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  1. MauganTornado

    "BucketLust" - beware

    Had considered calling the Moorings and letting them know. Wasn't sure how receptive they'd be to a non-customer bitching about someone who had just chartered no less than a dozen boats for the week...
  2. MauganTornado

    "BucketLust" - beware

    Oh I'm sure. If you take a look at the "itinerary" section of their website, it lists the "Rage Level" of each stop in the islands. Anegada was "Rage Level - 5/5" and I believe it - it caused me incredible amounts of rage as I actually felt my hangover set in prematurely while I was awake in my berth at 4AM. Here was a picture of the PC43 raft up the morning after - note that at some point during the middle of the night, at least 3 other power cats had left the raft up. Anyone who has been to the Anegada mooring field knows that its tighter than most, and I can only imagine how dangerous it was maneuvering in that field, at night... The banner was furled at the point I took the pic, it was draped all over the stern from bridge to waterline. (Sorry about the quality of the pic - I had to zoom in) And yes, I'm no stranger to some a-holes in the BVI's blasting their Kenny Chesney or Jimmy Buffet (fuck I might be guilty of that from time to time) but I've never fucking had such abject disregard for other people's peace and quiet all night long like this. One of my guests was an FBI agent who specializes in drug cartel work and I begged him to go over there in the middle of the night and flash his badge and tell them to start shitting between their legs or else they were going to pay for the custodian to clean it up. Alas he (wisely) declined my drunken demand.
  3. MauganTornado

    "BucketLust" - beware

    Haven't posted in years, but I figured I'd come in here and warn y'all about these fuckwads. "Bucketlust" is a company that offers crewed charters in "exotic" "bucketlist" locations where you meet your "forever crew". God I want to vomit. Be right back. Go check their cringe-worthy website if you'd like. It's basically a service that offers to let you re-live your Spring Break days as a grown ass adult. Unfortunately for us, we didn't think to go on their website to find out where they'd be ahead of time to avoid them . We were just in the BVI doing the rounds and we'd continually find these Moorings boats all over the place with these "Bucketlust" banners all over them full of 20-somethings all wearing the same swimming attire. In Anegada, in that busy-ass, completely 110% full mooring field, they actually rafted up in the middle of the mooring field a couple of Moorings 43PC's and conducted a "Rage Clinic" - which as far as we could tell was a dance party, by a DJ .... until 6:30AM. We were about 200 yards away from them but still the bass from their speakers was rattling things inside our cat all night long. This wasn't the end of their poor behavior. We witnessed multiple instances of what I consider staff abuse at several locations including Nova in Deep Bay and at the Willy T's... (although those guys dished it back). If you see these assholes in your mooring field, - IMO find a new one. It'll only be miserable for you. (Yes I realize how curmudgeonly I sound in this post - I don't give a fuck. If what they offer appeals to you, cool deal. Go enjoy your life being a discourteous prick).
  4. MauganTornado


    interior pics here I'm not sure if the boat listed is the one pictured as in the specs they say fixed keels while the boat pictured has daggerboards. Unless Mrs. Muffin is as thunderous as you, you should be OK. I might prefer a bit more tankage for both water and fuel Mrs. Muffin is quite petite Not sure how I feel about the berth in the middle of the salon. The berths in the hulls look nice but it sounds like they're only in the port side hull. That listing has it only at 2 berths which is quite limited. NM under the specifications its listed as 3 double berths which would be fine.
  5. MauganTornado


    There's a lot to like about this boat. It certainly seems like the "sailors" cat in terms of performance and layout. Not sure if it would pass the wife test or not (although I met my wife on a capsized JY-15 so it might) The cockpit area seems very short and narrow. Once you're done with sailing for the day, the entertaining of guests has to start and having a nice area to do that outdoors would be ideal. Perhaps a cabin-top traveller arrangement could be worked out and a bench seat could be added to the rear beam? I don't mind so much the tiller setup as the sailor in me appreciates the feedback, but again on a boat that I'm cruising on, it would be nice to be able to hand over control temporarily to a guests' wife while I go set the mooring lines or something. While those of us that have spent equal time on boats as in cars can helm a vessel with a tiller like it was second nature, I can't tell you the number of times it's totally befuddled a novice. The unprotected steering position is also a bit concerning as you're exposed to both sun and cold water spray in that nice looking seat. The interior looks spartan but serviceable however I noticed that you can't find a picture of any of the berths in any photos - with those skinny hulls I'm betting that me and wifey would be getting mighty close to one another in a berth - which is fine - until the temperature gets up to 90'F outside at night and the skeeters are so bad that you don't want to pop the hatch. If I were looking for a purely racer/cruiser this boat would definitely make the short list - especially at that price. Just not sure there's enough "cruiser" in the design to make it worth the inconveniences.
  6. MauganTornado

    Crowther 43 project.

    Gotta say that this thread is infectious for me to read. I'm currently in the "figuring out what I want by chartering a ton of cats" stage of future ownership but this project has definitely got me looking in another direction than I was originally.
  7. MauganTornado

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Maybe they're not racing when that pic was taken or they had just come around the C mark and the crew hasn't pulled the downhaul on. Lots of reasons why those wrinkles could be there besides a mis-cut sail.
  8. MauganTornado

    Oracle Team USA

    I think the real news here is that a lawyer lied. That has never, ever happened in all of recorded history. Lawyers are above all else when it comes to trustworthiness and fairness.
  9. MauganTornado

    Radio Control Multihulls

    Anyone build an AC72 model that I can buy yet? Gotta get me one of those!
  10. MauganTornado

    Radio Control Multihulls

    WHere do I buy one. I need one today. I have alligators out back that need chasing.
  11. Tad,

    It looks like you had a great time in the Tybee. Let me know sometime when we can get together and check out the world of cat racing. I am intrigued.


  12. MauganTornado

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    This is one of my all-time worst case scenario fears - being separated from the boat. During my two Tybee 500 campaigns, we flipped probably close to 6 or 7 times and didn't get separated, but there were close calls. Luckily we're always within sight of land with PFD's and personal EPIRBs. I've had the Nacra 20 sail away from me before... don't want to have it happen in the ocean.