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  1. Aus Elliott 5.9's... Where are they now?

    They are still in Gladstone, on the Central Queensland Coast. Are you in Oz or NZ? If you want them, send me an email and I can do some homework for you. skipperb52@yahoo.com.au
  2. Hey Steve, my name is Tim O’Connor and I run the Australian Elliott 5.9 Class Page on Facebook. Mate I saw on Sailing Anarchy that you were looking Elliott 5.9’s about 10 years ago. I was interested to know if you got into the class and if so, I would love to hear some stories. Are there any 5.9’s floating around at all in your neck of the woods. I have a few guys chasing boats in any condition. Text me on 0408987132 or look us up Facebook. Cheers!


  3. Aus Elliott 5.9's... Where are they now?

    Does anyone have any updates on the whereabouts of Elliott 5.9’s elsewhere in OZ. The class is building well enough to start a real Class Assosiation again and I am contacted regularly by people chasing boats. Everyone seems to accept that most of them have been bashed around and not loved for sometime. So if you remember seeing one in a backyard or shed somewhere, or one sailed by old mate at your club years ago, drop us a line and I will do the legwork of chasing numbers and such. Drop me an ad on the Australian Elliott 5.9 Class Page on Facebook or email me skipperb52@yahoo.com.au
  4. Aus Elliott 5.9's... Where are they now?

    How did you go with searching for your long list E5.9 Zeke? I run the Australian Elliott 5.9 Class Facebook Page. I think we about 50 odd members at the moment. Feel free to jump on and be a part of the action. There are a few guys on there that sailed the boats over the last 30 years, so hopefully someone will know.
  5. Aus Elliott 5.9's... Where are they now?

    Morning all, the Elliott 5.9's seem to be gaining momentum in Australian and a few more boats have been located. From what I've found there are 11 in Tassie, 3 in Victoria, 1 in W.A., 2 in Sydney, 1 in Newcastle, 2 on the Gold Coast and 2 in Brisbane. I've posted a fair bit of information regarding how to upgrade/update the boats as I've made changes on mine, so jump on the Australian Elliott 5.9 Class Facebook page and join in the fun. There is currently 2 boats for sale as well. Hoping more come out of the woodwork soon. If you know of any other boats sitting around, please let me know.
  6. Aus Elliott 5.9's... Where are they now?

    Thanks Mez, from all your info I'm assuming you follow the 5.9's down in Tassie??? I was recently emailed a list of 10 boats down there that are either sailing or just sitting around... Too bad they are not all out sailing. Regardless, if you or any of the other guys down there are on Facebook, search Australian Elliott 5.9 Class and send me an add request. The more guys on there the better. I hope to put some pictures up tomorrow after we rig the new boat (dry soft launch).
  7. Aus Elliott 5.9's... Where are they now?

    Thanks NH, I think this is Young Guns that sailed out of Holleywell (Southport, Qld). I think she was sold 12 months ago to someone down in Victoria, but no one seems to have seen it... Sadly, I think it's another one that has vanished into thin air!
  8. Aus Elliott 5.9's... Where are they now?

    There is one for sale in Tassie on Gumtree. The owner wants to sell it and buy a cruising boat. He is going to post pics and more info on the Australian Elliott 5.9 Class Facebook page. I'd love for it to come to Brisbane as my new boat arrives here in a week and I'd love for another boat to race against along with Michael and Tomoko from the Goldie. Surf to City in about 6 weeks time hopefully!!!
  9. Aus Elliott 5.9's... Where are they now?

    Hey Kelly, was it difficult at all to do the articulating bowsprit? Any idea what the cost would be? I couldnt justify $1000 (nor would the boss let me spend it) to put a retractable carbon sprit in the boat.
  10. Water Ballast and other Fuckery

    The Young 6 is a great little boat!
  11. Water Ballast and other Fuckery

    I guess the first question for yourself is what are you hoping to achieve by doing all the mods? Are you trying to focus on winning a particular event on rating or on line honors, or are you just trying to get better overall performance out of your particular boat.
  12. Aus Elliott 5.9's... Where are they now?

    The guy in Gladstone (Queensland) that I bought my 5.9 off, he had the Elliott 5.9 and the Elliott 7 molds and it sounds like they are still there.
  13. Aus Elliott 5.9's... Where are they now?

    Afternoon all, for anyone that is interested I've just created an Australian Elliott 5.9 Class Facebook page. It's a working progress but i will go all out once school holidays start and I've finished teaching for the year. I'm hoping that anyone who owns a 5.9 in Oz will post a picture of their boat, along with any history of their boat and where they are currently racing out of. Also, anyone that finds a boat lying around can post a picture and we can see about chasing owners and getting it out on the water. Trying to build the profile of the class here in Oz and getting some real class racing going at key events. Nothing official at this stage, but it's a start at least. Get on board!!!
  14. Aus Elliott 5.9's... Where are they now?

    Thanks Mez, any chance you could get me a results sheet or something (even if just a photo) and I can add all the boats from down there to the list that I have so far. I start holidays in 3 weeks and I'll post up then a completed list of all the boats I've found so far. Hoping we can get some kind of class events going.
  15. Aus Elliott 5.9's... Where are they now?

    Personally, I like the Assy idea, especially with the retractable pole. Don't know what it would do for overall performance or ease of sailing vs rating???