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  1. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2015

    At some point the cool factor gets overtaken by the extreme factor. I'd like to go for a ride on an 18 footer but sail one on an inland lake on a regular basis..no thanks. I would say the Vx is the regular guys' (or girl's) skiff. Amazing how easy they are to sail even in big breeze. Someone who could get around on a canoe might be bored on one ;-). But there's a lot more mass appeal. From that perspective you have a much wider crew pool and still pretty damn quick around the cans, even with the lead training wheel eh? As a side note - the fella who has your old Nokia now has a Vx and loves the hell out of it. ;-)
  2. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2015

    Or consider a 2 person boat that will have crew beating down your door..
  3. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2015

    D - I m doing it with OJ on the Vx but will most certainly be there for a test ride and would offer beer for the fleet in exchange for a charter at an event.
  4. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2015

    Need something permanent or to get you through till you replace it? Is go rummage through old boat yards and find aomething with a jet ski or small motorboat sitting on it- offer the guy 50 bucks... Tie the motor-whatever to a tree and drive out from under it real fast Failing that holler. You can use the road base I built for my viper / Vx / whatever
  5. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2015

    not 110% sure when we will show, depends on work. probably Friday night.
  6. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2015

    we're in Lindy. owen and I, maybe my young nephew. My boat lives in a 19' cargo trailer.. doubles as a spot to sleep. If memory serves we should be ok to squeeze that in somewhere. cya there
  7. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2015

    love it! hey, si's say 3 boats make a one design fleet. that means the j18's are split out I assume?
  8. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2015

    I'm 98.56%.
  9. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2015

    Lindy it would be cool if we could see a list of boats that are entered. For the bastard fleet it sounds like a few Johnson 18's and a canoe right now?
  10. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2015

    Dave can you bring me a few sets of Texas stickers?
  11. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2015

    Well, this is sailing anarchy so the "appropriate" lines are a little blurred and "relevant" - absolutely!! At least he didn't ask for pictures :/). Notin' but luv Claire!
  12. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2015

    I see your campsite has a horse hitching post. Good to know. Now, about that other thing.. Are you dodging me?
  13. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2015

    How is it not applicable?
  14. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2015

    Hey Lindy I think we are going to show. Is anyone camping sat night?
  15. The VX Evo

    My advice would be to not use a weighted option. There, problem solved