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  1. Lucky Dog

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    How is the fold ability or stiffness of the 3Di dacron mainsail? I would expect it to be stiffer - just wondering how much.
  2. Lucky Dog

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    7K to 15K all are molded sails from various sailmakers. Or at least that is what they say - I know North is molded.
  3. Lucky Dog

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    hmm - its one of the considerations. Considerations more of less In this order, Shape - must be made by established sailmaker - this also means when a puff hits does it lose it shape. My 3dl moved quite a bit. Dacron main - well lets say its bad. shape holding - i.e. how long does it last? 3di sails are really good. Cost. Usability - your comment. I sail with 2 on a 40 ft boat use lazy jacks and a zip up cover. Why would anyone spend 12K on a sail and find out it does not flake on the boom. Why would that not be a consideration? Anyway - I have a racy boat with racing 3di Nordac's on it. Thanks for the comment.
  4. Lucky Dog

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    Hmmm - I might have not been very clear . something my kids tell me all the time the main fits in very nicly - it gets caught on the lazy jacks coming down due to its stiffness. in contrast my 3DL mainsail comes down at least 3 times as quickly and I never have to stuff it in the zipper bag. I just zip the bag up. I am assuming its because the 3DL is very flexible and the old (great condition but not sailing shape) Dacron mainsail is stiff. could be wrong. BTW 3DL died in a race last year - such expensive crap.
  5. Lucky Dog

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    I have heard that the 3di Nordac for my boat will be very stiff (its 40 ft) and difficult to put in the boom cover as I sail mostly with lazy jacks and with one of those zip up mainsail covers. My original Dacron sail (13 years old) has tendencies to not fall in between the lazy jacks. I can only guess a much stiffer sail will be impossible. I have no idea regarding the cross cut I would guess its twice as expensive. The Endurance would flake nicely I am told. But its ~ twice the cost so I am thinking of trying someone other than North. Of not buying at all.
  6. Lucky Dog


    Love it hichikers guide to galaxy if only we knew why?
  7. Lucky Dog

    Is sailing cool?

    Hell yes sailing is cool.
  8. Lucky Dog

    Reliability B&G vs NKE

    I have new b&g h5000 Hecules system with Zeus 3 chart plotter I have 3 graphic displays Have 9 axis gyro with e compass. System works as intended. Adding the yaw pitch sensed in the spring for better auto function in high winds 30 knots its on a 40ft boat with a large rudder My 2 Cents
  9. Lucky Dog

    B&G autopilot confusion

    I have h5000 system did not realize it was configurable. Where do you change this setting? When you commission or can you do it thru Zeus chart plotter ?
  10. Lucky Dog

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    Yes you are in the ball park a little higher. does anyone else think this cost is a little high? its not a all carbon - its a little carbon with a newer process. Are you paying for manufacturing costs or material costs? Yes the sail will last longer - I could purchase 4 mainsails made with laminates for that cost. Anyway still like the 3di concept looking at lower my expectations to a nordac. However I am going to get laminate quotes to see delta's.
  11. Lucky Dog

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    I am in the process of getting the 3di nordiac quote. I hope its more reasonable.
  12. Lucky Dog

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    Ok will check them out.
  13. Lucky Dog

    caption contest

    This picture has ruined you forever - Now you cannot be a Supreme Court Justice.
  14. Lucky Dog

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    Well I just got a quote on a 780 endurance sail from north and lets just say it was quite the shock - about twice what I was thinking. No way would I pay that much for a sail. So I asked for the Nordac quote - not holding my breath for it to be much lower. I could by a Prosail plotter and most likely build my own disposable main for the cost quoted. The wife and I have some thinking to do. Now looking at Patterson, Doyle and Quantum - any one else I should get a quote from?