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  1. ARC 2017

    Thanks Sam and ZG. Now to find a charter somewhere to test drive.... Nevermind. Not paying that much for something that will spend half its life in cold water -Tad
  2. ARC 2017

    Was just in St. Lucia last week and stumbled on the fleet while cavorting in Rodney Bay. Saw this boat, which may or may not be the TS42 mod-job that was being discussed, but I like it, and want it. Anyone know what it is, if its not the TS42 (looks more like a Catana to me)
  3. Irma

    I've now heard from all of my friends down in various parts of Florida and they're all safe and sound with no damage other than a dock that was underwater. My boss' liveaboard boat in Halifax Harbor Marina seems to be ok. Most of them have power.
  4. Irma

    Anyone know how the marinas around Daytona Beach fared? My boss has his live-aboard Bristol 40 berthed there and can't get any info.
  5. Irma

    Friends in Orlando made it through ok. Their lake dock was underwater but their house was fine. She says they're getting power back today or tomorrow. Anyone hear how the nuke plants fared?
  6. Irma

  7. Irma

    This storm is really fucking up all of the areas that are special to me and my family....
  8. Irma

    No offense taken. Different strokes, different folks. The moorings, and their inhabitants are a fact of life down there. My idea of a sailing vacation differs from that of some of my guests. A certain amount of party, a certain amount of creature comforts are required in certain proportions to make the trip enjoyable for everyone - not just those of us who like to spend hours pointing the bows in a random direction and then trimming the sails to suit. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4861184/Shocking-scale-destruction-Tortola-revealed.html
  9. Irma

    It's going to be lonely, and a place without destinations. Who knows what the conditions of the mooring fields are - and even then, what those mooring fields service. Bitter End? Soggy? The Settlement? Who knows whether those places we use as anchorages even still exist... If your idea of a good charter vacation is to get the vessel, provision it for you and your guests, and then go touring destroyed anchorages and a now desolate landscape then it will be a nice time.
  10. Irma

    Fortunately the deposit was scheduled to be delivered yesterday so it's either lost or not a priority right now - not too worried about that part honestly.
  11. Irma

    We only got a week to work with. Going outside the hemisphere isn't really an option due to travel times. I keep telling myself to wait and see what they say.
  12. Irma

    Dear God. That would be terrible
  13. Irma

    I'm trying to figure out if I recommend to our guests that we cancel our trip in December. I guess I'll just wait and see what the charter company tells me. Sure it'd be nice to be able to get away to the tropics for a week - but if there's nothing left to visit, that would kinda suck in a way. Wonder how Willy T's fared.
  14. Irma

    I'm pretty sure I know already based on the damage I've seen to Tortola - but does anyone know how Anegada fared?
  15. Irma

    My boss tidy'd up his live aboard Bristol 40 down in Daytona and hit the road this AM.