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  1. Foiling the Caribbean 600

    Its the boat that vociferously said they didn't work! Wonder if that was George David's call or Juankr! Makes three then as CQS has hers in after taking them out for what they thought was going to be a light Middle Sea. And Maverick as the other and hoping to keep the crew in one piece this year!
  2. having now seen this in the flesh then it really is not a thing of beauty, adding the currently fashionable bow chamfer styling was a big mistake and achieves nothing - and probably makes the mould tooling a real pia. However as I understand this is the boat for sailing schools rather than the racing public and will likely do the job well enough. Pity that it looks like a dogs breakfast though.
  3. Team UK

    Trying to take over the world to justify the rest of it I guess. Think we'll stick with the guys that know what they're doing and been doing it for more than a few years!
  4. Team UK

    Thats the one - it's what the rules don't say that will be interesting. And there lies the freedom to think outside and around what is the notional box. Hasn't ever been a yachting rule in any discipline that hasn't got some wiggle room, intentional or otherwise, and then the universal rule of unintended consequences takes a hand!
  5. Team UK

    Trouble is, he's just one more technician in a team that has plenty of those. Capable yes, but creative no. But until the rules come out who knows how much freedom of thought is going to be allowed. If most of the main areas are delineated then the design program turns into a series of technical problems to solve. My guess is that TNZ will try to cut down the windows of opportunity to avoid being potentially outsmarted in the same way that they totally outsmarted everyone last time around.
  6. Team UK

    Only because they took the points from the 45 series which stopped them being first eliminated! Have to say that like previous UK challenges it was woefully mismanaged at every level. Nav +1
  7. Team UK

    So what exactly are the BAR strengths? Didn't see much evidence of any inspiration or innovation and the team line up hasn't really changed in any way to improve that. Could say that they managed to waste the most money on the worst results of all the teams. Be good to see that change, maybe Grant will bring something to the party.
  8. Front Page: Photoshopped Foil

    the bow is to the left...
  9. Why ballasted foils ?

    Come on guys - basic physics - both wing/tees are the same so the righting arm is the combined cg of those plus the boat and combined CG of the foils isn't going to be that far off the c/line of the boat anyway, So RM is going to be displacement times c/line to centre of effort of the combined tee and arm lift vector. In effect seems pretty daft not to have had a fixed keel with a bulb of only 1-2 tons maybe for capsize resistance and get the sideforce for light airs a lot more efficiently than from the arms/tees, which will be draggy in that config. Will also be crap for maneuverability in the light non-foiling airs. Then wouldn't have needed stored power to wave the damn things around. Might have taken a few knots off the top speed but that doesn't matter two hoots for match racing. And they've already taken a few knots off with a semi rigid sail plan. Look at this thing and doesn't make much sense really, trying too hard to invent something new ( fail, as ButchDS has already done that ), keep the sailmakers happy ( why? ) make it look as though the crew is actually doing something apart from winding winches ( fail as would bet you'll see selftacking headsails when/if they are used ), match racing ( fail as won't be allowed to get too close and if non foiling will be diabolically bad ). Rant over - may all be way different when the rules themselves come out!
  10. nah...he's always been a second tier sailor but a first rate circus entertainer and their press release said as much! The stunts get way more publicity for the sponsors than the racing ever will.
  11. Team UK

    So Claughton is now ex-BAR then? Bainslie toes the party line and thinks they were 'unlucky' in bermuda? Reckon that Grant will inject some painful realism into the camp if nothing else, something that Witless certainly didn't bring to the party.
  12. Not so original - Thierry Petitjean and Butch D-S have a little project on the go already.
  13. And then you get ?time? penalties for infringing the boundary?? It's going to have to be a pretty big area to surround the craft, and so we've now lost the close quarters action that is and should be part of the match racing. Frankly I reckon they've lost the plot on the whole thing, as this is so far removed from having any trickledown to the rest of the sailing world - massive battery pack to power the foils or do you simply have a set number of raise/lower and have to use as you see fit? That's getting too close to the F1 world where most of the time the drivers are in fuel and/or tyre saving modes, and can see how that is losing out big time to MotoGP And if time penalties, then going to have to work out when it's worth taking one. Try explaining that to the masses!
  14. Leaving aside the design issues, in practical terms and the dreaded 'elf'nsafety then the SI's are going to need some rules of engagement in place to avoid potentially lethal close proximity manouevering. Underwater issues were one thing but airborne contraptions flying in towards each other really are a serious issue. No doubt that has been considered...or has it?? Can see the legal beagles having a field day on that one if there is an incident with subsequent human damage, and that would roll right back and directly into the people that designed the rule. Whatever, if say there is a 2 or 3 boat length circle required around the protagonists then what does that do for the match racing element? Overall I really don't get the impression this has been fully thought through
  15. Gitana Maxi 17

    Fan blades have erosion problems from rain and hail, hence the need for either ceramic coatings or metallic leading edges to the blades. Trailing edge is for stiffness on a thin section. Gitana foil though you can see clearly the crumple area, so one thing to figure is if the delam/peel in the aft section was responsible for that, or the consequence of something else. From the lack of any damage to the leading edge then impact is probably ruled out, so more likely to be combination of load factors both torsional and direct bend and drag loadings that has found out the structural weakness there. Superficially, would reckon the aft upper skin started to fail just around and out from the elbow, then the water would rip that off and do the rest of the visible damage. White core I would reckon is simply a well pierced machined hd foam - that allows resin migration under vac and forms resin columns in the foam between the skins. Whatever, will be an expensive fix.