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  1. mookiesurfs

    Team NYYC

    The AM comms ARE very chaotic with no clear plan or hierarchy. They need to work on that. It’s critical to state what you’re going to do, how your going to do it, and why - with time for feedback. And no, they’re not going too fast. If I can do it in a jet formation going 500 knots, they can do it in a boat going 40 knots. It’s not easy, but it’s not THAT hard, either. If they can’t think ahead of a 40 knot boat, they’re in the wrong game. Goodison can obviously do it.
  2. mookiesurfs

    Team NYYC

    Goodison was correct of course, but my guess is he was looking at the course and the tactical situation, not boat/crew capabilities. This team could handle both maneuvers, and just happened to dick up the one they chose. They’re not the first ones. With the caveat that I know jack about sailing these AC boats, in a foiling multi a tack and bear away is tricky since it is a huge range of trim and wind, but a gybe has at least as good of a chance of sending you swimming because the track and timing need to be exact, or its over. Racing and foiling multis have sent me swimming more times that I can count, and the majority have been gibes. It seems possible they screwed the pooch maneuver-wise, and Goodison was correct about something else entirely.
  3. mookiesurfs

    TS5 capsize

    Soma I suspect you have more time in cats than I ever will, but with all due respect, it’s not terribly hard to pitchpole a cat.
  4. mookiesurfs

    S2 27

    Amen. I buy boats to sail with her. Works amazing.
  5. Finland is awesome. Just sayin.
  6. mookiesurfs

    Buffing/Cleaning Catamaran Hulls

    Wet sand for heavy oxidation, but only if you have to. Follow that with buffing and wax. I agree, you won’t see any speed diff on a cat with wax. Also, when buffing, you can use wool on gel coat, but use waffle pads on paint. I use Starbrite and the Collinite. Will try ceramic next.
  7. mookiesurfs

    Caption Contest

    You should have used SA belts
  8. mookiesurfs

    Doug From SV Seeker Fakes Head Injury

    Here we are this March on the icebreaker Sampo out of Kemi, Finland. Built in 1960 and still going strong.
  9. mookiesurfs

    girls run aground in WA State ....

    I’ll say this for them, they’ve got the main stowed well, considering. I’m pretty sure ours doesn’t ever look that good after a Wednesday night race with six beers helping.
  10. mookiesurfs

    Where would you retire?

    You will be happy where you decide to be happy.
  11. mookiesurfs

    American Dumbass

    Their plan was to relocate as the eye passed over. Wtf. Betting on exactly where the eye will be is a very bad bet. Even if it hits you dead on, you don't have long. Amazing experience on dry land, though.
  12. mookiesurfs

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    A little racing experience would fix that
  13. mookiesurfs

    Where would you retire?

    Do you know why Scotsmen wear kilts? Because sheep can hear a zipper.
  14. mookiesurfs

    Where would you retire?

    There's a helicopter on the way to Mars right now. Talk to those people. I'm sure they've figured out the air density thing. At least, as long as the people who whacked the Mars Climate Orbiter straight into Mars at a few thousand mph, after using the wrong unit measure, aren't involved.