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  1. bowman81

    Darwin strikes again
  2. bowman81


    bowman are to be seen and not heard.. get back on the foredeck... Shut up and steer.
  3. bowman81


    That's not LONQR, It's a reasonable piece of art.
  4. bowman81


    Does anyone know the story behind the lyrics here. I've been wondering since this was linked in a previous thread and a google search didn't turn up too much. Did the school change then or is this a well known alternative? Did the girl write them?
  5. bowman81

    American Whiskeys
  6. bowman81

    national alert WTF

  7. bowman81

    Maths Tutors

    What year eng and which uni? I'm in Geelong too, completed bachelor mech eng at deakin and the first unit we did, was effectively a slight broadening of year 12. The second unit was pretty hectic with advanced calculus and differential equations. These are two different skill sets in my mind. I relied heavily on a very good study group. Math is one of those things, you can have five ppl explain it and not get it, the slightly different explanation the sixth person gives is what will make it gel. I'd say you can't really screen for it, you may just have to try a few until they click with each other.
  8. bowman81

    Is Ellon Muske attenssion hoarre?

    He did more than insinuate...
  9. bowman81

    July 4 Barb-Ba-Que

    Just enjoying a meal of: Cornbread and gumbo Southern Chicken ribs Smoked brisket and pulled pork Apple pie and ice cream. About 8 pints deep and moving onto a local red, Tempranillo. Happy July 4th from Australia.
  10. bowman81

    Just another shooting Seems he was charged with possible further charges to be laid pending blood test. The biggest issue for me is the attitude of him waking away hands in the air after he had just accidentally shot someone.
  11. This link no longer works maybe it's archived or just temporarily down...
  12. bowman81

    Not OEM Tires

    It can be hit and miss but agree with snags, Pirelli are a big name in F1 but consumer tyres bite the big one. There are lots of variations within the pilot range, cup, sport etc. I have heard spectacular things about the pilot sport cup tyres. Personally I like Yokohama AD08R for the right balance between performance, longevity and performance the caveat here though is the previous generation to this tyre, AD07 were OEM for my car.
  13. bowman81

    annoying use of the language

    I regularly respond with "Are you really interested or just making chit chat?" typical responses is a sheepish "chit chat..."
  14. bowman81

    2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    Just enjoying the flexibility of the English language. One of my uni (college) mates always said. "I like English because not only can I tell you to get fucked but I can do it in ten different ways with varying degrees of impact" Yes, psi is common and there are many things I still can't visualise in any other unit namely tyre pressure and sex doll inflation.
  15. bowman81

    2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    Got to the moon and cratered the surface of Mars..... I guess I chose my example poorly given the audience. i.e. PSI (G) or PSI gage Vs PSI (A) or PSI absolute. (note, I also change the spelling due to the unexplained fear Americans have of the letter 'u')