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  1. Finn sailing

    That's a $5000 boat.
  2. Work in Yacht Design Offices

    I have a Dick Carter designed North American 40. Clearly the best sailing keel boat that I've ever sailed, bar none. Powerful, goes to weather in big breeze like its on rails. Just an absolute joy to sail. Last weekend, about a 10 mile weather leg in 24 knots of breeze, no reef, and the boat just ate that shit up. Still puts a smile on my face.
  3. Arm Fatigue

    I sail a Finn. We use a main sheet cleat. Are we pussies?
  4. Interesting One-Design Classes only sailed in one area.

    I did the Star of the North regatta in '08, flying in from Long Beach, Ca. Indeed, this is the only fleet of Capri 25's in the country. I too have a soft spot for these boats since selling Suicidal Bird.
  5. Soft/cracked cockpit locker lids - repair or replace?

    I used the closet dowel to make sure it was REALLY safe to step on and REALLY stiff. I've used cardboard tubing, but I figured that the wood dowel would give it stiffness on top of the glass over it. On an 18,000 pound boat, the weight savings wasn't issue.
  6. shipping a 16' runabout on trailer

    Try uship.com, but I doubt if you'll get it out here for a buck a mile. I'm with Glenn above. Unless you're for some reason really attached to the boat, I'd just buy one out here.
  7. Soft/cracked cockpit locker lids - repair or replace?

    We had the same issue with our cockpit hatch on a 40'er...... every time you stepped on it, you thought your foot would go right through it. I bought a wooden closet dowel like you hang your clothes on. Used a table saw to rip it end to end, so that it was round, but flat on the part that goes to the hatch. Just use a table saw and cut it in half. Used West Systems and glued it in place, and then use cloth and glass it in place. I used to stiffeners. Hatch is now the very stiffest part of the boat!
  8. Finn sailing

    Oh, one of Joe's boats. He's got some very nice boats for sale. Good on ya!
  9. Finn sailing

    Who's boat did you buy from San Diego?
  10. Pole back! From the FP...

    I also used to have a Capri 25. Great little boats, inexpensive, got the job done. But you have to go to Wayzata YC's Star of the North regatta. We flew in and chartered a boat back in '08, took a 5th place trophy out of 28 boats. Was such a thril to finally race our Capri 25, Suicidal Bird, in one-design, vs. PHRF here in SoCal.
  11. Laser Performance Supplying New Boats with Contraband Parts?

    All this Laser stuff aside, wow, some great videos from CSNY and Neil Young. Needle and the Damage Done is probably his best!
  12. Is there a cheap way to ship a Lido 14 mast?

    Get with WD Schock and see if they've sold a boat to someone up your way where your mast thats down here could tag along?
  13. do you think the melges 14 will catch on?

    Its funny, but as someone who sails a Finn? Y'all talk about $9k being a lot for a brand new boat? For those of us in Finns, thats a gift! For us, even a good used boat is $8k-$12k. I'm not even sure any more what a new boat costs, but I'll bet its $25k all up and shipped over.
  14. Why are my balls turning black?

    I check my balls constantly..... hey, nobody else is bending over backwards to feel 'em up!
  15. Why are my balls turning black?

    Precisely! All of a sudden, they're speckly looking.