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  1. Good feedback toddster - thanks.
  2. It looks pretty impressive. That might be my next move. I try to keep both iNavX and the various charts I have for it (Navionics, Explorer, etc.) continually updated. BUT, I've learned the hard way that you don't want to do updates if you're in the middle of your trip. Things can definitely go whacky sometimes. So if you're out wait until you have some real downtime to do any major updates. Just not worth the risk.
  3. I'd love to hear from anyone using MacENC (iNavx's cousin). Anyone got the skinny?
  4. I haven't Rant. Mostly because all of our current computer stuff is Apple. I started my career doing CAD and 3D visualization (as an architect) and was a hardcore PC dude - but got out of that world as soon as I could. But also, the price tag is a bit steep for cruisers. I've heard nothing but good things about Expedition from very serious sailors (obviously), so there must to be something to it. Did you use the tablet only below? Or did it get out in the stink? I definitely prefer iNavX to OpenCPN though. Far more advanced. And the iMux with iNavX makes it a pretty killer tool - pushing all instrumentation, AIS, AP repeater, etc. to the interface.
  5. Yeah, but then we really get down to comparing "offshore wienies" just to try to substantiate preference....which is where these kinds of debates often go. I'm sure my "extensive" far outweighs some other boaters - as yours does mine. It's all relative. But that's not really pertinent as to whether something works or not. Here is what I do know - in the years and thousands of miles I've sailed our current boat - offshore, inshore, ICW (which I would argue is far more taxing on the functions of a chartplotter than offshore work), etc. - I've never used anything but the iPad. The same iPad. In all kinds of conditions minus extended full gales (which I try to avoid). It's never given us any trouble at all and is still plugging along just fine. So, will that multiply out to your definition of "extensive"? I don't know yet. We'll have to see. But I don't doubt that there are skippers out there with impressive offshore wienies who are using tablets as chartplotters.
  6. Who did the coverage?
  7. That all sounds wonderful jack, but I think you're getting a bit hysterical here. As you say, we're talking a "holistic approach governed by where you are going, when, in what sort of boat, it's system capacity, who is with you and your budget" I'm cruising. I'm not planning to round Capes in balls-on racing. And, yes, I've looked at the OSR. I used Cat 1 as a guide in equipping and outfitting our boat. No, it's not fully compliant (coated lifelines, etc.) - but it's pretty close. As for an "iPad being on the list", gee you're right! WTH? Let's go one further and look at the Cat 0 regs... Nope. Not there either. But wait, neither is B&G, Raymarine, Simrad, etc. So, unless I'm missing something, going by this language I may not be jack_sparrow approved, but I might technically be Cat 0 approved. Right? Your lightning analogy is actually a great one in this regard. Is lightning brand savvy? Is it going to leave that B&G Zeus² untouched because it's not "domestic"? Please. I'm sorry, but a box full of the best electronics on the planet - especially when wired into the boat's electrical system - is going to be toast in your scenario. Period. Because I unplugged my encased iPad's charge cable during the storm it might still working. And even if I forgot that, at least I have some other iDevices in the oven. Oh, I see you're now using those too after the strike. Touche. So let's be reasonable here - I've never advocated that this iDevice approach is the end-all, be-all. I'm testing this stuff in real conditions, conditions most cruising sailors will face. And I'm pushing these devices - exposing them to the heat, the wet, etc. - being okay with it if one goes down due to the abuse just to see how far it will go. I want to see how much of the typical theory I've seen is true. Thus far it seems to be pretty overblown. So, let me be clear. Do I recommend the iPad as a primary chartplotter in Cat 0 usage? No. I don't. And I've never said I do. But I'm cruising not crossing oceans. And there are a crapton of cruising boats out there that still have coated lifelines and, hell, many of the newer boats don't even have a proper toe rail! The horror! With your throwing out of this standard I really expect your boat is fully Cat 0 compliant. It is, right? I mean why stop at Cat 1? That's so domestic. Because when it all goes pear shaped, if you didn't take those few extra steps... In seriousness, what you're advocating, especially for long-distance passage making and racing, is absolutely valid. Having the very best, most-redundant, most bullet-proof - navigation, weather routing/warnings, long distance two-way voice and digital communications plus GMDSS distress platform possible - is an unassailable position. I certainly won't argue against it. However, I will say, even as BJ said above, these tablets are starting to tick off more and more of those boxes - and, as I've shown above, they offer advantages that the traditional MFD/etc. does not. So they're worth a look, at least for specific usages. Remember, there are many sailors out there who actually think that crossing oceans with only an SSB, sextant/tables, compasses, barometer, pilots and charts IS the smartest approach...even today.
  8. I wouldn't want to do that either. That's why we have a back-up iPad and 4 iPhones as well. And if all that fails we have two Macbooks with GPS pucks and OpenCPN. And if that fails we have the SH VHF GPS/AIS and OpenCPN to do manual plotting. And if that fails we have a couple of hand-held Garmin GPS units and paper charts. I'm pretty comfortable. Look, I certainly don't mind your preferences, BJ. I'm just giving my feedback based on pretty extensive actual use.
  9. Thanks dude. Like I said in the vids, most all the theoretical complaints you hear about these things is just that...theoretical. In real life our iPad setup has performed very, very well in all kinds of conditions.
  10. You misspelled that.
  11. I know this is way out of line, but I freakin' HATE this particular hurricane because every time I see its name this goes through my head...
  12. Cool. Just missed that.
  13. What's up with Clean? I don't really see him on the mythical FP anymore. Is he DTS? Did he Pink Flag SA and "Sailing Journalism" altogether? What gives?
  14. From Ed on the FP... What's that well-worn truism? If everyone around you is completely stupid and have no idea what they are doing....it might be you who is stupid and has no idea what you are doing. I'm just saying.
  15. Toddster - yours is much more stately. Pipe and ascot material. The RAM tab mount is much more pedestrian. But it rocks.