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  1. smackdaddy

    RaspberryPi - OpenPlotter

    To be clear, I have no problem with SignalK itself as a data protocol. I'm a fan of open source. My point in my review is that you should be very careful with those "innovative" products that leverage it - especially if they pull your data into "the cloud" to provide some "service" to you. Just keep your data on your Dragonfly. Otherwise, you could very well end up cruising for the 'Man'.
  2. smackdaddy

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Heh. That's one thing you can count on every single running of the Vendee. There will be "weather". And it's a big world out there - so there will be a lot of it. The question is, how fast will the boats be in said "weather"? They were pretty slow this time.
  3. smackdaddy

    SailGP 2021

    Get the app. Hands down the best viewing experience.
  4. smackdaddy

    RaspberryPi - OpenPlotter

    I'll stay out of the same-old-same-old on iPads, etc. - but... Be very careful with SignalK and the apps leveraging/promoting it. It ain't what it seems to be. I did a pretty extensive review of the tech. You can just google my username and "indentured cruising" and see for yourself.
  5. smackdaddy

    Vendee Globe 2020

    So after all the new design, technology, advanced foils, hubbubb and blau-blau... Armel Le Cleac'h's record still stands. Go figure.
  6. smackdaddy

    Tramp Fabric

    Talk to I've got a crazy old bastard of a beachcat called a Spirit 17. They did a great job building a custom tramp for it - for a very affordable price. Highly recommend.
  7. smackdaddy

    SailGP 2021

    ~7 more weeks, 8 events, $1M With Jimmy at the wheel of USA, things will get WAY more interesting. But Bennie and the Jets are a force. So who knows? Counting 53+ knots. Heh.
  8. smackdaddy

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Pip is truly awesome. Huge respect for her. Also very impressed with Isabelle and Clarisse. They are all staying in it.
  9. smackdaddy

    INEOS Team GB

    Not banned. Just not interested in this particular forum anymore. And off skiing and having fun. Cheers.
  10. smackdaddy

    Christmas Regatta

    I don't post here anymore. No need. I'm just glad to see you back and in true form. Cheers.
  11. smackdaddy

    Vendee Globe 2020

    This is gonna be good. Can't wait to see the times.
  12. smackdaddy

    Hobie 16 Rebuild

    Go the Brightsides. It's been seriously tough for years...
  13. smackdaddy

    Hobie 16 Rebuild

    I'd say you were definitely undercharging for your services!
  14. smackdaddy

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I remember that guy. Definite PA type. Pure craziness. But he did a hell of a job on that boat.
  15. smackdaddy

    Heavy Weather Sailing

    Always looking for big sailing - and Erik keeps bringing it... NBJS indeed.