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  1. tight_jeans.gif

    Need to bump this just to see who I am with all the forum changes.
  2. "National Cleavage Day"

  3. Merry Christmas

    Die Hard
  4. 2016 DTS Really sucked this year

    Keith Emerson
  5. Chicago Mac Race

    Nana's been in the water all year. Races Wednesdays with WYC and did the Chi Waukegan this year. Jammin is still there too. Still good times, just a much smaller fleet.I raced on some of these boats. Including Nana and Jabberwocky. Nana never did Tristate. Russ was an interesting guy, don't know what happened to him, he and his crew videoed all the time. First time I've seen any of it. My racing in Waukegan basically ended when I started racing out of Belmont in 1990.
  6. my hero died today

    I lost my dad 3 years ago, and my mom in May. They live on in memory, but it's still hard to lose those confidants. You'll always think "what would dad (or mom) say.
  7. 2016 SSYC Queens Cup

    Pretty much spot. Holland hasn't ever really wanted it.Actually, the Queens has finished in Holland. In 1980.The Queens has finished in ports as diverse as Michigan City over the years.The Queens finished exclusively in Muskegon for many years. We all got pretty excited about Grand Haven when they started in the mid 80s. Then the alternating started. The attempts to add other ports to the mix has had varying success, but there will be more Chicago boats again this year.
  8. J/35 - How to run aground and what to do about it.

    Touch of Grey? Unless old 32276 had a predecessor I don't know about - And I've been sailing the various permutations of the class since 1989 - she's still active in Chicago. Bozo's Circus, nee Midnight Special, nee Top Gun, crunched Graham Shoal in the 1990 Chicago-Mac (as Midnight Special). Initial inspections seemed OK, but on the delivery leaks, stringer and motor mount issues were discovered. Irish made it right and the owners wallet a bit lighter. Boat raced in the NAs in late August. Haul it, inspect it, fix it. you won't regret it. Is that J35 the old Touch of Grey? The reason I ask is that the 35's next to you didn't hit. If it is, you probably only knocked off the illegal 4 inch shoe that was put on the boat back in the mid to late 80's
  9. Last Voyage

    I enjoyed Chris' rational, intelligent, stabilizing contributions to the chaos here. His voice will be missed. God bless all who were touched by him.
  10. Chicago<>Port Huron Super Mac History?

    This exactly as I recall. I always heard it referred to as the "Chicago-Sarnia International Yacht Race." Friends on NANA discussed and had medallions on the bulkheads for 1971, 1973 as well as 1975 and 1979. They discussed the special circumstances due to the CYC100th. Friends out of MBYC did those races as well. Cadence won one year, Heritage in 1981. I did a fair amount of rum tasting with the twins on Double Digits (Tom and Terry) with extensive discussions of the 87 race. After the big drift in 1989 it died, was resurrected, and run in reverse as the Super Mac in 2000.
  11. Mills Race drowning

    Mainstream media doesn't do anyone any favors. During the storm in the 2011 Chi-Mac, the radio was crackling non-stop with boats discussing Wingnuts and other boats in distress. If the crew waited 45 minutes to call the Coasties, that was unconscionable. Similarly, boats were hanging out in northern Lake Michigan, no-one going anywhere while trying to help. Leaving the area, losing sight of the MOB? Again, unconscionable. Those two items, and only those two, are at the heart of any criticism I might have. The end result would likely have been much the same in any event. Wingnuts was an extreme design caught in extreme weather. Horse may not have been an extreme design in extreme conditions - and I wasn't there, but from the stories off other boats the conditions were challenging but not extreme - but if the pulpit broke away when the MOB was knocked into it, she may have not been maintained properly for a night race. God bless the friends and family of all those impacted by this tragedy.
  12. tight_jeans.gif

    We really must not let this vanish!
  13. Detroit Lion Anarchy

    The Lions are 11-4? When was the last time that happened?
  14. Chicago Area III

    Sailing a J35 in the 1990 Mac. Pretty fast race although a bit cold and wet. Made our bridge call at 0815 Monday and were headed for a podium finish, possibly as high as first. Flying the kite at about 8 knots, wind off St. Ignace. Playing games with another boat - taking up, that kind of shit. Two goats on board. It was a lttle choppy, and then the sound of the chop changed. I was standing over the winch and fell into it when the boat stopped on Graham Shoal. The boat we were fucking with stopped there, too. Watched the whole fleet pass us by. Other boat got off unassisted and finished DFL. We got pulled of with glass chunks drifting about by a boat from the Island, complete with photographer. There was a god - the photographer was too seasick to get any shots - and we managed the harbor without further incident, but with the WDR for our finish. Boat went into Irish for repairs on Wednesday and was ready for the J35 NAs later that season. Owner got out, but boat still racing in AIII.
  15. Some of my old sailing photos 2

    This thread needs a bump!