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  1. GBH

    Pogo vole !

    thats only the arm supporting the underwater Tee foil same as the arrangement for the AC boats- but I reckon this is vapourware anyway.
  2. GBH

    Pogo vole !

    Wrong. This is showing fully immersed working foils a la AC, and these need to have constant active control. If they are surface piecing then you can have natural stability along with the rudder Tee. Hydroptere was surface piercing. The only reason the UK test boat is working is because it has an autopilot for roll and heave and the sailors have trim via the rudder foil. AC75s and then crew has to control it in all axes and good luck to that frankly. Would not be at all surprised to see rule change for 1 or 2 axis flight controls.
  3. GBH

    Pogo vole !

    pretty fuckin stupid for a Mini as the foils will need active controls, and the SeaAir one is self regulating
  4. GBH

    Team UK

    Either its all been going really well or equally possible it hasn't! Guess they don't want to give out any clues to any of the others, but quite a change from the more open attitude they had with the previous sponsors. Do wonder though if the rumoured rule 'developments' have anything to do with what they've found from going sailing??
  5. GBH

    New imoca boats

    When you cut up a foil you get the carbon dust over all the cut core, whatever it is - but right at the back the white bits look like epoxy foam. There was a better res pic originally where you could see the construction for the shear web.
  6. GBH

    New imoca boats

    Probably foamed epoxy but could be machined foam. But its a poor design from what one make out of this pic and believe this was ATR in-house design. Rather optimistic.
  7. GBH

    New imoca boats

    Thats a laugh seeing as ATR was one of the final straws for Green Marine, and that for a designers FU!
  8. Dist/VMG gives it to DF, but there's always the last few miles into the shore!
  9. GBH

    Team UK

    Joey Newton and Ian Jenson for starters - or do Colonials count as nationals?!
  10. GBH

    Team UK

    pay cut for the boys coming up? Presumably though BenA can offer more dosh than anyone else to attract whatever crew he wants - nationalistic angle gone out the window along with the green credentials and everything else. "" Petrochemical firm Ineos has lost its legal challenge against the Scottish government's "effective ban" on fracking. The firm claimed that ministers had acted illegally in announcing the block in October 2017. But the government argued that there is no ban in place as the policymaking process is still ongoing. Judges agreed that the challenge was "unfounded" because "there is no prohibition against fracking in force". Scottish energy minister Paul Wheelhouse welcomed the decision, saying that the ongoing moratorium - enforced via planning powers - meant that "no fracking can take place in Scotland at this time". 'End of story' The government first announced a halt on fracking in 2016 while it carried out consultations with experts and the public on whether the controversial oil extraction technique should be allowed north of the border. Ministers concluded in October 2017 that there was "overwhelming opposition" to fracking, and announced what Mr Wheelhouse called an "effective ban".
  11. Briand - low budget???!! READY FOR TAKE-OFF With a 90° righting moment, much like a Mini Transat, the Flyacht is designed to be handled by a two-man crew with the possibility of ‘hiking’ (moving the body weight as far to windward as possible to decrease heeling when sailing upwind) before take-off speed is reached in around 10 knots of true wind speed. The rig consists of a soft wing with slab reefing for easy bag storage and in the interests of safety stability in fly mode would be self-monitored and automated, which is not permitted under the AC75 rules.  THE MILLENIAL GENERATION Drawing on his extensive experience, Briand is looking to create a low-budget project that could be built in series by a production shipyard. The project is a perfect illustration of Briand’s philosophy of pushing the boundaries of yacht design: “I like to be on the edge as a sailboat designer,†he says. “Our role is to transfer the benefits of innovations from the racing sector to the wider market as reasonable cost. I want to introduce the millennium generation to how much fun and excitement can be had from sailing. And the first step towards that will be watching the AC75 Fly Monohulls in action in 2021!â€
  12. GBH

    Team UK

    and he's got his 'K' now as well. So that makes him one of good guys right?
  13. GBH


    That's the bottom line for sure, and the costs to develop something that might not even work! The chances of these monstrosities being fit for purpose are pretty slim, and one major issue is going to be turning the things. Huge polar moments in roll ( good to a degree ) but particularly yaw with the couple of tons stuck out the sides are going to really restrict the general manouevering. Got to get the thing turning first, but then also got to stop the rotation too. Reckon they'll be found wanting in this aspect.
  14. GBH

    Team UK

    Jim Ratcliffe, who founded chemical firm Ineos, topped the list with an estimated worth of £21.05bn - after coming 18th last year. So it just happened to be an 'accidental' meeting - pull the other one BentA! How much more spin are we going to see from this lot?
  15. GBH

    VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    well it's a pity he doesn't directly support some of the smart and up and comings instead of someone that has almost certainly reached the limit of his capabilities. It's great that there are others out there and taking on the Frogs at their own games, but there are some much smarter and younger cookies in the likes of Roberts or Sharp that would better reap the rewards given the sort of extended funding that AT has enjoyed. Its been no secret even from when Mills first took over IMOCA that he had the Volvo in his sights and then Turner went in there to bat for the amalgamation ( and elimination of the perceived competition ) and on it goes. AT is now his mouthpiece to keep pushing that scenario. Good thing or not? I happen to think not. However I also think that maybe the Whitbread/Volvo model has had its day and that the Pay for Adventure races have really taken on the mantle of what it originally was. Sad to see, and btw this is no armchair critic speaking.