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  1. A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    Ummm you don't get what I meant. I had argued for some years that the 7 degree allowance on a straight board within the F16 rules maybe as good as a C board without all the expense, from my own experience I was getting semi foiling but then I had T foils as well. Most A catters were totally derisory and maintained that C boards were the only way of foiling and that straight boards were now past history. History now tells us that C boards were at best modicum and that were really only a learning tool to get to Z boards and a method to get around the max width with the boards up. Man that's a huge budget blown on something that most would have been spent on training and time on the water. I guess that's just like an awful lot of deja vu. Exclude the boards on max width and you may have a very nice semi foiler just like the F16's.
  2. A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    But please sir, we were told that C boards were the foiling holy grail of the time, the mere thought that C boards were actually a total waste of time and cost must be pretty gauling to all those who bought them then.
  3. F16 like foiler?

    Without actually measuring a spinny, but you could use Pythagoras if you looked up the class rules. We all went to max length spiny poles on the duals and about 300mm shorter on the uni's as it lifted the bows nicely downwind.
  4. F16 like foiler?

    That kills off all the early boats that were on or near weight. Still 119 kgs is not too bad but 104 was for me even better as a single hander.
  5. F16 like foiler?

    I think the Aussie who was one of the three founders of the F16 class designed the Taipan and not Greg, I can't remember his name but if you go to Catsailor.com there's a specific F16 forum, ask the question.
  6. F16 like foiler?

    You don't have to go fast, you can always not pull in the sails to optimum or even just wait until quiet weather slots. We have lots of sub 16ft foiling options now and I think the F16 class may well have now missed the boat ( nice pun ). It was a great platform to fit foils as the weight of the early Stealths and the likes without all the spinny gear on was sub100kgs and with the option of 7 degree dagger board slots it seems to be partially on the way. Then unfortunately the weight limits have been put up to 125kgs to allow for cheaper manufacturing and poor crossover design using common F18 parts, which sort of now means large foils and lots of drag in the lighter winds. With the S9 and TF101 Tri + Nacra 15, me's thinks that the opportunity for F16 conversion may now have passed.
  7. Gitana 17 on Foils

    I hope it goes right to the wire as it will show just how good the non foiling boats are and how the new comers are just about on pace.
  8. Astus Upwind

    Must be so tempting to put a trapeze hook on it, so much easier and more comfortable than hiking, but looking good and it looks like the central hull wants to plane nicely.
  9. Gitana 17 on Foils

    All those naysayers among you, I hope if Gitana 17 out there does win this race, will be man enough to go " yeah fair call ". But she is still only 50 odd miles ahead and that can all change in a few hours. Good luck to her though as she is a pretty exciting boat to say the least. May I remind you what I wrote in 2016 on the Maserati thread " You got to also remember that these big Tris are averaging already 33 knots over nearly 4 days on the full Trans Atlantic run and taken 40 years of design and fettling to achieve that. Any new system is going have to improve on already highly developed systems and anything that is now developed will be only a small increment of a very long and extensive design path ". My guess is that the centre board foils are just that, a small incremental evolution of a very long evolution path. However regardless of the past, my bet is that Ama foils and centre board foils are going to be now the standard for any new designs, I guess time will tell.
  10. Gitana 17 on Foils

    As I keep saying, there is eventually going to be an awful lot of humble pie eaten once these relatively new beasts get fully up to speed.
  11. Banque Populaire

    It would be very interesting to know the surface area of the T foils on the main hull dagger board, to me they look really tiny to be able to create enough lift to be able to assist the main hulls flight. My betting is that the Ama foils are the main lifters of the whole platform and that the dagger board foils are more there to act as end fences of the vertical section to ensure it doesn't have to be an extra 1.5 metres longer for when the platform is airborne. To have the dagger board full length would be a real problem in strength and loadings and for when the boat is in light air and the dagger board is withdrawn, it would make the jib virtually impossible to tack without first lowering the dagger board. Yes the dagger board foils will assist but only assist.
  12. Astus Upwind

    Doug does have a valid point, the small tri should be as wide as long but practicality off the water and cost prevents that.
  13. Astus Upwind

    Totally disagree, if you have no one to play with, just going out to sail as a billy no mates can seem pretty boring after a while and when you do race handicap, you know you can never compete, can seem equally as boring.
  14. Astus Upwind

    But it absolutely kills you on handicap racing.
  15. Astus Upwind

    Most 16ft Trimarans spend more time in the boat park and on the slip way than in the water, an ultra wide Tri may have all the RM on water but all that width will cost twice as much for parking and have every other boat owner complaining when it blocks the slip way. Small Tri's have to have a practical balance to its usage and being ultra wide just ain't goner be good for a majority of its time.