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  1. mookiesurfs

    Turning it upside down

    Any ideas on how to turn a boat upside down? Specifically, an S2 7.9? We've drysailed it for awhile with a bare bottom, but now we need to put it in a slip. She'll need barrier coat and bottom paint it, but I'm not going to crawl around under the trailer doing that, plus the result would inevitably be slow. Ideas?
  2. mookiesurfs


    Old sailing books first foretell the existence of a hurricane at sea by long period swells from a consistent, unusual direction. Then come the clouds, barometer and wx. If Webb had walked down to the beach and actually looked at the ocean, he would have seen unusually large and very unique waves and known something was up just from that. I'm another 300 miles south of Webb, in Florida, and I can't blue water sail for shit compared to him, but I know there's a hurricane out there to the NE several hundred miles, just by the size, direction, period, and implied fetch of the waves that I spent all day surfing.
  3. mookiesurfs


    What's the difference between a garbonzo bean and a chickpea? Trump has never had a garbonzo bean on his face.
  4. mookiesurfs


    I always thought it was because wx recce was at the absolute bottom of the funding priorities, and so they got hand-me-downs.
  5. mookiesurfs


    Good ole Charley. That was the year we had four hurricanes come through. Luckily, I had our Sabre 38 on the hard while I did a barrier coat, and she stayed there for all four. And yes, they emptied the docks and filled the yard with haul-outs, and yes, boats went over like dominoes. No, our boat wasn't near those, but yes, our mast was damaged by flying debris. Iirc, that's also the one where the marina had very nice floating concrete docks on concrete pilings. I mean, really nice, and new. Those docks went up, and up, and up, and floated off of the top of the pilings and left the marina.
  6. mookiesurfs


    Say, um, any idea where you'll for the next few days?
  7. mookiesurfs


    Yeah, well, we jumped off the end of the Cocoa Beach pier to surf David. Nice waves. The next day I was home alone in Melbourne as David hit, wondering what all the thumping and popping noises where as I laid in the tub in the bathroom, just a scared kid. The eye went over the house, and I went out for a look around. VERY surreal. Once the chaos ramped up again from the opposite direction, the source of the popping became evident. It was the roots on the huge Elephant Ear tree popping, which I figured out while watching it, bug-eyed, as it rocked back and forth. I went to the opposite side of the house and hid under the kitchen table. The tree eventually came down and clipped a corner of the house. The waves were pretty sucky the next day.
  8. mookiesurfs


    Having done this in Florida my entire life, you do need to get off the beach for a cat 4 or 5, no questions asked. The quality of the building is irrelevant once the water is over the roof, as it will be. Andrew and Katrina killed a lot of people that way, and Ivan was close. It's fun to stay put and watch the show for a cat 1, 2 ,or 3, but a 4 or 5 and it's time to go. Btw, Katrina was a 3 when she came in, but she had recently been a 5 and was carrying a cat 5 storm surge. May be applicable. Be careful out there
  9. mookiesurfs


    God speed, the sailors on those ships are leaving their families behind to face the storm on their own, while they face it at sea. I wish them all the best.
  10. mookiesurfs

    James Cook - 250th Pacific Voyage Anniversary Calendar

    Not to mention, some Polynesians considered "long pig" (people) delicious.
  11. mookiesurfs

    Look what showed up in SUBIC?!

    Oh yes, enjoyed myself thoroughly living there in the late eighties before Mt Pinatubo blew. Not everyone's cup of tea, though. An absolute shit-hole, but a fun one, once you learned to roll with it, or even press the pedal further. Lost my wallet one night, dancing on top of a car while it drove through Olongapo. I was in THE ZONE. The bar in Pensacola is exactly the one that was in Cubi. They disassembled it, shipped it, reassembled it, and I'll vouch for it's accuracy. Always a couple of SEALs around too, to go explore the more remote, dangerous, and illegal surf spots with. Shit, I remember one time during Typhoon Ruby...
  12. mookiesurfs

    Look what showed up in SUBIC?!

    Is Subic still an utter shithole?
  13. mookiesurfs

    Thoughts on old molds and new boats

    Well, they did get it done and built full scale Me-262 replicas. Some of them are flying, using CJ 610 engines, which are a good motors used in early Learjets. The Me-262 is one of the most perfect, beautiful planes ever built, imo. I would happily trade all of the boats I've ever had for one. Flugwerk built some FW-190 replicas, and they're flying, but that is all I know about that. If you've ever seen a Spitfire with clipped wings and wondered why they did such an ugly thing to a beautiful plane, it was done to improve the Spit's roll rate so that it stood a chance fighting the much more agile FW-190. All it takes is money and motivation.