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  1. Nice to see this thread as a former and fond owner of #10. Good to see the new owner "theblah" carrying the torch. Great boat, fun to sail. A weapon in light air. Hood River Nuking winds were a bit much for ANY sportboat so glad to see her in her new home.
  2. lol...are you kidding me, THAT can definitely wait! Classic!
  3. We will definitely be there! It IS of course the west coast championship! ...team 'rumblefish' is planning on Cgod as well! Congrats on CGOD. None of you i550 PDX guys can manage a race tomorrow in Hood River on the Rocket? I guarantee fun, It's a guarantee, How can you pass that up?
  4. @TeamGladiator et al PDX On another note, half our crew is out of town this week and we are looking for 1-2 more to sail this wed (Hood River Marina). Forecast is mid-20's which usually means 15-30 type range. If any of portland crew are intereted in sailing on a Rocket 22 tommorrow and can make boat call at 5:30, please PM me. Should be raining in PDX and sunny and beautiful out here. Thx, Chris
  5. @TeamGladiator Congrats, that's quite an accomplishment. Is CGOD still on the table or has that ship sailed?
  6. Very nice. I must say I have some lust going for this boat. That price was in striking range. I'm all for the 2011 version but am scared of what the price would be. that last photo was the best one yet. Really shows what she looks like, and moving well in not a lot of breeze.
  7. Yes it would! Can you tell us what town it is headed to?
  8. Beautiful! Love the paint job and color too. Whats' the point of the side tanks not extending all the way aft (being open aft)? Just wondering. Will she sit lower during a knockdown?
  9. This looks like a sweet boat. I've always wondered what the killer SB would look like that can survive in The Gorge. Is this it? I'm invested already. This looks cool though.
  10. Ah, really great backstory. Thanks for that. I'm imagining a pocket sized "Cone" at this point. Go the Cone!
  11. Looks interesting. What's the backstory?
  12. It just occurred to me that this guy may actually be brilliant. Here's the scenario. In the bay area you can't build shit on a lot without a major permitting process, zoning, hearings, inspections, the whole deal. BUT, you can build a boat with none of that. Call it a boat and live in your backyard or someone else's and you are all good. Maybe it's not designed to float. All you need is the story.
  13. Thousands of screws huh? Might want some epoxy on that.
  14. Thanks Jim, that's really interesting about the layup and core bonding.
  15. Saw this article and video on Rapid Transit. Hull lines look really similar. http://www.sail-world.com/index.cfm?Nid=77688&refre=y&ntid=0&rid=4