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  1. Crooked Beat

    Umm, tiller?

    Are there any other telescoping fiberglass tiller manufacturers? It looks like Arriba no longer makes the FX3,4 and 6?
  2. Crooked Beat

    Umm, tiller?

    What about Arriba
  3. Crooked Beat

    Kirby 30

    The Kirby 30's are known from breaking masts. The mast is a twisty noodle. The runners are needed.
  4. Crooked Beat

    Last post read?

    How can I automatically go to the last post read, whether on a topic with 100 posts or 2 posts? This is when I hit unread content. This used to work for me but seems to have disappeared.
  5. Wayfarer. If you aren't interested in racing, get one. Safe proven design. Lots of camping stories with Wayfarers.
  6. Crooked Beat

    8 Bells for George Cuthbertson

    These two items on a CnC mailing list: And the owner of Red Jacket - CnC's first claim to fame:
  7. Crooked Beat

    Refinishing a very ugly aluminum mast

    Yes - I keep my mast outdoors. And it does stand up to UV light. Try it.
  8. Crooked Beat

    Refinishing a very ugly aluminum mast

    Krylon epoxy appliance paint. Cheap. Lasts for years.
  9. Anyone hear that Viking Marine is closing? All those inspection ports on Lasers, Hobies, 470s, ...
  10. Crooked Beat

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    I was in Toronto Wednesday. The all yacht clubs are having problems with the water level of Lake Ontario. One club has docks 5 inches below the water level. And water levels peak in June so I was told?
  11. Crooked Beat

    Laser 4.7 in North America

    We Americans are fat
  12. Crooked Beat

    Forum change

    Is there a low - res version that puts more topics per screen?
  13. Crooked Beat

    Forum change

    Thank you
  14. Crooked Beat

    Forum change

    I had a bookmark where that I clicked that linked to new content in only a few forums: Sailing, Dinghy, Fix it, General. That don't work no more. Can I still set that up again? How???