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  1. Swimsailor

    sometimes you just suck - FP

    Man up and take the DFL.
  2. Swimsailor

    Positioning winches and clutches

    I went back and forth. But heck, it's Friday and all I really want is a dark n stormy. Regardless, the OP got me excited for someone doing what I spent the winter doing. I thought pretty hard about the clutch alignment as well and went with the least friction possible option.
  3. Swimsailor

    Positioning winches and clutches

    Yeah, you're right. I should just stay at the dock. My 1st place trophies don't mean shit anyway. I probably should just sell my boat. I can't believe I spent all winter striping my deck, sanding, painting 3 coats, milling new teak...just to ruin it all by bringing my halyards back to the cockpit. I'm must be an imbecile! I can't believe anyone had me crew for Ensenada, KWRW, and NOODs. Can you believe Pac Cup officials even let me race??? What idiots! Etchells Worlds? What was I thinking? And I definitely shouldn't have done all those deliveries. I can't believe I left the dock. For those like Moonduster, who think their way is the only way, here's why I have my boat set up like this... When racing with full crew, we launch and retrieve the kite from the forward hatch. We have experimented with other methods but have found on our boat, this is best. The foredeck hoists the sail and cleats the halyard in an offset cam cleat below the halyard exit on the mast. The pit then cleans up the tail after the set and transfers the load to the clutch. At take down, the foredeck guy is now free to gather the kite since the halyard is back at the clutch within arms reach of the pitwoman. And yes, if I'm daysailing with non-sailing friends, with my kid or solo, it's nice to have all the halyards near the cockpit with halyard, sheet, guy and tiller all within reach.
  4. Swimsailor

    Positioning winches and clutches

    I went the "line direct route" on my Capri 25. Those are new Spinlock's which replaced jam cleats. The genoa on port and main on stbd. The spin halyard is there on stb as well but the halyard will eventually exit from 9 feet up the mast and cleat there as well. The pit can clean up the tail after hoist. This also allows me to hoist the kite from the cockpit if sailing solo or just with my wife and kid. The outboard cam cleats are spin pole topper on port, downfucker on stb.
  5. Swimsailor

    Adrift Movie

    When I first heard about the movie, I immediately thought it was going to be about this book.
  6. Swimsailor

    ClubSwan 36

    Probably the same reason sailing in general is dead in the US? We like $50,000 sportboats that can win with $250,000 budgets here in the States.
  7. Swimsailor

    FP First Blood

    Is the sailmaker question ever going to be answered? With all the hate for NS over the last 18 years some sort of explanation is warranted.
  8. Swimsailor

    ClubSwan 36

    Looks like a foil sticking out the side
  9. Swimsailor

    ClubSwan 36

    Isn't it already dead?
  10. Swimsailor

    FP First Blood

    My thoughts exactly? North Sails???
  11. Swimsailor

    NYYC One Design

    I just read through the rules for the IC37 and don't see anything about North being exclusive, only License Manufacturer. Does that mean they have opened up the sail maker rule? Is the North requirement only for the NYYC boats?
  12. Swimsailor

    New White Brightside yellowing

    Well, the yellow isn't visible now. Whether it was the sun bleaching and curing it out or just simply that the white is so shiny and bright in the sun that you can't see it. Overall I'm happy with the Brightside and Kiwigrip.
  13. Swimsailor

    bad penny - Hancock on VOR

    The biggest issue I have with the IMOCA/Solo comparison is that computers do most of the driving. Gabart made it around the world without ever touching the helm! Make it 6 crew with a human at the helm the entire time and I'm down.
  14. Swimsailor

    NYYC One Design

    I chartered one of the Elliots in 2016. Most fun summer of racing I've ever had. I live too far way from the lake now to do it. But part of the charter was helping to set the boats up in the spring and put them away in the fall. I can't attest to the ongoing costs but the boats were donated and I'm not sure why any would need to be replaced. It's an awesome program that gets people racing actively in the middle of the Mountain West. We have some pretty kick ass sailors in these parts. I'm sure many clubs have similar set ups. I'm amazed the Catalina 37's are still going strong in Long Beach. NYYC is obviously the most recognized and prestigious one. The IC37 is a pretty cool boat!
  15. Swimsailor

    New White Brightside yellowing

    2 days direct sun has bleached out some of the yellow. A third day tomorrow. The boat goes up to the lake in a week anyway. We'll see whay happens.