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  1. Son of a Sailor

    Stargazing app?

  2. Son of a Sailor

    Meat Cooked in Stones

    Why would you bother with the stones? It would probably be a good dish without having to deal with the stones at all.
  3. Son of a Sailor

    LONQR 2

    Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo?
  4. Son of a Sailor

    Scooters Yackity Yack Vids

    I'm really enjoying these vids. Scot does a great job.
  5. Son of a Sailor

    NFL 2020

    The sucking Jets almost ruined their perfect season?!? Against the Patriots It is truly pathetic that the first time the Patriots are bad in probably two decades and the AFC East might be up for grabs the Jets are the worst team in the NFL. I'm starting to feel like a Lions fan.
  6. Son of a Sailor


    Was out fishing with the nephew and son and we caught a bunch of bluefish. They have not had bluefish before and were very interested in cooking them up for dinner. I had heard that smoked bluefish was more edible then other preparations so we thought we give it a try. Brined the fillets overnight and then 2.5 hours on hickory smoke last evening. Was definitely better than simply grilled but still not a fan . . . neither were the boys.
  7. Son of a Sailor

    Sean Connery - RIP

    End of an era!
  8. Son of a Sailor

    Key West Winter Series

  9. Son of a Sailor

    Hemmingway's boat on I-95

    There is also the replica that is/was in the Bass Pro Shop in Islamorada
  10. Son of a Sailor

    MOD 70 fleet

    I I might be off here but I think #5 is now Mana owned by Riccardo Pavoncelli that was just in the Rolex Middle Sea race
  11. Son of a Sailor

    Random PicThread

    Never mind . . . did not see there was a previous thread on this subject.
  12. Son of a Sailor

    Random PicThread

    Whatever happened to Rainmaker? Is it still in Bermuda?
  13. Son of a Sailor

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Especially if it is one of the teams with no backup skipper. Edit to add - it does look like many are at least wearing masks
  14. Son of a Sailor

    Vendee Globe 2020

    The village looks like it is getting a pretty good crowd.
  15. Son of a Sailor

    'Triple Jack' rebuild...FU Irma!

    Great progress! Really enjoying seeing the rebuild.