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    gyro autopilot compas heading

    Hallelujah, someone who has actually used the 5000 series pilot downwind! Chucky, could you elaborate just a little, in terms of the kind of winds and seas you were in when you talk about hard reaching running conditions? Also, was the system running with the Hercules level software? And were the wind sensors up top mounted on one of those (~31") masthead extensions, or the just on a wand that didn't elevate them to well above masthead. Finally, do you know if the H5000 pilots are in widespread use on Class 40s? I would assume that if they've achieved a decent share of active racers, then they're probably pretty well tested; however B&Gs marketing materials don't really make such a claim. For what it's worth on rams, a local service guy strongly advised me to use the L&S ram, saying they were as close to bombproof as you get on boats. He also said their resistance when not being used was less than other hydraulic rams. However, I see B&G brochures that indicate a re-design had reduced their resistance by 30%, and I'd find it hard to believe they aren't very dependable. I think there may be some design differences that do favor the L&S, particularly in tight quarters - which is why I'm likely to go with it, although would love to hear that the DD15 was a good choice as well. Also, you can contact me at karl@seastateinc.com if you wish to discuss any of this separately.
  2. Xiph

    gyro autopilot compas heading

    Interesting responses, thank you all. I was hoping to find someone with actual experience with the H5000 pilot under conditions I'd see on a Pac Cup, but maybe it hasn't been around long enough to attract much of a following on the shorthanded circuit. On the subject of AW correction, the larger seas that we had in 2016 induced noticeable swings in AWA just from the motion of the mast when we rolled. It's a shorter period than the speed effect (on AW) that you get when surfing down a swell, but sure confused me for awhile when I was staring at those displays in the dark. Correction for this effect is one of the reasons I'm attracted to the B&G H5000 equipment, as the Hercules-level software is significantly cheaper than the NKE processor that accomplishes motion-correction in their line (assuming I understand the NKE equipment offerings correctly). On the subject of actuators, I was pretty sure I'd get a B%G or LS ram, although if would be fast enough, the Simrad DD15 is really appealing due to the reduced resistance when the autopilot is off. Someone above mentioned the Jefa electric drives, so a further question (in addition to the original about anyone having actually used an H5000 pilot downwind in seas in the 14' range) would be whether anyone knows if these electric drives would be a good choice? Thanks!
  3. Xiph

    gyro autopilot compas heading

    Hopefully this is not considered hijacking, but I'm thinking of entering my J35 in the 2020 Pacific Cup, sailing doublehanded (have done it before fully crewed). I'm interested in hearing from anyone with actual experience with B+G h5000 and/or NKE gyropilots as to their suitability. We sail with asymmetrics flown off the pole, so generally can sail fairly deep and surf if the seas are there. I get the sense that the NKE and Alpha Marine pilots would be able to do most of the driving if need be, but I'm also considering B&G, despite the fact that I've yet to hear anyone say they've actually used a B+G pilot in a boat like mine, in conditions like we see in the Pacific Cup. So...opinions anyone?