal, indict and prosecute. Until then it’s a non story... It’s Giuliani (the guy walking off to a young journalist in a hotel room) and Bannon (the guy arrested for fraud) talking shit.
  4. Swimsailor

    60 Minutes interview

    The crazy thing is Trump thinks this video makes him look good. Fucking bizarro world.
  5. Swimsailor

    Rush Limbaugh

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist
  6. Swimsailor

    Rush Limbaugh

    Start here... https://newsone.com/16051/top-10-racist-limbaugh-quotes/
  7. Swimsailor

    Biden cabinet

    My pipe dream would be for someone from the trenches of public education for Sec of Ed, a career diplomat for Sec of State, an economist for Treasury, a veteran for DOD, a climate scientist for DOE, a homeless advocate for HUD, a doctor for HHS. I know, that's a tall order but if I were in charge...
  8. Swimsailor

    Nuclear Sailing

    Why doesn't it qualify?
  9. Swimsailor

    Gary Johnson

    I replaced it with a sign that simply said “What’s Aleppo?”
  10. Swimsailor

    Dog's people

    Coming at you from Utah! https://www.ksl.com/article/50032731/feds-crack-down-on-very-unfortunate-utah-export-white-supremacist-gangs
  11. Swimsailor

    Gary Johnson

    Gary Johnson was the first Presidential candidate I donated to. He was also the first rally I ever went to. I put a sign on my lawn. I voted for Biden this time.
  12. Swimsailor

    Trump's Town Hall 10/15

    "What's your plan for healthcare?" "Bring costs down" Hey, fuckwhit, how??? Keeps talking about getting rid of the mandate. How is Trump going to reduce costs???
  13. Swimsailor

    Trump's Town Hall 10/15

    I tried. I can't watch this clown. I still can't believe this is our President. What a dunce. Guthrie? Fucking awesome. Trump can't stand strong women.
  14. Swimsailor

    Town Hall Wars 2020

    "Good job". What a putz.
  15. You've posted ZERO truths in this thread.