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  1. That's one of the many interesting things about pac52's...there is some freedom. IH and BP habe higher freeboard as well. But both have won w/l inshore races.
  2. Huh? BG and Fox are sisters. Rio is designed more as an inshore boat. Bad Pak and IH are designed with offshore racing in mind.
  3. Sure know how to make someone feel welcome!
  4. I have to pair of the original model. Both are 10 years old. Holding up well being used 2 or 3 times a month in the summer season.
  5. What about all the "big boats" that are already in the Bay Area? I would assume there were plenty who stayed home. Why aren't they racing?
  6. It definitely is! And if they don't want people at their regatta then there's your answers to all these questions.
  7. But don't you think BBS may have suffered the same illness of KWRW? Catering to this notion of grand prix while excluding the nuts and bolts? Maybe start spreading the Rolex love to all the classes.
  8. Just because SA doesn't think the regatta was important doesn't mean the rest if us have to follow suit. I'm sick of the good ol days talk. Enjoy the fucking moment. I hear guys complain and talk about the past as they are sitting there on a boat, racing! The good ol days for me are now.
  9. Holy smokes. BG cleaning up at BBS!
  10. Poetry. That was awesome.
  11. Pocket change for NYYC.
  12. I'm willing to bet its a moot point. 20 will go to NYYC and maybe another 5-10 get sold. For the NYYC 20, it makes sense for a club boat. But to try and mass market this thing and limit the sailmaker choice is shortsighted at best. This boat will for sure not be in my fantasy lotto fleet.
  13. Star of the North is on our list for sure! I absolutely love the boat. Perfect size racer for the Mountain West. Comfy enough to sleep on overnight. Big cockpit. And I can drive with both feet in the water.
  14. I don't agree with the ed's of SA a lot of the time. I question the asshattery here quite often. While SA has provided more than a decade of online fun, it has also provided more than a decade of shitfoolery. And maybe that's what keeps us coming back. But I gotta say, Scooter got it right on the FP today. And credit where credit is due, he does put his money where his mouth is. I picked up a 1985 Capri 25 last year here in Utah and in all honesty, I have never had more fun sailing. I have raced on some pretty awesome boats over the years and at some of the biggest regattas in the US but none of that compares to what I've done over the last year. From sanding to bottom, rebuilding the trailer, putting up new sails and treating my little crew to dinner, I have bonded with my boat. She's a part of me now. I actually can't wait for my winter deck project. We took last place in out first race with her this year. Travelled and were humbled a bit. Then finished off the summer winning our club's biggest race. I felt like I had won the fucking America's Cup. More than a half dozen non-sailors have gotten their first taste of sailing on my little boat this year. Others got a refresher of boat life after being away from it for a long time. And I got to race on Father's Day with my old man, something I've wanted to do for 30 years. And that what this is all about...actually fucking sailing and racing our boats, or even other people's boats, regardless of what said vessel is. I love the big boat stuff. I still get to sail some rad boats on the coasts. And I love media coverage of the glamour classes. But I also know where and what the majority of us sail and I'm stoked to see SA highlight that again on the FP. Keep slayin' it wherever you may be and whatever you may be sailing on.
  15. The Antrim 27 "Anarchy" ramp launches every week here at Bear Lake, UT, as do I with my Capri 25. Anarchy uses Amsteel line. I use 35 feet of automotive tow strap. 10 min process. A steeper ramp is actually easier to launch on than the gradual one we have.