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  1. Guy Cotten gear

    Hamilton Marine in Maine stocks a lot of their gear.
  2. Is there ANY Antifoul that works? ( Bottom paint?)

    Try ABC3 made by Pittsburg Paint. 40%copper goes on smooth and easy. Hard ablative good for fast hulls. Cheap at $150/gallon in US.
  3. AIS to wifi without VHF

    Standard Horizon makes a vhf with GPS and ais; it has a small display screen and sells for around $300. It will port to a chart plotter, and it's waterproof. The mic doubles as a loudspeaker. A shakespeare emergency antenna with suction cup base would complete the installation
  4. used gear

  5. Time to Un-Zip! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee...............

    Water then work carefully back and forth with needle nose pliers. After it starts to budge repeat. If the tab pulls off replace it with a stainless circle clip. Rub with wax ( candle or parrafin) after you get it free and have removed all corrosion on both inside and out with a toothbrush.
  6. Rotating Mast instruments

    I replaced it with a $30 windex which works great
  7. Rotating Mast instruments

    I bought a complete Nexus, now Garmin, system 5 years ago for $3500. All that remains functional now is the knot meter and even that had to be replaced once. The reliability is poor the cabling lousy and the hpc/mrc had to be replaced twice. Steer clear! If you must have it call Garmin technical support and ask for Lee. Oh and the wind transducer got wet and failed.
  8. Firefly Oasis G31 Charging Questions, Help Please!

    Best to check with the manufacturer. Failing that, I think your best going with traction as it seems closest to the recommended voltage. If these function similarly to AGM type batteries they will never get fully charged unless they get to max acceptance . If you want a really well designed controller, check out Genasun: https://genasun.com/all-products/solar.../for.../gv-10-pb-10a-solar-charge-controller/ \ They may be able to custom build you a controller for these batteries if needed.
  9. 4" Carbon Fiber Tube as Boom

    You'd get a bigger bang for the buck by using it as a bowsprit for an asym spi if you don't already have one.
  10. Looking for Nexus instrument cover

    Raymarine autopilot covers fit nicely.
  11. Spinnaker color, Grey or Black?

    If you sail in marginal light conditions (dawn, dusk, night) visibility of your boat will be poor even if someone uses a searchlight.
  12. Waterproofing foulies

    10 years is a long time. I wonder if their line has deteriorated in recent years; according to reviews I've been Googling this is sadly the case, as they are now weaseling out of their warranty.
  13. Waterproofing foulies

    I have a set of Gill OS1 foul weather gear that has delaminated after less than 2 years of fairly steady use (I sail year round, snowbirding to the Bahamas in the winter from New England). David Prichard, president of Gill North America, personally voided the warranty on this pair saying "the game is up" as I have had to claim 5 times over the past decade as the gear starts leaking after 18 months on average (when I originally purchased the gear there was a "Lifetime Warranty" which has now been reduced to a "Lifetime of the Garment" Warranty). Does anyone have a good method of restoring waterproofing to foul weather gear? I've tried 303 with marginal results, but never tried to super saturate it with multiple coats. I've read reviews of Starbrite waterproofing PETA. Anyone tried these? If so, what sort of results? Not so concerned about "breathability" as waterproof against a driving rain, or sitting in puddles. If this doesn't work, I'm in the market for some good quality (read durable) foulies and would welcome feedback. I have already determined that Musto has the same "lifetime of the garment" warranty that Gill has now adopted (weasel words that allow them to ignore claims at their discretion). Is Helly Hansen any better? How about Zhik?
  14. Okay seagulls, you want a war... you got a war!

    Ditto strings. I have the same problem, with a deck that is 14' x 30 ' (trimaran). My solution is to string monofilament like a spider web back and forth, criss crossed across the deck, the main sheet, etc so they can't land. Works the charm. The other stuff didn't work at all.
  15. Musto LPX for offshore racing

    I would not buy Gill. Even the top of the line OS1 stays waterproof for only 18 months and it's expensive!. Their warranty is for "the life of the garment" whatever that means. They may replace it once or twice; the stuff has a very short life in my experience.