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  1. A few more details... https://www.sailingworld.com/stars-stripes-returns-to-americas-cup?src=SOC&dom=fb&fbclid=IwAR3y3mF6mLhF4ihRmTqEpQYhRFbBrVrqDwnV9Ndf-lfYmEzTHe9kwmnMzLQ I like this team and this effort. Maybe they'll be setting up base in Wendover, NV. lol.
  2. The boat is already is being built from the design package purchased from ETNZ. I'm assuming he is more a design coordinator at this point. He's not having to come up with anything from scratch.
  3. Well, they obviously have enough money to build a boat and enter the race. And who wrote them off?
  4. S&S got their design package from ETNZ. JB Braun is the lead designer. Funding is from several entities forming an old school syndicate. It's almost as it you didn't read a damn thing that has been written today.
  5. Arms folded, scowling faces...the Officially Licensed Pose of AC36.
  6. Swimsailor

    plenty of fish

    Aren't you two twits saying the same thing???
  7. Swimsailor

    plenty of fish

    Or the Club Swan 50 just might be cooler, cheaper, better parties, easier to sail, etc... Boats that try to create a market usually fail. Boats that respond to a market do better.
  8. Swimsailor

    Need Help

    J/92 J/92s, J/88 would all be on my list with that budget. Tartan 101 if you wanted more headroom and 6 berths.
  9. Swimsailor

    i touch myself

    Sailmaker or not, this dude sounds like a douche. I believe sailing, as most adventure sports, has male dominance rooted in it's culture. Whether it's preppy private school Kavanaughism or action sports bro culture similar to mountain biking, it definitely exists. Are sailmakers the cause? Is that even what Scooter is asking? Seems to me the simple answer is don't do business with said sailmaker. Anywho… There are some great things happening in my sailing circle to overcome this cultural baggage. The Park City Sailing Association started a women's Wednesday night sailing/social this past summer that was quite successful. Sally Barkow attended some the events. Park City's Elliot 6m fleet has several rad female sailors competing regularly. The Bear Lake YC has an all female helmed regatta. Some of the most active racers on the Great Salt Lake are female. On an individual basis, I had my wife crewing for me this year and 2 more crew are husband and wife. And we had another crew member's daughter along for a race. My club has several boats racing each weekend with husband/wife crews. If of all places Utah can promote women's sailing, surely the rest of the country can do so. My sailmakers' wives and girlfriends are integral parts of their business and their race crews. The more each of us do that, the more women and girls will be involved, welcomed and respected. Social media is creating a lot of avenues for females to promote their sailing talents. Younger women especially nowadays have a new, stronger voice. We've identified the problem, now let's work towards solutions. And stop being douches.
  10. Swimsailor

    Mike Plant - Project Coyote the Movie

    I just watched it. $9.95 on iTunes. Excellent documentary. There was so much I didn't, especially the larger than life persona of Mike Plant. Such a great show.
  11. Swimsailor

    "fu ws" (from the front page)

    It's probably time to kill the Laser. The Melges looks cool.
  12. Swimsailor

    Sailors Powerboat

    Catalina Yachts just purchased True North.
  13. Swimsailor

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Plane and simple, this is a commercial, professional sports venture. That's not a good or bad thing, just a fact. People keep trying to wedge the AC into this kind venture and the debate whether or not the AC is meant for that continues. I'll watch SailGP if it happens and I hope it isn't just another World Sailing League flop.
  14. Swimsailor


    And then he lied under oath. When someone is accused of something and then lie to congress, is that justified in your opinion? Bart O'Kavenaugh showed his true colors and he failed.
  15. Swimsailor

    Old Sails

    I still use some original sails on my 1984 Capri 25. The #2, #3 and spinnaker are 7/10. I use the original main and light #1 for cruising. The original heavy #1 is used as a patio cover in my backyard. The #3 is getting new luff tape this week though. For racing, I do have a new main, AP #1 and VMG kite from Ballard Sails, and the boat goes like it has afterburners with those sails up.