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  1. Ludicrous Speed

    Foiling Monohull - what would it look like?

    This is hysterically funny. ROTFL And to think that Mr. Monohull Hutchinson thought the AC72 was dangerous (or so he said to the media after he was walked off Artemis). Mark my words: these absolutely ridiculous “monohull” boats (ROTFL) are DEFINITELY going to kill people. 40 knots of VMG! How incredibly stupid. They must have been smoking some good shit. These boats will be absolutely out of control in 18 knots of wind, let alone 25. Again, they are not monohulls by any stretch except when at the dock (drawing 25 feet lol, how practical) in “monohulls are cool too” mode with the pseudo ama (aka hull) foils hidden under the water. When they are sailing, they are obviously a trimaran except much easier to crash or capsize (think Moth but 75 feet with dozens standing unprotected on coffee grinder pedestals, etc.). These boats will also likely capsize all the time (spectacularly) and if they don’t capsize, they will be breaking from extraordinary loads and constant engineering failures. The loads on the boards will be incredible and a failure (or even a control problem) at high speed will be absolutely catastrophic. The engineers and designers will simultaneously be trying to thin the sections as much as possible based on predicted incremental performance improvements in 20+ knots of true wind speed (common in Auckland), and that will lead to inevitable sudden failures which also will result in breaking many other parts (and people) such as rigs, supporting structure, etc. It’s so incredibly ridiculous and unnecessary to try make a monohull perform “circus tricks” like controllable high speed foiling at 3x the total mass (and 3x the crew). Just dumb. A multihull is a far better high performance sailing/foiling platform. Mark my words, people will die from blunt force trauma, crush injuries and a folly of other issues and accidents. I’ll repost when it happens. This entire concept remains the biggest “me too” fail in the history of technology. The design thesis was simple: butthurt monohull sailors wanted to make a statemen that “monohulls are cool too.” Again, these ARE NOT MONOHULLS. They are simply not. Multihulls are cool. This simple, obvious truth just kills these poor monohull folks...but they must learn to deal with it. They are reckless and desperate. That is a very dangerous combination. Now let go monohull boys, it’s over. You lost. Evolve. Why not just focus on the J boat series? I have a prediction for this America’s Cup. To quote the immortal words of Clubber Lange (Mr. T)... “Reporter: Mr Lange what’s your prediction for this fight (Cup)? Lange; Prediction. (Long pause, pondering). PAIN!” Now keep building these 30 million dollar death traps and entertain me you circus clown acts! Lol!!!!
  2. Ludicrous Speed

    Jim Clark's fire sale continues

    It appears that your reporting, which was pretty solidly hacked here by many "friends of Comanche" at the time, has been proven accurate on this one. I think Comanche was nothing more than an unfortunate burden for Clark from that moment forward. He played it smart since however. The two years of "pseudo" Comanche "campaigning" since the shower was simply an effort to mask the scent and get the reporters off the trail. I feel sorry for the guy, to be honest. I wonder if the actual sale decision was a knee-jerk thing (based on some other incident) or was planned many months ago. The story seemed to be quite fluid as to if it was a rental or a buy for quite some time. #4 is likely out soon. Next...
  3. Ludicrous Speed

    Jim Clark's fire sale continues

    I am surprised that nobody is commenting on Comanche’s “fire sale” to an Australian and what was behind it? Comanche did do the TP and the StH but the StH was under new ownership. You SA boys are slipping. I expected a total field day on this story here and many posts full of glorious comedy. And all I hear are crickets... Well? WE’RE WAITING!
  4. Ludicrous Speed

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Fucking lawyers!
  5. Ludicrous Speed

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Remember the piles of Corsair Pulse 600s everyone in the USA is buying and really excited about? Yeah, I know, figment of the imagination.
  6. Ludicrous Speed

    Corsair Pulse 600

    800 lbs would tell me that weight was a consideration. A heavy boat does not necessarily mean a durable boat. I would like to see the actual weights vs the published weights. They are usually much heavier than advertised. Specifically the mast weight, rudder and rudder assembly weight, etc. I'll bet 2 things, there is a massive range in actual boat weights and 2, the range is all higher than 1000 lbs.
  7. Ludicrous Speed

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Maybe true. But that does not change the fact that, for what it is, the Pulse 600 is WILDLY overpriced. Supply and Demand is an elastic and ever changing law. I simply see that as a market that is ripe for competition. Corsair is not impressive even though multihulls are very much so. Corsair will be beaten easily by any smart competitors. The world has finally realized (about 3 decades later than they should have) that multihulls are vastly superior sailing craft and that the small, pocket rocket 20-25 foot size range is a sweet spot. Corsair is raking in the cash right now, no doubt, because nobody else is smart enough to compete with them. But that time will soon be at an end.
  8. Ludicrous Speed

    Corsair Pulse 600

    The 20 foot tri market is going to explode but Corsiar is going to lose out. They have offended the markets intelligence in my opinion. I fully expect other builders to improve the value (price) and quality. The Corsair Pulse 600 is going to be a failure. They should have started with a much lower price point. I guarantee that Corsair is making a bunch of money on these boats when they are fortunate enough to find a buyer. We know the dealers are taking 20% of the purchase price (pretty good margin for the dealer). Do the math. Even if the builder is taking only another 20%, you already have $.40 on the dollar going to Corsair. Cha Ching! But we all know they are taking MUCH MORE than 20%. Probably 40%. Cha cha Ching Ching! So that's $.60 on the dollar to the builder/dealer. Probably more.
  9. Ludicrous Speed

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Just go to your therapist and tell them your suffering from denial.
  10. Ludicrous Speed

    Corsair Pulse 600

    I made a spelling error. That's your comeback? Let's try it again, but this time with some visual aides... "Heavy is good, heavy is reliable. If it does not work you can always hit him with it." - Boris the Blade This clip would be a good tag line for the Corsair Pulse 600. Why not make it 1500 lbs? 2000 lbs? Just fill it with sand maybe? Yep, step right up and buy the 1000 lb. Corsair Pulse 600 with a cheap, heavy aluminum rig for 40k! It's dramatically overpriced in my opinion. In fact, the Corsair Pulse 600 is, in many ways, no more sophisticated than a Hobie 18. The only real difference is that Corsair Pulse 600 weighs half a ton and costs you 40 large! Say it, thousand pounds! Incredible. Good luck pulling that up on the beach kids. Back to the price. $40,000 for a boat that is worth around 20k. Lots of fat profit here for your dealer (20%) and to Corsair (building this boat for 10-15k total cost most likely). And of course the buyer pays the shipping fee from Vietnam or wherever the hell this thing is slapped together. Fourty thousand dollars! Reminds me of the judge and his special "billy baru" putter from Caddy shack! Again, a visual aid for those stuck on spelling errors: Bottom line: There is little more tech on the Corsair Pulse 600 than a Hobie 18. I believed that this boat had some real potential but, now that we see its specs, and price, it is clear that the boat is way too heavy, too expensive and too cheap. On top of that, it's supporter here is a whiney little spelling nazi. Who can stand those people? Not me. I hope another builder (a US builder) will improve on the small day sailing/racing trimaran concept. This kind of boat has real potential. Corsair is trying to cash in on it unfortunately. These boats should be 25-30k tops. If they had much higher quality carbon rig, hardware, etc they "might" be worth 40k, but the Pulse 600 does not have any of that they are NOT worth 40k. Not even close.
  11. Ludicrous Speed

    2016 A-Class North Americans in September

    Yep, Struble.
  12. Ludicrous Speed

    Corsair Pulse 600

    The Corsair Pulse 600 is too expensive for what it is (fairly cheap rig, sails, build quality, finishing touches, etc) and is WAY to heavy at 1000 lbs, unlaidened. No concern to weight seems to be given. Needs a carbon rig. It should cost no more than 30k as it is currently delevered, complete, IMO.. But with their dealer model, when you buy the boat you're paying the dealer 20% money on your purchase price and the factory is making 100% on a 10-15k build cost. They charge the buyer shipping. But I hope it's successful. J70s and legacy one designs have more bored to death with sailing. J70s are 70k in comparison complete. Also utterly ridiculous.
  13. Ludicrous Speed

    What happened with comanche?