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  1. (516) St. Patty's shenanigans tmrw? I wanna meet dudes lol. Why stop at coronavirus when you can get the clap, too?
  2. bowman81


  3. My reading of the situation is that the weapon is restricted, not banned. It's able to be owned/used by the military, and certain prison and police officers.
  4. He is/was a politician not a police officer so this is more about politics than gun laws. The law states he is allowed to fire that weapon at the range if the correct paper work was filled out. The conversation is more about the procedures at the range and the actions of the politician.
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    Cars you dream about owning someday Billy got it mostly. is an iconic Aussie car, with decent track history. The interceptor from mad max was an XB so a few years later
  6. bowman81

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    The last one of these I recall being sold went for over 1mil... Guess I'll never be getting one..
  7. bowman81

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    I'm. 6'1" and 130kg, my daily driver is a 2009 lotus elise.
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    Both is an option....
  9. (480) Apparently my hair turned out really good because I got my butthole licked by a stranger last night
  10. I think we have slightly different definitions of 'charmed' (715) Stand and applaud for me. I have successfully masturbated in a Walmart changing room with the door wide open during normal business hours. I lead a very Charmed Life.
  11. bowman81

    You can spend a long time...

    When a woman says she'll be ready in 5 minutes, she'll be ready in 5 minutes! There's no need to remind her every 15 minutes...
  12. bowman81

    Nautical Decor

    There's a poster here that made something similar for a grandchild I think, can't for the life if me remember who.
  13. bowman81

    Nautical Decor

    I think this is the one I remember, I can't find the thread though.
  14. (607): I sort of feel bad for this orthodontist. The things that have been in my mouth in the past 12 hours aren't exactly socially acceptable. (218): So I have a horrible yeast infection right now and I learned that Scott is cheating on me and now he has a yeast infection in his mouth and in his stomach a pretty aggressive one too. I believe the doctors call it thrush. Text me in the morning tell me what you think. (780): A guy I don't even know just ate me out on a washing machine at a random persons afterparty. I came as it was going through spin cycle.Just kept thinking "who does laundry during a party?" (317): This lady is talking to me and all I can think about is getting face fucked and doing cocaine. Not neccesarily together and not neccesarily in that order
  15. bowman81

    Australian Fire rating

    The image was noted by the person that made it as manufactured, it was flagged as fake news because people were saying it was a satellite image which it not. However, that doesn't mean, and it still hasn't been stated, that the representation of fires, and fire intensity as noted for one month across Australia is inaccurate. Based on your multiple posts maybe it's time to go have a beer and chill out, you seem rather wound up.