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  1. smackdaddy

    Hobie 16 Rebuild

    I'd say you were definitely undercharging for your services!
  2. smackdaddy

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I remember that guy. Definite PA type. Pure craziness. But he did a hell of a job on that boat.
  3. smackdaddy

    Heavy Weather Sailing

    Always looking for big sailing - and Erik keeps bringing it... NBJS indeed.
  4. smackdaddy

    Happy day I get to go home!!!!!!

    Congrats Sass! That's the way quarantine should be done.
  5. smackdaddy

    Team NYYC

    Nuke my posts
  6. smackdaddy

    Team NYYC

    As I said, I won't post anymore on sailing-related stuff. But I will defend myself from false accusations. 1. I have never gotten paid by anyone for my posts here. I'm just very good at what I do. So certain goofballs are convinced I'm a professional. It makes me laugh. 2. I had mostly hung around CA and ORA until July of last year when I found out about SailGP - which was already a couple of races into S1. The only thread that was related was the Circus thread here in the AC forum. I had never posted in the AC forum and didn't know anyone around here. The moment I did, I was jumped, as you might expect, by the little coven of KiWhingersTM that roam the halls here and have a strong dislike of the event and LERC. I did what I do and started smacking their noses. Then after their begging me to, I went to MHA and started the SailGP2019 thread there and stopped posting in the Circus thread. That was fine with me. But some of them, including Clean, followed and kept the fight going. That too was fine with me. I returned the favor and came back here and began my pointed commentary on AC36. 3. I have now been accused of being a "racist" (above and previously by Clean and others) - and a couple of other interesting things. I would love to see evidence of that. If calling the NZ team "Emiratis" and referring to the boat as "Te Ahmed" is deemed "racist", think about that for a moment. Emirates and its CEO Ahmed are paying for these Kiwis to play. What gratitude do you see from the Kiwi public/fans in terms of NZ's AC much-ballyhooed history and prowess? Why does the statement of actual fact bother these guys so much - to the point that it's "racist" to mention it? Again, think about it. I think it says far more about these accusers than it does about me. 4. I have no interest or responsibility to talk about anything in my personal life just like none of you do. When things are working the way they are supposed to, we are all just mostly anonymous avatars fighting it out for fun in a silly sailing forum. The stakes are incredibly low. That said, as Barfy mentioned, you can do a search on here and find that, yes, our family was in a very bad car accident several years ago and my wife, whom I loved very much, was killed. The guys on CA were incredibly kind and supportive - especially my friend Bob Perry. I am very grateful to them all. Some personal info about our family/my kids was put up there with good intentions. And I asked at that time that it be removed for obvious reasons. It was. 5. Apart from the above, everything else Clean is throwing out are lies. He mixes in an approximation of truth here and there, trying to bait me as you saw above so he can properly out me. He's been stalking me here and elsewhere for a while and is itching to do it. I won't give him the pleasure. But I have no "mental issues", I'm not in need of "meds" as he states, I have a very wonderful, supportive family that I'm very focused on, and we are all making the best of life after a tragedy just like many of you - with sailing being an important part of that. The fact that Clean, and a couple of others, are willing to go after the above should tell you all you need to know about them (not me). Yes, I have definitely gone a few rounds with Clean, and I have criticized - to his forum "face" - his work and posting on SA. But no more than others. And I have never gone after him IRL as it were. That's just not a line one should cross. 6. For better or worse, as you can plainly see, I'm a master at pot-stirring. But that doesn't make me a "troll". It's always tongue-in-cheek and I bring facts to the table. Many of my predictions come to pass because I do a lot of research - because I'm interested in it. I do it all for kicks - to pass the time just like all of you - being stupid and good-naturedly brawling as sailors do over a pastime we all love. I'm good it. But it usually gets to be too much for those that try to keep brawling with me. And we end up here. So, I get it. When you hear the word "Uncle" - you should stop. So, there you go. I'll stop. But, as we all know, you shouldn't get truly personal with people, you shouldn't out people, and you shouldn't accuse people of things that aren't true.
  7. smackdaddy

    Team NYYC

    Clean, look, if you're going to ban me, at least be a man and be honest about it. "Repeated violation of TOS"? You said something similar a few weeks ago - which wasn't true then - and is still not true now. I've been posting here since 2008 and have never gotten so much as a single warning for anything - until you threw this at me a couple of weeks ago after I mentioned that fact... And note the reason: "Repeated stalking". It is actually you who stalks me through these threads as others have noted above, and as is plainly clear by our post histories, throwing around some very disturbed stuff. I came into the AC forum last year to talk about SGP and was jumped by the regular Kiwis. So I started smacking back in the same tongue-in-cheek way I always have, and that most people can see for what it is. I don't make any apologies for that. I thought that's what SA was about. I apparently was wrong. I definitely don't think I've done anything around here worth a ban...apart from seemingly getting deep under your skin for whatever reason. So, as I said above. I'll save you the trouble and go elsewhere. It's all yours.
  8. smackdaddy

    Team NYYC

    Clean, I've done literally nothing you haven't done yourself on SA for years. In fact I've done far, far less in terms of "provocative posting". But it's your forum. I'll save you the trouble.
  9. smackdaddy

    Team NYYC

    Ren - I know we've gone round a bit, but I do appreciate your being reasonable.
  10. smackdaddy

    Team NYYC

    Do what you want, Clean. But none of the above is true.
  11. smackdaddy

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    That's right. When it's coming from me, you know you're over the line. So like I said, chill the hell out. Nobody owes you anything. And no one wants to hear you whinge.
  12. smackdaddy

    Team NYYC

    Cool. So what are the numbers? SBD and I would love to know.
  13. smackdaddy

    Team NYYC

    Nooo. Really? "Boat speed, angle to wind and TWS". Who would have thought??? Wait a minute. Isn't that exactly why we're looking at the videos, etc. and seeing what can be derived from them? Oh, you should throw VMG in there too to keep the peanut gallery happy. I'll let you explain it to them.
  14. smackdaddy

    Team NYYC

    Your "perception"? So what are the angles? I assume you don't agree with david_r that they are most always more than 45° and almost never 30°? And what are those modes you're referring to? I know the info exists somewhere - I just have very low confidence you either have insight into it, and/or understand it even if you do. VMG includes a whole lot of factors - especially with these boats...and your upwind angle from tack to tack is absolutely one of those - especially if that's where your mark is. That's part of what Burns was talking about in his quote above. And though I'm sure you're brilliant at something in your life - it apparently ain't this. I'll stick with Burns, thanks. PS - @cinnr - yes. SBD and I were talking about whether these boats have seen 55 knots AWS across the deck. I don't know one way or the other, I was just skeptical based on what I've seen in the videos thus far - at least for any appreciable amount of time. I have no doubt it's doable on these things, but that's why we were talking about angles/vectors and wind speed. uflummoxed just started howling about VMG in the middle of that discussion for some reason known only to him.
  15. smackdaddy

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    And you need to chill the hell out. I'm certainly no fan of any KiWhingerTM around here - but you are seriously outwhinging everyone. People can post whatever the hell they want. Stop crying.