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    Interesting, i vaguely know the story of Isaac and Ishmael, the two sons of Abraham. One to his wife and one to his slave, although I can never remember which is which. Followers of one became Christians, follows of the other became Muslims. I.wasnt aware of the link of judeism with Abraham. I guess the main point I was making was that God and Allah are one in the same, just by a different name due to language.
  2. bowman81


    You realize if that was Allah your head would rest uneasily on your shoulders? This appears to be depicting jesus walking on water... Jesus is the son of God, also know as the son of Allah. The bible is a book of Islam and jesus christ a prophet is Islam. I think you meant to reference the prophet Muhammad as it relates to the recent violence in France. All of this is of course not funny as it relates to the joke thread and possibly incorrect as I've never been to church or Sunday school.
  3. bowman81

    WTF with Radical Religion, another beheading And another one....
  4. Learned to drive a mid 70's Toyota Hilux Ute around the farm at 9ish. Progressed to tractors for work at neighbouring properties and have never owned an auto. As technology has improved Autos are typically faster, more fuel efficient and a far better driving experience in my opinion. However, as noted up thread a manual in heavy traffic is a shitful experience. If that's your regular commute then it's the logical choice. For me, growing up in a rural area and living most of my life in a smaller town I can't see me giving up the manual. Manuals are far more common in Australia than elsewhere but my experience else where is typically rentals so that may be biased.
  5. What about MH370? Didn't you hear? It's in DFC. Where? Is that halfway between DFG and BFE? - DSK shit...that's what happens posting before coffee
  6. What about MH370? Didn't you hear? It's in DFC.
  7. bowman81


    Grew up on 40 acres of medium density bush land, mostly messmate and ironbark. Limbs and trees that came down in storms were trimmed by chainsaw, usually by mum, then stacked in the truck to be transported to the house. My job was to split and stack that wood into size and types, smaller messmate for getting things going and ironbark to bringing the heat. I also did this as a paid job for various elderly neighbours. As I got older our financial situation changed a bit and we started to get the occasional delivery of cut and split redgum. After my mum passed we very rarely did any cutting/clearing ourselves and relied solely on the delivered redgum. About 15 years ago the wood heater was removed to make way for gas central heating. Much better when you get home from work late and it's dark and raining to simply push that button.
  8. bowman81

    LONQR 2

    Wonder if it's the same building..
  9. bowman81

    SA insult-school

    I too was surprised it hadn't shown up in the thread earlier than this...
  10. bowman81

    Looking for a toy convertible

    I still smile every time i get inside the Elise
  11. bowman81

    What's in your arsenal??

    AJ, I very rarely jump into these discussion because typically they're visceral rather than intellectual. You strike me as a relatively intelligent person that is passionate about reducing the damage done to humans by firearms. However, the ongoing conversation here has been from a personal protection perspective and a competitive perspective and I have not seen any evidence of the crazed gun owner out for violence that you seem to want to paint a picture of. It has remained incredibly civil, informative and collaborative. Anyone that thinks the US can just switch off guns and solve all of its problems is over simplifying an incredibly complex problem. I've been told numerous times as an Australian my opinion on US gun laws is irrelevant and I'm usually happy to agree to that and stay out of the conversation. However, I typically don't see an issue with people owning guns either here in Australia or in the US. I feel there is room for improvement in who gets them, and when they should be taken (i.e. violent felons, domestic violence situations etc.) in both locations, and I doubt anyone on this thread would disagree with this. Throwing insults about peoples masculinity, or attempting to link someones masculinity to the firearms, especially in this thread isn't helping your cause. As others have noted, there are plenty of threads in PA where you can discuss the issues you're supporting, but respectfully, please leave this thread alone. Cheers Bowman
  12. (440) I swear to god, if you ever yell my name during sex with my sister again..your balls will be stapled to your nipples.
  13. bowman81

    LONQR 2

    Proving yet again, "generally, the people willing to get naked in public shouldn't"
  14. bowman81


    Send the link to her Tic Tok site Creeeeeeepy
  15. bowman81


    I'm clearly having a slow day...I don't get it.