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  1. 3M VHB tape or Dow 795 to afix acrylic windows?

    Does the 795 need the UV protection as shown in the other thread byy painting the acrylic with black paint on the inside joint edge.
  2. 3M VHB tape or Dow 795 to afix acrylic windows?

    Here is a source for either 795 or GE Silpruf at a good price. https://www.pksupplies.com/dow-corning-795-silicone-building-sealant-103-fluid-ounce-cartridge.html?id=259
  3. 3M VHB tape or Dow 795 to afix acrylic windows?

    Lexan is OEM that is the only reason I would consider it. What about tempered or laminated glass for 30" hatches
  4. 3M VHB tape or Dow 795 to afix acrylic windows?

    I have a lot of surface area as well. The silpruf is a bit more than the 795 at Mcmaster. My windows now have a 2mm deep trough around the perimeter to keep the caulking thicker.
  5. 3M VHB tape or Dow 795 to afix acrylic windows?

    Did you refinish the frame? If so what did you use? Looks great. Is that lexan still in there? I am thinking of using something else because of the scratching.
  6. 3M VHB tape or Dow 795 to afix acrylic windows?

    Yes heading to the South Pacific next year. Thanks for the info.
  7. I am replacing 3/8" acrylic windows on my dodger/ pilot house. The frame is 2" square alum. tubing. The last windows were afixed with 795 and 1/4" bolts. I don't want to use the bolts this time. I am leaning towards the 3M Tape as the window is secure instantly not using bolts. I can then seal with 795. Any pros or cons?
  8. I am replacing the acrylic on my pilot house. I think I have dark smoke on there now, but the smoke is harder to find and more expensive. Any opinions on which colour is better in the tropics. Both block very similar amounts of light.
  9. NMEA in NMEA out??

    The radar is displayed on the toughbook through an ethernet cable with the RL10 The WH autopilot has a gyro heading sensor and I have a Raytheon compass. I plan to take a heading signal from the WH gyro heading sensor, but need to dig into that one more. I am not using MARPA, but OpenCPN needs a heading sensor to display the radar image. I use a combination of toughbook and Ipad for navigation. AIS is on the Ipad with Navionics charts. The TB is not connected to AIS, but has S57 charts. Thanks for the recommendation I will look into the NGW-1. Thanks for the procedure sugestion I will dig into the system further. Thanks to both of you I will dig into the system further see where I get to.
  10. NMEA in NMEA out??

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my electronics issues. Full confession electronics are my least favorite area of boating. For coastal sailing if I have a depth sounder I am happy, but I am going offshore so I am adding more stuff or the boat came with equipment. List of electronics: 1995 Raytheon wind, speed, depth, gps (logger, screen thinghy) Toughbook with open cpn Vesper 8000 AIS Ipad with Vesper watchmate and I Navx Standard Horizion eclipse VHF Icom 802 SSB (might be receiving a GPS signal) WH autopilot B&G 3G radar I use the open cpn (has separate GPS). I used the Ipad with wifi from Vesper as 2nd chart plotter. I manually change course on the AP. 1st I want to connect the VHF and SSB to a GPS signal for the DSC function. 2nd I need to get a heading signal to the RI10 box for the 3G radar Thanks for the help
  11. NMEA in NMEA out??

    1st priorty is to have dcs be sent out if needed. 2nd if dcs could show up on my ipad Inavx program great, but not number 1
  12. NMEA in NMEA out??

    The manual states Out put DSC and DSE (DSC sentences to Standard Horizon plotter for position plotting)
  13. NMEA in NMEA out??

    I have this VHF http://www.standardhorizon.com/indexVS.cfm?cmd=DisplayProducts&ProdCatID=83&encProdID=F6B95C8EE1B8550C32EA1BC344421959&DivisionID=3&isArchived=1 I am needing a NMEA signal for DSC.
  14. NMEA in NMEA out??

    I am wiring up my Standard Horizon VHF and I am going to send NMEA from my Vesper 8000 AIS unit in to the VHF. Do I need to send "NMEA out" back to the the AIS from the VHF with the given wires? Thanks
  15. drill and tap carbon?

    Thanks for all the tips. I have taped lots of Alu. but carbon once 8 yrs ago. I will bring a few taps as I have 16 holes to tap into 3/4" thick laminate.