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  1. tomtriad

    halyards reccs?

    New England Ropes T900 for low stretch. I use 7/16" for a main halyard on a 650 sf flat head main on a 10,000 lb. tri. R&W Ropes in New Bedford, MA has great prices on remnants and odd lots, and will splice to your spec. They are quite knowledgable - ask them what they have and what they recommend. Suggest you stich some extra sacrificial cover onto your halyards at high wear areas - you can replace it when it chafes.
  2. tomtriad

    Titanium Snap Shackle Pin??

    Do you know the manufacturer? If not, it might be easier to find a stainless or bronze part to replace the missing pin - I doubt it would impede the function. I lost a spindle on a winch and had a local machine shop make a replacement for me from stainless stock (it cost $50 for a half hour of machine time but it was cheaper than a new winch). You might be able to make a new pin yourself with a bronze or stainless rod of the correct diameter.
  3. tomtriad

    Restraining headsail when on deck

    I use webbing sail stops that my sailmaker supplies to tie up sails. They have a stiched loop at one end which I secure around the pulpit and lifelines; I pass the running end around the sail and hitch it back onto the lifeline. I leave them attached at all times, as I have a fully battened jib which flakes onto the deck and this is how I secure it when stowed. I have a zippered full length cover secured under the straps.when anchored or moored.
  4. tomtriad

    Portable fridge.

    Engel. Runs on both AC and DC. Quiet efficient durable. Variable control to set temperature - use as freezer or fridge. Mine has been working for 16 years, running constantly 6 months a year. The 35 liter was quieter than the 25 back when I purchased it.
  5. tomtriad

    Nexus speed transducer - urgent

    I would contact technical support at Garmin and order through them to make sure you get the correct part. I had the same problem with my Nexus knotmeter - there was a short circuit inside it and it kept heating up and blowing the fuse.
  6. tomtriad

    Instrument covers

    Try this Ebay seller. I have bought Raymarine parts from him in the past. Good guy. If he doesn't have it , he can refer you to other Raymarine repair/refurb vendors. Seller information kodiakjack99 (878 ) 100% Positive feedback
  7. tomtriad

    Nexus NX Wind display malfunction

    It's been a while since I calibrated my NX2 system as it's been defunct for several years. I've had 4 transducers fail, 3 of them while it was under warranty -the depth, and twice a fluxgate compass (MRC). As I recall, you can plug the daisy chain wire into any socket on any instrument - what's important is to do it in the correct sequence the first time so that the server can initialize the instruments in sequence - if you didn't follow the startup instructions precisely you will have to uninstall and reinstall all readouts as the server won't recognize them otherwise. Garmin bought Nexus some years back; if all else fails, call their customer support team which is quite knowledgeable about the NX systems.
  8. I would leave the Raymarine instruments independant of the chart plotter as I like redundancy in nav instruments. Easier to maintain and/or troubleshoot when things go wrong.
  9. tomtriad

    Upgrade/Repair Tacktick system or buy new B&G?

    If you go the route of new instruments, you can avoid cutting holes in your bulkhead by mounting them on a box which in turn mounts to the outside of the bulkhead. You would need to route the cabling into the box somehow, maybe through an existing hole, or drilling a new small one.
  10. tomtriad

    Raymarine ST-6000 Autohelm - good or bad?

    I've had good experience with Raymarine. The equipment has been reliable and customer service on autopilot very good. I've had to service high wear areas on occassion and due to a lightning strike; ST4000 for 15 years, now an S1 for the last 10. Also have ST 40 depth for 25 years. All goood.
  11. If the cable run is longer than 50' a masthead antenna may not work with either a stand alone antenna or splitter as the ASI has a very low power transmitter. Youre better off with a stern mount separate antenna with short cable length. I found this out the hard way by installing a system with splitter on a 50' rig. Wound up using a deck mounted Shakespear emergency antenna and bypassing the splitter.
  12. tomtriad

    Code 0 Furlers

    Be careful with the bowsprit; loads are very high when you sheet in for close reaching. Make sure your attachment points, bobstay, and shrouds are strong. If you have none make sure the collar on the sprit is robust.
  13. tomtriad

    Solar panel system, where to buy? This is a one stop shop for solar and wind. Very good info, service, and prices.
  14. tomtriad

    Face shield—breathable when wet?

    Don't know about face shields, but Alba Botanica makes a great 30+ sunblock that is waterproof, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide - non greasy (but it will sting if it gets in your eyes). It lasts all day for me, even after swimming. I cruise in tropical sun for 4 months at a crack with no bimini, and this stuff works.
  15. tomtriad

    Waterproofing neoprene glove seams

    Neoprene gloves get cold due to surface evaporation; nor good for sailing. Try Atlex 440 heavy duty gloves and polypropylene liners, available at fisherman's outfitters and online. Gloves are rubberized and waterproof $5. Liners are $3. Ultimate warmth is double knit rag wool mittens. I frostbite in Gloucester MA. These work; neoprene doesn't.