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  1. GMiller

    Beta Marine vs Nanni Marine

    A good friend had a Beta 2 cylinder diesel "professionally installed" as well. The engine was not mounted flat, but rather sloped to the stern. The fill for the heat exchanger was on the low end. He had coolant troubles right off the bat. Stanley from Beta met us mid cruise to problem solve and spotted the issue immediately. Perhaps that's what you meant by vapor lock? No problems since, in 10 years.
  2. GMiller

    oh Craigslist, you don't disappoint

    This had to be done in a place with loooooong winters.
  3. GMiller

    Lewmar 40 2 speed

    Punch out the pin on the lower gear. That will expose the circlip on the underside that holds the drive shaft in. Remove that and lift the driveshaft off the top.
  4. GMiller

    Positioning winches and clutches He says he wants to be able to hoist from the cockpit. How he has it set up sounds good to me, as long as the mast-mounted cleat is offset such that he can release from the cockpit as well.
  5. GMiller

    I survived a tornado

    Small world to find a boat from my town laying on its side up there. Don''t recognize Bella, though. Sucks!
  6. GMiller

    Another interesting boat I went down the rabbit hole a bit with the facebook link a few posts ago. This boat really caught my eye. I love the modifications to the bow and stern sections.
  7. I have minimal exterior teak on my boat, but refuse to use Cetol again. I have weathered teak now and have considered Awlwood MA for the toerails. Anybody have some real-world experience?
  8. GMiller

    Wire baskets for ice boxes

    A relatively cheap way to have a stainless wire basket would be to use a deep fryer basket. You could even mount a aluminum or stainless piece (old t-track?) up high on the wall of the box to have a removable mount up high, out of the ice. As anexample, but lots of sizes available. An option for vinyl coating would be to find a crabber that is re-dipping his/her pots, (you'd want to be first in the pool) or use I use it for making crab pot bait doors for our pots.
  9. Thank you very much. I think I may be limited to 1/2" core material if I'd like to match the current. The only penetrations are currently for the traveler. Weight is not as much a factor as ease of use, machining, filling, laminating in situ, and never having to do it again!
  10. I am going to be re-coring the cockpit benches of a boat that was originally cored with foam when built in 1977. It has been neglected for several years and the benches are very soft. You can hear the foam crackling when you step on the bench and there is significant flexing. What type of core do I replace it with? Coosa Bluewater 26? Nida core? Divinycell? Core cell? I have used plywood in another boat before, from below, and I will never do that again. I worry about water intrusion too much to use balsa, but recognize it is much cheaper. What product would you use?
  11. GMiller

    30-35 ft sprit boat - up to 75K

    I've always like the Synergy 1000.
  12. GMiller

    East Coast version of a Moore 24

    Olson 25 in NC is a sweet boat. Well loved by an engineer owner.
  13. GMiller

    Ideas needed for removing a water tank

    It's a common problem on powerboats, especially center consoles with foamed in fuel tanks. The least painful method I've seen involved dropping a metal pipe into an access hole with a line attached at the middle, and then hoisting it out using a stout beam across the gunwales or whatever structure you have available.
  14. GMiller

    J/27, newbie questions

    I don't think the t-track on the rail is just plain t-track. I'm pretty sure it is t-rail.
  15. GMiller

    Best trailerable sailboat for family of 6

    San Juan 21 The one in Altoona looks worth the drive at 650.