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  1. nimroods

    Daughter sends mom picture of her college bedroom

    She might require three jackets.
  2. I didn't blame anyone for anything with the exception of you being a cunt.
  3. If you are going to rip someone asshole, best to have your facts right and try not to sensationalize your post. It was not 500 deaths, it was more like 350, but that is 350 to many. And nacre and a few others here have it right you are a fucking cunt.
  4. You know you are due for name change. How about Miserable Gizswalloer. Talk about bullshit artist let me guess you have brown eyes.
  5. nimroods

    A British view of our beloved leader

    Of course you do. You have an answer for everything. Who give a shit where you have family and what they think.
  6. nimroods

    A British view of our beloved leader

    That is the whole point of the reference you simple mind shit. The average Brit doesn't give flying fuck.
  7. If you have not been told lately, you really are a fucking asshole. Nope sorry about that, let me rephrase it, you really are a narrow minded, opinionated, fucking douchebag of an asshole.
  8. nimroods

    SitRep From Paris?

    You'll be fine there is nothing really to worry about. Check with your hotel desk in the morning to see what is going on. They will have a pretty good handle on where the hot spots are if any. If you are heading to Normandy, I advise going to Mont-Saint-Michel and spending the nigh. You'll thank me later.
  9. nimroods

    A British view of our beloved leader

    Just spent a few months in the UK for work. I can tell you first hand: a.) the average Brit on the street could care less about the USA and its politics, they have their own shit to worry about. b.) the average Brit on the street does not give a shit about Donald Trump, they have their own shit to worry about. c.) the average Brit on the street has more of a concern with Leeds United vs Everton futball game on Sunday then to give a shit about the USA and Donald Trump. As for those of you that think the world looks at the USA and is embarrassed because of Donald Trump get the fuck over yourself. Go travel to those countries and talk to the people. You would be surprised how much they really don't give a shit.
  10. Wow, this is some real news. This is just fucking earth-shattering.
  11. nimroods

    Who would the US be better allied with

    Here is another take on the situation: it won't even get that far. We have Israel on a leash, if we pull from Israel the Arab states will start WWIII with them, with their back against the wall or in this case the Mediterranean, Israel will light off their Nukes. Poof!!! no more Middle East As far as their EW, ECM, and other nice little toys they make, who do you think they stole the technology from? One of the biggest challenges with our defense contractors these days is keeping their shit secret. With the Chinese and Israelis having fourth generation deep illegals, who can not keep this from happening. Israel will screw us in a second.
  12. nimroods

    Is football dying?

    Two little nephews played Pop-Warner football this year, the won't be playing next year. Not due to the injury factor, more so the time, money, and the schedules as the SIL put it. . But then again, as I had informed my brother, the SIL is a little bit of a pompous blue blood bitch that didn't want her kids associating with the kids from the other part of town. Can you believe this shit still happens?
  13. Jesus Fucking Christ, where the fuck did you come from? I would insult you back but Mother Natures has already done such a fine job, I just couldn't compete. If you're trying to improve the world, you should start with yourself. Nothing needs more help than you do. But I digress, the fact that jellyfish survived for 650 million years with no brains is good news for stupid people like you.
  14. nimroods

    Who would the US be better allied with

    Do you think for a fucking second they are already not selling a watered down version, or last weeks technology to the Chinks of the Ruskies? You funny Joe, no shit!
  15. nimroods

    Hey Racists, Suck On This

    I never got flicked. I come here to waste time, when I have time to waste which is not very often. Nothing I say or do is going to change the outcome, but I do like stirring things up a little.