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  1. Charlie, do you have a jib travellor track on the new jib set up or is the sheet direct to the cleat. I think there must be a way of just sheeting direct rather than having to use a curved travellor as the modern material we build the sails from and with the addition of one batten, we may be able to mimic the main sails without a boom. The only thing I can't work out is how to release the cleat on the leeward side, from the windward side. Tightening it as you do is no problem, its just releasing it, is what I can't work out.
  2. A Class Sailor, The S9 is quite a subtle little boat compared to the A, its shorter in length but quite fat in girth and seems to sit much flatter on the water whilst in pre foil mode, probably better than my Flyer that I have, despite the 1 metre in length shorter. Any body movement along its length is quite a bit less than I expected and the range was only about 1 metre back and forth along the boat to get the boat sitting flat, remember the wand is doing a lot of the foil AoA that you would normally do by altering your position on the boat. From the day sailing on the S9 that I had, I was pretty convinced that centre sheeting would be enough to lock ones feet better onto the boat and not really need a footstrap, I think that's also something to do with the wand system which means that you don't need to move along the boat quite as much as the A's and nor does it have the power of the A's, its just more subtle in what it does, think of A forces and drop them by a quarter. Certainly the S9 could do with the travellor being used more as the sail it has is a very good but solid shape and really once set by the main, the travellor probably could almost do the rest bar subtle adjustments with the main, almost opposite of most Cats. Charlie you can make a simple mod to your existing boat to try centre sheet positions by taking the main sheet tail foward to a pulley and then out wards to you. On my F16 I made a triangle of 2mm D12 from the outer beam area under the tramp, just poking up through the spanner hole in the tramp, make a loop to stop the pulley moving sideways and then back to the other side of the beam. I put a one way pulley on it to give a bit of respite while making adjustments elsewhere, simply moving the sheet to the rudder hand. Do try it as its worth the effort.
  3. Charlie, you will be more than pleasantly surprised how good the mid tramp sheeting is, it pulls you onto the boat, locking your feet on the side, allows to use your thighs more for tension on the sheet, but also allows your sheet hand to be always facing forward, which then allows your shoulders to face forward as well. I would recommend you to try going even further forward than the mid point, I ended up with mine about 150mm back from the spanner adjuster and that seemed to be best. You could even go one step further forward and make a cascade system in the boom, you can drop one pulley turn due to the efficiency and you end up with the sheet adjuster at the front of the boat, a simple 3:1 at the rear with a 3:1 in the boom means really cheap components and simple front sheet position.
  4. Yup the standard Hobie wings can be altered pretty simply to fit almost all of the Hobie range.
  5. I have a set of Hobie wings if anyone wants a set to update their boat, PM me.
  6. Charlie, if you could get Ita. 16 to lay up the affected areas in the mould, and ship them over, then a local composites shop ( think high end rowing boat repairers or even a car composite repairer ) should be able to do it pretty quickly, perhaps just 2 or 3 days work if you have the panels in hand. These are not structural areas and should seam in using very standard techniques.
  7. Charlie, take the hulls to a glider repairer, quite easy repairs for those knowing how to handle composites. Pity you're not on this side of the pond, I'd have them
  8. Ooooh you don't mind when you create your own problems but when others create an avoidable accident, then you can only say " it wasn't my day "
  9. Ouch, got to be a story in there.
  10. Hi, you may know where there's an Ali mast blank about ? If you could call me on 07950 029424, thanks


    1. NacramanUK


      Just tried to give you a call. Please give me a call back on 01308485140 or if no answer 07742607913.



    2. NacramanUK


      Can you give me a call Wayne ......I have pricing on brand new section and also some suggestions for other options.




  11. Does anybody know of where I can get an ali mast blank about the same size as the Viper F16 in Europe. Thanks
  12. Look at the factors of why money rates change and you will understand why the money markets change on a whim. Those in the financial industry have to make money on an annual basis just like your local coffee shop. If they don't their jobs are toast. So to make money in the exchange there has to be change, what better than to brief a not so intelligent analyst in an important news agency who to secure their job, have to come up with a newsworthy story to fulfill their jobs brief. Now that analysts story might have been just that there might be a 0.0001% change. But the financial reporting team have to have a story to fulfill there jobs brief, without that their jobs toast, so they say there's going to be a 0.001% change. Now the reporting teams manager goes " whoa there's a story here, so they say to the news compilation team that there could be 0.01% change as anything less than that won't be a story and as they haven't had a story for a week, rounding up 1 decimal place won't matter. Now the financial news team who aren't particularly bright and have been warned that unless they are first onto a story, their bonus's are at stake, hear that there might just be a budding story emerging, so on looking at the 0.01% figure, think that coupled with the 0.01% from another news agency's rumours, come up with a 2% change as 0.01 + 0.01 = 2 Now Bloombergs competitors are hearing in bar talk that Bloomberg are onto a scoop, and their analyst has heard that the Euro is rumoured 2 % undervalued, but his boyfriend had heard from his mothers boss ( who happens to be having an affair with one of the Banks team ) that they are wrong and actually it's 1%. Now you have to be first to get the big scoop and as 1% is neither hear nor there in champagne price structures and it is now a fully researched figure of 1% ( as confirmed by two news teams, it must be true) have to run, as it could pip Bloomberg to the story, Bloomberg mean while hear their competitors are going to run at 1%, they have 2.0% so why not compromise at 1.5% and in all good American wisdom the biggest wins, the story of Euro undervalued by 1.5% hits the airwaves.
  13. Crash is probably not the right word. Just saying there is a risk when the frailty of the Euro emerges, it will devalue again.
  14. Mmm not going against the combined wisdom of Bloomberg but the Euro has huge underlying problems ( think Greece, Brexit, a number of impending elections, Italy, even France ), my guess there's a really big hedge going on in the money markets and the money boys are driving it up before the big crash in about 12 - 18 months time, where guess what, the money boys will make a killing and all the little guys will take a load of pain.
  15. OK, something that didn't occur to me until this weekend when I dumped my 20ft Cat over for the first time, yes I was fooling about showing off flying a hull higher than really needed and sailing it solo, but these large beach cats are really quite difficult to get back on when the cat starts moving along at a few knots with the totally released rig. Problem is getting back up over the front beam or as I do normally, grab the trapeze and then come back over the side.This boat ( Hurricane 5.9 ) is high enough off the water to not be able to do either comfortably, unlike the A and F16 I have sailed, which are just that bit lower. Never really had the problem before and it must be a sign of both a fat arse and age. Now if we think about the F101, nice low amas to slither nice and easily onto, maybe just enough flotation to perhaps almost sink to water level, now its not a difficult proposition to get back on board. Mmmm another tick for me.