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  1. New Sails

    Um your comments seem to refer to a 3DL sail. A 3DL sail is a laminate and they tended to delaminate just as you described. The 3Di is a resin sail with no laminates at all - a 3Di could not fail the way you are describing. I will say it again - 3Di's have gone around the planet once and are still being used as racing sails on boats that go up to 35 knots. No Laminate sail will do that or could do that. they flex flex and flex and then the glue that holds the laminates together breaks down and the threads start to move. Movement is very bad - but the good news is the laminate will shred before the threads break most times. Look at it this way: you cannot get a laminate sail to be perfectly bonded to the threads in it. there will be a gap as the threads have volume (very small) ; this gap gets larger as the sail wears allowing for movement (shape changes). However: 3Di is expensive - good luck
  2. You need to hold that pestle correctly- to get the post to deform correctly. Think like a guy shaping the steel on a hot rod fender - OK yes its a snap post but you get the point. We had guys/gasy at the sail loft that could never do it right. I got one of those cheep presses lever with a gear (harbor freight) which greatly improved the reliability - ($50). However you might want to consider taking it to a canvas maker and have them fix it - Just saying it may be better. OK found this its 59 bucks https://thelashop.com/products/heavy-duty-hand-press-grommet-machine-2-die-500-grommets?variant=45210969930
  3. New Sails

    Umm you should get a Dacron 3di - it will be faster longer than your local sailloft sails. Yes they are expensive, I look at it this way - the sails will hold there racing shape much longer than "other" style sails. These sails suffer speed robbing shape deformation as time goes on. 3di does not as nearly a fast. Dacron sails last forever but shape is terrible after a 3 seasons of moderate usage. A (mylar anything) laminate sail - the leech starts to go once you put it up. Maybe 2 seasons of hard use. If you are careful 3 seasons. (season is 2 races per week 6 months). The Dacron 3di will still be fast after 3 to 4 seasons. BTW the Volvo guys are re-using 3Di sails (mostly code sails) from previous race - so..... My 2 Cents - good luck with the local guy and make sure you get good service.
  4. Five months "adrift"?!?

    you know maybe they were being careful about the mast spreader bolt. Maybe too careful or scared that they would fall off while up there. They seemed to know where they were so Navigation was working. - glad they made it.
  5. il mostro attempting chi-mac speed run record

    Ice boaters - Where are you?
  6. That will buff right out

    where can you get hardware? Looking for a windlass and an electric winch motor?
  7. How to remove First 40.7 Rudder

    Well I figured it out - take the quadrant off and on the top is a pin pull that and rudder should drop out. Funny the rudder floats or is buoyant not used to seeing that as my old boats rudder was ---- not. Once rudder is out will template to Original Farr Spec's. The front is about 2 inches short per the original templates/drawings. Do not have the "new" and improved ones so I am stuck with original. will post pics as I go.
  8. Hello, going to fair my rudder this winter. Never taken the rudder off this boat. I am expecting the take off quadrant and I expect a bushing above the bottom bearing. is there more to it than that? are there lurking a set screw(s) that I need to remove ect.... any advice from someone who has done is greatly needed.
  9. North sails ,pricing, discounts

    I got a fall discount - had to pay 1/2 cost up front. It was ~10%
  10. Homemade Sail cover: sailrite kit

    sail right kits are almost as expensive as getting it made.
  11. How slow is a bow thruster tunnel

    Monsoon - nice
  12. Sail drive have prop walk?

    mine does not seem to do that - I have shoal draft keel it is much wider and thicker. BUT perhaps its more me needing practice in a tight harbor.
  13. Sail drive have prop walk?

    Hey thanks for all the information/replies - tried reverse out in the open water. No prop walk that I could tell. I think its the high bow, furler ect... (windage) Now to off to working on backing up .
  14. Sail drive have prop walk?

    Ok - I wanted to understand if I needed to take it in to account while I dock