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  1. GMiller

    Go Home Kook

    It is amazing how many times I read a post to think, "Jeez, this guy is an asshole!", to read you as the author! Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. Come on man! You are hurting my feelings!
  3. Chuso, did you say something? Distracted by the avatar...
  4. Thanks Sluggo. I wanted to lay the part up and then finish in a second step, using a shrink wrap similar to the shrink tape. I did end up having to add another layer of fabric with what I ended up doing. I am skeptical enough with my skills that I will leave my old tiller on board just in case!
  5. Thanks! The glass on the outside was just to isolate from the stainless rudder head. The unidirectional sleeve was all around the tiller, not just on the sides. This is a 26’ boat, an old MORC boat, that looks best from 50’. I have filled and faired and applied another twill sleeve. Paint and installation next! Thanks to all for the guidance.
  6. I am not an expert but love messing around with projects. My latest one week into a month project is a foam/carbon tiller. I shaped a foam laminate out of strips of Divinycell H60, used g10 tubing as ferrules for the attachment bolts, and planned ahead for the stuff I will have attached to the tiller, such as the AP pin and tiller extension. I used carbon sleeving fabric from soller composites, with one layer of a heavy unidirectional and two layers of a twill. I worked hard to keep the fibers straight and vacuum bagged the laminations in one go. I used a weight to pull the sleeves as tight as possible prior to wetting out each layer, using cable ties to attach to extra lengths of each layer doubled back on itself. Despite this, when I removed the bag, the compression had formed some ridges where it compressed the fabric. My question is how to correct the cosmetics. I planned on covering the carbon (which has a peel-ply texture imparted on the surface) with another sleeve of e-glass which will be finished with a glossy surface given by a final use of a heat-shrink tube. I planned on then using either clear coat or paint for UV protection. Do I just sand the carbon flush? Does this detract too much strength? Fill and fair?
  7. GMiller

    Refurb 1988 Moody 376

    I made a 5 gallon bucket of lye paste to strip my bottom this past spring. Lots of tutorials online for the recipe. Mine was with corn starch and lye granules, done with a seafood boiler in the boatyard parking lot. I rolled it on and used plastic sheeting to keep it moist. A tip I've seen others do that probably would have been easier and safer is to add a bunch of sugar to the mix for the hygroscopic qualities, meaning less need to cover with the plastic. I allowed mine to sit overnight, and the next morning I was done by 11. I scraped with one of these on a pole, and then pressure washed. I wore full tyvek and a 3m full face respirator. Eye protection is absolutely without fail required. A small bit of lye to the eye and you're possibly blinded. I had several layers of old paint that came off very well, could not have been more pleased, and this was way way way better than sanding.
  8. GMiller

    Where to move?

    Yup! I have sailed in many locales around the world, and I have to agree we have it pretty good. Cheap housing, low taxes, plenty of slips for what seems to be much cheaper than the national average. Enough state and large private lands surrounding the water that there is only so much growth going to happen. No significant powerboat congestion/annoyance (except for on the weekends!). Hanging around the marina as much as I do, a lot of people see this area as a cheap staging area for starting their dreams. Working boatyards that allow DIY, enough marine services to provide what DIY'ers can't. Plenty of delivery crew opportunities. Local schools for prof. certification (down in Oriental). Generally friendly, welcoming people.
  9. GMiller

    Swan 47/Nautor block Sheave

    Zephyr works.
  10. GMiller

    A tennis star

    What do you care what country she identifies with? Maybe she's prouder of her Japanese heritage than her American! And for the rest of your judgement, I am quite sure she couldn't GAF.
  11. GMiller

    Streaming service

    What quality are the sports streaming services? Is it true HD that you get with the “digital” channels at the upper end of the dial? I.e I have a cable box that I had to purchase/ rent when I decided my tv should deliver a better picture. I have my regular channel lineup from channels 2-80 in (sd?), a bunch of filler til 200 and the channel lineup from lower on “the dial” is repeated with much better clarity. If I remove the box from the equation I get picture quality of sd. I get hd picture quality from the app based stuff like Netflix and amazon prime. I am totally cool with shedding the fucking kardashians and the fucking drivel most tv today seems to be, but I will never watch sports at lower definition again if I can help it.
  12. GMiller

    Best mainsheet for racing j109 (35 ft)

    I've had swiftcord running through a PXR for more than 10 years. No problems with wear. As a matter of fact, for wear causing an oh shit moment, wouldn't you rather have a single braid? I have used SSR in other applications and agree it is very similar, albeit seems lighter and more flexible than swiftcord. Both have a better hand and run better to me than salsa.
  13. GMiller

    That 80's Race Boat for Joe Slob - Redux

    Loving your boat and good work on a budget project! Two things to consider. Garhauer stuff is awesome, but the triangular bits on the car have my shins and knees crying out in expectant anguish! Also, a big ease on the mainsheet while the vang is on on port tack will possibly invite a failure in one component of the vang. Check out the geometry and try to have it sheeted symmetrically (double ended) or inline.
  14. GMiller

    diy cooler?

    Here's a build I admired.