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  1. Pesky's Pole

    Team NYYC

    Best part of today is that the all in the Newport Mafia were able to see them ripping around the bay today and no one is putting video up. Keeping it tight.
  2. Pesky's Pole

    Mark Ellis

    He designed this beauty....
  3. Pesky's Pole


    - a US$15m (NZ$19m) event fee to the America's Cup Events Authority - a US$25m (NZ$32m) underwrite to cover any sponsorship shortfall by ACEA. - US$14m (NZ$18m) for site preparation and infrastructure for docks and America's Cup village - US$11m (NZ$14m) operation expenses for the America's Cup village. - US$12m (NZ$15m) to cover transport costs, security, emergency services, insurances and legal bills. You may has well bank on paying out the 25 to underwrite / cover the sponsor shortfall. That is a us40m fee to ACEA.
  4. Pesky's Pole


    It's official, they (bermuda) were truly bidding against themselves.