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  1. Just A Skosh

    Farr 30 revisited

    yes, they just changed the rules.
  2. Just A Skosh

    Farr 30 revisited

    Pretty sure that's going to go to the fugly boat from the Ukraine. This looks like Farr's attempt to go after the 30-ish foot doublehander market segment. Got a lot of uphill battling to do against the Jeanneau 3300, J/99, and the JPK boats in France/UK. But interesting how they have outriggers in the concept, I'd assume they knew the rule change was coming.
  3. Just A Skosh

    How has the coronavirus COVID-19 affected your sailing?

    Annapolis NOODs postponed till August. Fucking blows. Pretty much guarantees it'll be a drift fest
  4. Just A Skosh

    wtf canada

    I see no possible way in which this could go horribly, horribly wrong.
  5. Just A Skosh

    Bad end to Daytona 500

    Brutal crash. I'm amazed that he's alive and doesn't have any life threatening injuries
  6. Just A Skosh

    Chilean Anchorage Notes....

    Looks awesome, this will fuel my daydreams for the next week...
  7. Just A Skosh

    Caption Contest

  8. Just A Skosh

    Cutter Rig Going Wing N Wing

    Do the rules say non-adjustable, or simply aluminum?
  9. Just A Skosh

    Rugby World Cup

    That was a cheeky penalty right at the end. Don't know if I agree
  10. I can't personally make a judgment without seeing the report, but this seems absolutely fucking ridiculous: https://www.newportri.com/news/20191017/boater-wont-be-charged-in-deadly-crash-off-newport Also typical. But fucking ridiculous.
  11. Just A Skosh

    The Refit - Andrews 43

    Made any sail plan changes yet?
  12. Can you call it a regatta if it's a single 2.5-2 hour race?
  13. That's my guess, but I wasn't about to ask...
  14. Or you can simply read the accident report I posted which has the operator's name on the second page.