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  1. Lucky Dog

    Volvo folding props spinning above 8 knots under sail?

    I had the same problem with that prop with a saildrive. I would get the boat going forward to 5 knots shut off engine and then quickly put in reverse. That seemed to correct the spinning issue. I eventually got rid of the prop due to drag - the blade tips when folded are facing forward and catch stuff. I found a black bag on the prop on day.
  2. Lucky Dog

    Commander 31 Bianca

    If you like that look at a C&C 35. Better manners better interior better boat
  3. Lucky Dog

    Is this bad?

    interesting regarding smell. I use the pink diesel fuel (marine type) - I never get black smoke - perhaps grey at times. Each of the older engines I had the injectors rebuilt and tested prior to running motor a lot as they typically are neglected. I The current Volvo runs clean - after a day of hard running 10hrs max RPM. No one is complaining about engine smell and my Mother in Law complains about every thing except for smells. BTW Boat is a First 40.7. So...... that's my experience with my boats. To your point I have been on what i would call poorly maintained diesel boats burning gas station diesel and yes they stink and blow black smoke.
  4. Lucky Dog

    What are your boat projects?

    Re shape rudder - recover in carbon fair to templates paint and install replace Volvo prop with new Gori prop fix rust spot on iron keel and paint with interprotect - a pin hole grew to 2 ft by 3 ft Paint buttom Add two more coats to rub rails then put back Stanton and the bases install my new removable dingy davits Get boat launched install mast and tune. replace diesel filters and bleed Cut down bow pulpit so ASYM furler will work.
  5. Lucky Dog

    Is this bad?

    Lurking here - had 3 MD2020 MD2030 and a one cylinder with a 100lb fly wheel all ran great and all were diesels and ran performed great. All engines have vibrations just do not run it where the resonance is. Stink - if you smell something then something is wrong.. BTW love the pink different for sure but good.
  6. Lucky Dog

    Interprotect 2000E ratio by weight

    And the weight ratio for Interprotect HS from Interlux. Tom Please see below The Interprotect HS by weight will be as follows. 2.90 | 1.0 (For every 2.9 lbs or grams of YPA420 you need 1 gram of YPA422) Or YPA420 74.37% YPA422 25.63%
  7. I would get a C&C 35 - great boat lots of them here on Great Lakes (fresh water).
  8. Lucky Dog

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Um the great lakes are Fresh water - so salty skipper you are not. L
  9. Lucky Dog

    Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    if you have lived in China you would know why this placard is needed.
  10. Lucky Dog

    what is it?

    Hey it has 2 of the dreaded offset companways ☺️ Very cool would like to see interior plan
  11. Lucky Dog

    opti's (sic) rule

    My humble Opinion - Optis SUCK. Horrible boat to learn in - you have to have the latest stuff to be competitive. The kids figure it out if they are not in a few races; then start asking for better stuff. My daughter hates is less than BIC so we sail the Opti. We are leaving the Opti for the 420 so she can sail with her 14 yr old brother. She told be "best day in my life dad". Just my thoughts.
  12. Lucky Dog

    Tether clips

    1+ I think that is the way I am going to go.
  13. Lucky Dog

    Is this bad?

    Yes it's BAD.
  14. Lucky Dog

    Awlwood? Anybody use that can review?

    I have done my teak toe rails on my First 40.7. Stripped off the varnish - re-stained with the red stain because the teak was blotchy as it had a yellow tint. The Awlwood is very easy to work with. remember you get what you see so have surface prep done correctly. I prestained with rag - quick wipe down. 1/2 hr later mixed red stain 5% to 10 % with littler Awlwood thinner put a thin coat 3 hrs later added another coat next day clear Awlwood 3 hrs later clear awlwood Then waited for a day or so and sanded with 220 cleaned they put another coat of clear. One season later it looks as good as the day I applied it. I will do a touch up coat each year after a light sanding. One poster remarked about taping - get fine line tape to mask off toe rail as the bleed thru will stain the gel coat.