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  1. Route du Rhum 2018

  2. Grilling 2018

    I would not say I dislike mesquite. It gives a good smokey flavor if used minimally combined with some other wood, but agree if that is the only wood used for the full cook, to my taste, it can give a bitter/acrid flavor . . . almost a burnt taste without being burnt.
  3. a hot topic fur shur, pizza making

    i've no idea what actually makes it Portuguese
  4. a hot topic fur shur, pizza making

    I am thinking of purchasing this Portuguese Brick Oven https://www.grillsnovens.com/wood-fired-pizza-oven.html. Anyone have any experience with it by chance? I debated ordering one of the DIY forms from Brickwood Ovens (http://www.brickwoodovens.com/pizza-ovens) which seem simple enough, but after calculating the cost of materials, as well as the time for build, the $1,600 ($1,400 if I pick it up) seems a very good deal.
  5. Grilling 2018

    and another http://forum.bradleysmoker.com/
  6. F@#%ing Mice in car anarchy.

    Ultrasonic Animal Repeller I've had success getting mice out of my garage with one of these.
  7. Bob Dylan - The SECOND best lyricist?

    CSN . . . so many but Southern Cross has special place for me. Think Stills actually wrote it.
  8. Webb Chiles buys a Condo

    Thank you for posting the video of Webb's acceptance speech. I was interested to hear it.
  9. LONQR

    who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
  10. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    She might be over qualified??
  11. Drink more - exercise less

  12. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    About as fast as Rimas "sails"
  13. Moss Legacy Japanese Snowsurfing

    The was really good
  14. Stupid Airports

    if you think JFK is bad do not try Laguardia. it may be improved when/if the construction ever finishes . . . maybe by 2035