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  1. Interprotect 2000E ratio by weight

    And the weight ratio for Interprotect HS from Interlux. Tom Please see below The Interprotect HS by weight will be as follows. 2.90 | 1.0 (For every 2.9 lbs or grams of YPA420 you need 1 gram of YPA422) Or YPA420 74.37% YPA422 25.63%
  2. I would get a C&C 35 - great boat lots of them here on Great Lakes (fresh water).
  3. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Um the great lakes are Fresh water - so salty skipper you are not. L
  4. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    if you have lived in China you would know why this placard is needed.
  5. what is it?

    Hey it has 2 of the dreaded offset companways ☺️ Very cool would like to see interior plan
  6. opti's (sic) rule

    My humble Opinion - Optis SUCK. Horrible boat to learn in - you have to have the latest stuff to be competitive. The kids figure it out if they are not in a few races; then start asking for better stuff. My daughter hates is less than BIC so we sail the Opti. We are leaving the Opti for the 420 so she can sail with her 14 yr old brother. She told be "best day in my life dad". Just my thoughts.
  7. Tether clips

    1+ I think that is the way I am going to go.
  8. Is this bad?

    Yes it's BAD.
  9. Awlwood? Anybody use that can review?

    I have done my teak toe rails on my First 40.7. Stripped off the varnish - re-stained with the red stain because the teak was blotchy as it had a yellow tint. The Awlwood is very easy to work with. remember you get what you see so have surface prep done correctly. I prestained with rag - quick wipe down. 1/2 hr later mixed red stain 5% to 10 % with littler Awlwood thinner put a thin coat 3 hrs later added another coat next day clear Awlwood 3 hrs later clear awlwood Then waited for a day or so and sanded with 220 cleaned they put another coat of clear. One season later it looks as good as the day I applied it. I will do a touch up coat each year after a light sanding. One poster remarked about taping - get fine line tape to mask off toe rail as the bleed thru will stain the gel coat.
  10. How to remove First 40.7 Rudder

    Nice Idea - However I have a swim platform so the transom does not lend itself to do that with out some large modification for top pintle. I guess you could build it 4" and get a 8 " span from top to bottom pintle as its really an emergency rudder. Thanks for the idea -
  11. How to remove First 40.7 Rudder

    K you have nailed the steering perfectly. I have shoal draft keel so I am sure that I got the shorter rudder - its shorter by 6 inches or so. The rudder as I measured it goes from 17% foil section at top down to 12% percent thickness. This is typical of a "stock"rudder. This is primarly due to the rudder shaft thickness driving the top to be too thick - If the shaft is built correctly (proper layup and materials) out of carbon it will be correct thickness per the design. The design from the orginal plan is a 13%ish at top to 12% at tip - this is my estimation looking at the plans. The boat rudder max thickness location is way off - it needs to be forward. The trailing edge is also very thick; good news is its all glass so grinding it down is not an issue. So I will get mine as close to the orginal plans as possible both in thickness and depth. I will stiffen rudder up (top to bottom) using Uni-Carbon on each side and then cover entire rudder with bi-axial carbon following Farr's recommendations for skin layup. You can get one made "class legal" that is a ~12% section with thickness in correct location from Larry Tuttle or Phil's Foils. Both do excellent work. They will build the rudder stock correctly so it will be right thickness and the rudder will match the plans perfectly. However this is an 8K upgrade. I just bought 2 3Di headsails so the boat kitty is very dry. SO I am going to try this rebuilt rudder for next year of so... Then if it's still problematic - I will purchase the rights from Farr to build a one off "NEW Design class legal". I will get a new rudder stock and foam blanks made and laminate it together. I used to build boats /rudders and I like doing this stuff for myself. Its fun and I really enjoy doing it plus I have all the resin infusion equipment in the basement. I will post some pictures once I get old rudder shaped - that is going to take me a few weeks doing it at nights and on weekends. FYI - Another First 40.7 owner re-faired his rudder and he was happy with improvement - at least that is what I read.
  12. How to remove First 40.7 Rudder

    Yep - good advice. The stainless bearing is perfect except its loose on the shaft - both top and bottom. I am going to use West System G-Flex to re-bond the bearings. The stainless and "e-Glass" did not stick together (thermo expansion?) very well. The bog in between the shaft and bearing is very sloppy/not nicely done. When I see crap I fix it - The bushings in the boat look good may or may not replace them. The get to them you need a spanner to turn this "nut" off this Al tube on the bottom. The top bushing is bolted in. The Al tube keeps the water out. So if you take if off to get to bearings need to have boat out of the water. Note - I took mine off in the water to see if it was possible - it is. Next step is to create a much smaller emergency rudder and a system to install. I have seen/heard of this on Volvo boats. This of course is needed for some of the races that I do and I actually want my emergency steering to work.
  13. How to remove First 40.7 Rudder

    I did not take any water inside the boat when rudder was out. One way to check if rudder is free of bushing is to push down with your foot on rudder head. If it moves down ~20 mm and comes back up then its not stuck. Assuming yours floats or is not waterlogged.
  14. How to remove First 40.7 Rudder

    Well - it was really easy. I took the quadrant apart (forgot the get the stainless pin). Removed the Top pin, pushed straight down with a broom handle very hard (fast) and the rudder popped out. You can see I got lucky with the quadrant pin - it stayed in the post for some reason. I grabbed that before fell out. If you try to float yours get this pin when you take apart the quadrant. I used hoist to put in pick up. I could have picked it up as its not very heavy. I have the Farr Drawings (paid for them). The post is not Carbon the paddle inside the rudder is Carbon. I think the post is e-glass. The rudder skin is fiberglass - should be carbon. I am using templates to shape - rudder will be re-skinned with Carbon per the drawing. The stock rudder is approximately ~ 20 mm too thick and max thickness way aft (~42%). The trailing edge is very fat - removing a lot of material there.