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  1. J.A.G.

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Disgusted to hear that Matt Mason interview. I hope he sleeps one off and apologizes.
  2. J.A.G.

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    It is Comanche’s duty to follow through with the protest. It’s been discussed a lot around here lately about dropping protests if the end result didn’t harm the fouled boat (if Comanche had won). Problem with that is the fouling boat gained an advantage by not taking a penalty. They gained an advantage of every boat competing for correct time IF they fouled. It is absolutely not bad sportsmanship for Comanche to pursue. It’s frankly the correct thing to do. I don’t care who wins, but glad Comanche is following through. Some on here should go read the Basic Principles of the RRS again.
  3. J.A.G.

    Transpac 2017

    ha ha ha! The last start was Thursday, the 6th.
  4. J.A.G.

    Transpac 2017

    Because they're sailing west...
  5. J.A.G.

    2017- Fort Walton-Viper North Americans

    Wait... you want us to actually show up? I thought entering was enough! I don't know if I'll be allowed to return to CA after visiting FL. ;-)
  6. J.A.G.

    Hardest series to win in SoCal

    Ed missed the real story again. A M32 finishing in the top 10% in a light air event isn't news. A J-105 winning overall in light air is the news! Congratulations Sanity.
  7. J.A.G.

    2016 Lake Champlain Viper 640 Regatta

    Sounds like a blast! Unfortunately the commute will be too far from CA.
  8. J.A.G.


  9. J.A.G.

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Perhaps the Farr is faster than Sequoia in those conditions. We were not faster than the J/145, The Doc, in those conditions. Perhaps boat prep, time in the boat, not laying the gybe mark, setting/dousing a kite after the gybe mark was a part of the difference too? I can guarantee you that Taxi would have crushed us all in those conditions if they'd come out... It was good to see Sequoia back out. Hope the boat gets back out regularly and gives the Farr a run for the pickle dishes!
  10. J.A.G.

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Good luck Rock and Roller's. Bring home some deep dish pizza for me... and a N.A. trophy for you!!!
  11. J.A.G.

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    The short answer is, it is Matt's fault (I know you all thought I was going to say Eric's)! The longer answer is laziness! We looked at the new cruising main last week when we had no one to sail against and were too lazy to put the full sized main back on... it is only Wet Wed!
  12. J.A.G.

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Congratulations 3 Big Dogs!!! There is a very deep field for "Outstanding Out of Town Accomplishment" in 2010, and we are less than halfway through the year!
  13. J.A.G.

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    From what I remember: A/B Fleet: 1st: Skian Dhu- 3 2nd: Taxi Dancer- 5 3rd: Bebe - 6 4th: Prevail- 6 I don't recall how C/D fleet ended up...
  14. J.A.G.

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Nice Job Warrior and Prevail! I'm pretty sure Warrior swept 1st and 1st in EVERY rating system. The Morpheus PHRF finish shows them finishing in 0:00:00 corrected, which obviously is wrong and they won't beat Warrior when they change the error. Great job! MadMacks, it is spelled Bohman.