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  1. I agree. And with water heaters, expensive long life ones are functionally identical to cheapo shorter life ones but with more anodes. Replace your anode in the cheap one every few years and it will outlast the expensive one. But AC is something else. The money you invest in a high efficiency unit will have you hit payback four times faster than a furnace ... electric isn't cheap per BTU like gas, you'll save with efficient cooling and then you save again because a more efficient unit tends to lasts longer, and then you save again because the AC doesn't need to remove as much of its own waste heat. Good to know about the water heater. There's no central AC in the house, so we don't have to worry about that. Most places up there don't have it
  2. Last May I spent a week camping at Assateague with a couple of friends from college. Two of us are kiters, the other one has a Hobie Tandem Island. One day it wasn't windy enough to kiteboard, but it was windy enough to fly the kite, so we headed out on the kayak. One guy flew the kite with his legs braced on the outriggers, one steered, and I held onto the guy with the kite. We had a good time.. Got some good speed with the 18m kite. Then we took the kayak into the surf and played around. That was fun. Nearly pitchpoled, but had some good rides. So, possible, but you need a centerboard to go upwind
  3. Thanks for all the input. First thing we're gonna do is get an energy audit done. NH has a program where you pay $100 for the audit, then if you add insulation per their recommendations, they'll match any contributions you make, and apply that $100 to those contributions. Don't know if they require professional installation or not, but I'm certainly not afraid of getting my hands dirty. There's definitely a lot of places to work on sealing air flow, too. The access door into the attic is just a piece of plywood that fits into the hole. Definitely going to put in a real door with weather stripping. We just came to an agreement with the sellers to deal with some stuff in the home inspection, next step is getting the appraisal finished and then on to closing!
  4. Had a radon test done with the home inspection. Below 4 pci/L, which is the threshold for mitigation. So we're good for now, probably something we'll get checked every couple of years
  5. Where should the CO detector get mounted? Is that the little box that goes in living spaces, or is it something different?
  6. Windows are fairly recent. Not sure of exact year, but the inspector said within the last 15 years for sure.
  7. Wife and I are buying our first home. Contract is signed, closing is next month, just had the home inspection done. Couple of issues came up that we're gonna have fixed pretty quickly, but not sure on our priorities. Furnace needs to be replaced, it's 37 years old. Still functional, but very inefficient and I don't know how many winters it has left in it (located in the lakes region of NH). The house was built in 1947, and doesn't have much insulation. there's a little bit in the attic, but the inspector said best case it's R-19, and needs to be beefed up. We're thinking of doing spray foam. My question is should we do the furnace first, or the insulation? Obviously having a new furnace before next winter should reduce our heating costs, but we'll be pumping a lot of heat out of our thermal envelope. If we did insulation in the summer/fall, we could probably live with the old heater over the winter, and see how much heat we use from it, and we'll have a better idea of what size furnace to replace it with. Also, anyone know what it costs to upgrade an electrical panel from 100A to 150A service? the current 100A panel is maxed out pretty hard
  8. Depends on your provider, but with Verizon I just login to my online account with them and I can see how much data I'm using, how much my wife is using, and what apps are using the most data. Have you tried googling?
  9. ^^^This.I took lessons in the North of France a long time ago. Large beach (the tide goes out quite a bit...); a 4 lanes boulevard along the beach, and 4 or 5 story hotels on the other side of the boulevard. I will always remember when the teacher pointed to the level of the third floor of one of the hotels and explained that it was where a guy went "splat" and killed himself (not one of this students!), He did not control his kite well enough; rigged up close to the road, rather than close to the water, a gust, bad controls; airborne over the 4 lanes boulevard and plastered himself against the hotel... Kiteboarding is great fun, but you need to learn from a professional. Your life is worth the expense... Not quite that dangerous anymore. They've made a shit load of safety advances in the past 10 years. But yeah, you should always start with a lesson. If you have a strong sailing background, you may only need one.
  10. Do you kiteboard already? Gotta learn how to do that before you can kitemail. Where in VA are you? There's a bunch of guys in the DC area who foil, and some down in VA Beach, too.
  11. Tits or GTFO
  12. OBVIOUSLY they should've flown a chute all the way in. But seriously, I'd say this is 80% crew error. They needed to get speed and start driving.
  13. +1. Be ready for a no wind, big current shitfight out the bay, then 4-5 days of rainy low wind sailing to get to Newport.
  14. Yep, already found those links and have emailed fleet captains. Google is a great thing... Was hoping for local knowledge, but if there's none here, that's the way it is
  15. To be clear I mean actual sailing, not iceboating.