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  1. nwsailboat

    AIS transmit is almost at the "what the heck" price point

    Yep, just got that system at the boat show for $550 (transmitter and splitter) and installed it last weekend. Install was very easy!
  2. nwsailboat

    Best Race Committee Boats

    M/V Portage Bay, over 40 years old.
  3. nwsailboat

    PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    SYC and CYC have scored races last year in ORC. It is based on interest for a class, IRC can be scored also. There also is a ORC scoring seminar on Jan 27 at SYC. Details: Ian Lloyd of ORC Canada will lead a two-hour interactive workshop on ORC scoring and the ORC Scorer Software including: • Importing of boat's performance files • Race set up • Scoring options including Time on Time, Time on Distance and Performance Curve scoring • Exporting results and scratch sheets. Who should attend? • Race Officers • Boat Owners • Racers Participants should download the ORC Scorer software to their (Windows X) laptop in advance of the workshop. When? Saturday January 27, 2018 from 2 - 4 p.m. Where? Seattle Yacht Club To register call the Seattle Yacht Club (206-325-1000)
  4. nwsailboat

    Solé (Mitsubishi) diesel mini engines?

    Have a marinized Mitsubishi 3SL, you can download the engine parts catalog (just google it). Easy to find pasts for the engine, but marinized parts will be specific to who did the marinization. Yes, very reliable. Westerbeke and Vetus use Mitsubishi engines also.
  5. nwsailboat

    Help me replace this ancient sliding gooseneck

    I have the same mast section and different sliding gooseneck. Tried all the sites mentioned, no luck. My old gooseneck still works and ended up still using it. Manufacturing a new gooseneck might be the best option.
  6. nwsailboat

    BCam Eight Bells

    good guy! forever missed!
  7. nwsailboat

    Cool good looking Cruiser/Racers from 80s early 90s

    This one! Oh wait, I'm biased!
  8. nwsailboat

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    My son (11yo) shoot this from Island Wood...hummm...looks like Francis Lee!
  9. nwsailboat

    Hottest Women

    A faive....... butte what ist she doeng on the countere?? looks like she's having a drink of water............................... No, no, no...she's staring at me waiting until I finish my cheeze sandwich...just saying
  10. nwsailboat

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Wow, this sounds very DOC-est! Maybe you should call in and talk, BRAAAhahahahaha!