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    - a US$15m (NZ$19m) event fee to the America's Cup Events Authority - a US$25m (NZ$32m) underwrite to cover any sponsorship shortfall by ACEA. - US$14m (NZ$18m) for site preparation and infrastructure for docks and America's Cup village - US$11m (NZ$14m) operation expenses for the America's Cup village. - US$12m (NZ$15m) to cover transport costs, security, emergency services, insurances and legal bills. You may has well bank on paying out the 25 to underwrite / cover the sponsor shortfall. That is a us40m fee to ACEA.
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    It's official, they (bermuda) were truly bidding against themselves.
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    Webcam needs a better driver. 9 minutes ago according to VSail. 72'