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  1. If Master and Commander qualifies, so should Damn the Defiant with Alec Guiness and Dirk Bogarde.
  2. Provincetown is also great. I might confess that one of the gaudiest and tackiest looking tourist-trap seeming restaurants there is one of my favorite places to go for lobster. It looks like it would be an overpriced nightmare; it's not cheap, but the food was really good. It's a fun place. We generally took moorings, not for fear of anchoring, but because the only protected anchorage we could see from the charts was WAY across the harbor and would be no fun at all getting to or from if the wind picked up. So I see you are back in NE. Hope you and family are well. We spent much of last year on a trip to the Bahamas but Kristina is now back in RI. IMHO the best spot in the Vineyard is Lake Tashmoo if you draw 6 ft or less and can get in. It's a 15 minute walk from the dinghy dock into Vineyard Haven. Second best place is Oak Bluffs because it's funky and you can buy booze. Edgartown is ok if you want to experience Nantucket without actually going there. Cuttyhunk is fun once or twice. Not much to do there. Hadley Harbor is a nice anchorage, and if you go up Buzzards Bay, there is another great little anchorage on the North side of Scraggy Neck. The channel winds around, but it's well marked.
  3. I recently had surgery and they glued me together with "dermabond" which is just gorilla glue with a medical name so that it costs alot more. No sutures. My niece, an orthopedic surgeon, told me to keep superglue in all of my first aid kits, especially the ones on my boat. No need to get the medically-branded version, which costs 10 times as much. She said that the risk of infection was a bit higher with glue off the shelf from the hardware store, but still low.
  4. Plan to keep the boat in Turkey, a non-Shengen country. The sailing is great, and a 3-month visa costs 20 euros (there is also a multiple entry visa, but I don't know about those). You can shuttle back and forth between Turkey and a Shengen country (e.g. Greece) every 3 months. You really want to be in the Med, not the Baltic.
  5. Budget? If the liquor business is lucrative, I'd suggest a Morris 34. Lovely boat. 28 feet is too small, even for a couple. Been there, done that.
  6. You said "self-steering." You don't have an autopilot? The hardest thing will be picking up the mooring IMHO. I have my methods for doing this single handed, and I'm sure others do as well.
  7. I'm just finishing a two-week charter out of Marmaris. We'll be returning the boat (a Jeanneau 409) tomorrow. The sailing is fabulous here. There is plenty of wind (the "Meltemmi") and the gusts can be pretty fierce, since the topography is uniformly mountainous. There are literally dozens of beautiful bays to duck into and many have nice restaurants where the dockage is free if you patronize the restaurant. Anchoring is not a problem so long as you have lots of chain and a line to run ashore. It's deep here, and if you can find a spot with less than 10 meters of water you grab it. There are lots of ancient ruins (Greek, Roman, Hellenistic, Ottoman) to visit. Folks are friendly,(most speak at least some English) and the food is excellent. In particular the local beer (Efes) is first rate, there are good local dry red wines and, of course, raki. We didn't see too many other Americans or Canadians, although we did run into one couple from Newport who had their boat (a Swan) shipped to Istanbul ten years ago. They keep it in Marmaris when it's not in use. We have met lots of Brits, Germans and some obnoxious Russians who insisted on anchoring about 15 ft from us but then were forced to more when they couldn't keep their boat from swinging into other boats. I will definitely return here, finances permitting. Even with the airfare it's no more expensive than the Carribean and way more interesting.
  8. Something very mac26 about that boat Nah. Where's the outboard motor?
  9. Similar concept: Allures 45. But there are about a dozen boats that make me dream.
  10. Why does everyone assume that the two hands are spouses and that one is less able to handle the boat than the other?
  11. Don't know much about the racing scene, but the cruising in that area is meh. I was in the Southport area from Labor Day through early December and my boat is currently on the hard at Bennett Brothers, so I'm familiar with Wilmington, Southport and Wrightsville Beach. Except for Charleston (an overnight trip), there aren't many places to cruise. The trip to Wrightsville beach from Wilmington is river sailing, and you have to time the current through Snow's cut. Southport is about 2 1/2 hours down the river from Wilmington by sailboat, assuming you go down the Cape Fear River on the ebb. Having said that, Wilmington is a nice town with some good restaurants, an interesting waterfront, some history and a Trader Joes. We know a couple that live on their boat in downtown Wilmington, and both of them can easily walk to work from the marina.
  12. Here's my Dyer Midget. I bought mine new in 2005. They're still making them customized just how you want them. In my case I used teak for the interior bits, had them put in a sculling notch, and asked them to make a lifting bridle for me. The rig, centerboard and rudder stow easily inside the boat when it's on my foredeck. Call Anna at The Anchorage. Love that shot of the St. Georges School above third beach in Newport. Curm, you might remember that morning Adele and I visited you guys in that boat at that place! Yes, I remember it well.
  13. Here's my Dyer Midget. I bought mine new in 2005. They're still making them customized just how you want them. In my case I used teak for the interior bits, had them put in a sculling notch, and asked them to make a lifting bridle for me. The rig, centerboard and rudder stow easily inside the boat when it's on my foredeck. Call Anna at The Anchorage. Love that shot of the St. Georges School above third beach in Newport.
  14. The Cape Dory 28 is an excellent boat, and so are the Cape Dory 25D and Norsea 27 (a Lyle Hess design). But I don't think they are the kind of boats that bmiller is looking for. For starters, the Norsea is probably out of his price range. The practical solution is probably something like a Catalina 27. The made a zillion of them and at least one has circumnavigated (after being beefed up).