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  1. Son of a Sailor

    2018 Fishing Thread

    It seem that there has been red tide more often than not when we are down visiting my in-laws recently. Is it just our timing or has this been occurring that frequently?
  2. Son of a Sailor


    Surfline webcam at Carolina Beach. You have to suffer through the commericals though.
  3. Son of a Sailor


    Don't forget that Sandy was not technically a hurricane when it hit NJ/NY and look at the damage it did.
  4. Son of a Sailor

    Burt Reynolds DTS

  5. Son of a Sailor

    Random PicThread
  7. Son of a Sailor

    Bride asks guests to pay $1500 each to attend her wedding

    Had to be a millennial
  8. Son of a Sailor

    Towing a 13' Whaler...

    We used to tow our 13' whaler behind our then 37 foot sailboat for Summer cruise out to Block Island and back with points in between. We needed it for a family of six. We set up bridle between the two stern cleats, but otherwise set up as you have suggested. It definitely impacted the speed, and fuel consumption when not under sail, as compared to the Avon used previously, but all in all was worth it for the minor inconvenience it caused in towing.
  9. Son of a Sailor

    Random PicThread

    What is the story on this? Google images comes up with monoski!
  10. Son of a Sailor

    Whiskeytown - Gone

  11. Son of a Sailor

    Redding CA wildfire

    That is just horrible! He must have been losing his mind.
  12. Son of a Sailor


    From Wikipedia. Sounds awesome! The shooter's sandwich is a steak sandwich prepared with cooked steak and mushrooms, salt and pepper that is placed inside a hollowed-out long loaf of bread and then weighed down. It originated in England from the Edwardian era, and is similar to the Beef Wellington.
  13. Son of a Sailor

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Her sister is Rooney Mara. As in the Pittsburgh Steeler Rooneys to whom the Mara's are related. Not a bad family to be born into.
  14. Son of a Sailor

    Grilling 2018

    They are having a 20% off sale today on the Mk4
  15. Son of a Sailor

    The Graduate