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  1. Lucky Dog

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    Well an actual analysis of the failed part. Seriously Jason I would be doing the same thing you are doing. Defending your "brand" and you have done a great job at that. Glad you got the information out there regarding the "keel" design and the history. it's not a robust way to build any keel. The conversation should be how can we prevent this nonsense from ever happing again. Keels should never fall off. Tom
  2. Lucky Dog

    Performance Cruiser - Shoal draft

    I agree totally for what its worth - I have a First 40.7 shoal draft and I get my ass handed to me every time I go up against a First 40.7 with the deep draft. Farr VPP has me slightly lower but same speed. Not true in real life. both boats have North 3Di and deep draft is higher and faster upwind. I am maybe a little quicker downwind- but the upwind delta ensures I look at there transom the entire race.
  3. Lucky Dog

    3D iso Rotomoulding?

    5000 lbs that is a heavy 25 ft boat.
  4. Lucky Dog

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    Hey good thing this topic started back up. I have ordered a 3di Endurance mainsail. I am wondering about the carbon comments - I thought that a 3Di endurance has carbon content -
  5. Lucky Dog

    Random Switch

    You really need to trace the wire
  6. Lucky Dog

    Volvo Penta MD2020D Head needed

    My mistake -
  7. Lucky Dog

    Volvo Penta MD2020D Head needed

    No the 2020 is a 2 cylinder. The engine base is a Perkins that Volvo takes and paints green. I would look for a 2 cylinder Perkins M20 I think.
  8. Lucky Dog

    Volvo 2030 starting question

    Yep I agree - but I did find on anther forum that the Volvo relays that are mounted on this engine tend to want to pop out - one poster suggested that they put padding in-between the cover and the relay to hold relay in. Not sure if that was the case with me as I saw that comment after I pulled the relay out and put it back in. It sort of makes sense. In the picture (no cover) there is room for relay to move upwards with cover on.
  9. Lucky Dog

    Volvo 2030 starting question

    Hello and I would like to thank all of you who provided advice. The issue was with the relay to the glow plug. I was not getting voltage to the glow plugs. Once I swapped the starter relay I got voltage (10 volts) to glow plugs. So I heated up for 20 seconds - swapped relay back to starter side and engine fired right up. Funny thing once i reseated orginal relay and retested later it was working. I am going to get new ones and replace. I will never use this professional mechanic again. He was going to replace glow plugs then high pressure pump as he was convinced i had some kind of slow leak. Thanks again Tom
  10. Lucky Dog

    Volvo 2030 starting question

    Thanks for the reply’s. I am going down to boat tonight and tomorrow and go thru circuit from panel to glow plugs. Will post my results once that is done Thanks again Tom
  11. Lucky Dog

    Volvo 2030 starting question

    I am wondering the same thing now - I need to start tracing wires back to panel. Any tips?
  12. Lucky Dog

    Volvo 2030 starting question

    Ok I got down to boat and pulled off glow plug rail (pain in the ass) and measured resistance of each. They all were 1.0 ohms. I then tried to measure the voltage feeding the glow plugs - removed the red wire feeding the glow plug rail. I put the + on red lead and neg on battery neg - had my daughter press the glow plug switch and I measured 0.9 volts. Is this correct? I am unsure how to verify if the circuit feeding glow plugs is working so your advice would be greatly helpful. Thanks again for your help. Tom
  13. Lucky Dog

    Volvo 2030 starting question

    Thanks going down to boat tonight to test glow plugs
  14. Lucky Dog

    Worst place for a sailor in the USA

    It’s French you know - with the e on the end.
  15. Lucky Dog

    Volvo 2030 starting question

    engine looks clean no oil leaks that I see. I will double check to be sure - I keep one of those oil soak up pads under engine will see if its got oil in it.