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  1. drill and tap carbon?

    Thanks for all the tips. I have taped lots of Alu. but carbon once 8 yrs ago. I will bring a few taps as I have 16 holes to tap into 3/4" thick laminate.
  2. drill and tap carbon?

    Is there any tips or special techniques for taping carbon with 3/8 course bolt? Anything different than Alu. or Steel.
  3. Powder coat vs hard anodize?

    thanks for the info. Anodize it is then.
  4. Powder coat vs hard anodize?

    What will last longer in the tropics for aluminium parts? I'm interested in the powder coating because the boom and mast are white and the parts would be the same colour, but metal protection is most important.
  5. Aluminum bottom RIBs

    My old two stroke 15 yamy weights 79. Thanks for the tip. Also people have been using the EFI for a few years now with little problem and great starting.
  6. Aluminum bottom RIBs

    The new Yamaha F25 weights 126 lbs and the 20hp 111 lbs. Both of these are under max engine weight and similar to older 15 in weight. They are not the big 175lbs 25 hp beast of the past. The 25 is fuel injected even.
  7. Aluminum bottom RIBs

    What size motor do you have. Is it enough to get on a plane with 4 people and gear? I was planning on putting a 20 or 25hp on.
  8. Aluminum bottom RIBs

    What size AB do you have? I am heading to Mex and beyond with my family of 4. Kids are 6 and 8 now. I am looking at the AB 10 or 11 AL. I think I can just fit the 11 on my boat, but it is 2 grand more for one foot of length. On the other hand I have a doubt that the 10 is big enough for the family. I plan to use the same engine either way. I was looking at the Highfield, but Behan from Totem said hers fell apart after 2 years in the South Pacific. Do you need chaps for the AB in the tropics?
  9. Ceramic-Pro surface coating

    Has anyone tried this product on gel coat? http://ceramic-pro.com/en/shop/product-line/product/marine/ What are your thoughts.
  10. Bomar hatch rebed plexi?

    I have some 24" and 30" Bomar hatches that are leaking between the hatch frame and the plexiglass. I am planning to replace the plexi and rebed to the frame. Is the Dow 795 a product to use or does it stay tacky? Any other suggestions.
  11. Used boom needed 24.5' E

    I talked with Buzz this morning and the price was not that bad. I am just seeing if anything else is around.
  12. Used boom needed 24.5' E

    Bob what you say is correct, but I don't have the stock mast length. The P is 5' diff from my mast to a TP. Also I am not using a North product.
  13. Used boom needed 24.5' E

    Sharp eye Bruno. My boat is not stock and I also want to get closer to TP 52 foot length to use their mains.
  14. Used boom needed 24.5' E

    It is a Sundeer 60. I have a Furlboom now, but it needs work and I am not that keen on it. So I am looking for a more conventional boom.
  15. Used boom needed 24.5' E

    I am not an engineer, but I don't think I would trust a Hobie mast out in the big blue. Thanks for the thought none the less.