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  1. Raymarine ST-6000 Autohelm - good or bad?

    I've had good experience with Raymarine. The equipment has been reliable and customer service on autopilot very good. I've had to service high wear areas on occassion and due to a lightning strike; ST4000 for 15 years, now an S1 for the last 10. Also have ST 40 depth for 25 years. All goood.
  2. If the cable run is longer than 50' a masthead antenna may not work with either a stand alone antenna or splitter as the ASI has a very low power transmitter. Youre better off with a stern mount separate antenna with short cable length. I found this out the hard way by installing a system with splitter on a 50' rig. Wound up using a deck mounted Shakespear emergency antenna and bypassing the splitter.
  3. Code 0 Furlers

    Be careful with the bowsprit; loads are very high when you sheet in for close reaching. Make sure your attachment points, bobstay, and shrouds are strong. If you have none make sure the collar on the sprit is robust.
  4. Solar panel system, where to buy?

    https://www.emarineinc.com/ This is a one stop shop for solar and wind. Very good info, service, and prices.
  5. Face shield—breathable when wet?

    Don't know about face shields, but Alba Botanica makes a great 30+ sunblock that is waterproof, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide - non greasy (but it will sting if it gets in your eyes). It lasts all day for me, even after swimming. I cruise in tropical sun for 4 months at a crack with no bimini, and this stuff works.
  6. Waterproofing neoprene glove seams

    Neoprene gloves get cold due to surface evaporation; nor good for sailing. Try Atlex 440 heavy duty gloves and polypropylene liners, available at fisherman's outfitters and online. Gloves are rubberized and waterproof $5. Liners are $3. Ultimate warmth is double knit rag wool mittens. I frostbite in Gloucester MA. These work; neoprene doesn't.
  7. Ubi Maior Jiber

    I would be wary of any furler that winds the furling line onto a drum. They are prone to failure when the line either jumps off the drum or buries itself under coils and jams. I think the continuous line type (like Facnor) are more reliable and have fewer moving parts to fail. Smaller and lighter too.
  8. New Autopilot Choice

    It sounds like your S1 is working fine. It also sounds like you have insufficient power to the unit - this may be why it goes to standby and gives you No Data readings; if the power supply lacks amps and the ram calls for more power than the wires can provide it will go to standby all by itself. Ditto if the turns takes to long to execute (this could be the case if the settings are wrong). Make sure you have amps as well as volts; use adequate gauge wires to power the ram, oversize if there is a long run from the course computer. If you haven't got one already, suggest you get the manual. In it you will find dealer calibration mode instructions that you can set to fine tune the response rate, degrees of overturn on autotack, etc. I doubt you need to buy a new course computer or fluxgate compass; they won't do you any good unless you have adjusted and calibrated the system. If you do need parts that are unavailable from Raymarine, I found 2 sources on Ebay that refurbish old systems and sell the components for reasonable $$ (I purchased a new control head and a ram end cap with pivot to replace my damaged ones from them): kodiakjack99; onthereel are the Ebay user names of these vendors. They would also be good sources for information for troubleshooting your S1, as would Lee in the AP tech service department at Raymarine.
  9. New Autopilot Choice

    Have you tried recalibrating your S1? Particularly swinging the fluxgate compass for deviation? I find damping down the response helps eliminate hunting in light air. If the unit is reverting to standby by itself you might have insufficient current flow to your drive unit (this happened to me - I beefed up the supply wire and cleaned the contacts on the connector plug and socket which cured it)
  10. Guy Cotten gear

    Hamilton Marine in Maine stocks a lot of their gear.
  11. Is there ANY Antifoul that works? ( Bottom paint?)

    Try ABC3 made by Pittsburg Paint. 40%copper goes on smooth and easy. Hard ablative good for fast hulls. Cheap at $150/gallon in US.
  12. AIS to wifi without VHF

    Standard Horizon makes a vhf with GPS and ais; it has a small display screen and sells for around $300. It will port to a chart plotter, and it's waterproof. The mic doubles as a loudspeaker. A shakespeare emergency antenna with suction cup base would complete the installation
  13. used gear

  14. Rotating Mast instruments

    I replaced it with a $30 windex which works great
  15. Rotating Mast instruments

    I bought a complete Nexus, now Garmin, system 5 years ago for $3500. All that remains functional now is the knot meter and even that had to be replaced once. The reliability is poor the cabling lousy and the hpc/mrc had to be replaced twice. Steer clear! If you must have it call Garmin technical support and ask for Lee. Oh and the wind transducer got wet and failed.