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  1. Newport Bermuda Race 2018

    I can definitely back up this sentiment. Before the BDA 2014 we replaced almost all the running rigging and resurfaced the winch drums, among a thousand other boat prep items. A few days into the race while pumping the main pretty aggressively one morning, we started to notice that the winch drum was wearing through the cover on the continuous mainsheet in multiple places. If we hadn't had someone who could splice in a new section of different (tougher) double braid line, while sitting on the cockpit sole, while the everyone else went about their business, we would have certainly ended up at the least opportune time with a flogging main and a sheet in multiple useless pieces. It was really nice work too, perfectly tapered and everything, I've seen much worse out of rigging shops. All of this is to say there are a lot of situations that aren't exactly "sailing" that make up ocean racing, you gotta be covered for the contingencies.
  2. Soft Jib Hanks

    With the buckles, ease of use comes largely from how their actually sewn onto the sail. You want the male end to be stitched more or less right up to the luff and then wrap around the forestay while the female end should have a bit of a tail after the buckle without any stitching. This allows you to have the luff as close to the forestay as possible while still having some room to easily get everything buckled.
  3. Who is snaggletooth

    Who cares
  4. AC75 Class Concept

    Maybe the design will have a life ocean racing after the AC like some of the older 12 meters, or anything from the really old days.
  5. Whiskey Anarchy

    For almost all drinks these days I prefer rye to bourbon. In cocktails and mixed drinks all the way up to Manhattan's Rittenhouse is my go to, I always have a few bottles on hand. Prices have gone up as it became better known amongst the general drinking public but it's still a steal. It's overproof too which is fun and it's a little sweeter than other pure rye's so it's a good introduction if you're unsure and moving over from bourbon. Old Overholt is also surprisingly good and even cheaper, like under $20 in NYC cheaper. Once your ready to spend a bit of money on rye for sipping, try out Whistlepig or Angel's Envy Finished Rye. The Angel's Envy is interesting because after spending a few years aging normally, it spends some time in rum barrels.
  6. J 121

    What's wrong with steering wheels on an offshore boat? Tillers are great but for those times when your sailing is measured in days instead of hours, I'd much rather have a wheel.
  7. Whiskey Anarchy

    But what's in the decanter in the back?
  8. Deadly shooting in lower Manhattan

    Only by the cops
  9. Whiskey Anarchy

    I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that he's had the A'bunadh...I gave it to him. I think the Doublewood is the absolute perfect introduction to Scotch though. What are everybody's thoughts on the whiskey coming out of Japan. I've got a bottle of the Suntory Yamazaki 18 year and I think it's pretty damn exceptional.
  10. Deadly shooting in lower Manhattan

    Glad they got him alive, maybe they can find out something useful before tossing him in a hole somewhere.
  11. Staysails

    I bet every boat in that fleet does it when the situation warrants...so, what the hell was the point of your post besides taking a really weak shot at someone.
  12. Soft Jib Hanks

    Yes that's the actual hank. I haven't seen one break in normal use yet.
  13. Snaggletooth DTS

    All this happened, more or less.
  14. Bogan of the week FP - Trimaran

    Is that a headboard for a bed?
  15. Hey Editor, ever heard of one design?

    Hell, they even "agree" before every race which jib and kite they're all going to use.