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  1. This was similar when I lived in Germany 2008, after maybe 10pm lights in suburbs turn to yellow flash and normal cross road rules applied. Great way to manage it, unfortunately so many drivers can't be trusted with that level of responsibility.
  2. bowman81

    Shortening an expensive oar shaft.

    Having something sacrificial on the underside of the cut will prevent (or at least minimise) fibre breakout. That's going to be your biggest issue. We use hole saws on 4.5mm carbon curved surfaces to disable marketing samples so they can't be used/sold on. I think the holes are about an inch in diameter. Clamping some mdf to the inside surface usually does the trick. It takes some practice and some patience.
  3. (202): I brought my porn computer to class by accident (213): How much porn do you watch if you need a special computer?
  4. bowman81

    Oz Music

  5. (513): She told me I’m a “stunt cock.” I’m okay with that
  6. (518): Andddddd I'm drunk (240): Andddddd it's Tuesday (518): That's your opinion.
  7. (256) He’s going to a lawnmower race. I got a Brazilian and he’s racing a lawnmower race. Pick me up. I’m not wasting this waxing on John Deer
  8. Sometimes I'm intrigued about the back story (916) It was funny for a while but 3 days later I still can't walk and I've constructed a diaper-like contraption to hold the ice pack on my vagina. And sometimes I'm not... (906) I’m not washing my pussy with handsoap.
  9. bowman81


    My thoughts exactly right after, what a waste of beer.
  10. bowman81

    custom shaped silicone

    OK, the gun we used for dosing the material was a Sulzer MixPac DP-400-85. The silicone cartridge has been a little more tricky. The tube I have has no markings so difficult to track down, but there are a few companies offering reusable vacuum bags os I'd start there to find a product. just beware some of the reusable bags are done with a different silicone that needs to be autoclave cured which makes it un-accessible. for the general public.
  11. bowman81

    custom shaped silicone

    What I've used in the past was a two part platinum cured silicon product. We had a pneumatic "gun" with a static mixer on the end that would deliver a thick spray onto the tool surface. The material was a bit fragile on its own so we would lay down a thin layer then reinforce it with a nylon open weave fabirc. Then a final layer over the top. We used this in applications up to about 100c for vacuum infusion of carbon epoxy laminates. The epoxy was the life limiting factor as it would eat the bag. Even so, we would get 20 or so parts from a bag. I'll look around work and try to find some product details but it's been years since we used it.
  12. bowman81

    More Teachers Behaving Badly
  13. (510) That's nice of you to be concerned, but I'm pretty confident I'll marry someone 30 years older than me, ride out being the trophy wife for 10 or 15 years, then live large!
  14. bowman81

    Oz Music

    @dreadom Show tonight at workers club?