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  1. mookiesurfs

    Carbon fibre mast maintenance

    When I got my A-cat I cut to the chase and emailed Fiber Foam about leaving the mast up and how to take care of it. They answered right back and said don't worry about it, leave it up uncovered. Over time there may be some surface degradation but there will be no structural harm. Went sailing.
  2. mookiesurfs

    Is this what we have come to?

    That boat is an abomination. Convenience at all cost is so snowflake. You must make sacrifices for style. Go visit Falling Waters sometime. That will teach you everything you need to know.
  3. mookiesurfs

    To Foil or not to Foil, that is the question

    Thanks Sam, PM'd you
  4. mookiesurfs

    To Foil or not to Foil, that is the question

    There she is. I managed to not flip it the first time I sailed it, but I got pretty close. It would be nice to have a practice sail to fall through; this one is very nice. Does anyone have a line on a "gently raced" deck sweeper? It also needs a trailer. It seems possible that the weight of a nice used galvanized trailer might be an asset because it would help hold things down. Thoughts? Are there any tricks to setting up rails for the beams to rest on?
  5. Yes, weren't they machined out of solid aluminum or something? It's not everyday a Yank gets to use "tyre"; I couldn't resist.
  6. Bloodhound SSC has some interesting tyres.
  7. What’s faster, these or ice boats?
  8. mookiesurfs

    To Foil or not to Foil, that is the question

    Moving on the the feeding and care of an A-cat, and carbon fiber in general, there have been a few unforeseen hiccups. I had planned to store the boat mast up (lucky me), but some people have cautioned me about leaving a carbon mast up and unprotected. Some have also said even if you paint it black, the thermal cycling will kill it. I emailed Fiber Foam, and they said not to worry, there will be surface degradation over time, but no structural harm. What do you guys think? Also, how much purchase does an outhaul need. Right now it has 4:1 that can't really be changed in the water. Wouldn't a 2:1 into a jam cleat or something work?
  9. mookiesurfs

    Tips For Being Rescued

    We had no steerage while dealing with this individual and the CG over radio. I had to man the tiller and navigate.
  10. mookiesurfs

    Bottom Feeder: What To Buy?

    Agreed. I always start out by telling them what a nice boat it is. Wow, does that open doors. Then, you talk boats, and that is always extremely informative. Your price is still your price, but there are many ways to be civil and gracious about it, and at the end of the day everyone has had a good day. Don’t count out karma, either.
  11. mookiesurfs

    To Foil or not to Foil, that is the question

    I've got a Forward Wip in the cart on Murrays. Probably gonna pull the trigger on that. Also, why is it every cat I buy requires a goddamn Physics PhD to rig the first time. WTF.
  12. mookiesurfs

    To Foil or not to Foil, that is the question

    A seasoned A-cat sailor explained it to me like this: - For pure fun, go foiling. It's not important to have the latest and greatest. - For average racing, a competitive C board is good. - For serious national or international racing, you're getting back into the latest and greatest foilers. The first two are what I'm aiming at, and since the racing is beer can racing, an older foiler will work. So, I got the 2015 DNA. It really is a beautiful boat, and it has some nice updates like a deck sweeper and F1 boards. I can't wait to get it on the water. What do you guys think about helmets? Yes or no?
  13. mookiesurfs

    To Foil or not to Foil, that is the question

    Thank you very much for the info. I'm going to look at a 2015 DNA tomorrow with F1 boards. I don't know the beam position on these boats, but I'm open to putting in C boards in if foiling doesn't work out. It would be great to give foiling a go, though.
  14. mookiesurfs

    Stupid Easy 2-up

    Oooooh. Drinking with style IS important; I think we can all agree to that.
  15. mookiesurfs

    Stupid Easy 2-up

    Hmmmm, just found a Hobie Holder 12 on CL. That looks about right. Anyone know anything about them?