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    Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2018

    Maybe Drift Free Zone or Penalty Box?
  2. Son of a Sailor

    Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2018

    And where did it go when it left the marina? What was the message on twitter . . . the link doesn't seem to work?
  3. Son of a Sailor

    Latest Book Recommendations

    I tried to read Tolkein's Fall of Gondolin recently. I don't know if it is because his son edited the book, but i could not get through it. Quit after about 50 pages because it was just too tedious. Very disappointed as I really enjoyed all his other books. So not recommended.
  4. Son of a Sailor

    George the First (Bush) passed away

    What? You don't think Trump is a gentleman?
  5. Son of a Sailor

    New Jeep

    +1!! AEV had a Brute Double Cab conversion package based off the Rubicon the that looked much like this but at likely much steeper price. The cost was somewhere between $80 - 100k depending on package selected.
  6. Son of a Sailor

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Congrats! Well done RM.
  7. Son of a Sailor

    RORC Transat

    Yes I am well aware that they are not participating in this year's transatlantic. My question is where is Phaedo/Beau Geste now . . . as in why are they not in this year's race and do they have any races scheduled?
  8. Son of a Sailor

    RORC Transat

    Where is Phaedo/Beau Geste?
  9. Son of a Sailor

    Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2018

    Looks like some activity today.
  10. Son of a Sailor

    The Best Drunk Food

    Corned beef, cheese, fried egg sandwich with the works at Primanti Bros. from the original location in the Strip District, Pittsburgh, PA
  11. Son of a Sailor

    Random PicThread

  12. Son of a Sailor

    JFest Southwest Legends Race - live stream today

    +100 Comedy genius!!
  13. Son of a Sailor

    Dodge 1000 HP Hellephant Engine

    Isn't that the Blues Mobile?
  14. Son of a Sailor

    Fellow Yankees:
  15. Son of a Sailor

    Girl Bakes Grandfather's Ashes Into Cookies

    This needs to go in the LQNR thread
  16. Son of a Sailor

    "National Cleavage Day"

    National No Bra Day
  17. Son of a Sailor

    where is webb chiles?

    Is anyone going to hear Webb speak at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum . . . i think it is this coming Saturday? I can't make it, but would be great to see a video of the speech if anyone is going to be there.
  18. Son of a Sailor


    They are auctioning off the remnants of the Frying Pan cam flag on ebay. Current bis id over $7,000.
  19. Son of a Sailor

    what is it?

    The port side fell off?
  20. Son of a Sailor

    what is it?

    Google images says its a picnic table
  21. Son of a Sailor


    A piece of the Frying Pan flag survived
  22. Son of a Sailor


    Some of the newer high end construction does have metal roll down shutters. I've seem some in south Florida that have mounts for storm shutters to be easily mounted in the event they are needed and then removed and stored so as not to spoil the architecture.