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  1. Jud - s/v Sputnik

    Haro Strait - current tips?

    Hey Skip, I just went from Victoria to Montague Harbour/Clam Bay on Saturday, after Stage 1 of R2AK in my little 3kt beauty (a mighty Cal 20). I wish I had taken a screenshot of Navionics on my phone as I struggled to get past Ten Mile Point/Cadboro Bay: a series of squiggles/circles and the speed at O.O kts. Brutal!! I left Victoria the same as a roughly double-the-size-of-me sailboat. We both motored at roughly the same speed (although they clearly had a larger inboard, while I had a 6hp outboard —whose leg, to boot, isn’t quite long enough, frankly). Coming up past Discovery Island, the currents got ugly (someone else going north, coming from from somewhere east, started bucking the standing waves of tidal current, then turned around and fled. I felt like doing the same but was doing a delivery and had to get north). That other boat that I was roughly keeping pace with kept to the Vancouver Island side and got way ahead of me. I didn’t have a current atlas (and only realized/remembered yesterday when timing a transit of Gabriola Pass, that all times listed in the tide/current book are Standard Time!), but I’m pretty sure there were good counter currents on the Vancouver Island side, especially byTen Mile Point. I wish I’d followed that other boat, but of course at the time the last thing you want to do is follow someone, in case they don’t know what they’re doing! Jud
  2. Jud - s/v Sputnik

    R2AK 2018

    We’ll look for you out there on your WestSail 32! —>The Team(s) to Beat (for us): (1) Team Fiddle Faddle (Santana 20) https://r2ak.com/2018-teams-stage-one/team-fiddle-faddle Roughly matched to us boat-wise (20’ length, like our Cal 20, but using an “articulating sculling oar” for human propulsion - imagine a race down Victoria Harbour to the finish line against us rowing and them sculling that contraption, whatever the heck that is! (2) Team Reliance (Balboa 20)...Probably faster than us. (3) Team Buckeye (Hurley 17)...Probably faster than us: seasoned racers... —->The Team to Meet - Team B4B2, sailing a (gasp) Bayliner 18, destination Ketchikan. Heroic! Epic! But of course B4B2 is actually Berrimilla in disguise (www.berrimilla.com), which is truly epic and heroic. Those guys have been through the NWP, around the Horn, Syd-Hob, Fastnet...the team to meet because they undoubtedly have great stories to tell! —>Finally, the Team to Greet (greet at the dock in Ketchikan, as they collect their $10,000 cash or Steak Knives ). Team Sail Like A Girl because a fully crewed (experienced racers) Melges 32...Team Blue Flash (fully crewed J88), or any of the fully crewed tris...fully crewed boats, that is, that choose to sail night and day. Exciting! Nervous...nah... :-)
  3. Jud - s/v Sputnik

    R2AK 2018

    Roger that - thanks for the info re: Straits. (And, yeah, the Environment Canada forecasts...thing is, once, in Johnstone Strait, we ignored the gale warning, since the forecast always were slightly exaggerated. But not that time.)
  4. Jud - s/v Sputnik

    R2AK 2018

    That’s what I’m planning on :-) I’ve been in 30 twice in that boat, and I didn’t much like it. Crack o’dawn start Saturday morning!
  5. Jud - s/v Sputnik

    R2AK 2018

    ?!? I was looking at this - WTF?! https://marine.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-122.95808&lat=48.21470#.WxiIKxYTHYX East Entrance to Juan de Fuca Strait - 20NM ENE Port Angeles WA Marine Point Forecast Says WSW 10, seas <1 ft. I’m crossing from Friday Harbour - wrong forecast to use? (Never been down there; thanks for any advice.) (Edit: Just realized you wrote “afternoon” - which seems to jive with the Sat evening forecast of building wind. Was planning to leave early, like 4:30/5 on Saturday morning.)
  6. Jud - s/v Sputnik

    R2AK 2018

    Looks like I’ve got a good weather window, combined with free time, to cross J de F on Saturday - looking forward to being in PT. (Wasn’t sure earlier if I’d make it down...but I haven’t yet! :-) Fingers crossed on the forecast.)
  7. Jud - s/v Sputnik


    Ah, Yrvind. Everyone on SA should read his latest manifesto (on his site, link in OP’s post). ‘Four Square Meters of Sail and One Oar” Starts with: “Many people misunderstand life. They think comfort is happiness, but unfortunately, that kind of happiness only works in the short term because, like drug abuse and instalment purchases, it burns energy intended for your future well-being. Those who enjoy effortless comfort are constantly deprived of energy. They lose strength, become lazier and fatter, have less good health and are more easily bored.” Here: Or here: http://www.yrvind.com/exlex/
  8. Jud - s/v Sputnik

    R2AK 2018

    Fascinating that an (the only?) Olson 30 shows as row and pedal. How do you pedal an O30? Am very curious! We’re (Team Calico) just doing Stage 1, and have oars, but are toying with the idea of trying to rig up a pedal drive —for next year— to drop into the handy-dandy cockpit engine well of the Cal 20, just to see how that compares to rowing...a fun fall/winter fabrication project.
  9. Jud - s/v Sputnik

    The Curlew Restoration

    Oh, when I saw the thread title, I thought it was about Tim and Pauline Carr’s famous “Curlew”.
  10. Jud - s/v Sputnik

    E-nav on the cheap

    Does Navionics in iPad mean that you always need a phone network data connection? Or is it that you put Navionics on the iPad and it functions as a chart plotter, independent of phone network because the iPad has a GPS and talks to the satellites to get your position? Or do you simply download Navionics charts to the iPad for a particular area and then you have access to them, like a paper chart, for simple visual reference but without GPS, I.e., not like a mounted/dedicated plotter? Sorry for the silly questions - just trying to get an idea how it works/how well it works. Example: I have Navionics on my iPhone. It requires access to phone data network. For local short-distance sailing in summer/good weather, to check my position, I’ll simply turn on Navionics occasionally —only occasionally b/c it burns through the phone data really fast, of course, and phone battery power too. How does Navionics work on iPad, as for a phone, meaning you need a data plan for the iPad? Or can you simply use it as an electronic chart, I.e., just for visual reference, instead of a paper chart? Or?
  11. Jud - s/v Sputnik

    Chiles vs Hancock on what is an "Open Boat"

    Sure, call them both “open boats” (Steward’s boat has a large open area, so terminologically speaking, could be said to “qualify” as open) but, really, we all know which one is *actually* an open boat...) Maybe the best way to get a better sense of it is to read Webb Chiles’ book. http://www.inthepresentsea.com/the_actual_site/books.html
  12. Jud - s/v Sputnik

    R2AK 2018

    Thanks for the info/suggestions - BTW why did you have a fixed rowing seat? I’d have thought a sliding seat would be much more efficient (if a bit more complicated to build). To anyone - if building a sliding seat, how would you estimate how long the seat needs to slide? (On my boat, the seat would need to slide on “tracks” -I’d use aluminum angle - but I’m wondering how to estimate needed length. Haven’t done a “test stroke” yet - perhaps that’ll give me an idea how long the seat tracks need to be?)
  13. Jud - s/v Sputnik

    R2AK 2018

    I will admit, 8 years ago when we got the old Cal 20, that I hastily and temporarily taped a name on the transom with electrical tape - supposed to be only for the dockside renaming party. It stayed on, forgotten, as we sailed the boat hard, and upgraded running rigging, instead of beautifying it. Eventually, I got around to removing the vestiges ofmyhe tape which, of course lifted up the ancient paint underneath. Spray paint would be, let’s face it, a bit of an abomination - unless you’re “Pestilence”! (I admire Holdfast’s pluck, but not necessarily their aesthetic :-)
  14. Jud - s/v Sputnik

    Thinning Interlude Bottomkote - help

    Thanks, all. Was under a severe time crunch (to look up Interlux 216 thinner MSDS, which wouldn’t have occurred to me anyway! Thanks for the idea). Was trying to finish bottom in time for trailer launch/high tide/friends’ truck loan/help with mast re-step - only had once chance to relaunch. I live on a small island with very limited hardware/chemical selection, and nothing open on weekend. In the event, I actually had a little bit of paint left over - no need to thin, fortunately.
  15. Jud - s/v Sputnik

    R2AK 2018

    You, sir, are a man of high taste - and obviously more time than me :-). It was an absolute race over the past 48 hours to just get topsides and bottom paint on. (The bottom was *completely* fouled, I’m embarrassed to say.) (The boat would really sparkle with more attention, but simply no time right now - it’s all about functionality now!)