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  1. Crooked Beat

    New Nacra 15

    That sounds better. So no changes to the current boat, unlike the NACRA 17 problems.
  2. Crooked Beat

    New Nacra 15

    New NACRA 15: Deck sweeper sail for single handed. A new class? Z boards for double handed. Does this screw current boat owners? The trunk will have to be moved forward. This is the same story as the NACRA 17. Early owners get screwed.
  3. Crooked Beat

    J22 Worlds

    Don't both of them work for North?
  4. Crooked Beat

    Trapeze harness recommendation

    Happy with the Stokes on 49ers and cats. The Zhik velcro wears out.
  5. Crooked Beat

    All footage from AC34 San Francisco

    Please upload the LVC as well. Thank you. This is wonderful that you have it on youtube
  6. Crooked Beat

    Nacra F18 infusion MK3

    Any of F18s these in the USA yet? What is the story of Gunnar Larsen selling/leaving NACRA? Did someone buy NACRA?
  7. Crooked Beat

    Umm, tiller?

    Samc99us: Thanks for that info. Not what I want to hear, but what I was afraid of. I guess it is roller brush extensions from now on.
  8. Crooked Beat

    Umm, tiller?

    Thanks, but are there any manufacturers a bit closer to North America?
  9. Crooked Beat

    Umm, tiller?

    Are there any other telescoping fiberglass tiller manufacturers? It looks like Arriba no longer makes the FX3,4 and 6?
  10. Crooked Beat

    Umm, tiller?

    What about Arriba
  11. Crooked Beat

    Kirby 30

    The Kirby 30's are known from breaking masts. The mast is a twisty noodle. The runners are needed.
  12. Crooked Beat

    Last post read?

    How can I automatically go to the last post read, whether on a topic with 100 posts or 2 posts? This is when I hit unread content. This used to work for me but seems to have disappeared.
  13. Wayfarer. If you aren't interested in racing, get one. Safe proven design. Lots of camping stories with Wayfarers.
  14. Crooked Beat

    8 Bells for George Cuthbertson

    These two items on a CnC mailing list: And the owner of Red Jacket - CnC's first claim to fame: