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  1. No, that's getting caught being stupid. If that was enough for the death penalty the population of the USA would be half what it is today. Are you saying that would be a good thing or a bad thing?
  2. bowman81

    Trump's farewell party.

    While I understand your sentiment this would only fuel the deep state conspiracy theorists and prolong, or prevent the return to any sense of normalcy
  3. bowman81

    Confederate Flag Guy Arrested

    I saw it on PBS news yesterday. Daughter saw images of her family on TV and called the popo.
  4. bowman81


    It was the Oregon state Capitol building not the DC one.
  5. bowman81

    Can't Trust Anyone

    I've got a Bluetooth adapter to connect my phone to the computer. Direct data from the computer is spot on, but the speedo on the dash reads about 10% higher. So, Computer and therefore associated odometer are accurate, it's just the speedo gauge on the dash that reads over.
  6. bowman81

    It wasn't a riot

    I get this guy is biased but I've liked his take on a number of things over the last 12 months. This is his take on it being a coup which I believe makes sense.
  7. bowman81

    LEO response to riot thread

    I've seen a number of posts like this across a couple of forums. I'd put money on them getting a knock on their door well before the 19th.
  8. bowman81

    LEO response to riot thread

    Thanks. That does make sense.
  9. bowman81

    LEO response to riot thread

    That could make sense. Being plain clothes it may be a way to ID the good guys.
  10. bowman81

    LEO response to riot thread

    Well fuck... And here i was thinking I could believe everything on the internet... I'm off to go find the word gullible in the dictionary, I was told they took it out in this year's edition...
  11. bowman81

    LEO response to riot thread

    Thanks, I've never seen these markings before so does this mean they're not personal (I mean permanently assigned) weapons retrieved from a gun locker or...
  12. bowman81

    LEO response to riot thread

    Not sure where to ask this but can anyone clarify the red markings on the guns in these images?
  13. bowman81

    What's in your arsenal??

    I'm not all that familiar with the terminology as it refers to scopes (I've been trying to keep up with Google). But, if MOA is minutes of angle then there are 60 minute's in a degree and 360 dgeres in a circle therefore 21,600 MOA in a circle. Excel uses radians for trig functions unless you convert. There are 2π rads in a full circle. I could have completly missed the definitions in play for this topic though...