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  1. CrushDigital

    Calling Raritan or Larchmont(Storm Trisail) members

    So now that that's taken care of....the one thing I'd caution here is to temper your expectations in terms of boat sizes (the J/120 to J/160 mentioned above. At the vast majority buoy racing events on WLIS, the largest boat you're likely to see racing is in the 45-50 ft range. Things trend slightly larger on the distance side but a lot of those boats only do distance races and things very close to home for them All of that being said, there are plenty of clubs with very active racing programs around here. I would use YRALIS (Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound) as a resource. The website is and it has a full list of member clubs, the full racing schedule for the region, contact info for various OD fleets, and is home to everything WLIS PHRF related.
  2. CrushDigital


    Why do both of the boats pictured have assholes standing tall on the rail looking around? Really can't stand this type of entitled asshole.
  3. CrushDigital

    PHRF 125% overlap allowance?

    Speaking only for Western Long Island Sound. there is not an adjustment for wind speed, but there is a distance rating adjustment that CAN be applied. This adjusts the base rating to account for a boat's different performance when reaching versus straight windward / leeward performance.
  4. CrushDigital

    NYYC One Design

    I know it was just a teaser, but that video was bloody dreadful. It was halfway over before you could ever even see the damn hull. I'm sure the drone pilot is quite pleased though.
  5. CrushDigital

    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    I just wanna go back to the bit where LIS is being used, for free, to create certificates for his boat in another region, presumably because they don't want the huge hassle and expense of administering there own system...and then he's got the stones to challenge the LIS ratings. There's nothing wrong with challenging a rating, it's a good thing, there's even a form for it now, but that's a very shitty fact pattern.
  6. CrushDigital

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Don't forget the boat that did the Newport Bermuda race, Eagle's Date I think. Though they modified that boat a lot so not sure the rudder / stock wasn't new.
  7. CrushDigital

    Who is snaggletooth

    I've got something special picked out for this one.
  8. CrushDigital

    Who is snaggletooth

    Who cares
  9. CrushDigital

    Whiskey Anarchy

    For almost all drinks these days I prefer rye to bourbon. In cocktails and mixed drinks all the way up to Manhattan's Rittenhouse is my go to, I always have a few bottles on hand. Prices have gone up as it became better known amongst the general drinking public but it's still a steal. It's overproof too which is fun and it's a little sweeter than other pure rye's so it's a good introduction if you're unsure and moving over from bourbon. Old Overholt is also surprisingly good and even cheaper, like under $20 in NYC cheaper. Once your ready to spend a bit of money on rye for sipping, try out Whistlepig or Angel's Envy Finished Rye. The Angel's Envy is interesting because after spending a few years aging normally, it spends some time in rum barrels.
  10. CrushDigital

    J 121

    What's wrong with steering wheels on an offshore boat? Tillers are great but for those times when your sailing is measured in days instead of hours, I'd much rather have a wheel.
  11. CrushDigital

    Whiskey Anarchy

    But what's in the decanter in the back?
  12. CrushDigital

    Whiskey Anarchy

    I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that he's had the A'bunadh...I gave it to him. I think the Doublewood is the absolute perfect introduction to Scotch though. What are everybody's thoughts on the whiskey coming out of Japan. I've got a bottle of the Suntory Yamazaki 18 year and I think it's pretty damn exceptional.
  13. CrushDigital

    Bogan of the week FP - Trimaran

    Is that a headboard for a bed?
  14. CrushDigital

    J 121

    I can't agree at all that an inhauler is "just noise". They have just as large an impact on your ability to go upwind as just about any other single adjustment on the boat. You're kind of crapping all over the average sailor if you don't think the crew can remember one additional setting. That same argument could be applied to just about everything beyond the sheet and halyard. How's it any different from adjusting a jib car? I'm not disagreeing that the configuration isn't ideal but I also don't think it's so horrible either. The inhauler arrangement is very similar to what every 111 uses, and while sure if you don't put a few wraps of tape around the ring you risk scratching the gelcoat, I've honestly never seen issues beyond that. Like most new boats, as more get into the hands of racers, the most optimal ways to rig them will be developed.
  15. CrushDigital

    J 121

    I dunno, to me it looks like just about every other inhauler setup on a boat with a proper cabin. There are some geometry issues you just can't do anything about. On the other hand, maybe they look like an afterthought because it seems that the sheets are being led wrong. is it possible the jib sheet is going straight back from the inhauler to the fairlead, skipping the jib car? Maybe that's what J Boats intended, but then why bother installing a jib track at all, save the money and weight and spec free floating leads or small transverse tracks. The biggest thing I don't love is the way all the wiring exits the mast above deck between the vang attachment and the mast base blocks. That's a very busy area. Also, speaking as someone who spends a bit of time at the nav station, when the hell are designers going to stop making the nav table a storage area? I can't think of any good reason to do that.