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  1. KZ-1

    Team NZ

    The new Genesis Challenge base sign is now installed! Oh whoops I meant the Emirates Team New Zealand base. Hard to tell... that Genesis logo is HUGE!
  2. KZ-1

    Old Cup Posters and Artwork

    Any NZ based forum member want this old hard poster of mine? Like in the pic it has mould damage over Fay's signature. Its unframed on core flute type stuff. Free to a good home with free postage NZ wide. PM me and first in can have it.
  3. KZ-1

    Team NZ

    The other crew members account of the journey is also worth reading. Capsized by James Nalepka. I would say the true vibe of the ordeal is somewhere between to two.
  4. This was NZL32 several years ago when it was taken out of its wrap and was being fitted out for the Maritime Museum.
  5. ETNZ gave me hope when they put our their AC45 years ago in all black livery with a cool 'wet' flag on the bows, NEW ZEALAND on the side and a massive wing with NEW ZEALAND in crazy large font. That sadly didn't last long then it was back to the fugly red and black scheme again.
  6. KZ-1

    Old Cup Posters and Artwork

    Got this one this old one from the Big Boat days that has got quite mouldy. Is signed by Fay to someone. Have a old framed 'Kiwi Magic' poster in storage I think but used to have several large framed Team New Zealand 1995 Steinlager posters that have disappeared over the intervening years.
  7. KZ-1

    AC36 - The Venue

    I mean its good it all got sorted out...but still feels a bit cobbled, compromised and weird. There was certainly a 'debt' of sorts to pay Luna Rossa, but they seem like they have done rather well out of all this. I just hope that ETNZ makes a kick ass space of the VEC. Its noted its theirs for two cup cycles then huh.
  8. KZ-1

    AC36 - The Venue

    My feeling is some heavy compromises must have been made in order to have this at the point it is now. But just who got the best deal or was it a multilayered awkward handshake? I do hope ETNZ get a permanent home one of these days.
  9. KZ-1

    AC36 - The Venue

    Only read the text associated with the interview but Goff says something along the lines of altering the events centre for ‘the period of the cup’ ....does this mean to say this isn’t ETNZ’s permanent home?
  10. KZ-1

    AC36 - The Venue

    100%. It will certainly be one of the coolest looking permenant base structures any syndicate or team has had in many years. Quite excited they finally have a proper space to call home and one that would appear large enough to house everything they could need for the event side of things ie corporate entertainment areas, shop, display/interactive area which won’t impede on the base operations areas I wouldn’t imagine. It’s a great building.
  11. KZ-1

    AC36 - The Venue

    So what...... no permanent base for ETNZ now? Or have they been given the events centre? From the article: "The Viaduct Events Centre will become redundant once the Sky City Convention Centre is completed for housing major events, provide an ideal base for Team New Zealand. They could be iin there by October which would be a boost for their defence plans, allowing them to have a base for their new boat." But I still wonder if its theirs permanently or not. It's a bloody big base if it is to become theirs!
  12. KZ-1

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    I hope they are proper looking bases too, like the ones in Valencia, no more temp tent city!
  13. KZ-1

    Team NZ

    Awesome close up! I was told the bottom band was to be removed and a new one (same size or possibly wider, more surface area?) because of the overly large engraving of the last couple editions....but not sure if that still stands as of right this moment.
  14. KZ-1

    Team NZ

    Nope. It’s the real deal.
  15. KZ-1

    Team NZ

    So awesome to see the Cup out of its fancy LV case, taken all sorts of places and passed round all the kids. I would be lying to say I wasn't a little jealous that some of those little tykes being able to hold and pose for photos with it. My turn please!