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    Condensed View

    Still expanded.
  2. Crooked Beat

    Condensed View

    Anyone have a url for a link that I can put on my toolbar for a condensed view of new posts in forums that I follow i.e. : Sailing Anarchy, America's Cup Anarchy, Ocean Racing Anarchy,Multihull Anarchy,Fix It Anarchy,Gear Anarchy,Dinghy Anarchy,Sport Boat Anarchy
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    Condensed View

    Still expanded for me.
  4. Crooked Beat

    Laser vs Laser Radial in GTA

    Get a full rig. Intensity sail. Reef the full rig sail if it is high winds.
  6. Crooked Beat

    Why skippers fail in PHRF, it's not the boat

    It may not be the boat, but PHRF LO screws some boats. The J35 is a base boat around North America and PHRF LO has the same rating of the J35 as other districts. But the J22 and the J24 are way off (much faster). The delta between both the J22 and J24 and the J35 are very different than other regions. Why is that? Because the rest of the PHRF LO fleet is sailing "slower" than those two boats. PHRF LO will preserve the fleet, rather than show how slow other boats are sailing. Both boats have little PHRF participation in the PHRF LO region. Pity the J22/24 in Lake Ontario.
  7. Crooked Beat

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    I was wondering more about the clubs in Toronto. How are they doing? There are a lot more clubs on the north shore than the south.
  8. Crooked Beat

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    How is the water level on the north shore after the weekend?
  9. Crooked Beat

    Tough day for Esprit De Corps iV
  10. I have never seen one of those. But it is not rotomolded? Available in the USA? Looks like the T2 is the Hobie 16 size
  11. The Wave seems too small and the Getaway too big. How come Hobie doesn't have a middle model? The size of a Hobie 16, but rotomolded?
  12. Crooked Beat

    rs aero

    Thanks for the info on the storage tube.
  13. Crooked Beat

    rs aero

    Can you tell me where you got those mast/sail storage tubes?
  14. Crooked Beat

    Looking for DIAM-24s in NA

    There was one of those DIAM's on the Ontario side of Lake Ontario last year.
  15. Crooked Beat

    New Nacra 15

    I am just going by the press release and the North American information. $7200 is a lot for a youth boat.