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  1. I also used to have a Capri 25. Great little boats, inexpensive, got the job done. But you have to go to Wayzata YC's Star of the North regatta. We flew in and chartered a boat back in '08, took a 5th place trophy out of 28 boats. Was such a thril to finally race our Capri 25, Suicidal Bird, in one-design, vs. PHRF here in SoCal.
  2. All this Laser stuff aside, wow, some great videos from CSNY and Neil Young. Needle and the Damage Done is probably his best!
  3. Get with WD Schock and see if they've sold a boat to someone up your way where your mast thats down here could tag along?
  4. Its funny, but as someone who sails a Finn? Y'all talk about $9k being a lot for a brand new boat? For those of us in Finns, thats a gift! For us, even a good used boat is $8k-$12k. I'm not even sure any more what a new boat costs, but I'll bet its $25k all up and shipped over.
  5. I check my balls constantly..... hey, nobody else is bending over backwards to feel 'em up!
  6. Precisely! All of a sudden, they're speckly looking.
  7. I think thats the precise medicine my traveler car and traveler bar needs.... lots of soapy water, followed by one hell of a rinse!
  8. I use one drop, but be very careful only to use a tiny bit, or indeed, the balls skid. Any more, I just use lot of water to rinse everything out.
  9. Harken says lots of soap water sprayed into the slots where the balls are visible, and to also wash down the traveler bar. Worth car back and forth , then flush out everything with lots of water. I do travel with a top cover on. Car runs fine, so I'm pretty sure it just needs a good cleaning. I normally rinse off the traveler as part of the boat wash down after sailing, but next time, I'll give the bar and the car some good, old fashioned love. Oh, and thanks for a real reply, vs. the bullshit replies above.
  10. Harken says to take a squirt bottle with some very soapy water, spray into the front and rear races grooves where the balls are visible, and work the car back and forth like crazy. I'll use the same soapy water to wash down the track, and then rinse everything by flushing with lots of water. What is TriFlow?
  11. In speaking with Harken, they're recommendation is a spray bottle of soapy water, squirt into the races both front and back, work the hell out of it, and then blast it all clean with good, fresh water. I normally do hose off my traveler, but I guess next time, it'll get some extra special attention. Problem is, I can't just soak the car, because getting off the track is a major bitch! They're delrin.
  12. There's nothing that looks out of the ordinary, though I'll look again. Traveler runs smooth..... Harken says to just spray some soapy water in there and flush with fresh water. Its just wierd that they've turned speckley gray, not something I've ever run into before..
  13. Small boat Ronstan traveler on a Finn, have always had white ball bearings. Torlon? Can't recall. In any event, after racing this weekend and was putting the boat away, I noticed that my ball bearings were a speckled grey, vs. their usual white. They're all rinsed out, I hit 'em with one-drop, but they're grey with little black speckles. Any idea what might be going on? Traveler car works just fine, its just that my balls are now grey!
  14. I guess my fault for the original opening phrase about my balls, because I really was looking for advise on my traveler car, before everything started to spiral down hill.
  15. Only if they've always been white.