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  1. I know the thing is a total joke but I highly doubt they're sweating their math.
  2. It was a fun race. Went by quick, had the tide with us in both directions which is definitely a first, did a ton of sail changes, only stopped moving for about five minutes, and finished before sunset. Not a single thing to complain about besides the fact that we only had tea and no coffee on the boat.
  3. I'll try and make a few suggestions. Too many videos focus on things that are fun whilst on the boat but that aren't necessarily fun to watch. Gorn Frantic's video is a good example of that. I'm sure that blast reach was awesome to sail but in that five minute video, the only things that actually happened for the viewer were some very slight main trim adjustments and the crew adjusting their weight, that's not remotely interesting to watch. Same goes for extended cuts of big wakes and the leeward rail buried in a blow. Once again those are things that indicate it's a fun day out on the water but they may as well be static images when it comes to editing together a video. Finally, you can't just use the same tired camera angle for the whole video if you really want people to pay attention. If your whole video is from the mast looking aft, one of the pushpits, or a particular angle from the rail, it's not going to be sufficiently visually stimulating for anyone to really care unless that angle is capturing something good. This brings us to the things that make for a good video. Quantum's videos are interesting because they use a variety of interesting camera angles and they focus on action. Close crosses, tacks, gybes, sets, douses, wipeouts, and other times the boats actually maneuvering. All that other crap that primarily fills sailing videos is just the B-roll. That shot from the leeward rail should never be more than a transition between two shots that are actually conveying something to the viewer.
  4. Sorry to hear that, how'd things go on Saturday?
  5. It's almost time for another trip around Block Island. Forecast is interesting for Friday but kinda undecided for Saturday. Who's excited?
  6. One female crewmate of mine upgraded to the MPX dropseat trousers and absolutely loved them, the ability to use the facilities without shedding all your gear was very well received. Only problem is, as best we can tell, Musto stopped making the damn things. If you can track some down you might want to check them out.
  7. I think the problem now being debated hasn't really existed for a while. What was the last new big boat (Js and other throwbacks excluded) that actually has a spinnaker pole. Yeah, if you're spiking away sails, you have to use a trigger shackle, but that's not a knock against soft shackles specifically. Almost all other shackles are useless in that situation as well. What you're saying here is "ABC is not useful for this task that specifically requires XYZ, why is ABC bad?"
  8. Just use the flags.
  9. That tactical one looks like it would fit with the current gear the AC teams are using.
  10. Maybe we should pass a hat around the lawn on Saturday.
  11. On the strip charts, the mean values over the time horizon selected are shown at the top of the chart in red. To the left and right of the mean values are the highest and lowest values observed over the same horizon. Finally the big black numbers directly above the means show the current conditions. So no, there's not a single number, but there is a lot of extra information that in aggregate I believe to be substantially more useful than that number. You can easily see from the chart if you're in a left or right phase, and the magnitude of that phase, but you can also quickly determine whether the breeze is oscillating or you're seeing something permanent, where you are in the phase of an oscillation, and how the shifts are impacted by velocity and vice versa.
  12. I've always found that using the side by side TWA and TWD strip charts provides the most useful information.
  13. Did this get figured out, I'm working with a newly installed H5000 system that is currently getting all the data it needs except for depth from an Airmar transducer.
  14. I don't know why I'm doing this...but...it's not a change in configuration, and it's not magically having two foils in one, all you're describing is a change in trim. If I ease the outhaul and backstay because the breeze has gone light, do I now have a different mainsail?
  15. Taking a peak at the CRW scratch sheet, there's a handful of J70s from the area at CRW but other than that the only other boats that you might expect to see at AYC are the two 88s, Deviation and Wings, and they're both already registered.