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  1. mookiesurfs

    Hiking Stick Recommendations

    A la E scow
  2. mookiesurfs

    Maui is cancelled

    Thank you for your superb inside info on Maui, but the all-expenses-paid-by-work trip to Maui next month has been cancelled by, ironically, a work conflict. Sigh. To console ourselves, we're paying our own way to Finland, the happiest country on earth. It's going to be a long ways from sailing season, but you can swim off of the back of an ice breaker. Bow wants to pet a reindeer. She says if she gets to pet a reindeer, the Foredeck Union will consider the trip a success. Thanks again.
  3. mookiesurfs

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Well hell. When did La Vagabond switch from the Amel to Outremer? What was the reason? As you can tell, I generally have better things to to than watch this stuff.
  4. mookiesurfs

    So, we have to go to Maui

    Yeah, I spent all day today surfing, and have some time on the North Shore, but Peahi is out of my league. We'll drag one travel board with us. It's good up to maybe double overhead. After that, we'll probably be doing something else.
  5. mookiesurfs

    So, we have to go to Maui

  6. mookiesurfs

    Single Handed roll call?

    I like racing single handed. Cruising is awesome with Bow, and pointless alone.
  7. mookiesurfs

    Fucking parasites

    In vino veritas
  8. mookiesurfs


    Fuck. I'm smitten. Quick, someone tell me what sucks about Dragons.
  9. mookiesurfs


    My apologies if this is the wrong forum. Thank you for the info.
  10. mookiesurfs


    These boats are absolutely gorgeous. Are they Dragons? Cascais, Portugal
  11. mookiesurfs

    So, we have to go to Maui

    Thanks a million; you guys are awesome. Perfect. So far, Mrs is totally psyched to mountain bike down Haleakala after watching the sunrise, do some whale watching, and eat at Mamas. We weren't really looking to bare boat, someone had mentioned snorkel cruises were good so we were looking into that. That's a good point about underwater visibility and waves. Assumed a rocky volcanic bottom and hadn't though about that. Lahaina YC in on MY list, and we'll go. She is very patient while I look at what she calls "boat porn".
  12. mookiesurfs

    So, we have to go to Maui

    My wife's company is giving us an all expenses paid trip to Maui in January, which is great and we are happy for, but the Hawaiian Islands have never been on our radar. What is there to do on Maui? Preferably along the lines of sailing, surfing, snorkeling, and drinking, in that order.
  13. mookiesurfs

    Fucking parasites

    Have you spoken with the Foredeck Union?